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  1. I have the same problem. I was told that the Garmin plug-in does not work with Internet Explorer 11, which at the time I had just upgraded on my computer. I use pocket queries to get groups of caches for an area. You can also create a pocket queries for caches along a route and I think you can create a pocket query for a list. Only premium members of geocaching.com can create pocket queries but it's cheap to become a premium member and you will also have access to "premium member only" caches. When I want to download an individual cache I use the GPX file button on the cache detail page and save it to my garmin GPX file. This would be instead of using the "download to GPS" button, which no longer works because of the plug-in problem. Also, I was told by garmin that when you create a pocket query, even if it contains 1000 caches, it is still considered only one GPX file. So if your Garmin has a memory capacity of 4000 GPX files, you can get a heck of a lot of geocaches into your unit.
  2. We're at Crater Lake RV park in Prospect, Oregon. Saw an HDT pull out a few days ago. I can't believe we missed them in such small park! Couldn't place the rig but I think they might have been at the rally last year. We head back to Bend, Oregon next week to stay for a month then on to Moab.
  3. Hey Dollytrolley! We're going to be in Bend this summer. Sent you a PM.
  4. I agree with Dollytrolly about SR140 in Oregon. A beautiful drive with little or no traffic. Just make sure you gas up before embarking. Another nice drive in Oregon is 205 through Frenchglen and the Steens. And still another Oregon scenic drive (can you tell we're from Oregon?) is highway 62/138 from Lost Creek Lake to Diamond Lake. Most of the way is right along the Rogue River and the scenery is spectacular. Especially if you can spot Rabbit Ears through the trees. If you take 62 south to Klamath Falls it runs along a canyon for quite a ways then you experience the change in scenery from forest to desert. In Wyoming we really enjoyed the drive down 120 through Thermopolis. The road takes you through a gorgeous canyon south of Thermopolis and there are all these signs along the way about what period of geologic time you are passing through. In Idaho Hwy 55 from McCall to Boise has some beautiful scenery. We've done them all in our HDT pulling our 40' fiver. Ahh, so many roads to travel! Fulltiming is awesome!
  5. Thanks everyone for the good information. We've decided to spend a week in Ajo then move on to Quartzsite for a back-to-back comparison. Jim2, we will certainly check out Bouse while we are in Q. Sierra Vista is an excellent suggestion, too. We toured Fort Huachuca while visiting Tombstone and liked the area. And it's convenient to our winter base in Columbus, NM. BTW - I see you are near Deming. Send me a PM if you are interested in meeting up sometime.
  6. We will be exploring western Arizona this winter to see where there might be a nice spot to spend December and January. We've been to Quartzsite and liked the area but it was a bit crowded for our taste. Has anyone spent time in Ajo, AZ? We like to off-road and it looks like there is plenty of desert to explore. What did you think of the area? Can you recommend an RV park? Thanks!
  7. We moved furniture in and our of our fiver through the large living room emergency exit window. It took a couple of strong young men standing in the bed of a pickup to lift the furniture through the window but it was plenty big enough for a couch to go through it. If you don't have an emergency exit window that unlatches and swings out, you might try removing a window unit.
  8. You might also consider getting a quote from one of the custom RV manufacturers like New Horizons or Spacecraft.
  9. We replaced all the RV chairs with regular furniture. We find it much more comfortable. The new couch wouldn't fit through the RV door so we had the strong young men who delivered it help us get it through the exit window. That worked great.
  10. We were on Mustang Island just a couple of months ago. We stayed at Pioneer Beach Resort. It's just a short walk over the boardwalk to the beach. We visited some friends who were at Gulf Winds. In my opinion it was a much nicer looking park but I don't know if it cost more. Pioneer was fine and there are lots of activities if you are into that. There is another RV park right on the beach called, appropriately, On The Beach. It looked a little small and not as nice but it was right on the sand. Island RV resort is in town and looked okay but you aren't near the water. Be sure to take the free ferry ride. It's short but we saw dolphins every time. On the corner where the highways meet is a fast food stand, I think it's called Hot and Crispy Chicken. The food was fantastic! I wish we had tried it earlier, we would have eaten there more often. As others have mentioned, avoid spring break. The long term residents told us they don't even bother to leave the park during spring break and the beach is a zoo. You can drive on the beach there so I can't imagine what it must be like with crazy kids renting golf carts. T
  11. Oh my gosh! I did something similar. Same trip as my other horror story. (I learned a lot about what not to do on that trip!) I was running water into the black tank to build up pressure to give it a good flush and lost track of time. My husband came running around the side of the trailer yelling that the toilet was overflowing. I had the sewer hose connected so was able to pull the valve before too much came out. Hubby thought the whole incident was hilarious, even though he had to hose off the roof. He still teases me about it.
  12. I was running out the living room slide when I heard a terrible crunching noise. I ran back to look and saw the wall was pushed out a good inch. I had forgotten to stow our heavy, fireproof document box and during travel it had shifted into the path of the slide. It was our first big trip as fulltimers and I was so upset, certain that I had ruined the trailer. Fortunately, the damage was on a metal part of the outside wall and could be pounded back in. A little foam insulation on the lower part of the slide seal and we were good as new.
  13. We spotted two HDTs today. The first was towing a Teton and was heading west on I-10. We saw it about 15 miles west of Lordsburg, NM. This was around 12:15 this afternoon. An hour later an HDT towing a brown and gold Mobile Suites and heading east passed us about 30 miles west of Deming. Anyone we know?
  14. blz450

    Langtry, TX

    We did stop in Langtry to see the Judge Roy Bean museum and it was well worth it. The RV park in Langtry was not very appealing so, like Al Florida suggested, we went on up to Sanderson to Canyons RV park.. A much better place to spend the night. Thank you all.
  15. blz450

    Langtry, TX

    Thank you so much for the replies. I have tried calling the phone number several times but no one answers. I will check out those other parks.
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