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  1. Hi, everyone. When we come to Livingston to change domicile, we also want to establish a relationship with a doctor who understands the full time RV lifestyle. Since we are leaving CA, we don’t want to keep our CA doctors to help cut more ties. Any suggestions?
  2. I'm the OP. The reason I want to register with a business name is exactly for the reasons Carlos mentioned above; marketing and professionalism. It turns out the business is me--the tax preparer (and my husband who will be doing a lot of the administrative backup and support), and I think it's going to be easier to remember the business name rather than mine. But it sounds like all I need to do is a DBA when I come into Livingston to do all of my other stuff for residency, which was the answer that I was hoping for. Now I just need to make sure that Escapees is cool with my using the one address for all of my mail, including the business (not that there will be that much coming; I expect that it will all be done virtually, but still). But that's another question that I can ask directly as needed. Considering that my primary focus will be the mobile community, I believe that the Rainbow Drive address will add some cred to my marketing.
  3. Fortunately for me, tax preparers aren’t responsible for sales tax collection according to the Texas Comptroller’s web site. So that makes my life easier. Thanks for making me think about that
  4. I will be using Escapees for the mailing service and address. Thanks. And I won’t change domicile until 2 months before I leave and intend to pay CA taxes until I’m physically out of the state. One of the big reasons is that I retire at the end of June 2021 and don’t want to drive to Texas through the desert at that time. Much rather come in April to do this. But since I’ll still be working, I’d prefer even more to just take a few days off and fly in rather than a couple of weeks to drive in and back. Hope this makes sense.
  5. We are planning on going full time in two years. Want to establish domicile in TX before we physically leave CA. I think we can do this, but want verification: can we arrive in Livingston to establish domicile and register our vehicles if they aren’t in the state yet? I understand that you can renew registration and have the inspection handled when the vehicle comes into the state, but it’s unclear to me if you can do that when you first register your RV and car in TX. It would be a lot easier to fly in and handle all this and deal with the inspections at a different time. Thanks for all your advice.
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