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  1. Beautifully area! We do love it here and if we were ever forced to settle in some place it would be close to the Fort Collins area. But am hoping that is many years from now. haha Our children have made roots here and we are needed for the winter as well as my husband is tending to his health. Do hope to be headed for Florida this time next year..
  2. We are working as camphost here at Horsetooth Reservoir Maveric. If you happen to come through this way again, come see us. We will be here till September 2016. Maybe a heads up you are coming would be good since on our days off we tend to not be found. lol
  3. Thank you everybody for taking the time to help out. All of this is great and we are in the process to do as recommended now.
  4. Hello fellow HDT drivers, We are currently in Colorado and have decided to stay here for the winter. Knowing that it can get fairly cold my husband is already doing the skirting and situating the things we are fully aware that need to be done. However, I am a bit lost on the extent that we should go for our HDT. We own a 2001 Volvo automatic. We have plans to plug it in for the entire winter. Should we start it at all? As we have been running for least 30 min to an hour every 2 weeks through the summer. Should we put anything in the fuel to keep it from freezing? Have read that truckers do this when driving over the road in cold areas. Should we have a certain amount of fuel in it? We will be living in the Fort Collins area and it is known to not get as cold here as the Springs or Denver but still much colder than that of which we are used to with our HDT. Dont know if I am missing any questions to ask. Honestly every bit of schooling that anyone has to offer us will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Phyllis
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