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  1. That is a great logo ! The Springfield clan is very creative and talented.
  2. I don't believe the generators sold in Costco are actually Yamaha generators. i have seen gennys at Costco with Yamaha engines but they were not true Yamaha generators. They may still be good generators though. Charlie
  3. sclord2002

    D12d Derate

    I get a check engine message when mine derates due to an EGR fault. It seems to be a 15 to 20 percebt derate. It will show up in your codes. Charlie
  4. sclord2002

    $100,000 part

    Rany, Has Nancy checked to see if the improvements have increased your trade-in value ??
  5. Randy, Isn't this forum great...toss out an idea and get all sorts of insight on it. We don't have to re-invent the wheel with every project and that can save us money, time and grief. Glad that your back is doing well...don't mess it up loading all the Florida gear ! Charlie
  6. sclord2002

    Minor Off Topic

    Paul, I used to ride 2 wheelers, on and off road. I discovered that hobby was not condusive to my good health or longevity. I know that you and Paula enjoyed your bikes but it doesn't make me sad to know that you are selling them. We like you guys too much to see either of you injured, or worse, on your bikes. I know life is not without risk but we can try to mitigate it as best we can. I can't imagine that you would get more enjoyment out of riding than you get out of giving me a hard time. Just double down on harassing me and we both will have a good time. Charlie
  7. sclord2002

    Bed crane anyone?

    I have the Harbor Fright hydraulic 1/2 ton crane that I can install for hoisting stuff on the bed and remove for loading the Smart. I need to add a small winch or a block and tackle to increase the lift range, though. Charlie
  8. Randy, glad you are mending well. Just be sure you do what the Dr says. I'm sure that Oscar is enjoying his increased time with you since you are not outside doing working on projects all thje time. Just keep on thinking about Florida...that should make you feel better. Charlie
  9. Henry, amazon has the 579's for $7.25 with free shipping with Prime. Charlie
  10. Randy, I sure hope the surgery will give you permanent relef from the pain. When the pain is as you describe, surgery is about the only option. I'm sure Nancy and Oscar will take good care of you. I'm praying that you will be good as new when you get to Florida.....just don't overdo it loading stuff for Florida...we can get by with less, if need be. Charlie
  11. Does anyone have a secret decoder ring to decode a 2006 Country Coach Magna 630 VIN ? The VIN is 4U7C 9DZ1 3611 0486 6, PA number 23703, Mfg ID 6552. That is all the info I have on the coach. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Charlie.
  12. sclord2002

    DRV accident

    I know that my rig does not like uneven pavement. I can imagine that it could be a potential problem if I were to be too aggressive in getting "out of the rut". The truck can wag the camper tail pretty severely if steering input is too aggressive. I hate that someone wrecked their camper and I hope no one was hurt. Charlie
  13. sclord2002

    DRV accident

    Does anyone know how last weeks accident involving the DRV on I-10 happened ? Charlie
  14. Hijack alert.........Parrformance, i believe you, I and Suite Success may have sister trucks. If your truck is an ex-US Express truck, it matches the DNA of ours. If not, then they are just the same make, model and color. I know US Express had a slew of red 2006 780's with the 465 hp D-12 and ultrashift trannys. Charlie
  15. Randy, you know I'm in. I am looking forward to this project and the rally. Charlie
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