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  1. I'm not technical like you guys, but I've been using Opera for a long time. My combo is Opera and DuckDuckGo.
  2. That's just plain mean. I've only been RVing for 3 years and luckily (I guess) have never run into those who are mad/angry/kia. Have I asked for help? Yes! Have people offered - a couple times. The whole process is pretty cut and dried, I feel it's within my ability but sometimes any one of us can have problems. That doesn't mean it needs to be posted on Youtube. Offering a 'you got that?' is kind. The comments I really like are 'you are pretty good at that' or, nice truck -or, that's a big trailer, the best ones are 'you do that all by yourself????' Attacking someone who's having a bad time only makes their day worse. Thanks to all those I've met who have been kind!
  3. That article is from February.....and is about cities, but maybe, just maybe there is another ordinance that would apply to RV parks/private businesses. Worth checking into for another option.
  4. If you don't have to live in Oregon, you might look across the river in Washington. I was told by an RV park manager a couple days ago, that WA has passed a law that will not allow breed discrimination. I have no idea when it becomes law, or any particulars. FWIW.
  5. There are women's 'groups' that might have a chapter near you. Here's one: https://www.rvingwomen.org/page/mem_info_chap_locate Hope you get where you are going!
  6. I use RV Trip Wizard also. Once, while setting up this trip I'm on, it did have a hiccup with the date of departure that threw everything off. I corrected the beginning date, it switched to something else again, I switched back to the correct date and all has been well since. I have several trips with routes, alternate routes and future - maybe - trips. This was the only time it's ever had an issue.
  7. What makes anyone think it's ALL truthful answers?
  8. For the past 3 years I've filled out the form for General Delivery at the Post Office I use in Eastern Washington. They also ask for ID when signed and when I pick up USPS mail. The form is good for 30 days. FedEx and UPS deliver to my camp site. Figured it was SOP and wasn't offended.
  9. And now it's April 1st - no foolin' Left Wickenburg this morning, heading north then east, then north again. Will have to do my Tucson tour some other time. Hope everyone is heading out on their journeys for 2019. We finally got normal weather for most of March and now it's as it should be. Post when you can and let us know where you are! Safe and happy travels to all.
  10. I am a legal resident of the USA - just happen to have my domicile in SD. Are you folks saying that I shouldn't be able to vote for President? People who use the SD benefits for full time RVers are not criminals because of that. I really doubt that all of us SD Fulltimers get together and try to 'swing' a local vote.
  11. The issue of 'no internet' got really bad on my Jet Pac, losing signal 2-3 times per day, then 'bingo' - got a notice from Verizon that my auto-pay was now activated (was set-up, but never worked at all) and now everything is as it should be. Still on my toes waiting for the other shoe to drop, but so far, all is well. This all happened towards the end of February.
  12. dirtyboots


    Just checked their locations....had never heard of Freddys before - they just opened one in Surprise, AZ. Yay, will be headed there for sure. Thanks for the advert.
  13. I've had the 760 for 2 years +/- and it works well. Takes a ton of data to download the 'free' map updates, but fixed that with the Verizon Unlimited Have to argue with it on occasion but, so far, I've won. I leave the unit plugged in and have not had any issue with that.
  14. Bought my current truck when I lived in Washington State, the dealer issued a temporary registration (30 days I think). I was able to do the rest of the paperwork myself anywhere I wanted. South Dakota worked out perfectly for me.
  15. This is my 3rd winter in Wickenburg, AZ at the same park. People come and go - some may spend 3 months here, then move somewhere else, but then there's someone who takes their space. The month of February is overflow with the activities here in town, but this park keeps 4-5 spaces for short term visitors. Seems pretty much the same level of turn around to me.
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