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  1. We traveled to an area that was interesting and while on a short stay there scouted out local campgrounds for one we liked and then moved there and also made reservations for the following winter. Greg
  2. Big Greg

    Nationwide Health Insurance

    We have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PPO plan and it has and continues to cover us across the US for the 11+ years we have been on the road. We have used it for minor and major medical issues. I believe they call it an Advantage plan that also manages Medicare. All our insurance activity is through BCBS. We are currently SD residents. Greg
  3. Big Greg

    Foley dentist?

    Wife and I have used Dr. Stoddard of Gulf Coast Dentistry in Gulf Shores for 8 or 10 years. He's nearing retirement but the office staff has been excellent. Greg https://www.dentistgulfcoast.com/meet-us/dr-david-stoddard/
  4. Big Greg

    Where did you land?

    We've been on the road for 11+ years and started to think abut settling down 2 years ago. I wanted to have a plan to settle down and not wait until health forced us to unexpectedly. We have wintered in Gulf Shores, AL for the past several years but there are limited 55+ communities in that area. Other than that we really like the Gulf Shores area, being from MI we like green trees and blue water so the southwest wasn't for us. We wanted to checkout the St Augustine, FL area as we have relatives in that vicinity. We went to Florida's east coast the last 2 falls but both times were chased out by hurricanes. This past April we wanted to give Florida another chance but had trouble finding a campground (I thought there would be some openings in April as the snowbirds should be starting to leave). We even tried motels for 3 or 4 days but didn't want to pay $150/night. We gave up on Florida, it didn't want us. Before we left for our summer travels in late March we started the process to purchase a new manufactured home in a nice 55+ community called The Grove in Foley, AL. We returned from TX and KS in June and finalized the order before heading to GA and NC for this summer. We'll return to Gulf Shores in October and expect to move into the home by the end of the year and sell the HitchHiker and downsize the F350 to a golf cart. We are both looking forward to the change and can use motels for future travel. We considered parking the HitchHiker somewhere for cooler summer use but have decided we don't want two places. Greg
  5. Big Greg

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    Kik, no, I just paid this years insurance in July so the $101 more for the truck is due to the change from Madison to Sioux Falls. I will cancel the SD policies this fall as we are purchasing a home in AL. Greg
  6. Big Greg

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    Nationwide via Dougherty Agency in Sioux Falls. Greg
  7. Big Greg

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    FYI....our truck insurance increased $101 after updating our address to Sioux Falls. Greg
  8. Big Greg

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    If they never told us they were shutting down (I received no communication from them) what makes anyone think we'll ever know why they closed so abruptly. I suppose we can monitor the Madison newspaper? But it makes no difference to me, fortunately I have disputed my credit card payment for next years service which I paid 2 weeks ago. I do feel for others who have serious problems with important documents. Greg
  9. Big Greg

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    I was invoiced 7/17 for next years service by My Dakota Address and paid the same day via credit card. I did have mail sent the same day and received it OK. I have received no notification of their closing and found out here on the forum. I contacted my credit card company to decline payment. I also called My Dakota Address today and got the same message, their message box is full. I am tying to use Your Best Address but am waiting on a call back because they too are swamped. Greg
  10. Big Greg

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    Thanks dirtyboots posting your copy of the My Dakota Address email. I have received nothing from them. I am quite upset that my mail has been returned to senders as of 7/25 and some of their customers, me, have zero notification of this or their closing. Greg
  11. Big Greg

    Problem with slide outs?

    They can be a problem but are well worth the extra room. In 11+ years full time we have had 2 bolts break in the Lippert electric bed slide. If it's in just push the side out that doesn't want to move so you can access under the bed and replace the bolt. Takes less than half an hour. The Lippert electric closet slide has one gear on the motor's shaft that needs the set screws tightened every few years, very accessible in the basement. The two hydraulic slides have never failed but I suspect could be a bigger problem if they did. Greg
  12. Big Greg

    Pressure Pro

    Contact Vulcan, price $85. https://www.vulcantire.com/pressurepro_echo_prt.htm Also contact Tire Pressure Monitor.com, same $85 price. https://tirepressuremonitor.com/product-category/accessories/ We had the same problem several years ago with rear sensors intermittently dropping and added a repeater in the front upstairs fifth wheel bedroom cabinet because it had a 12v outlet for power. We haven't dropped a sensor since, works great. I have used the second vendor with no problems. Greg
  13. Big Greg

    Tom Sawyer Campground

    We have been there several times (in the spring) when it wasn't full (or 95 degrees) and had no power problems according to our Progressive EMS. Sounds like we don't want to be there in the summer when it's full and hot. We did have to leave once due to rising water. Greg
  14. Big Greg

    Glass cabinets in RVs

    Some of our cabinets have smoke plastic panels. Because we store "stuff" in them we taped black construction paper behind the plastic so you can't see the "stuff" scattered inside. We'd rather have practical space for storage rather than a cosmetic pretty look. Greg edit.....we have two sliding glass mirror door closets, one in the bedroom and another in a slide, and have had no troubles with them in 11+ years.
  15. Big Greg

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    In 11+ full time years we have never traveled with a fridge on. When we had the Dometic we turned the propane off as suggested at a Life on Wheels course. Four years ago when the Dometic died it was replaced with a Sears household fridge because we do not dry camp. Our travel days have been up to 10 hours in FL and AL with no problem with the fridge. Just keep the door closed and stuff stays cold and frozen. Greg