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  1. If you are ever in Salmon, Idaho, they opened a wonderful, clean, 3 different sizes both washer and dryer laundromat just a block off main street (across from the Murdoch's). Full time very nice attendant lady the times I went. My guess is at least 30 washers/30 dryers, restrooms, change machine. Nice place.
  2. Also recommend Miller in Oregon. Started with a broker in SD who was recommended by the first mail forwarding outfit I used. Last year I didn't change since I was in the middle of a claim (not my fault!) but this year did my homework and got a quote from Miller. Better coverage, less $ by about $400. - SAME insurance company, just a different broker. Interesting.
  3. Question of gun ownership - just wanted to comment here. About 6-7 years ago when I took my Mom to her Dr. appt (she was close to 90 and on blood thinner, so had to go quite often) the drill was to go into the lab first for blood, then wait to be called for Dr. Got to know the lab gal and would visit....one day she asked in conversation if Mom had any guns. Mom said, sure, my shotgun is always within reach. The gal then wrote down on her form something, so I asked if that was about the weapon. She said yes, that it was a required question for all patients. After that we were still friendly but did not offer up any personal information.
  4. Not much activity for the Class of '16....hope everyone is doing well. Spent a month in Eastern WA, a month in NW Montana and a month north of Salmon, Idaho - now heading southward towards Nevada and on to AZ to visit friends in the White Mountains (Show Low area). This winter will most likely be in Nevada, west of Las Vegas. Still enjoying the adventure but glad to not have deadlines this summer Safe travels to all, drop a note when you can.
  5. My RV is a bumper pull toy hauler - the circuit breaker is labeled CONV. Any more than that is why I'm looking for an RV repair person. Everything else is above my pay scale....! Appreciate your help. BTW - I'm not saying the two problems are connected. The lights have been bad for a while. These are just things I need attended to that have happened while I've not been close to a larger area with RV repair.
  6. When I took the lights snap on cover off found there are NO bulbs....was told the light fixture needs replaced. Reset the breaker (it's happened a couple times) and all is well battery wise, just need to find out what is causing the failure. Thanks for being helpful.
  7. Have a couple LED interior lights that have gone 'on the blink' . The converter (?) breaker has tripped and would like to find out why - and was in a big hail storm at North Fork, so would like the roof checked. Probably a couple other items I can't remember at this moment....
  8. Thanks! I'm still up in Challis but will leave in a few days in that direction. No reservations yet....so open to where I might land - hopefully near a good RV repair shop/mobile. Luckily the issues I need looked at haven't stopped my travels....yet!
  9. I've found these two shops - https://www.idahorv.com which is located in an RV park in Wendell and this one in Kimberly https://snakerv.com/quick-response/ that will travel to location. Any experience and/or other recommendations? Thanks!
  10. Thanks - no longer looking! I may be interested in a re-sale membership for Preferred RV Resort in Pahrump, Nevada. My location at this time has spotty internet (usually none) and no phone, but I should be back into range on Friday (August 16th). If you have a membership to sell or know someone who does, please send me a note/private message and I'll answer as soon as possible, then we can exchange phone numbers and discuss. Thanks!
  11. Near Custer (town) are several nice parks. I chose Broken Arrow a few miles out of town but all good road. Lots of choices, something should fit your needs/wants: http://www.campgroundreviews.com/regions/south-dakota/custer When you buy a vehicle pass for Custer State Park, it costs $20. but is good for 7 days! Lots of gravel roads off the main paved 'loop' road with beautiful scenery, more wildlife and less crowds. From Broken Arrow you can take a back road into the State Park - or visit Wind Cave, on down to Hot Springs for the Mammoth Site and other attractions. My 10 days did not give me enough time to visit everything, so will head back next year. Staying a month is not out of the question for my travel style/interests. Enjoy your trip!
  12. Surveillance camera? Here's a thread a few days old: http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/136572-wireless-hidden-outdoor-security-cams/
  13. Might look here: http://www.toyhaulerfinds.com
  14. I bought my toy hauler new and have been full time since. It's been a very sturdy, well put together rig and I've had several gentlemen stop while passing by my RV spot(s) and comment on how they are 'surprised' to see such a beefy trailer. Floor plan and kitchen design was important, but that's personal. I also wanted sturdy axles, bigger wheels/tires. Mine is a 2017 30WRS Work and Play, bumper to hitch is 36'. Looked at used but never could find one that was 'gently' used. Good luck in your search!
  15. You might also check out the Diamond Lake RV park. It is a commercial park with hook-ups. There is also a USFS park next to Diamond Lake but not sure you would fit. Diamond Lake RV park is very close to the North Entrance to Crater Lake National Park. You can get to it via Hwy. 97/138 or come in on Hwy. 62 from I-5 (Medford, Or). It's all good road and beautiful country - have a great time.
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