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  1. So, here we are, Class of 2016, probably no where near where we thought we'd be in May 2020. This COVID-19 virus has certainly changed my plans but have been able to adjust and am sitting in one place until Sept. 2020. Spent the winter in Pahrump, NV and this spring planned to visit the White Mountains of AZ, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. Got as far as the White Mountains and was lucky to find a space in a wonderful RV park. Will stay here until Fall. How about you folks? Where are you and how have you fared? Take care!
  2. I'm in my 4th year of full timing in a travel trailer/toy hauler. I found some folks will come very close to calling me stupid for not having a 5th wheel/motorhome. Of course, that's what they have. I'm very happy with my TT. Love having my truck to do touristy things in, as I'm not fond of a little vehicle and I know my truck (sounds and how it drives). I've seen some really nice used rigs, but when I was looking seemed the only used toy haulers had been overly used, if you know what I mean. I was lucky - the guy who bought my property was well versed in RV's and made the trip with me to look at the one I bought. He crawled under it, inspected things I didn't even know needed inspected, explained and answered my questions. He gave me a good basis for jumping out on my own (solo) into a lifestyle I knew nothing about. You don't have to be an expert on everything.....it will catch up with you as you travel. There are forums like this one, there are YouTube videos, and many times I just search and the phrase I use will come up - bingo, now I know where to look, what to change, who to call. I'm not a member of Facebook/Twitter/??? and do just fine. Good luck in your adventure.
  3. Not sure how to email you, so here's the route I take with my truck/trailer 60'. Hwy 395 from Carson City to Susanville, CA Susanville Hwy. 36 to 44 to 89 You go by the entrance to Lassen NP, you are going through the Lassen National Forest. A bit of a grade here and there but good road. A few wide spots to grab food if necessary. Take 89 all the way to I-5 just below Shasta, then it's only 10 miles or so to Weed. The other option is to stay on 44 (where it runs into 89) and take that to Shingletown and on towards Redding, then hit I-5 on up to Weed. Beautiful drive - just watch the weather for Spring storms.
  4. I'm not interested in the job...but I am in Show Low staying at an RV park for the spring/summer/fall seasons. If anyone has questions about the area, I'd be glad to try to answer. It's beautiful country, plenty of services available and nice folks.
  5. When I originally registered my vehicles and address it was with MyDakotaAddress - in, I think, Lake County (Madison). That was all by mail. When I made the trip to SD to visit/get a Drivers License, I was in Custer and went to Hot Springs, that happened to be open on a day that worked for me. No problems!!! THEN, MyDakotaAddress took a dump, and I changed my domicile to Box Elder, which is in Pennington County. THEY asked me to send in new papers. Just telling you what MY experience was...no need to set me straight
  6. I believe you can get your drivers license anywhere, as I did, BUT, it changed my voting county, so had to fill out new papers for voting.
  7. Thanks for the link. Seemed a simple purchase until I looked at all the different models. Is the basic that fits any fridge good enough or do you really need all the extras? Thanks.
  8. What part of California....it's a BIG state....or are you heading to Canada? Also, where are you leaving from?
  9. Did you find a special deal for the 14 day trial? Just now I looked and it shows a 5 day free trial.
  10. I tried the electronic zappers in my house....they advertise that a human isn't bothered by the noise. Well, I was and it about drove me nuts! Hope they work for you.
  11. https://www.khq.com/news/watch-semi-loses-control-flips-over/article_e4a733e8-28fc-11ea-96bd-2f0678de1780.html Be safe everyone!
  12. When you look on Amazon for the 30amp be sure to notice the link that Kirk provided is for a renewed unit. For about $10. more you can get a new unit. Not saying one is better than the other, I just would rather have a new one.
  13. Are you wanting to take the wall out between the kitchen/bedroom and garage? If so, I understand what you are saying. My toyhauler has a plexi glass slider between the two and it works great. The slider frame doesn't take up the WHOLE wall but is positioned via frame work about 2' from the street side wall and about 1' from the curb side. The frame work of the trailer itself remains intact. You loose a bit of height, about 16" from the ceiling and you do have to 'step over' the framework on the floor about an inch which isn't a problem for me since I'm short. A custom frame might be doable. I didn't find any pictures in a quick search on-line but if you want to look it's a Forest River Work and Play 30WRS. I have cooling and heating ducts on both sides of the divider and spend lots of time in the garage...but do use an extra heater when it's cold outside. I also leave the slider open most of the time since the garage is my living room.
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