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  1. Re-locating to Texas as a permanent domicile state. I would like to ask what insurance companies Rvers with fifth-wheels use to insure their fifth wheel and towing vehicle (my is a Siverado, 2500hd). Will be full-time and possibly traveling out of the state.
  2. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I guess I do ask too many questions. I'll try going to a different DPS office and just fill out the form without bringing up the RV. Most people just do not understand why anyone would want to live in an RV. We have been traveling for three years and love it. Have decided to domicile in Texas, because most of my family lives here. Also, chirakawa , you're correct about DPS. I actually meant to say DPS, not DMV. Just habit -- that's who handles it in most states. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks to both of you for replying. I cannot see any valid reason why I cannot use a relative"s address either. I Escapees mail service is a legal address, then a relative's address should be no different. HOWEVER, upon calling DMV and going there in person, I am told that it is not legal and they cannot accept it. They were even familiar with Escapees, but told me that it is not a legal address and neither would a relatives address. (I know Escapees is legal-- They've been doing it for 30+years with thousands of members). One fellow at the DMV said, you can only register your address as the place that you most often "lay your head down at night." I just feel that there is no REASON why I can't use a relative's address. I will probably join Escapees regardless for the benefits. I just think I should be able to use a relatives address. In fact, my relatives are almost insistant that I do it. Is there anyway that I can make DMV comprehend my desire to live in my RV.
  4. I am changing my domicile and residency to Texas. Most of my family lives in Texas. I would like to know if anyone has moved to Texas from another state and used a family member's address as their home address for registration purposes. (It is ok with my family to use their address). I still want to live in my RV and travel, but am having a problem with the DMV and its forms. I just want my "home" to be Texas. If you have been successful doing this, would you tell me how you went about it. Thanks
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