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  1. sclord2002

    Coolant Lines

    Wow, Steiger Tiger....catchy name...kinda like Combat Wombat in the motorcycle arena. Charlie
  2. sclord2002

    Smart car radiator fan

    WOO HOO...Joy in Mudville !! Realizing that I had no real wiring diagram and no idea where the signal to the fan from the coolant temp and A/C on signal came from, I called Christian Brothers Automotive and they said they had access to to wiring data and a compatible diagnostic computer but they had not worked on a Smart before. I asked about their labor rates and they said $105.00/hour. I made an appointment for 14:00 today and took the Smart in with no front clip or lower panels in case they had to get to some internal thingamajig. I explained to the nice young technician the previous symptoms and what I had done up to this point. Surprisingly, he didn't say anything bad and listened intently and asked if the car had overheated.....I told him no. He hooked up his diagnostic computer and after some button pushing, the new fan came on and it was even running in the right direction !! The problem was that the high current draw that I had alluded to earlier, had triggered a cooling fan shorted fault and disabled the signal to the fan. I gave the nice young technician a nice tip and happily paid the $31.00 bill. Needless to say, I was one happy and relieved camper. I guess ther is some truth to the old adage about what to do when in over your head....quit digging and get help. Thanks to all for the suggestions and support. If I could dance, I would do a happy dance !! Again, thanks to all. Charlie
  3. sclord2002

    10 Speed Autoshift ain't so Auto any more

    Paul, I am really sorry to hear of your tranny woes. Hopefully you will be back on the road soon and shifting smoothly. I hope that unexpected outlay of capital won't adversly affect Daisy's daily rations. Give Paula a hug and give Daisy a butt-scratchin' for me. Be safe. Charlie
  4. sclord2002

    Smart car radiator fan

    Chuck, I may need to avail myself of your expertise. I got the front clip off and hotwired the old fan....it ran, slowly and noisily and drew one heck of a lot of current from my battery charger. The wires got hot after about 15 seconds !! I Installed and hotwired the new fan and it runs great, when hotwired......doesnt run at all when a/c is on. I haven't run the engine enough to see if it comes on when coolant temp calls for it. Fuses and relays look good. I'm afraid that the high current draw may have fried something in the SAM [fusebox assembly] . The 40 amp fuse is good...it powers the rear window defroster as well and that works . The output for the fan supposedly comes from N11-10-3 from the Sam but I an hesitant to tear into it for fear of messing up something else. If all else fails, I may install a switch, fuse and relay to manually control the fan. Do you have access to , or know wher I can get an electrical schematic for my Smart ? It is a 2013 Passion Cabriolet. I suppose it could be a sensor or sensors or even wiring but a wiring diagram could help find the problem. In my former life, we had Principles of Operation Manuals and really good wiring diagrams but violations of ohms law and/or chasing the wrong thing could still humble me......much as this problem has. Charlie
  5. sclord2002

    Smart car radiator fan

    You're welcome, Jim. That little light and brake tester has been used way more than I thought it would. It may be one of the best of my hare-brained ideas. Thank you for the pictures of your fan mod. Charlie
  6. sclord2002

    Smart car radiator fan

    OK, i checked the A/C charge and it is good, Checked the fuses and they are good. The fan is kaput, so I'm going to follow Jim's advice and add the same fan he used. There are cheaper 14 inch fans out there but I trust Jim's judgement and ordered the more expensive Flex A Lite fan from Amazon for just under 100 bucks with tax. Thanks to all for your replies. I will let you know the results when i get a chance to add the new fan. Are the folks on this forum great, or what....... Charlie
  7. sclord2002

    Presto ....... Chango

    Lookin' good...... is that a non-slip coating ? Charlie
  8. sclord2002

    Smart car radiator fan

    OK guys, Our Smart car A/C blows warm air when in stop and go traffic......at speed it works great. When is the radiator fan supposed to come on.....should it be on any time the A/C is on ? I assume it is also controlled by a cooling-water thermostat. It seems that I used to hear the fan at engine start but i'm not sure. Pretty sure the fan is shot but wanted to get some more info before I start using a can opener to get to it. If bad, I will probably try an aftermarket fan in front of the a/c condenser and radiator ?? Any words of wisdom ? Thanks in advance for any shared knowledge or tips. Charlie
  9. sclord2002

    A Bittersweet Farewell

    Mike, wishing you all the best in what is yet to come. Life is an adventure and you are embarking on a new and exciting phase. God bless you and your family. Be safe, Charlie
  10. sclord2002

    3.58 Rear End Axle Means?

    Rear end ratios are confusing if you don't have a good understanding of them. For example a 4.10 is a low ratio and a 2.50 is a high ratio......seems backwards, I know..... a low ratio makes it easier for the engine to turn the drive wheels and a high ratio makes it harder. Witha low ratio, the engine turns more revs per mile.....high ratio, fewer revs per mile. The ideal ratio will vary according to vehicle weight and use. Lance A Lott is absolutely correct in saying that a ratio change from your 3.58 would probably not pay for itself. You can absolutely go too high or too low. Your gearing is probably not too far off of ideal with the transmission you have. By the way, I would take out a newspaper add if I got 8 miles per gallon at 65 mph. Be safe, Charlie
  11. sclord2002

    What's on the back of you truck?

    Steve, It looks great !! Where did you get it ? Charlie
  12. sclord2002

    Secondary tank draining fast when stepping on brake pedal?

    What Scrap said should let you figure out where it is leaking. If you build air, shut the engine down, crawl wober the truck and position yourself between the firewall and radiator crossmember and have someone press the brake pedal, you should be able to locate the leak. Leaks are much harder to find with that Kitty roaring in your ear. Charlie
  13. sclord2002

    What's on the back of you truck?

    Steve, I think you will enjoy your Pete. I added a cargo carrier rack to the rear of my Volvo. I can't remember if it was on the truck when i visited with you several years ago. I also have a camera to aid in aligning the pin and hitch when hooking up. I am planning on a vise-mounting point somewhere back there.....just trying to decide where it would be most conveinent. By the way, I replaced my axles as the brake issues I had when visiting you, continued. All is good now. Be safe, Charlie.
  14. sclord2002

    Smooth or Diamond Plate for bed deck

    I used 3/16 smooth steel. It is painted with plain old black Rustoleum and is not slick.....not with the boat shoes that I always wear anyhow. Charlie
  15. sclord2002

    freightliner transmission issue

    Desert Miner had some good advice for you. You should get a code telling you what the tranny computer thinks is wrong. My 2006 Ultrashift would not go into gear due to a bad input shaft speed sensor. Charlie