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  1. sclord2002

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Carl, i am a tool junkie and also thrifty. I prefer Snap On over Harbor Freight but I think Harbor Freight wins in the economical, non professional use arena. Randy A has a HF battery powered drill that he got in Florida. A seemingly knowledgable HF employee recommended the Hercules brand over the Bauer. I like Home Depot's Rigid brand which has a lifetime free repair /battery warranty if you register your tools. If HD has a sale on Rigid, it's not much more than Hercules. I also have a high torque Milwaukee M-18 impact wrench that is really handy on big truck stuff. So many tools and so little time....... Charlie
  2. sclord2002

    Volvo D12D high idle

    Carl, You might use the stalk controlled FAST idle for more rpm for battery charging, A/C , heat, etc. HIGH idle on a diesel is the maximum no load RPM the engine will run.....example: truck in neutral with accelerator to floor. You might use high idle to help diagnose a fuel delivery problem or some of the other uses for working trucks......example: truck has low power and won't wind as high as it should. Like our friend Paul at the ECR 2 years ago. If you know the HIGH idle RPM for your engine and you can not attain it, something is amiss. I had mistakenly thought that my engine's HIGH idle was the same as the governed RPM but that is not the case. My engine is governed at 2000 RPM but HIGH idle is 1650, therefore I am making an assumption that the ECM or some all-knowing electronic thingamajig is preventing the engine from reaching governed RPM in neutral. On old mechanical diesels, I was used to governed RPM and HIGH idle being the same RPM but I guess with electronic engine controls that may not be true. I am trying to understand as much as I can about diesels and keep seeing lots of differences between mechanical and electronicly controlled engines. Coming out of the dark ages is hard for some of us. I can still remember chiseling wheels out of stone.....βš’οΈ......and the Dead Sea wasn't even sick !! Sometimes I try to understand things that exceed my limited mental capacity and it will bother me for a while until I understand it or until my eyes glaze over, take a nap and think of something else to puzzle over. You really don't have to go down these rabbit holes unless you have a similar imbalance. thank you for your indulgence. Charlie
  3. sclord2002

    Volvo D12D high idle

    I had mentioned previously that high idle on my truck was 1650 RPM. Yesterday, I used the manual mode on my ultrashift to see what the engine would wind up to under load. The gonernor let the engine wind up to 2000 RPM under load. I can only assume that the ECM holds the high idle RPM to 1650 instead of letting it go to to 2000 as it will under load. Has anyone else noted anything similar to this ? Just curious. Charlie
  4. sclord2002

    New road sign

    GVW of 26000 pounds empty is a contradiction of terms. According to that sign you could legally drive a 25999 pound truck loaded with 54001 pounds of lead down that street and be OK. I don't think the sign maker was familiar with the term GVW. I bet GCVWR would really blow their minds. Charlie
  5. sclord2002

    12v converter died, replace with?

    Progressive Dynamics used to offer rebuilt converters at good prices. I don't know if they still offer them or not. Charlie
  6. sclord2002

    Smart Car Air Conditioner Problem

    What you are describing sounds like the evaporator core is icing up. If so, the ice blocks the air flow and when you stop, the ice melts until you run it and refreeze it, blocking the air flow again. A low refrigerant charge can cause that, but there could be other things at play. Charlie
  7. sclord2002

    Frame rails?

    Try PG Adams company. They make truck frames and extensions. I have no idea of what their pricing is like. Charlie
  8. sclord2002

    Rated HP @ 2000 RPM

    High idle is 1650 rpm on my 2006 Volvo D12D. I'm not sure if it is rpm limited when in neutral below what it will rev in gear, or not. I do know I have never seen 2000 rpm under any circumstance. Charlie
  9. sclord2002

    OT - Coronary Artery Disease

    Gee, Randy, I have been away from the forum for a couple of days and come back to find out all this......Sandra told me about it first. I am so glad that the procedures were successful but sorry you and Nancy had to go through all this. I do think that your post will wake some of us up to realize that we may be the "other person", too. I have never been 70 years old before and don't really know what a 70 year old guy is suppoesd to feel like. I can certainly tell that I'm not still 30, though. I was just looking at a brochure for screening tests that supposedly show arterial blockage......I don't really know if it is snake oil or truly accurate medical diagnostics. Anyway, I hope you will be feeling better soon.
  10. sclord2002

    Truck painting

    Carl. I can check with a guy here in Greenville who told me 5k a couple of years ago. what I saw of his work looked really good. let me know if you want me to contact him. Charlie
  11. sclord2002

    Finally Complete

    Congratulation on a really nice bed. Now, enjoy it !! Charlie
  12. sclord2002

    fold down bed sides and rear bumper

    Dolly, you just ain't quite right.......but i love it.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Charlie
  13. sclord2002

    Red Flyer interior progress

    I love the boats,too. If I had a big ole wooden boat like that, I would get Steve to do some gene-splicing on some termites so that they ate the wood and crapped fiberglass and I would turn them loose on the boat. They would be the exact opposite of polyestermites, who eat fibreglass and crap wood......My next choice would be to build the boat out of unobtanium which is impervious to everything.πŸ˜‹ Charlie
  14. sclord2002

    150 VAC with generator per leg

    What you are seeing as a throttle may be an air shut off, instead. Diesels usually run with an unobstructed air intake path with the speed being controled by the fuel pump which probably has an internal governor. Diesels can be shut down, primarily, in 2 ways: 1- cut off the fuel or 2- cut off the air, or perhaps by cutting both. Cutting off the fuel may not always work...a diesel can run away because of a turbo bearing leaking oil into the intake system or because of flamable fumes being sucked into intake. Cutting off the air always will shut a diesel down...IF you can cut off the air. i have seen all sorts of things used to cut the air to a run away diesel: a built in air valve, a welding blanket, pillow, shirt...the list goes on. If a diesel is running away, anything you can lay your hands on,looks like something that may stop or slow the air flow before the engine grenades. It will be interesting to see what is causing the 150 volts you are seeing. Charlie
  15. sclord2002

    Red Flyer interior progress

    Wow, your design and work are totally amazing. I would love to meet you and see this most impressive rig, some day. Is there anything you can't do ?? Keep her shipshape... Charlie