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  1. Happy to hear you are doing good and found a place to stay for the summer. We were volunteering at Topsail Hill Preserve SP when all this went down, we were scheduled to leave the 1st of April. The state park closed on March 23rd but allowed the volunteers to stay until the state reopened the parks. Our park is not opening but we are all back to work. We will be here until the end of May, unless our plans change. Stay safe
  2. Greetings from Bar Harbor! We arrived in Bar Harbor on June 7th for my work camping position at the Bar Harbor Campground. We have really been enjoying the area, especially Acadia National Park. We have done many hikes in the park including some spectacular summits, the views are awesome. Our 6lb dog Mattie also goes with us and loves to "bounce" up and down the rocks and wade in the streams. We have a had few friends stop in to say hi and have met several more. The manager of the campground set us up with a 6'x4' planter box so we have tomatoes, basil and peppers growing. We also have wild Maine blueberries all over the campground and lots behind our site which have been enjoying.
  3. After 4 months of volunteering at Topsail Hill State Park Preserve in Santa Rosa Beach Florida we said goodbye to everyone yesterday and head to Buccaneer State Park in MS. We will work our way to Little Rock to stay at my MIL's for a few weeks, then to Elkhart for warranty work on May 6th. We have a work camping opportunity in Bar Harbor, ME for the season so we will go back up there early June and stay until Columbus Day. The campground is really nice and it's only about 18 hours a week, enough to keep busy. we are looking forward to exploring Acadia this year. We will go back to Florida next year then we will head out west for a few years, hopefully we can see you when we travel to AZ. take care
  4. Happy New Year- the rin has stopped in Santa Rosa Beach Florida- we celebrated with some of our fellow camp hosts. the party ended around 10 pm. stay warm and dry
  5. Happy thanksgiving from Hilton Head, SC have a great day!!
  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 2018 has been good to us too. good to get working on the next year as soon as you can- it is a great feeling to be looking forward to each new adventure. We just started using an app called RVParky - it is really easy to use and we can both plan the trips at the same time, we just hit refresh and it loads the changes we make. really helped us out for our trip to Florida. We are currently in Bar Harbor, Me leaving on the 10th to work our way to Topsail Hill State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. We start working camping on Dec 1st and will be there until the end of March. safe travels and here's to many more anniversaries take care
  7. HI- we need help with our route from Bar Harbor to Savannah. Has anyone taken I 95 or any other suggestions. One of my concerns is going through New York. We have 30 days to make the trip so we can do another route. thanks
  8. glad to hear you had a great trip, it is always fun to meet new family. we finally made it to Maine last week and will be here for 6 weeks. we are staying in Thomaston at the Saltwater Farm Campground. we meet up with some friends here and they are showing us the area. Our first night they cooked lobster for us at their campsite. still hot and humid so we haven't done a lot of hiking yet, just a few in the morning. we are also enjoying being someplace for a month to slow down and catch up and figure out where to go next. take care Steve
  9. make a 2 day celebration! LOL
  10. hi today is our 2 year anniversary!!
  11. we enjoyed meeting Vicki and Mark too. We all have been so busy at the Escapade, there is so much to do. Dara and I been learning so much at the seminars from Google photos to ideas to save space in the camper. the entertainment has be excellent. here we are at the first timers social
  12. are you going to the fist timers social? if not we need to meet up and take a class photo. L0L
  13. we made to the Escapade!! got here around noon, set up and registered. it was a nice drive from Hollister, Mo. it's 92 out right now but we were able to get into a 50 amp site. there were only a few people in line so we got to choose the site, Dara took a golf cart ride and found the one she liked best, not sure if they do this for everyone but it was a nice for us. If anyone from our class is here lets plan on getting together one day. take care
  14. it was cold and rainy in Little Rock the past few days. we stayed at Maumelle Park the first 3 nights then drove the 20 miles over to mom's. it was cold and some freezing rain when we got up but around noon the rain let up. we are now enjoying a nice sunny day and I can start working on my camper projects. we are hoping to get to Maine this year, working on that trip this week.
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