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  1. I've had a little different experience while in AZ. 2 years ago in November I didn't call an RV park in AZ (Wickenburg) until I was 2-3 days out...just to see if they had space for a while. Really, I didn't have any idea how this all works, was totally new to RVing. I was able to get 3 months at that park, they were full for February which is normal for Wickenburg as that's their BIG month. Mid January I called another park and only had to move 13 miles to the Escapees park in Congress for February and part of March. Mid-March I meandered down Hwy. 60 and had no trouble finding a spot for a week. Then headed back north and again, never had trouble finding a place. This winter I hope to get set-up for boondocking not so much for winter but for my spring/summer/fall travels. As far as not being able to get into a park, I did have that happen this fall up near Reno...big storm was going to hit and after calling 3 parks that were all full, decided to stay where I was for a few days (they had room). Seems people were not moving, waiting for weather to stabilize. Enjoy the adventure!
  2. dirtyboots

    Check out this future travel trailer

    Interesting design.... BIG price tag!
  3. I've found this website useful a couple times....hopefully it will have something in the area you are spending time. http://rvservicereviews.com/Index.asp
  4. dirtyboots

    CLASS OF 2016

    Wickenburg is my destination for winter, then thought April might still be cool enough to visit the Tucson area....will totally depend on what shows up on the weather. Thanks for the suggestions - I'll try all of them!
  5. dirtyboots

    CLASS OF 2016

    Today (or tomorrow) is my 2 year anniversary into full timing! Whew - it's been a lot of travel, a lot of new friends, a few mistakes (!) and a really interesting time. Sitting out some wind in Nevada, then will resume my trek to Arizona for the winter. Already started a rough draft of my travels for next spring/summer/fall - not as many miles and will try to do longer stays as I go. BUT, got the trips done that I'd been thinking about for years. My brother and I visited northern Alberta - a trip we'd been talking about since 1980! Back then I had NO idea I'd ever travel by RV, let alone live in one - but here I am. Hope everyone has had a great 2018 and is looking forward, as I am, to next year. Places on my list are the Pima Air Museum and the Very Large Array, plus hope to spend a month or two in northern AZ. Enjoy your travels and keep us posted.
  6. I've not had any problem keeping my 'go to' Dr. in Eastern WA, and having my domicile in South Dakota. Plus had to visit a Dr. in Northern California last year while traveling through, no issues. My Medicare & Supplement don't seem to care, everyone has my SD mailing address and my only phone number. Haven't been doing this for years and years and years...but it's worked fine for me over the past 2.
  7. dirtyboots

    Highway 95 Reno to Las Vegas.NV

    The times I've gone down that way my goal has been Wickenburg the first of November. I take my time and have always been out of the Reno area by about the 20th of October - haven't had problems but that's not to say an early storm won't develop. I've had it snow in Tonopah (6200') but it wasn't sticking to the road. Biggest problem with storms has been in March/April with high winds and serious snow in the Sierras and Siskiyou's but as long as you aren't in a rush, sitting still for a day or two (or a week!) makes it passable.
  8. dirtyboots

    Highway 95 Reno to Las Vegas.NV

    I take 95 at least once (usually twice) per year, to and from Reno - LV. Fine road, lots of overnight towns to stop in depending on how long you drive each day. My stops have included Fallon, Hawthorne, Beatty but sometimes I jump over to Pahrump....or have gone down 395 to Carson City, then Hwy. 50 to Alt. 95 (thru Yerington) and catch 95 at Schurz. Try to find new routes depending on if the weather is chasing me. There's a newer RV park in Tonopah that doesn't look too bad, but I'm usually not ready to stop there. Fuel is no problem - I keep on the top half. I don't stay in Vegas but skirt around and then take 95 south thru Searchlight. I stay in Cal-Nev-Ari then head for Kingman on 163 towards Laughlin but turning left when you come down the hill onto Hwy 68. Much less traffic than 93. But I do head east from Kingman on 40, then catch 93/60 south into Wickenburg. My truck and trailer are 60' and I have no problem.
  9. dirtyboots

    Future Full Timers - We think?

    Here's a thread from a while back that covers some of what you are asking... Link As you'll see from my tag lines, I have a Forest River and am very happy with it. There's always people who say don't do this or don't do that....it's what makes you happy. I found the more I looked at RV's both on lots and on-line, it was easy to throw out those that didn't fit my style. And guess what, I had NO IDEA what my style was - I'd had horse trailers and stock trailers but never an RV. I don't think anyone can buy the perfect RV first time out - there are so many things to be learned/experienced and I know my style will change in a year or two. I do not regret one bit buying new, nor do I regret not buying what some folks think you need (read: expensive). There's no law that says you can't change to something else later on...
  10. dirtyboots

    Thousand Trails - champaign taste beer budget

    Reviews from people you don't know is always a gamble. Even with Amazon, you have to throw out many of them, top and bottom - at least I do. It's not just Thousand Trails. This summer I was told not to ever stop, fuel up, or, heaven forbid, stay at a campground in a particular town in Montana. 2 different people in 2 different states told me the same thing! The on-line reviews were pretty much a mixed bag, but it fit my schedule and I made a reservation a couple days before arriving for one night before crossing the border into Canada. To my surprise it was easy to find, the office help was wonderful - and when there was a small problem she corrected it immediately and we were all happy! I saw people come in without reservations and the office gal found them a space that wasn't really a space, just to help them out. By dark, the place was brim full of happy campers. This wasn't advertised as a 'resort', it was a place to stay for the night and it worked. TXiceman made me chuckle and I have thought the same thing about some reviews. There are campgrounds that deserve negative reviews but it's all objective.
  11. dirtyboots

    Rainbow's End price increase

    This will be by 3rd winter in AZ. The park I'm at has lots of social 'things' where certain groups get together to sew, paint, play bingo, coffee/pastry one morning per week....I don't attend any of them. I do go out to lunch at least once per week with people I enjoy here at the park, usually just two or three folks at a time - we don't have a schedule - somebody decides they want to go somewhere and asks if you want to go. The only 'plan in advance' things are Thanksgiving & Christmas. A smaller park works for me, don't mind driving into town to shop, bank, Dr., watch a parade, see a car show. I was lucky to find this first time out and have made great friends. I like doing seasonal, then if I decide I want to go somewhere else I'm not caught up in having bought into property. The joys of an RV'er, go where you want when you want.
  12. dirtyboots

    Single People and Campgrounds

    Traveling solo is what I decided to do 2 years ago - so far, so good. Have made several good friends, both couples and solos and keep in touch but don't travel with them. I don't join clubs....other than Escapees, Passport America, etc. and those are for financial benefits. We are a diverse group - ranchers, miners, rock hounds...rich and not-so-rich. Park models, Motorhomes, travel trailers, even some horse trailers. Some are full time, others still have permanent homes. Some have dogs, some have cats and others have horses or mules....turns out it's just like everyday life. I didn't plan, just jumped in and have adjusted as I go. When I'm done, I'll do something else. Enjoy the journey - it makes great memories.
  13. dirtyboots

    CLASS OF 2016

    Just got back to the USofA on Thursday from a month long trip to Northern Alberta and BC. Whew! Traced my roots in Athabasca, Alberta, met some 4th cousins I didn't know existed, saw beautiful country, went places I'd only read about and had a great time. Ready to sit for a while and regroup! Hope everyone is having a good summer of travels. Let us know where you are.
  14. dirtyboots

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    I exchanged emails with Terri yesterday as she is sending a couple pieces of mail that have been sitting in SD while I was gone for a month. She's trying. No need to growl and spit - as Dutch mentioned, it won't change anything.
  15. dirtyboots

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    Interesting that different people have received different emails (at different times) and some have not received anything. Hadn't even thought about the new Medicare cards - another thing to add insult to injury. Most of what I do is on-line any more and it seems there is a path for the rest...just a pita to have to deal with it. My new address is created with Americas Mailbox. They now have a notice on the front page of their website but they were getting refugees as of last Thursday (?) when I started filling out the forms. Hope things work out for everyone.