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  1. Bruce....to small width.... or length ? Do you have a pass thru ledge in a compartment ? Our compartment was "too small", but I came up with a clever solution and got a mounted spare in there. Too dumb to post a photo.
  2. You might consider using an outside compartment for four more 6v batteries. Think you should find a dealer or mobile RV guy to install a slide-out tray and do the battery hook up for you. Did not see what inverter-charger you now have.....
  3. No class B experience here, but......my BetterHalf and I had a 11 foot truck camper for 3-4 years....and it was OK. No fist-fights, but it was cramped, especially after we got 60 lb SlobberMouth and took her along. Does your Intended plan to work also...or will she stay in the Class B during the day ? Do you plan to work out of the Class B?
  4. I have always been confused about this subject. Consider the source...from the website. Think it has to be within 25 feet of the source to be labeled....."at the spring or at the source",......or.....whatever. From what I read.....a lot of water labeled "at the source" is far away and is actually "tap water" that has been filtered. We bring with us, a bottled water, that has been around for a LONG time and is labelled "at the source" ......and probably is.
  5. Bruce.....can't tell your tire size or rig....but we crammed a 22.5" tire in one of our compartments. Have you considered this ?
  6. I like the idea of renting before you buy.
  7. Most gas stations have a height sign on the edge of the canopy: 12' 6"….or 10' 8"…or something. Look for that. I do like your idea of a flex antenna.