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  1. Henry, amazon has the 579's for $7.25 with free shipping with Prime. Charlie
  2. Randy, I sure hope the surgery will give you permanent relef from the pain. When the pain is as you describe, surgery is about the only option. I'm sure Nancy and Oscar will take good care of you. I'm praying that you will be good as new when you get to Florida.....just don't overdo it loading stuff for Florida...we can get by with less, if need be. Charlie
  3. Does anyone have a secret decoder ring to decode a 2006 Country Coach Magna 630 VIN ? The VIN is 4U7C 9DZ1 3611 0486 6, PA number 23703, Mfg ID 6552. That is all the info I have on the coach. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Charlie.
  4. sclord2002

    DRV accident

    I know that my rig does not like uneven pavement. I can imagine that it could be a potential problem if I were to be too aggressive in getting "out of the rut". The truck can wag the camper tail pretty severely if steering input is too aggressive. I hate that someone wrecked their camper and I hope no one was hurt. Charlie
  5. sclord2002

    DRV accident

    Does anyone know how last weeks accident involving the DRV on I-10 happened ? Charlie
  6. Hijack alert.........Parrformance, i believe you, I and Suite Success may have sister trucks. If your truck is an ex-US Express truck, it matches the DNA of ours. If not, then they are just the same make, model and color. I know US Express had a slew of red 2006 780's with the 465 hp D-12 and ultrashift trannys. Charlie
  7. Randy, you know I'm in. I am looking forward to this project and the rally. Charlie
  8. Nice truck. you will really enjoy it. Charlie
  9. Wow, really looking good !! Charlie
  10. Thank you, guys. I was one of the fortunate ones to come back from 2 tours in 'Nam.......from Oct 68 to Jun 70. Many were not so fortunate and we owe them and their families our eternal gratitude. Charlie
  11. Al, I don't know what gauge wire they use but I have read that the factory wire is not heavy enough, as there is significant voltage drop at the headlights. You would think that Volvo would use the proper gauge wire but I guess cost overrides sound engineering and manufacturing decisions in too many cases.?! David Dixon would probably have the answer as to what gauge wire would be best for the headlight circuitry. Charlie On edit, I'm pretty sure that David is the one who said the factory headlight wire gauge is undersized.
  12. Henry, what are the tow and pin weight capacities and what is the vertical travel on this hitch? Also, what does this beast weigh ? I would imagine that the closer tolerances on the parts make it easier to assemble/adjust on your automated assembly line. I hope you will be at the ECR so I can get my fingerprints all aver one of these babies.
  13. Now, that is an impressive facility !! Charlie
  14. Dang, Henry....are you building a bridge ???? Charlie
  15. Glenn, I got lucky and was refered to an aircraft painter who sanded, primed and painted my hood in my back yard. $500.00 labor and approximately @200.00 in materials. Unfortunately my guy moved away. Several years ago I was quoted 5k for a complete paint job....I'm sure it would be higher now. My hood is not perfect but it suits me just fine and it was convienent and affordable. My guy was planning on doing some painting on my camper, too, but he had a really goog job offer out of state , darn it . Charlie
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