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  1. Hurricane Ridge is the most visited tourist destination in WA. Don't take a trailer up there! ONP is unusual in that you can't drive through it. It has numerous entrances such as the Hoh Rain Forest. The County Park at Salt Creek is a gem. Nice RV park on the beach at La Push. Enjoy!
  2. Oversized cutting boards from restaurant supply stores are good material for stove covers.
  3. In Washington, Zero hours! Pretty amazing in a Liberal controlled state.
  4. They came standard on my 2013 Arctic Fox. Both working fine so far. I've heard Arctic Fox no longer uses electric dump valves however. Same for the Keyless entry. too many failures, no longer offered.
  5. Salt Creek Recreation Area on the Olympic Peninsula is a wonderful park. They have volunteer opportunities. They are a Clallam County Park. http://www.clallam.net/Parks/Volunteers.html
  6. I don't want to come on here and bash any particular brand, but, there are owners sites for most of the major brands. I'd suggest taking a look at some of them. Someone suggested you look at Northwood, the makers of Arctic Fox. I second that! Their owners site is www.nroa2003.com Sites for Keystone brands and Forest River trailers can be found by Googling. On these sites, you'll find either satisfied owners or a constant tirade of complaints. It's good to know what owners say about their trailers. Best of luck in your search and subsequent adventure.
  7. Wow! I was going to show you my fancy faucet replacements, but they would pale in comparison to your decor!
  8. Lakeside, Where is this truck located? Short or Long Bed?
  9. They have a good computer record of contacts with you. your friend will most likely have his MH searched for the next few years going into CA. Take 2 bottles each and bite the bullet at the Provincial Liquor Store, Ouch!
  10. I'd be interested in specs and photos of the truck! rlclark "at" olypen.com
  11. I had a loud noise from the heater fan and assumed it was a critter that had gotten into it. An RV shop pulled the unit and found the Squirrel Cage loose on the shaft and tightened it. I guess a Squirrel is a critter! Northwood Reimbursed me for the repair since the 5er was under warranty.
  12. I took it to mean landing gear because he said they wouldn't come "up". Slides would have been described as not coming "out". No response from ANG0225 as yet.
  13. If you are referring to the front landing gear, then Yes, I have had that happen. I raised them at a campground in the AM and they failed to lower when I arrived home. The motor still spun but no movement. I sat in the front compartment where a built in generator would go and observed the junction where a roll pin was supposed to connect the motor to the mechanism. No roll pin. I got up and found that I had been sitting on it. It had just worked it's way out. I gooped it up with Loc-Tite and reinstalled the pin. I don't expect it to fall out again. If all failures were this easy to fix I'd be a happy man.
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