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  1. Why Texas? Why not Florida? FL has all the advantages of TX but with out the special license and annual inspections. Just curious.
  2. We are Escapees members but do not use their mail service. The two address system simply does not make any sense to me. They're are several SD mail service to chose from. As stated earlier start a mail service before the house sells so that you have any utility bills and your financial statements with the new address. Once the house sells simply go to SD, change you're domicile, get new drivers license, regesters your vehicles, and done. Takes one afternoon. Also don't forget you will need to change your wills and health derictives to SD as well.
  3. Do you have pets? If so then a built in generator with automatic start is definitely preferred. Whether boondocking or as a backup to shore power an AGS can keep you pet safe and the batteries charged. However, I have seen and talked to several people who use dual Honda 2000 generators in tandem and are quite happy with that set up. So it's a matter of choice. The built in is more expensive but more convenient. The dual Hondas are less expensive but require much more attention to battery status.
  4. It makes more sense, at least to me, to get a truck that is appropriate for the 5th wheel you chose rather than have to settle for something that can be towed by the truck you have already purchased. This is a case where you really should put the cart before horse.
  5. Just make your life simple. Get a FL address sush as Saint Brendan's Isle (SBI) and let it go at that. One address for everything. Then every three or four weeks you have it shipped to wherever your at. You can view what mail you have received on line, they scan the envelope. Then decide what you want to do with it; shred it, hold for later shipmet, ship now, or open and scan contents (additional fee). As I understand the FL Escapees postal service is that they cannot send mail delivered to the FL address directly to where you are currently at. The first have to ship it to the Texas service and then the Texas service can ship it to your current location.
  6. I have never driven a HDT with a 5th wheel, heck I never had any kind of 5th wheel but here are some of my observation. Unless you have a long wheel base HDT equipped with a Smart Car the HDT is going to be your daily driver for sight seeing and grocery runs. A MH is going to be much quieter and perhaps a smoother ride when traveling. If you have a problem there are many more places that will work on an HDT than a MH. If you stop for lunch and when you arrive at your destination the house is already at a comfortable temp with a MH. Backing either one into a site is a matter of practice, it just takes more practice with a 5th wheel. Set up and tear down is easier with a MH. It appears, though I have no direct knowledge, that taking in the secenery is better in a MH. The cab forward design and large windshield is like watching an iMax movie in 3D.
  7. I see no problem with your idea. We full time and really like our convection/microwave. When we eventually go back to a S&B we will most likely do the same as what you propose.
  8. Where is the OP staying because I don't want to go there. After three years traveling full time with two, now just one, dogs we have never been "attacked" by a dog off leash. I have encountered several instances where an off leash dog has rushed out to greet us but never, so far, in an aggressive manor. Maybe I have just been lucky.
  9. My advice, which is worth exactly what you pay: buy the unit you would like to live in. If your full time this is not a vcation, it is a life style. Yes it would be nice to fit in some of these national forests and small camping spots but not at the expense of living comfortably. Look at all sizes and layouts and see what best fits you. If that happens to be a 35-36 footer then get it but don't let size be your main criteria.
  10. Cookie1, both Rapid Chef and MagnaWare make excellant induction cook ware with removable handles and nest down into a very small space. This saves a huge amount of storage. Our induction cook top is recessed with hinged cover but several friends have found various means of covering their cook top surface. I have seen silicon mats that cover the whole cook top. I do not know where they got them but I would google it.
  11. Just my opinion. The Escapees Florida mails service is not like other mails services. Your mail sent to the FL address is first sent to TX, which you pay for, and then the Tx facility sends it to where every your at, which you again pay for. If your going to use FL as a domicile just use one of the other FL services. We use St. Brendon's Isle mail service which we are very happy with. If you use TX as your domicile you will need a Class B license and annual inspections on your vehicles. This is a minor inconvenience but may be important to some people.
  12. +1 for Vall. Running Windows as a virtual machine on Linux using VMWare is simple and effective. You don't even have to run it full screen. You can run the entire Windows OS within a window on Linux. If set up properly performance is a non issue.
  13. The target for DEF usage is 2% or two galons of DEF for every 100 GALLONS of fuel. Slightly more for heavy duty use or extended idle time. It should not exceed 3% except on some of the bigger 600 HP engines. I haven't baught DEF in the box for some time but bulk DEF at truck stops runs about $2.75/gal. I think the last time I got def was in Alabama somewhere. DEF should be at the very very bottom of the list when considering engines. Actually it shouldn't be on the list at all.
  14. Why change from Florida. No special drivers license required, no annual vehicle inspection, no personal property tax on vehicles, very low vehicle regesteration cost, no state income tax, and they have a really great mails services.
  15. The OP issue is to display what he has already downloaded to his PC on his TV. The Apple TV does not require an Internet connection for that. It does requires a local network for that. Both Windows and Mac Mac this fairly easy.
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