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  1. Dave, we no longer own our place in BC.....full timing now but should be in the Tri Cities when you head south. Let me know when you're coming through and we'll at least get a burger! Would love to see the new truck!
  2. Don't post too much here but thought I might as well jump in. All RVs have a place and use. I like driving pickups, so a DP or 5th wheel would have worked. We live in a 43' 5th wheel because my wife loves the floorplan and I like pickups. Seems to be perfect for us....but maybe not for others. We have one neighbor in a Prevost conversion, one in a DP, one in a gas MH, and several in towables of one sort or another. We are all friends.....and that is what's important.
  3. Great stoty Dave.....reminds me of the a very good friend of mine was left in a WY parking area in his underwear.....at 15 degrees! Can't wait to see the truck!
  4. Cedar Creek vs Montana 5th wheel

    Our last two 5th wheels both caused us trouble.... We bought a new 2014 Mobile Suites that had some serious issues just outside of the one year waranty and they would not even consider any type of financial help with the repair. Our next 5th wheel was a 29-5T Arctic Fox. The electric 6pt leveling system gave us fits for the first two months on a 5000 mile trip and failed completely on the way home. We stopped at the factory and they had it working after replacing the computer and control panel. The factory has outstanding customer service. I can't say enough good about them...they will go the extra mile to get things fixed. We also had some serious issues including the upper deck of the trailer not being parallel with the lower deck, the upper deck did not meet the outer wall of the coach....about a 3/8" gap in the bathroom allowing light and air to come up from the storage area, and many minor quality issues that should not be allowed through quality control on any trailer. Things such as most of the cabinet doors not mounted squarely with the cabinets, drawers so out of square they would not close completely, the fireplace cabinet was 3/4" out of square in 30" for no reason other than lack of quality, and a hand rail mounted an inch out of plumb over 30". There is just no reason for this kind of stuff in what is supposed to be a well built unit. We traded the AF for a 39FL Riverstone that we have lived in full time since the 12th of Aug. We had to replace a failed water pump, but other than that we have had no issues. I would recommend to anyone considering a new unit for full timing to look at and consider a Riverstone. Yes, they are a Forest River product but they are built at a much slower rate than the regular FR products, and at a different facility. For us at least, it was the right choice.
  5. Skylight or not

    We would also not order one. We are wintering in La Grande, OR, and the skylight is a huge energy leak. We will never have another one if buying new.
  6. Outstanding Dave! You must have been a good boy this year! Looks like a great Christmas to me!
  7. Congrats on the new truck Dave!
  8. Does anyone live near, "Inver Grove Heights" Minnesota?

    Sounds like a great road trip is in store!
  9. Great looking truck Dave! Found some familiar pis on your SmugMug page!
  10. Why no love for the International?

    Beautiful combination.
  11. Why no love for the International?

    I think an older International just might be a value leader
  12. Pics from HDT rally

    Looks like MrCob is still "Uraling" around!
  13. Why no love for the International?

    I did a little research on MaxxForce today and it was an eye opener. It appears that rep might also be having some effect on the price of the Cummins powered trucks....makes me wonder if that might be a good prospect for a good value to be found?
  14. Why no love for the International?

    In another life, I drove one of the transporters for Hogan Racing in the old CART Series. Carl Hogan owned the team along with Hogan Trucking in St. Louis. Carl only bought Internationals for his trucking company and for the race car team. One of the trucks was a custom fully loaded cab over with a flat floor, stand up sleeper, and full fenders that covered the fuel tanks all the way back and over the rear driver. The other one was new conventional Eagle. Both had Cummins power and 10 speeds, if I remember correctly. Each was quiet and had no sqeaks or rattles. They were much more quiet that the Freightliners that I had driven and seemed to be good quality products. I see very few references to International in this section and have noticed that the used ones I find on the internet are priced quite a bit lower than comparable trucks from other manufacturers. Is this a perception issue or are there real problems with the brand? From the pricing I've seen they appear to be a lower priced alternative to the other brands.