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  1. It's not the state it's the date starting in 2017. It's time for our renewal so we just got the notice.
  2. Help! We just received notice that Blue Sky will no longer cover RVs. We need to find a replacement company that works well for full timers and has liability coverage. We have an umbrella policy that will be invalid without liability coverage on either a house or an RV. Any suggestions?
  3. We're in the same shape. We are full timers and our policy expires 2/25/2017. The problem isn't just the RV insurance. We have an umbrella policy that we can only have if we have liability on a home or on an RV. Blue Sky was the only policy we found with this coverage. Does anyone have a suggestion of another company with similar coverage so we could keep the umbrella policy?
  4. Does anyone in the Mesa area know who we can get to install a Hopper and Joey in our 5th wheel? We have a Trav'ler SK-1000 satellite dish. Many people on line have said that they have this setup and it works very well. Unfortunately my husband and I are not "techy" enough to install it ourselves and Dish won't install on in an RV. We have tried calling local companies and the ones we have called follow Dish policies. Can anyone out there suggest someone to contact?
  5. we've been told we can not get a Hopper because Dish will not install them in an RV. I know some full timers do have the Hopper but I can't seem to find how this happened by searching the archives. 1) please let us know how you were able to get the Hopper installed without having a stick and brick residence. 2) I have had some issues when I switch locals with my VIP722 DVR. Most of the time my scheduled recordings for locals in Dish pass do not work until the day after I have switched locals. It's as though the unit has to reset overnight. I think it may just be an problem with my box but I was wondering if this works smoothly with the Hopper. 3) are you happy with the Hopper and Joey? We are not high tech people so can not just purchase a Hopper and install it ourselves so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Hopper? Which Dish told me they won't install in an a RV?
  7. We were very happy with Dish while we were sitting still. However, when we move and change locals it is a NIGHTMARES! 90% of the time I have to call back because they didn't change my locals. Sometimes they change my billing address by mistake. I even give the the "special" phrase "please manually change my local tags" and it's still screwed up. Even if by accident it is done correctly, or after my second or third phone all, then the recording schedule is messed up. I even changed to Dish Pass so that it would automaticLly look for a program on any channel rather than on a specific channel since I thought this would eliminate the problem. Wrong! It won't reset until 3AM the next day. And when I try to manually set up recording I keep getting a message that I've exceeded my number of recordings since it looks for the program on all channels. Many times a local is shown on two or three channels so the DVR schedules it to record on ALL the stations. Luckily once it starts to record it only records one copy but since 2 or 3 are on the schedule your number of available recording spots is significantly decreased. Having an East coast or West coast option would eliminate these issues since the locals would always remain the same just like your HBO or TNT. However Dish no longer offers this and the 3rd party company they used went out of business. The FCC has decreed that they CAN offer this but they don't. If I had know this I would have gotten a Directv satelite. Since we do move quite often during the late spring, summer and fall I am seriously considering spending the money to go with Directv. The money I save from wine consumption after talking to Dish to change my locals will pay for the new dish.
  8. Closing is tomorrow! We spent our first night in our new home last night - - wonderful ! ! Unfortunately we'll be working till mid November so won't be hitting the road yet. Yes, we'll miss our grandkids but with all the modern communications we'll be able to stay close. Honestly it's not the distance between people that determines how close they are. My mother-in-law lived next door but my kids were closer to my folks who lived 700 miles away. And that was before skype! After we leave mid November we are flying the kids down to meet us at Disney to prove to them that we'll still see them. I'm looking forward to sharing with them so much of this great country that they wouldn't be able to see otherwise.
  9. Zulu, we're in the same boat. House was on the market 2 weeks ago, signed final offer Thursday morning and have to be out April 30. Never expected it to go so quickly. In fact our RV just came in this week and the truck is on order. We still work till Nov. so it will be interesting. Just make a copy of your to do list and send it to us - HA!
  10. YES ! ! ! 2013 is OUR year! We won't go until mid November and have a lot to do between now and then. Finish preparing the house to go on the market in April or May, order our 5er, sell stuff, put some in storage, change our banking and address, become Texans . . . But it will be an exciting time. How about everyone else? When will you hit the road? What are you most looking forward to? I'm resting my eyes just to prepare for all we'll see.
  11. Just joined Escapees yesterday after 6 months of lurking on the website. We're in countdown mode with 1 year and 1 month left till retirement and full timing. It's hard not to wish the year away yet we want to enjoy the parts of our life we'll be leaving behind. Still we can't wait to see this year in our rear view mirrors. Ha! Our house is in minimalist mode and goes on the market in the spring. Can't wait to see other class members on the road.
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