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  1. sclord2002

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    Steve, I was pulling the camper at the time. About the only time I bobtail is to get cheaper fuel near home, get the oil changed or to exercise the truck a bit. i am excited to hear that your rig is coming along well. We have an ongoing conflict with the date for the HDT rally in Hutch.......otherwise i would be seeing what you are up to every year. Take care. Charlie
  2. sclord2002

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    Phil, your advice about being prepared for a LEO encounter was right on target. Also the binder with the approiate documents that you suggested was a great idea. I had missed the CMV discussions in the past, so I was not aware we could still be considered commercial motor vehicles. I really appreciate your insight and suggestions. After all, that is what you do for a living. I am not overly smart but I know enough to pay attention to your posts. Thank you !! Charlie
  3. sclord2002

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    Argo, I don't have a CDL but I do have the proper SC class F license. It states "Combination of non-commercial vehicles exceeding 26,000 lbs GVW. Includes class E, D and G. Includes trike- does not include MTC or MTC w/sidecar." Aparently the officer was satisfied, once he saw the 4 over-the-tire tie down straps were securely holding the car and that my license, registration and insurance were ok. In SC, I don't need a class F license untill I hook the fifth-wheel to the truck. The SC requirements are based on GVW, not GVWR. My combination GVW is 43,000 lbs.....19,000 lbs camper and 24,000 truck and Smart Car. When I ws taking the test for my class F, the examiner told me I should go ahead and get a CDL. She said the only additional requirements were a physical and about 5 to 10 minutes longer on the pre trip inspection portion of the test. I politely declined her suggestion and got the class F. Charlie
  4. sclord2002

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    Well, my topic posted without the story behind it.....so here it is. On December 6th, we were returning to Greenville, SC from Charleston, SC. I was running 60 mph in a 70 mph zone and blue lights came on behind me. I immediately pulled over and waited for the SC State Transport Police officer to come to the passenger side of the truck. He stopped at the rear of the Smart car and stood there, looking at it for a few seconds and then came to the passenger door of the cab. My wife opened the door and the officer asked if we were traveling. My wife responded "yes". He then asked for registration and drivers license, looked at them and said " I will be back in a minute" and went back to his car. I was puzzled as to why I was pulled over but figured he would eventually get around to telling me why I was stopped. Several agonizing minutes passed and he returned with our notebook containing registration, insurance and other info and drivers license, handed them back to my wife and said "I just wanted to make sure the car was properly secured." He then gave her a "State of South Carolina Public Contact" form, stating the stop was "contact only". When I got home , I noticed that he had put a big X in a box labeled "CMV", which my SC registered Motorhome [2006 Volvo 780] is definitely NOT. Anyway, he was polite but businesslike, we were polite and only responded to his question with a simple"yes" and it all ended well with him pulling into the lane we would be entering and blocking traffic so we could pull back onto the roadway. I suspect he checked all of our info when he went back to his car and since he didn't know my picture is on the Post Office wall, he sent us on our way. May any future stops go as well as this one did. Charlie
  5. I had mentioned previously that high idle on my truck was 1650 RPM. Yesterday, I used the manual mode on my ultrashift to see what the engine would wind up to under load. The gonernor hold the engine to 2000 RPM under load. I can only assume that the ECM holds the high idle RPM to 1650 instead of letting it go to to 2000 as it will under load. Has anyone else noteed anything similar to this ? Just curious. Charlie
  6. sclord2002

    Upper console door repair/replacement

    It's a shame that our heavy duty trucks have such chintzy plastic components. I think better engineering and materials should be expected by consumers. Durability just does not seem to be a goal these days.....Mini rant over...... Charlie
  7. sclord2002

    1/2 inch cordless impact 1200 to 1400 ftlbs

    Cory, being a tool nut, I have several inpact wrenches...corded, air and battery. Since i have gotten the battery impacts, my corded and air wrenches just gather dust. For light/medium duty, my Ridgid 1/2 inch does great and for heavy duty use, my Milwaukee high torque 1/2 inch will do anything I have used it on, including 22.5 truck wheel lugs. My toy store, Home Depot, is my go-to place. They have good sales, give a 10% military discount and are located nation wide. This has just been my experience. Charlie
  8. sclord2002

    Centramatic Balancers

    I have them on my tandem drive axles and on the steers. I am pleased with them. Charlie
  9. sclord2002

    Steer tire life (sidewall cracking)

    I like Sailun tires. I have 8 drives, 4 on the camper and will go with them for steers when iIneed them. Charlie
  10. sclord2002

    Drilling harden steel?

    Good, that would take the focus off of me as a likely suspect, I seriously hope you don't disappear, though. Charlie
  11. sclord2002

    Drilling harden steel?

    Dang, Lance A Lott beat me to the punch. If Lance should end up mysteriously disappearing, I will buy the mag drill from you. Charlie
  12. sclord2002

    Drilling harden steel?

    I have never tried a masonry bit [usually carbide tipped] but have had good success with cobalt bits and some success with good, sharp tool-steel bits. Lots of pressure , slow speed and generous oil seem to work for me. Charlie
  13. sclord2002

    lost all lights to camper

    Glenn, you can make a light tester by using a truck-end half of a 7 round connector and connecting a 24 inch, 14 gauge wire to each of the pins EXCEPT THE GROUND PIN.....leave ground pin with no wire attached. You can look up the pin schematic and label each wires function with a duct tape tag and a permanent marker. To use the tester, attach a small alligator clip to the hot wire and either touch or clamp it to the wire corresponding to the circuit you want to test. By using this tool, you don't have to have the tow vehicle connected to the trailer. It will tell you if the lights and brake magnets are working when they receive power from the camper battery. I use this tool all the time and it has been a handy item to have. It will not diagnose truck power/wiring issues other than to tell you that things work or not when they get power but it can help trouble shoot camper issues. Charlie PS...check the ground from the trailer to the truck...it can cause all sorts of issues.
  14. sclord2002

    Stopping TOO Fast /V. Teach Lesson #37.g(ee)

    I just realized one reason I like this forum so much........People can disagree without becoming too disagreable. I can see both sides to this discussion and don't really know what I would do under certain circumstances untill I'm faced with them. I am also a survivor of 2 tours in Vietnam and don't want to see any more carnage if I can help it. I also kinda know what DollyTrolley is saying. I love his "Grumps" tales and read them all. I also know where Mr. Cobb is coming from. I just pray that I never have to make a decision like that and that if I do, I will make the right one. Kudos to folks who can disagree and then agree to disagree. Charlie
  15. sclord2002

    Terrible grinding noise in smart cooling fan

    I did the same thing on my Smart after the stock fan quit working. The new pusher fan would not work untill the latched fault for a shorted cooling fan was reset. All is well now. A/C works great in summer heat at idle and no overheat in heavy traffic. The front clip is not nearly so intimidating after removing and replacing it with my wifes help. Charlie