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  1. Custer State Park Fire

    Thursday update from Foxnews: http://www.blackhillsfox.com/content/news/Firefighters-taming-Legion-Lake-blaze-464193123.html
  2. Custer State Park Fire

    Oh, no!!! Thanks for the info, I'll check the Rapid City news. added link: http://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/us/article/South-Dakota-wildfire-grows-beyond-Custer-State-12426956.php
  3. That tough decision

    So sorry to hear and that 'quality of life' check isn't easy - ever. Especially at 18. Good thoughts to both you and your cat.
  4. FMCA votes to include towables

    Personally, I'd only join any 'club/organization' for the dollar benefits they might offer. The social aspect isn't of importance since I won't attend rallies or meetings. Very few people want to go the places I go, so doing it in a group doesn't work, nor would I want to. As I remember when this was discussed before it was because of the tire benefit that was mentioned. Each person has to decide for themselves what a good deal is....this past year I benefited from Escapees and Passport America. When I'm ready for tires, I'll see what's available and where I am in life. This has been an interesting thread.
  5. We talked about this a while back. It's now been voted on and passed. http://rvtravel.com/fmca-welcome-towable-owners/ FMCA to welcome towable owners December 1, 2017 Chuck Woodbury After several months of voting, members of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) have voted overwhelmingly to admit the owners of all self-contained RVs. For more than 50 years FMCA has been exclusively for the owners of self-contained motorized RVs. Approximately 13 percent of the membership voted, a total of 9,801 votes. Of those, 6,820 voted to accept owners of towable RVs, with 2,981 opposed. “Per FMCA’s governing documents, the paperwork is being filed to make the vote official. Until the paperwork is finalized, we cannot accept membership applications from owners of self-contained RVs,” FMCA wrote to members in a Friday afternoon email. The club will still be named the Family Motor Coach Association but will be commonly referred to as FMCA.
  6. CLASS OF 2016

    Welcome Retired fire - you certainly have been on the move and seen a lot since going full time. What part of South Dakota did you stop in for the DL. Rav was on the east side - I was on the west side of the state at almost the same time. Glad you are enjoying Mesa. I've heard wonderful things about Cascade, Idaho! Not been to that part of the state but have enjoyed the very Northern Panhandle and some of 84 across the southern portion. Safe travels and keep in touch.
  7. Bird Poop

    Thanks for the great suggestions. I picked up a HAWK decoy, so I have that and I'll pick up some ribbon tomorrow. My truck wasn't supposed to be done until Friday but it was ready this afternoon! Looks great and they detailed it - wow, wonder how long I can keep it looking like that! In my house in NE Washington (east side) I had a Robin who attacked my upstairs window over and over again. Was able to hang a throw on the inside and that took care of it's desires. Pesky birds. I'll report back on the good, the bad and the ugly!
  8. CLASS OF 2016

    Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving Day. Warm here in Wickenburg and the park hosts a dinner out on the lawn....poor me! Another chance to sit around and yak with a bunch of fun people! I'll try not to take any of the 'Bad Idea' roads when I start moving again next Spring! A nice person I met last year has been schooling me in the fine art of boondocking so I'll be able to spend time in more remote places AND be prepared if anything should go wrong, go wrong, go wrong... It's winter (almost)....where are you?
  9. Ordering a new truck

    I bought in Montana and registered/paid taxes in South Dakota. You just make that clear when you are buying the truck and they'll know what to do. You only pay taxes in one state. I got a temporary registration (30 days I think) from Montana so it was street legal, then dealt with getting up to snuff with South Dakota later.
  10. Bird Poop

    Thanks for the lesson on the owl....might hit Tractor Supply and see if they have one - be worth a try! The offenders here seem to be mostly doves. Stayed at this same park last year, but in a different space....didn't have the big beautiful trees. Haven't asked the park about putting up a canopy but will, in fact maybe they'll have a suggestion. Thanks for that idea. In the mean time, think I'll go visit the car wash tomorrow and stop by TS.
  11. Bird Poop

    Thanks, next week I'll check with the body shop and see if they have a suggestion.....maybe they'll let me park it in their shop???? Yeah, right! Don't remember that particular Far Side, but it seems they have designated the top of my truck, my tool box and one of the bed rails as meeting places. One bird couldn't possibly have deposited that much!!
  12. Bird Poop

    Thanks for the 'helpful' replies. I've done a couple searches on line about the owls - mostly said they don't work, but then every situation is different, isn't it. This summer while in an RV park, a missile/branch about 12' long came down in a wind storm and totaled the hood and fender of my truck. In a couple weeks I'm taking it in for replacement and it will have a fresh paint job - they request you keep the new paint away from the birds. Since I don't have a covered place to park, just thought I'd ask if anyone knew/had experience with keep the birds away. For the record I am all the way human.
  13. Bird Poop

    Love the trees, love the sun, love the warmth, love Arizona in the winter...hate the bird poop on my truck! Anyone have a non-lethal method of requesting they go somewhere else? Thanks
  14. CLASS OF 2016

    Welcome Timothy - this isn't the most active graduation year, but we do have something so say on occasion. Your volunteer job at the Lighthouse sounds like a grand time. As you head to Florida, I'm just a couple days away from Wickenburg, AZ. Looking forward to seeing folks I met last year and taking a break from the road. Chime in anytime, glad to have you aboard.
  15. CLASS OF 2016

    Hey Linda - I've been on the road for one year now, but never was able to travel with any of my horses. Too many years and too much of life got in the way. My old cat died earlier this year, so I'm really solo now! Staying in Wickenburg rekindles memories and we all like to swap stories Thanks for the note.