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  1. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    We don't have a samsung but I know we can run the fridge for months on propane. We do charge the batteries during that time, by solar and or charger. We know this since we had an issue where the 120V kept blowing the 5A fuse. We do cool it down the day before a trip so we can load it up and have ir stay cold.
  2. Horst Miracle Probes

    We bought these for our black tank. They work well for the most part, but every so often they don't. I think part of the issue was during installation I drilled the holes the same angle as the tank. The problem is that sensor 2 the tank is on an angle. I think the issue is that I should have drilled the hole straight in. I am thinking about buying another set for the gray tank, but it's a low priority for now. They are much less expensive than SeeLevel.
  3. How large a rig for young active Huskies?

    We know of a couple that had 4 Golden Retrivers, Mom, Dad, and two fully grown pups in an older 32' Southwind with no slides. They seemed to be doing very well in close quarters.
  4. Dewald Leveling Jack Removal

    Hey Devilishjim, Thanks for the reply. I think you confirmed what I'm thinking, so I'm going to try and take a look at it tomorrow after work.
  5. We have a 03 freightliner chassis GulfStream YellowStone 39'DP.I noticed that the passenger rear jack leaks oil really bad while retracting the jacks. I am debating on removing the jack and rebuilding it instead of just replacing it. The question I have is can I remove the one jack without retracting all the jacks? It looks like each jack is independent of each other which makes we think I should be able to just support the RV with a big bottle jack on that location and unbolting it. I'm not sure if it's possible to over extend the jack because I think that is why the jack leaks. I forgot to release the air and then we continued lower the jack until it was in the ground a bit
  6. What would you do

    I would at least take a look at it and see how what it would take to get it going. Sounds like they are on rough times and could use some help. I've been known to stop and help just because I didn't have anywhere to go:)
  7. Looking for a toad

    We purchased a 2016 KIA Soul standard shift to flat tow. The car weighs nothing and drives excellent with plenti of leg room on the for 6'2" passenger. Before that we flat towed a 99 Honda accord coupe v6 automatic. As mentioned earlier smart car is also a good option. We camped next to a couple with a Class 'C' and Smart Car set up. It was nice looking and seemed easy to maneuver the empty aluminum trailer.
  8. We have traveled 43,000 miles in 2 different RV's over the last 8.5 years. We use the propane anytime we don't have the genny running and we have never had an issue.
  9. Hey Dune You should be very happy with the Renogy setup. I only needed a single 100W panel and it has worked very well for over a year. We used it to keep the 4-12V batteries charged while it was in storage. Since I only had a single panel I used a a ladder bicycle rack to hold the panel. Since we have had roof leak issues I was told by the boss, no holes in the roof
  10. Dometic Fridge Blowing Fuse

    Thanks Kirk, I'll have to wait until the weekend to get the model number from the fridge.
  11. So we started having a problem with our dometic fridge when we switch between LP, Shore, or Genny power. This started after we had a shorted out surge protector that pushed 160v through out the 120v circuits. The 5A fuse in the fridge did its job and popped. I found new 5A fuses and replaced the blown one on the circuit board. What I didn't do is determine what type of 5A fuse should I have searched for. As long as I switch the fridge off before switching power the fuse doesn't blow and the fridge cools like it should. I searched on line and couldn't find anything that might tell me if I should be using a slo blo fuse since I may just have a normal fuse. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. W6pea, We have a 2016 KIA Soul with a factory TPMS. When we checked we found that the two system are setup differently and there was no way to have the two communicate. We were hoping that there was a way since it would be less expense.
  13. We have a 2003 Gulf Stream Yellowstone with full side molding that is starting to come loose. I tried using some eternabond sticky tape but it didn't hold. Any one have an idea how I might be able to secure the molding. The moldig is about 1 1/2 inches and seems to snap into a plastic track of some type. Thanks Jim N Ina
  14. Class of 2017

    So if Nomad Hiker is correct then we are also in the Class of 2017. Our plan was to move into the RV full time in early 2018, But! Recently our daughter has been asking us when we were moving out of our house. Our daughter and grandkids all live with us and will be 'Renting' the house from us when we move out. So we are planning to move full time into the RV in June 2017, after our summer trip with the grandkids. Our retirement plan has us being full time travelers in Jan 2019.
  15. Stranded Ocala Tire blowout

    Sorry Biker56 and Phil Saran for not replying. I hit post before I meant to. I do have Triple AAA that has worked for the last 6-7 years for us. I think the main problem is that the tires I'm looking for are on back-order. I'm not sure where I could store an un-mounted spare, built would have been a good to have . We will be going Full-Time in about 2yrs and 5 months, but whose counting. I probably will need to look for a better ERS, since AAA isn't a good national plan.