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  1. We replaced the stock 8cf Dometic with a 10.7cf Sears Kenmore (made by Whirlpool) almost 4 years ago when the Dometic died. It has been working flawlessly and we really like it. Besides considering the fridge size opening for the replacement it's very important where the new fridge vents. Some vent in the bottom rear, some the bottom front, and some require several inches clearance on the top and sides. Our fridge is not in a slide and vents in the bottom rear where there is a large open space extending to the roof. I did not close off the rooftop vent or the RV side fridge access panel. We do not boondock and our normal travel day (no AC power) is 4 to 6 hours. The longest travel day since we installed the Kenmore has been 9 hours. I did not install an inverter and the fridge and freezer have remained very cold, only increasing about 3 or 4 degrees. If you boondock you'll need to run a generator occasionally or get an inverter. Another consideration is if the new fridge will fit through your RV door (ours did) or if you have to remove a window to get it inside. Our new fridge was a tight fit in it's opening so I wasn't very concerned about it sliding around when we travel, I did add two screws in a bottom fridge plate into the floor to be sure it doesn't move. Greg
  2. I believe RV dealers are more likely to replace windows rather than repair them. We used Suncoast Designers in FL to repair our fogged dual pane windows. Greg Google will find more....
  3. Yup, you can take scuba lessons here, here's some info: Cruise Orange Beach Orange Beach & Gulf Coast Diving Down Under Dive Shop We stopped at Rainbow Plantation in June 2007 for a couple weeks to visit our daughter in Mobile. We liked the area and scouted out a campground to spend a month that winter. That lead to our now spending the winters there with our snowbird friends. We leave there in late March or early April and head to Texas to party with HitchHiker friends in the hill country. Come April the spring breakers and summer folks arrive and it gets a lot busier, winter is the off season. Many Gulf Shores restaurants have meal specials during the winter. Checkout the Shrimp Basket Gift Shop website the 3 days before Thanksgiving, they have their gift cards 2 for 1 price. Mikee's also has the same deal unless the two restaurants split apart. Enjoy your winter. Greg
  4. I believe you will really enjoy Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, it's our favorite Escapee park beside Park of the Sierras. It has large grassy sites with plenty of trees. It will be full during the winter so there will be lots of activities and new folks for you to meet and socialize with. It's in the country, peaceful and quiet. You'll be 20 miles from the gulf and the salt water and lots of good restaurants all around. Greg
  5. Find a popular snowbird campground in a location you are interested in, the gulf coast for instance. The snowbirds have LOTS of activities during the winter so I'd think you'd make lots of new friends and be busy with activities. We enjoy holing up in Gulf Shores, AL with the snowbirds. Greg
  6. The last sentence in the above post says it all......"To each, their own". I do believe our truck is very capable of safely towing and stopping our fifth wheel and this and the previous F350 has for over 10 years. I understand that many want a HDT for towing because of their reasons and experiences. We each have what we want and need, life is good. Regarding a F150 towing a fifth wheel, not so sure that's a good fit. Greg
  7. Kevin, perhaps my RV friend and I just had bad luck with ours. Good to hear that you have had a good experience with your two and I hope it continues. When I installed the Dometic 320 it was Sealand and Dometic has bought them out so I hope any recommendation holds good for Dometic now. Greg PS.....loved you pun above!
  8. Yup, took me 7 years to learn that! Greg
  9. From my 7 years experience with that model Thetford order 2 cable sets, one for a spare. Be sure to get the correct cable set, there is a short and tall Aria Classic. If you are still under warranty call Thetford for a replacement. When you replace one cable replace the other one too. Also order a spare water valve and pedal assembly from my experience. Full timing this is not a reliable toilet and it's quite expensive. I replaced ours with a Dometic 320 3 years ago and have had no problems with it, wish I'd have done it sooner! Enjoy pulling it out to fix it, it's heavy. Get use to fixing it. Greg PS.....friends with the same Thetford toilet had the same troubles we had.
  10. Like HERO Maker above we had a GY G614 G rated blowout in 2009. GY warranty was excellent in replacing the tire and minor RV damage so I stayed with GY and upgraded to GY G114 H rated tires. We are on our second set of GY G114 tires in 9 years and 55K miles and had zero tire problems (well, 2 leaky valve stems). Many of our friends are also using them with no problems. The GY G114 tires are Made in the USA. Tires are a major weak spot and cause many RV problems so I consider the GY G114 tires to be money well spent. Greg edit...I run them at 110 psi based on the Escapees Smart weight of our HitchHiker.
  11. HitchHikers are not being made anymore, 2013 was the last year. NuWa (HitchHiker's manufacturer) remains in business but their name changed to Kansas RV Center, still in Chanute, KS. Here's their website: They sell a few other brands and used HitchHikers. The parts and service department remains busy too. Here's a link to their older NuWa website so you can see the archives (top right of page) to checkout fifth wheel configurations. If they don't have what you want tell them and they will keep their eyes open for a used one for you. Greg Here's a link to the owners (not sponsored or controlled by (NuWa) forum:
  12. Our 37' fifth wheel has 9 windows (3 very large ones, 1 in rear and 2 in large slide) downstairs and 4 windows upstairs. We like lots of light and seeing outdoors. Greg
  13. Our fifth wheel has a small window on each side of the bed in the bed slide sides and two much larger windows at the foot of the bed. If we want a nice breeze we'll open the two small windows beside the bed and turn on Fantastic fan downstairs on exhaust so a cool breeze is sucked in the open windows across the bed. Greg
  14. We had one rear Big Foot fail to retract while in Utah a few years ago. I called Quadra late in the afternoon and they talked me through troubleshooting and then swapping the up and down hydraulic lines that fixed the problem which never returned. We stopped at Quadra a few months later and had them check it out but no problem found and no more failures. Their phone support is very excellent. Greg
  15. Quadra does good work,has access to all the parts, and experienced workers. If you can't go to White Pigeon ask them for installer recommendation. Greg