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  1. Big Greg

    Newmar fifth wheel tire and wheel dilemma

    I believe the OP is wanting to know the max psi on his stock wheels as he's considering installing better tires with a higher psi rating. The psi rating is stamped on the inside of the wheel but you'd have to remove the tire to see it. Someone out there must know. Greg
  2. Big Greg

    New tires

    Interesting. I don't recall anyone of our HitchHiker friends or owners on the NuWa Owners Forum having a G114 tire separation problems. Many of us have these tires. In May I had Sailuns replace our second set of G114 tires as they aged out. The Sailuns were $900 installed vs $2200 for GY G114s, BIG price difference. We are not traveling near as much anymore and the Sailuns have a good reputation. Greg
  3. Big Greg

    New tires

    I haven't read any forums stating GY G114 (17.5" H rated) tires have a separation problem. I have had two sets of these tires the last 10 years and had no problems in tens of thousands of miles. I have read lots about GY G614 (16" G rated) tires and experienced problems with a set 10+ years ago. Greg
  4. Big Greg

    how many flushes

    Be careful, the key to avoiding problems with your black tank is the use of plentiful water. Greg
  5. Big Greg

    The Best(?) Of RVs

    I wonder if he's ever been in an RV? Greg
  6. You have tons of advise here, all I'll add is a strong recommendation to attend Escapee Boot Camp to learn and get ideas from others in your situation and choose a MH you like and a fifth wheel you like. Then spend an afternoon pretending to live in each, sit to watch TV, sit on the toilet, get in the shower, stand in the kitchen reaching appliances and cupboards, access the storage bays, etc. That helped us in making our decision. Greg
  7. Big Greg

    Weather where you are?

    Gulf Shores, AL on the calm side of hurricane Michael. 80 degrees, overcast and calm breeze. Greg
  8. Big Greg

    Full Paint ? On 5th yes/no Regrets???

    Our fifth wheel was painted in 2012 so is 6+ years old now and has never been waxed. We were told not to wax it by the painter. We wash it 3 or 4 times a year and it still looks great, we are very pleased. Greg
  9. Big Greg

    Full Paint ? On 5th yes/no Regrets???

    When we purchased our new home in 2007 it had the standard finish and decals. Three or four years later we had one large decal replaced as it was cracking and the edges peeled. In 2012 the finish was oxidized and many decals were looking bad. We really liked our fifth wheel home, planed to keep it as we had it set up the way we wanted with upgrades over the years, and it was reliable. We had Mike's Custom Paint in Bremen, IN come up with a unique design based on what we wanted, I needed to see what it was going to look like before spending a wad of dough. It took five weeks to prep and paint and we were overjoyed when we saw it. That was six years ago and we still love it. It has three clear coats, we don't wax it, just use soap and water, the black streaks and bugs come off much easier, and it still looks great and shines. I'm wouldn't spend ~$8K on paint for a brand new fifth wheel. I would first want to be sure I really like it, planned to keep it, and spend money on other possible upgrades first. Once I know the fifth wheel is the one I want to keep and reliable then I'd want to spend (probably $11K or 12K) on a custom paint job. I would assume the manufacturer has a limited number of paint designs you could select. Greg
  10. Big Greg

    Gulf Shores to Memphis

    Don't be concerned about I10, you will not be on it very long headed north to Memphis from Gulf Shores. I suggest you avoid secondary streets (and 98) in Mobile due to the live oak trees low branches. Check out 45 from Mobile to Tupelo then I78 into Memphis. Greg
  11. Big Greg

    Nationwide Health Insurance

    I drove a school bus for 10+ years and that allowed me to get BCBS Advantage medical insurance only after I retired. This benefit was not available while I was driving as the job was considered part time. After driving the equivalent of 10 full time years and retiring, Michigan School Employees Retirement policy has been good across the USA. even as a SD resident. Greg
  12. Big Greg

    Propane use while traveling

    I think you are way too concerned about propane on or off, in 11+ years the only time this was ever checked was before going over/under the Chesapeake Bay bridge and tunnel. They required it be turned off for the tunnel. We have never traveled with it on after a Life On Wheels course back in 2007 when they recommended traveling with it off for safety reasons. We now have a residential fridge and no inverter, we have traveled 8 to 10 hours in FL and AL summer heat and the fridge and freezer contents always stay cold and frozen.....and my wife is picky about food quality. Many of our friends travel with their propane on and have no problems either. I'd recommend you do whatever you want. Greg
  13. Big Greg

    Cherokee NC

    Last fall we stayed in Whittier, NC (10 miles from Cherokee) at Tuckaseegee CG. It's on a river by the same name, all sites are back in. It was $250 for the 7 nights. The staff was very helpful. We stayed there to ride the GSMRR, The steam locomotive goes along the park on it's way to and from where it's stored to the railway station! GREAT to watch and listen to it. Greg https://tuckaseegeervresort.com/?utm_source=rvparkreviews.com&utm_campaign=RVLife_Campgrounds&utm_medium=referral https://www.gsmr.com/
  14. Big Greg

    New RV tire changeover ?

    I wasn't RV knowledgeable enough to ask for better tires when we purchased our first RV in 2007. The second year we had a 16" GY G614 blowout and after researching found this was common back in 2008 with heavier fifth wheels. I upgraded to 17.5" GY G114 tires and Hi Spec wheels ($2000 cost) and in the next 10 years went through two sets with only a couple leaky valve stems. We are now running with Sailun 17.5" tires. The better tires was the best RV investment we have made. The 17.5" tires/wheels are within 1/10 inch diameter of the original tires so no RV modifications were needed. Greg
  15. Big Greg

    Auxiliary fuel tanks for Ram 3500 DRW

    RV fan, we had Catlin Truck Accessories in Jacksonville, FL install a 70 gallon auxiliary fuel tank/toolbox combo in 2007 when we started full timing. Being new I didn't want to maneuver in gas stations when towing, the F350 dually could take the extra weight along with the fifth wheel pin weight and hitch. We like secondary roads without worrying about finding a station we'd fit into when we needed diesel. The diesel is transferred into the Ford tank with a 12v pump I can turn on as we travel. It also has another fuel filter which I like. When we replaced the 2007 F350 with a 2014 I had the tank and plumbing moved to the new truck. My only negative is it's an inch or two above the bed rails so a cover wouldn't work for us, but then a cover would require opening to fuel the extra tank and when connected for towing. Overall, I really like it. Greg