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  1. Position is only needed Thursday-Sunday but hosts are welcome to work more if they wish. We are seeking a host for Potters Pond and Lake Canyon Rec Area(Singles or Couples Welcome) Potters Pond This position will watch over a 19 unit campground and a 7 size group campground that attracts both equestrian and OHV traffic. Grey Dump available Vault toilet close to site No Electricity/Water Closest Tested Water - 4.6 Miles (At Indian Creek Group Campground) https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/233892 Lake Canyon Rec Area This position will watch over a 50 unit campground campground that attracts OHV traffic. Black/Grey Dump available No Electricity/Water(there is an untested spring nearby that most folks use w/o issues but it is not a public water system) Closest Tested Water - 10 Miles(At Stuart Guard Station) https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/234171 Host site has greywater dump but not black(hosts generally use campground restroom) and no other hookups. Primary season would be from Early to Mid Juneto labor day. Would entertain monthly hosts especially for July. Duties are your basic camphost duties. post and check reservations check restrooms/fire pits and spot clean as needed be a POC at the campground and assist public as needed If you are an OHV enthusiast we would love interested hosts to do trail patrols to fix stickers on trail posts, check trail counters, and be eyes for ever changing trail conditions. You are not expected to work a shift. Our long time host at potters pond worked on average 2-3 hours per day worked. Some holidays did cause him to work more. More or less just provide a presence in the camprgound while camping on site and on the trails if the volunteer is interested. Those interested in using a personal UTV or ATV can enjoy the arapeen trails with reimbursed mileage while performing light duties like changing out trail marker stickers, monitoring trail counters, etc. Volunteers will be reimbursed $25/per day worked(no matter if it is for 1 hour or 5), mileage on OHV and Personal Vehicle. No minimums are required on hours worked. These are enjoyable campgrounds, good trout fishing and are part of the arapeen ohv trail system. If you would like any further information please reach me at 435-636-3579 or at christopher.nichols@usda.gov
  2. It isn't at the guardstation but we had a cancellation with a volunteer campground host at Potters Pond but most of the same perdiem information and forest information applies https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/233892 It isn't too far from the guardstation and sits at 9000'. Position is only needed Thursday-Sunday but it is a dry camp. Host site has greywater dump but not black(hosts generally use campground restroom) and no other hookups. Primary season would be from Mid June(anticipating a late melt off this season) to labor day. Would entertain monthly hosts especially for July. Duties are your basic camphost duties post and check reservations check restrooms/spot clean as needed be a POC at the campground and assist public as needed If you are an OHV enthusiast we would love interested hosts to do trail patrols to fix stickers on trail posts, check trail counters, and be eyes for ever changing trail conditions. Mileage would be reimbursed for official mileage for your POV and OHV. This is an enjoyable campground, good trout fishing, easy access to the arapeen ohv trail system and generally a problem free area.
  3. Depends on the availability of the volunteer. I could do Memorial day weekend through the end of July. That would give me time to snag someone for leaf peeping for August - First of September. Also please note I had to correct the phone number(sometimes I revert back to old habits in other forests haha) the correct number is 435-636-3579
  4. I wouldn't look at Huntington's temperatures as it is at the foot of the canyon and more in the San Rafael country. Stuart Guardstation sits at 8500 feet so you can expect highs to be in the mid 70's and morning temps in the 40's and 50's on average. Most hosts do not have a need to fire up a AC in that corridor. As far as shade goes you will be staying in the canyon so you can expect morning sun but not consistent sun throughout the day. Generally visitation is pretty minor. You can expect 30-60 people per day. So hosts who enjoy grabbing a book between guests, homing their interpretive skills around the grounds, or like doing projects will love this place.
  5. Unfortunately not. The long time host isn't able to make it back out this season so we're looking for that special person(s) who don't mind living on the lam in the middle of the woods
  6. The Ferron Ranger District is looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to provide staffing at the Historic Stuart Guard Station. The guard station lies along the Huntington and Eccles Canyons National Scenic Byway. We are looking for customer service oriented individuals to provide information to the public about early FS history and the immense contributions of the CCC to the Manti-La Sal National Forest. Furthermore providing information about recreational opportunities within the forest and the surrounding area. Volunteers will be interacting with the public by leading tours, providing information about the area, and answering a variety of questions. Given the nature of the position good communication and public relation skills are desired. Opportunities to volunteer are available starting May through September. The station is only open on weekends and holidays, so volunteers will have plenty of free time to explore the surrounding area during the week. Duties We call upon your aid as a volunteer to keep the station clean and tidy, and to provide information and interpretive services to visitors. • Opening and closing duties associated with the Guard Station. • Provides tours of the Guard Station (requires leading groups around the site) • Keep records of visitation. • Maintain a clean and safe environment for the visiting public. • Reports activity and issues to agency personnel. • May be asked to help with other miscellaneous duties. Housing and Volunteer Stipend As a volunteer, you will be entitled to reimbursement of your expenses, including $25.00 per day worked if you choose to stay on site. A FS uniform will be issued and must be worn during working hours. The Guard Station is a charming little structure, and is situated in a spectacular location for viewing wildlife and the surrounding landscape. RV host pad sites are available behind the guardstation. Water and sewer hookups are available but no power (volunteers with camp trailers are encouraged to bring solar panels and/or a small portable generator to keep their batteries charged). Tent camping is also an option. No cooking facilities, refrigerator, or shower facilities are available; sink and toilet facilities are located in the Guard Station. Community Huntington (20 miles from Stuart Guard Station) is a limited-services community with a small grocery store, convenience stores and other basic amenities. Price (41 miles from Stuart Guard Station) includes grocery stores, Walmart, Hardware store, hotels, gas stations and restaurants. Boating and fishing are major recreational activities available in the area. There is several local reservoirs and lakes (Huntington, Joes Valley, Cleveland and Electric Lake) that provide excellent fishing for rainbow and cutthroat trout, tiger muskies, small-mouth bass, and catfish. Other actives that are popular in the area include Hiking and bouldering and OHV. Other attractions include: The San Rafael, Capitol Reef National Park, and Goblin Valley State Park. About the Forest Manti-La Sal National Forest Visitor Guide - https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5370798.pdf Manti-La Sal National Forest – https://www.fs.usda.gov/mantilasal For More Information If you need any further assistance regarding this opportunity feel free to contact: Christopher Nichols Manti-La Sal National Forest Ferron Ranger District 115 West Canyon Road Ferron Utah, 84023 (435)636-3579 cdnichols@fs.fed.us We hope you’ll answer the call, and help us staff Historic Stuart Guard Station this year!
  7. Looking for a few folks for the river this season. The little hole position is more of a campground host/day use site hybrid. Spillway is a day use area attendant. Spillway and Little Hole Boat Launch Nearest Town: Dutch John, UT Opportunity Type: Day Use Area Hosts Host Site Services Provided: Full Hookup Site Uniform Laundry Facilities Reimbursement for subsistence ($20 per day, per person worked) and official mileage to and from the work site are provided. WIFI at the Visitor Center and Dutch John Office Duties: Volunteers will staff river information booths and provide information, collect data, and sell Use Passes to visitors. Volunteers will also assist with launch ramp operations ensuring that traffic coming in and out of these busy areas is done in a safe and orderly manner. Volunteers operating the ramp must be in good physical condition and have good communication skills, as these are high visitation areas. Generally volunteers are on 4 days a week and around 7 hours per day worked. Scheduling varies on the number of volunteers on hand. I help out at the boat launches regularly and to me and its very rewarding to watch the public look in amazement as they prepare to traverse a very beautiful stretch of river. Position Availability: May through September Position Duration: Minimum 3 months Preferred Mid May through Labor Day weekend Feel free to call or email. (435)781-5241 cdnichols@fs.fed.us
  8. Due to some unforeseen health issues we had a volunteer that had to go home early this season. If anyone is look for a last minute summer volunteer opportunity we are looking for someone who will be spending most of their time at a historic Swett Ranch and may work the visitor center from time to time as well I will be out and about prepping for the Holiday this weekend and will not be able to watch the forums regularly so please call my office phone at (435)781-5241 or email me at cdnichols@fs.fed.us
  9. Well we'll kick it up a notch with the traffic when were are working the river next year Btw I've had no luck on locating your drone. We did a controlled burn through there a few weeks ago and no one saw it. The next day we had a freak wind storm that should have blown it out but if it did it may have turned into a melted blob of plastic because the fire picked up a bit more than expected.
  10. Unfortunately we have had a 2 couples back out for the summer due to health concerns. I currently have 4 people for the river and 3 couples for the Visitor Center, however, I wouldn't mind adding 1 more couple to both sides. If you happen to know anyone still looking for a place for the summer please let them know that we are still looking here. It would also be possible to provide housing at our volunteer duplex as well if they did not have an lodging or their own(or if they wanted to save some gas). If you know of anyone who may be interested have them contact my email cdnichols@fs.fed.us or call 435-781-5241. Even though the weather is still favoring winter I can feel that summer will sneak up on us faster than we can blink and with a newly remodeled visitor center we should have a great one! J
  11. Can't wait to have you guys roll in We are looking to be pretty well staffed for the summer here at the gorge but if anyone is looking for a place to go we are still looking for volunteers for our river program. We may be able to provide housing if there are any volunteers out there without a camper or who just want to travel without a major gas bill.
  12. Yes this is for the 2015 season and I work with both couples and singles
  13. We are looking for volunteers for our River Day Use Areas if anyone is looking for a place to go.
  14. Yesterday, we had two cancellations for both the river and the visitor center(health related but i'm sure the Dr's will take care of them so they can join us next year! ) So if anyone is looking to book any last minute summer trips we have an opportunity for the visitor center and the green river available. Feel Free to Call or email 435-781-5241 (cdnichols@fs.fed.us)
  15. Looks like we have 1 volunteer opportunity on the river (32hrs/week) and one at our visitor center (24hrs/week). Feel free to give me a call if you are interested. 435-781-5241 saw this guy poking around the visitor center Friday. -Chris
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