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  1. CLASS OF 2016

    it was cold and rainy in Little Rock the past few days. we stayed at Maumelle Park the first 3 nights then drove the 20 miles over to mom's. it was cold and some freezing rain when we got up but around noon the rain let up. we are now enjoying a nice sunny day and I can start working on my camper projects. we are hoping to get to Maine this year, working on that trip this week.
  2. CLASS OF 2016

    we left Topsail State Park this past Sunday and stayed one night in Gulfport, LA and now we are in Delhi, LA at Poverty Point State Park. we leave here on Wednesday for Little Rock to visit Dara's mom for a month, then it's off to the Escapade with a stop in Branson so we can travel to the Escapade with our friend. we really enjoyed our time volunteering at Topsail so much so we decided to come back for 4 months (December thru March) I will work maintenance the month of December and then we both will camp host the rest of the time. most everyone is coming back too so it will be a great time.
  3. CLASS OF 2016

    Hi - we are still at Topsail Hill State Park working as camp hosts, we have been having a great time. there are about 17 couples work camping here too. some of the volunteers had a valentines day party for all us volunteers and Dara was elected princess (I think it was because it was her birthday) had rain, freezing nights and sunshine- it has been quite a winter. we will be leaving here on April 1st taking a few weeks to get to Little Rock to visit my MIL. anyone going to the Escapade?
  4. CLASS OF 2016

    70 today and then back to the 50's. Dara wants to go to balloon fest and ride in one too. glad to here your felling better. we have today off so we took a ride and enjoyed lunch out. the hosting is not too bad, we have a few baths to clean and check sites, 2 days on and 2 days off. the rangers are so nice and friendly to us.
  5. CLASS OF 2016

    We had a great time at the Rainbow Plantation, even with the "cooler" weather we managed to get in several bike rides at Gulf Shores State Park. Christmas and New Years were really fun too, lots to eat. LOL Now we are at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Arrived on Jan 1st and are camp hosting until the end of March. the weather is slowly starting to warm up, it's 60 today but raining. next few days look promising weather wise, we did enjoy a camp fire with a few of the other hosts last night. take care maybe everyone will thaw out a little and check in........
  6. CLASS OF 2016

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all our "classmates" we are at the Ho Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, FL. going to a pot luck dinner at 2 pm. going to be a great time it rained last night- the sun is trying to come out take care
  7. CLASS OF 2016

    we went right
  8. CLASS OF 2016

    Sounds good- we look forward to meeting you.
  9. CLASS OF 2016

    welcome to the class where are you going to be in Florida? we will be volunteering at Topsail State Park Jan-March. we need to be in Indiana in July then we head out west you need to stay at a Rainbow Park, we have been to two- the first one was in Summerdale and we learned a lot from the seasoned veterans, we really had a great time there. safe travels
  10. CLASS OF 2016

    we will be in Summerdale at the Rainbow Plantation for December
  11. CLASS OF 2016

    thanks for the "bump" let us know how it goes in AZ. we used to live in the Scottsdale area before we moved to Elkhart in 2001. talk about a change . next year we will head west and visit the Phoenix area. looking forward to spending a few years there
  12. CLASS OF 2016

    we are currently at the Escapees Raccoon Valley RV park- we arrived on 10-12 and will be here at least 2 weeks. we had a fun between anyone going to the Escapade?
  13. CLASS OF 2016

    us to on the vehicles- we got them registered back in Feb. the license here was in the 4H ag hall. have a safe trip
  14. CLASS OF 2016

    it's official we are now South Dakotans, took about 45 minutes to get our drivers licenses today- they are only open on Tuesdays in Madison. we stopped and met out insurance agent and mail forwarding service person all very nice. Lake Herman SP in Madison is really nice and peaceful, except for all the wind take care
  15. CLASS OF 2016

    we just signed up for the Escapade. currently we are in Eldora, Iowa at the Pine Lake State Park for the Labor Day weekend. when we arrived yesterday the tree branches were hanging down about 8 feet off the ground. I called the park office and the ranger came out and trimmed the tree so we could get into the site. he was really nice and friendly- mentioned he needed to do this for some time. today the park will fill up- feels good to be at a state park take care and I hope everyone is safe Steve