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  1. batteries can show good voltage, or a surface charge, but still not have the amps to spin that starter. The batteries are beginning to sulfate or short between the plates. I have seen this personally, and I too was totally confused as to the condition you are describing. You could have only one cell beginning to fail & the rest are good. This will make accessories that require 12 volt appear to work, but really only the ones that require small amps properly work. It takes a proper "load" test to determine the health of the batteries. The batteries probably have to come out to do this test.
  2. It is additional information......the sensors also give temperature. I find the information for the 6 tires I am monitoring on the trailer useful. TPS systems come on many vehicles these days, & just not high performance. It's useful information. I have never driven an engine low on oil, but it still has a oil pressure gauge. The temperature reading is helpful I feel, as temperature rise can be a precursor to bearing issues, or the fact the the bearings are running cool. I use the TST system, & like the fact the batteries can be replaced myself. The little sensors probably do best on steel valve stems. But, you are correct, with a catastrophic tire failure, the system may not help much. It also saves time in running around the vehicle checking all tires, as I know what the pressure is. Anyway, that's been my experience.
  3. I live in colorado, & visit Wyoming (Glendo State Park) every year. So I am out of state, and it is confusing I agree. I don't remember the exact prices from last year, but can explain the system to you, I think!! If you are going to be in Wyoming for a month, you will save $$$ by purchasing the annual pass. I believe it is $50, something like that. This $50 annual pass gets you into the park for the day, but it does not include any camping fee. A camping fee is xtra, or on top of the entry fee. The camping fee is something like $8 per night. Then if you wanted electricity, this is also xtra, and electricity is $6 per night. So with regards to the annual permit, your break even is 7 nights...something like that. I think you can stay 14 nights per reservation, if you reserve the spot in advance. You might have to leave & go to another park possibly then...not really sure on that. The annual non-resident pass is vehicle specific....you stick it on your windshield. Shout back if I confused you!! Wyoming is beautiful in the summer...as you know......dan
  4. Why would you want that large of an inverter? Are you sure you need/want something that large? The larger the inverter, the greater the idle consumption of the inverter. The greater the cost as well. I bought a couple of Aimes inverter/charger with transfer switch. They have many dip switches & mode switches for flexible charging & programing. There quality is good, lower price point, & above average customer service. The 3K unit died while off grid, & I bought a 2K and had it installed 5 days later. I got the 3K repaired under warranty, now have a back up. I prefer the 2K over the 3K because of idle consumption. I believe the 3K draws 65 watts at idle, the 2K draws 30 watts at idle, this being with no load. If I had a residential fridge, & maybe you do, I would wire up a 1K inverter to power that appliance by itself. A couple people on this site have done that. That sounds like a nice battery you plan to use, but heating hot water or running an A/C still is not too practical. There is still a lot more energy in gasoline & propane for those larger draw items. Anyway, there are lots of people on this site that can give you great advice.
  5. a 1500# trailer? You sure you need a 7 pin RV plug? Would an adapter possibly work for you. An adapter would be used to adapt from a 5 pin on your vehicle to 7 pin......if I understood your question.
  6. DQDanny

    Generator Noise

    putting your generator in the bed of a pick-up will magnify the sound. The loudest generator I have heard in my 25 years of camping was a month ago with this situation I am describing. I discovered that when I got 11' away from my Honda 3000, the sound from my generator was drowned out by his yellow champion that was in his pick-up. And he was over 100 yards away. I ended up enjoying his company as a fellow camper, but incredibly loud was his setup with his yellow genny in the bed of the pickup.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Innovative-Products-8024-Terminal-Connector/dp/B004WIWOUA/ref=pd_sim_263_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B004WIWOUA&pd_rd_r=345cea8d-dfd6-11e8-9610-817859b593e5&pd_rd_w=AeAGm&pd_rd_wg=eYzHD&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=18bb0b78-4200-49b9-ac91-f141d61a1780&pf_rd_r=65AFWJ1HS6KCQ7C4FN6W&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&psc=1&refRID=65AFWJ1HS6KCQ7C4FN6W#customerReviews here is one......didn't know they existed....
  8. oh wow.....anybody have a link for that socket cleaning brush......I spent hours one day with a bitty piece of fingernail emery board & small screwdriver.....very tedious & it was only a moderate cleaning...
  9. I saw the change/sold on e/bay. I hope it closes & meets your goals. If the sale goes south, text me & I would like to visit about your trailer. dan 3oh3-726-68oh6
  10. Is your fridge set to gas or electric? If you are running the fridge on electric through your inverter, that is a 300 watt draw when the fridge runs. Also, your inverter will have a static draw, depending on the size of inverter it could be up to 50-75 watts. You could probably consider upping your solar capacity.....if possible. Do you have the ability to measure how much your rig is drawing? I would guess with the info you provided, you are just using more amps than you are replacing.
  11. Hi Phil.....sorry to hear of your change in plans due to family illness.....I pray the situation changes & improves. A couple questions on your trailer.......are Tetons a fiberglass or rubber roof? Is it wired with an inverter? And in that small vanity slide in the bedroom, is there a small sink in that corner? I see the sink in the bathroom, & some 4 slide tetons have a second sink in that 4th small bedroom slide. A beautiful trailer.....Is the trailer sitting in your personal storage facility? If so that should be a strong selling feature!! I really enjoyed reading over the past couple years of your questions & your approach to getting a trailer & tow vehicle for traveling in......sorry your plans changed....thanks for your time...dan
  12. A couple weeks ago I drove 375 miles one-way & purchased a used EZ-Floater Air bag hitch by HitchCrafter. It was listed on this site. I looked for a couple months on-line most every evening.....were not many used ones out there. So be patient if you have time & they do show up.
  13. DQDanny

    Best place to search

    Ebay.......have bought one, & sold one , on E-bay.
  14. DQDanny

    CAT ECM Issue

    First, my truck is a MDT, but I placed it in the HDT spot because there is way more interest here. And part of my logic is both classes of trucks share this component. So here goes my saga... I took my truck to a repair facility to get a couple items looked at. One was the exhaust brake, it would not operate/close. I had done all I could do, which was free it up from being stuck open, checked & replaced the relays, & verified the air cylinder operated. I could get the exhaust brake to operate by applying 12 volt at the closest pig tail. The EB just would not work with the in dash switch. The engine is a 3126E in a 2003 ford supercrewzer. Anyway, my conclusion was the ECM was not sending a signal to the in-dash switch. The EB is interfaced with both the CAT 3126E engine & the Allison 3000HD tranny. So, I took the truck to a repair facility, & they hired a mobil CAT man with a laptop & the CAT software. I was not present, but this CAT man plugged into the truck port under the dash, & was able to see a parameter that he believed prevented the EB from working. He saw a parameter that indicated the clutch was depressed. However the truck is an automatic. So he downloaded & saved all the parameters. He then attempted to delete or change this clutch parameter, believing this was the issue. Then somewhere in this process the ECM no longer will communicate with his laptop. His recommendation at this point is to remove the ECM from the truck & send it to a CAT facility. At the CAT facility, after 4 attempts to reprogram or flash the ECM, determine the ECM is dead. A new one is required. This of course is $2300 plus $300 to program. Ouch!! So my question to the members, if anyone has any experience, is it possible for the mobile CAT laptop man to make an honest mistake & crash my ECM, or wipe out the firmware in the ECM, rendering it useless? Do you think he could of attempted to delete or change the clutch parameter, & crashed the whole ECM? Right now his position is ECM's do crash for no reason, & yours just did. My supercrewzer is a 2003 with 70K miles, & was having zero issues, other than the EB not working. I was not having any intermittent ECM or drive-ability issues. I have not spoken with the mobile CAT man yet, the above info comes from the shop where the truck is located. I am attempting to speak directly with mobile CAT man early next week. What questions would you recommend I specifically ask about his ECM laptop repair attempt. I obviously don't know anything about this software. I did wonder if he needed to disconnect the battery before disconnecting the ECM from the truck. I don't know if this should be done or not. And finally, are there any comments on new or refurbished ECM's, or ways to get the truck running for less than the 3K. Fortunately I am not traveling right now. I was just attempting to get some preventative items looked at before we head out for the fall. Thank you for your comments & time. Oh, I did drive up to Rapid City, SD (different vehicle) & picked up a used Hitchcrafter EZfloater hitch. This was advertised on the site a few weeks ago. I'll get this bolted down when I get my truck back. It has a little compressor in it...that's sort of cool. Thanks again.
  15. I did get ahold of Kat this morning, she's out playing with the cattle right now!! (I'm sure she'll love seeing this post!) But do any of you folks that are familiar with this Hitchcrafter hitch know the distance from the plate to the hitch head? And is there any adjustment on the hitch, or is all the adjustment made on the pin box? (to get the trailer level that is). I did look on the Hitchcrafter website & did not see this information I am looking for. I did not call them yet. Seems like the owner is in the shop all the time & didn't want to bug him yet. Thanx ....
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