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  1. sclord2002

    Directv vs. Dish

    Carl we have direct in our home and just use one of the home receivers in the camper. No additional charge. We don't seem to be able to get our local stations when traveling. If I didn't have Direct at home, I wouuld probably go with Dish. Charlie
  2. I am running 4 Sailun 637's on my camper and 8 Sailun 768's on the drives of my Volvo. when I need steer tires, Sailuns will go on there, too. Charlie
  3. sclord2002

    Ved12 avu leak.

    David, thanks. Now I know what an AVU is. Charlie
  4. sclord2002

    Ved12 avu leak.

    OK, I will be the first to ask......what is an AVU ? This is not in my acronym list. Charlie
  5. sclord2002


    WHAT ??? YOU STARTED HAPPY HOUR WITHOUT US ??? It looks like everyone else is there, already. If all goes well, we will roll in Saturday afternoon. We are looking forward to another great rally. Thank you Carl and Donna [and all the other contributors to the fun]. Charlie and Sandra Lord
  6. Ronbo, thanks for the tips. It would be a shame to get just one thing. I would be like a blind dog in a meat house. Charlie
  7. sclord2002

    Hmm (2)

    Any grease fittings planned for this part ? They might be impossible to get to, though. Charlie
  8. David and Carl, thanks for your leads. I will call John Story and B&B. All you have to do is ask and you guys come through, pronto ! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the ECR. Charlie
  9. My left upper trailer fairing mount/support tube is badly rusted and in need of replacement. If anyone has or knows where I can find one of these, I would be most grateful. There are no good wrecking yards near me. I will be at the ECR this year if anyone has an opportunity to pick up this part at their local yard. Thanks in advance. Charlie Lord
  10. sclord2002

    Southern Florida "magnet"

    HMMM, Doesn't look like that pin would be too difficult to get out !! BTW, I know that truck, hitch and driver. He spent some time in my driveway while avoiding a hurricane. Looking forward to seeing the new hitch....and the rigs driver and wife. Charlie
  11. sclord2002

    Smart to TH tiedown

    I prefer the over the wheel straps with the rubber tread blocks as opposed to the basket straps. Just my personal preference. Have fun with your new Smart. Charlie
  12. sclord2002

    Hayes air brake controller install

    Dave, if your new controller works well and you don't have to return thee old one, bring it to the ECR and we can do an autopsy on it and perhaps repair it so that you will have a good spare unit. Charlie
  13. Dave, I used a 4 inch frame spacer and 2 inch crossmembers with 3/16 steel decking. I gained a bit of tire clearance by spacing the stringers over the tires out a bit further than the others [ I am still Tandem ]. I went with 17.5 inch crossmember spacing over my 22.5 inch tires. I don't plan on running chains but I think that I could run them as long as they were properly tightened and I kept my speed reasonable.. You might not be comfortable with my clearance but it would drop your deck height by 2 inches . I am just answering your question and am not trying to tell you how to build your bed. Randy A and I will be doing a homemade bed seminar at the ECR where we will talk about such considerations for beds. Each HDT owner can draw their own conclusions but I think that the discussions will be helpful and interesting. I look forward to seeing your bed as it takes shape Charlie Lord
  14. sclord2002

    Sneak Peek

    Steve, your truck is looking good. Hope to see it one day. Charlie
  15. sclord2002

    Replacing Steer Tires

    I removed my 8 old retread drives and installed 8 new Sailun S637's by myself.......actually my 2 sons showed up for tires 7 and 8 and I was glad to see them. They were pretty amazed at the relative ease of dismounting and mounting the tires. These boogers are heavy, though. I had a Cheeta air tank but the beads seated on all 8 tires without it. I installed Centramatics on all 4 rear positions, so I didn't worry about balancing. it is possible for one person to dismount and mount these tires but I would recommend having someone to help you if you decide to go the DIY route. I am happy with the Sailun S637's that I got from my local tire wholesaler. I was 69 when I installed these tires and if I age them out in 8 to 10 years, I dont hink i will tackle them by myself when I'm that much older. If I make it that far, who knows what a crazy old coot might do ?? Charlie