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  1. hutchman

    Redwood trailer

    We full time in a RiverStone and have experienced temperatures from -10 to +108. Very comfortable in both extremes.
  2. Dave, the truck looks great! Glad you finished it in timefor the rally! Hope to catch up with you one of these days!
  3. Looks good Dave! Hope to see you when you come through here!
  4. hutchman

    Pahrump Power-Lunch

    Pork tenderloin sandwich is my go to meal at Mom's! It's the only PT west of MO I've been able to find. Looking forward to the "summit," .... we can probably solve the never ending question as to the meaning of life or does a fly, flying inside an airplane add weight to said airplane?
  5. hutchman

    Pahrump Power-Lunch

    I will be in town the end of Nov/early December. Hope to have a "summit" with you guys then. El Jeffe's would be good or Mom's!
  6. hutchman

    Price of Diesel fuel

    And boy, do I use a lotta soap!
  7. Dave, going to give you a call this AM. Hope I don't wake you up!
  8. hutchman

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Dave, you'll have to stop and visit when you come through La Grande. We're in the Tri Cities right now dealing with doctors and hope to be finished in a week or 10 days. Should be back in La Grande after that.
  9. hutchman

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Chad, my wife has a new health issue that will prevent us from attending. I'm sending you a pm.
  10. hutchman

    Diesel to Gas? Yes/No??

    I owned a 6.4L Bighorn 2500 with 3.73s and averaged about 14.4 over 12,000 miles. I traded that truck foe a 6.4L Powerwagon with 4.10 gears and it averaged 13.4 over 14,000 miles. I drive in a conservative fashion, so those numbers could esily have been lower. I traded the PW on a SRW 3500 with a Cummins. The SRW Cummins only comes with 3.42s. It averaged 9.5 towing a 14,000# 5th wheel and 19.5 hand calculated on the highway. Hope that helps you some.
  11. hutchman

    2018 West Coast Rally

    We will be there....12th through the 19th.
  12. hutchman

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Well, well, well.....things changed quite a bit today and we will be able to attend after all! Will get reservations either tomorrow or Wednesday. Going to thr Tri Cities tomorrow to pick up our new adventure trailer. Can't wait to put some faces to names and learn something about HDTs.
  13. hutchman

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Chad, do you have room for non-HDT owners, or is this rally strictly for those who have them. I don't know if we can make it in June, but we are close, and would love to come and learn about HDTs and meet some new folks if it works out. I think Mr. Cob would be willing to attest to my character ! LOL!
  14. hutchman

    Going for a short Run tonight

    Next time you're in Pahrump, try Mom's Diner. Great food, large portions, and reasonable prices.....a deadly combination. And if you're in the truck, there is a vacant lot across the street for parking.