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  1. sdixon747

    Progressive insurance cancellation

    I use Progressive in TN. The only change I have had in the last couple of years is that it used to be one policy for the truck/trailer combined, but last year they changed to separate policies for each. I just renewed this month, so I guess they are going to keep me for a while.
  2. sdixon747

    Majority RV & Retirement

    The climate in NE Tennessee I feel is a bit better than central or western Tennessee. I’m at 2300 ft which seems to moderate things a little. Take a look at a national weather map showing temperature isotherm lines. There always seems to be a “tongue” of cooler air coming down around the Tennessee- North Carolina line. As to the price of land, I haven’t really followed it. Real estate prices are quite reasonable though. My house for example is 6000sqft (3800 finished living plus 2200 sqft of a large open basement) on 5.5 acres, is on the market for $595,000. Tha same setup in many other parts of the country would be somewhere north a million.
  3. sdixon747

    Majority RV & Retirement

    Don’t rule out Tennessee. No income tax. RV friendly. My Volvo registration is $25 a year, and for the trailer, I got a permanent tag for $125. (or you could pay $25 a year). Property taxes are low. My house appraised at $589,000 and the annual tax bill is $3,300. I,m in the Smokies in NE Tennessee. 2300 ft elevation. Here, you get all four seasons. The winters are not too harsh. We get a few snows a year but it doesn’t stay around long. Temperature is in the 40’s and 50’s this week. Summer doesn’t get too hot. Six months a year you are in the spring or fall. Down side is sales tax is 9.5% Hope this helps. Steve
  4. sdixon747

    OT: Computers

    I’ve been using a Macbook Pro for many years and would never go back to a Windows machine again. Most if not all your data (docs, spreadsheets, etc) will transfer, but your programs / apps will not.
  5. sdixon747

    12vdc controlled valve

    Are you selling it? Giving it away? Or just telling of it’s existence? I have some potential uses for it if you are looking to part with it. Steve
  6. sdixon747

    Texas Hill Country w/ Motorcycles

    If you are looking for a park near San Antonio, Gail and I are at Alsatian RV Resort just a little west of San Antonio. It a very nice park with long paved pull through sites.
  7. sdixon747

    Centramatic Balancers

    Like all the other replies, I have them on all three axles and they work great.
  8. sdixon747

    SW Florida HDT Owners

    Gail and I may be in Sarasota next summer. Probably May or June. Plans aren’t finalized yet, but we normally stay at Sun-n-Fun off of Fruitville Rd. We too do a bumper pull trailer. Stay in touch if you like and I will let you know the dates when we finalize our plans. Steve
  9. sdixon747

    National HDT Rally Official Group Photo

    Here is the official 2018 National HDT Rally Group Photo. If you would like a full size version, you can download it HERE Thanks to everyone that came out and joined in. I feel that this years event was a great success. One of the best ever. We got great feedback on the surveys to make next year even better. I will publish next years dates soon.
  10. sdixon747

    National HDT Rally Lost and Found

    A wedding band was found at the rally. If you lost one, please contact me so that I can get it back to you.
  11. sdixon747

    Photos of the 2018 HDT rally.

    Thanks for the pix Dave. I’ve been super busy, but I will try to post the “Official Group Photo” today. The National HDT Rally was a great success. Thanks to all that joined us.
  12. sdixon747

    2018, Pre-rally, HDT Rally, who is attending?

    Great! See ya then!!
  13. sdixon747

    2018, Pre-rally, HDT Rally, who is attending?

    18th? Rally will be almost over. Rally dates Oct 14 to 20.
  14. sdixon747

    2018, Pre-rally, HDT Rally, who is attending?

    Gail and I will be getting there tomorrow (Saturday the 6th). Anyone else there yet or coming soon?
  15. sdixon747

    extra parts

    Bring them to the National HDT Rally. We are having our National HDT Rally 2nd annual Flea Market. Someone, (maybe even me), may be interested. NationalHDTRally.com