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  1. Sublet for the entire season or just come visit while passing on through. This is a FHU 50 amp site in a tiny and very private naturist resort. My site is directly on the water, with two decks and docks, amazing sun and moon rises, and a sweet patio. The glacial pond is a mile long and very clean and deep, full of fish and with beaver dams on either end. The resort offers entertainment and dancing nearly every weekend, a 5k run, and friendly folks. Pet and family friendly, with a killer hot tub and a laundry room and clubhouse. Site comes with a small boat to use. 25 minutes north of Burlington, one of the coolest and most popular small cities in the USA. By the week, month or season. Please email me at fallingwatersfarm@gmavt.net for more info and photos--of the site, not the naturists---that's simply not ok!!
  2. suse1023

    GPS for RVers

    Does anyone know if there is an app or gps feature which addresses steep grades? I'd really like that feature, and to program for scenic routes with my rig size would be extra swell.
  3. I gave up coffee and switched to tea most of the time, but use a Nissan French press, burr grinder and a milk steamer/frother when coffee is the only answer. I cant live without my electric kettle for hot water, and also rely a lot on the toaster oven and stick blender. I have the vitamix with me, but will give it to one of my kids as I just don't use it any more. Add my ancient cast iron frying pans and I am good to go.
  4. For those with Progressive be aware that even their 'full timers' comprehensive' coverage will NOT cover things like bikes or satellite dishes if they are damaged or stolen UNLESS they are INSIDE your rv when the damage occurs. Who amongst us keep their bikes INSIDE the rig when at an rv park?! My truck was stolen and stripped, none of my belongings were covered because they were inside the truck, not the rig. If the truck was hauling the rig it might be covered, I never did get a straight answer about that.
  5. Thanks, I was at AAA in San Antonio yesterday and their Woodall Guides form last year were on sale for a dollar, so I picked up a couple of regions. I have a Garmin Nuvi 2589 but I don't believe it has the road size restriction info I am looking for---hate the thought of upgrading to the trucker version, but I may just to in order to have the option of staying off the major highways---I have the time and inclination to meander, so want to get that info on the secondary roads to be sure. Was hoping for route and campground recommendations from some of you here too if possible.
  6. Yes, thank you. I am a member but when my truck was stolen it was stripped of it's contents, including all of my maps and campground guides. A new book won't get to me before I leave so am asking here. I do have a NUVI Garmin, I haven't figured out how to set it for my rig's height, or if I can even do that.
  7. It's getting close to departure time---April 2nd I leave Texas and head to Metivier to visit old friends. From there I have to get me and my fiver to Virginia in a few days. No real hurry, and I hope to travel on the secondary roads as much as I can. But my truck with all of my maps and campground guides was stolen last month, truck was returned and repaired but my maps etc are gone for good I guess. I will get over to AAA for new maps, but i don't know how good they are at routing for fifth wheels, so i thought i'd ask here too. Any recommendations for scenic roads, places to avoid or places i really shouldn't miss would be very much appreciated. And of course campground recommendations are needed too! Thanks, and Happy Trails. Suse.
  8. If one could do the job from horseback in the rural countgryside it would be a pretty sweet way to spend the summer. But alas, if wishes were horses beggers would ride and all that.
  9. I've been trying to decide on another bank for traveling, but not even wells fargo or boa have branches in my home town in Vermont. But my credit union cooperates with many around the country so problem solved. This winter i'm snowbirding in texas and I was able to deposit a few checks into a local credit union and it showed up in my account with no fees. NICE!!
  10. Thank you for your responses. I know several people with the class c I seek, especially horse owners who pull bumper pull trailers with them and dog show people who have a class c with toy hauler--all 4x4s. I think they call them a super c when outfitted like that. Maybe they are more common in my area than others, as I've only seen one in Texas this winter. And I did consider the truck camper, but that design doesn't allow for walk thru from driving area to living area, and that is what I prefer now.
  11. I always add a dozen sand tubes to the bed of the truck when the snow hits. The added weight makes a huge difference, and if ever really stuck the sand could come in handy too. The one time I got stuck it was in the mud.
  12. My husband passed away on Thanksgiving, and while we both love(d) our fifth wheel, as a single I think I will be more comfortable in a Class C. So just for the heck of it I thought I'd post in the exchange section. My trade is an 02 Carriage Cameo LXI in very good shape. We've added a new powerful ac in the bdrm so the rig has two acs and gets downright artic if desired. We've updated a few systems and furnishings and it's quite comfortable and spacious with 3 slides and a full kitchen. This rig was kept garaged for many years and was basically brand new when we bought it in 2013, and it shows. The truck is an 01 Ford 350 SuperDuty Turbo Diesel 4x4 crew dually with the 7.3 liter engine. I will hit 70000 original miles this week. Has typical patina for it's age, as do I. I'm in San Antonio until April 1 and then headed east. Will be at the Tenessee Rally April24--May3rd. A diesel Class C 4x4 with slides will be a better fit for me going forward. I can text pictures if requested and thanks for reading.
  13. I picked up a nuvi 2589 at a pawn shop yesterday and so far so good.
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