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  1. Bob Vaughn

    Mice Rat prevention

    We discovered a rat in our camper this weekend. What is the best way to stop them. I sealed all the holes I could find underneath that I could find. I wonder how high they can jump?
  2. Bob Vaughn

    Atwood air commander

    He is an authorized Atwood dealer and they were of no help to him. I took it back to him and he worked on it for 3 days......I also think the baffle was not installed correctly as the filter only gets dirt on 1/2 of the filter.
  3. Bob Vaughn

    Atwood air commander

    I have the Air Command heat pump and the Atwood dealer that sold and installed it cannot make the heat pump work correctly. Atwood/Dometic service is worthless. It is the worse $ 1000.00 I have ever spent. It has 4 sensors in the unit and I think that they were installed in the wrong locations. Plus I think the baffle was either not installed or installed incorrectly. At 50 degrees outside temp it will not raise the inside temp.....The heat pump will only run for about 2 minutes then shuts off and the fan cycles on an off for 10+minutes then the compressor comes on again. The cycling continues. It is a good thing we have a propane heater.......my other gripe is in A/C mode the fan runs continuously.....
  4. Bob Vaughn

    Atwood Air Command Heat Pump/AC

    I would love to do this but right now I cannot lift my right arm as I had shoulder surgery and cannot take the inside cover down
  5. Bob Vaughn

    Atwood Air Command Heat Pump/AC

    When you speak to Atwood they will tell you that is the way it is designed to work ....I kid you not those who answer customer calls are truly clueless. They read from a script. The dealer that installed mine really got frustrated trying to get help from them. I went to A,C school and I think there was an assembly mistake when installing the sensors as there are 4 of them in the unit. I think one of my issues is the baffle is installed incorrectly....
  6. I bought a new Mac Book Pro lap top and have a Kodak All in one printer cp310 which I used with my old Mac Book pro......Apple changed the security settings now my new lap top will not let me install the printer drivers. I have tried going into Terminal and disabling it to always allow but it does not work. I do not want to have to buy a new printer which I may have the same problem with. I am really getting frustrated....
  7. Bob Vaughn

    Torklift Steps

    How did you get the Torklift steps to only deploy a couple of steps as they are all connected???
  8. Bob Vaughn

    Torklift Steps

    I pick a spot on one end or the other where there will not be any one next to me....
  9. Bob Vaughn

    Torklift Steps

    I just installed Torklift 4 step steps on my 5th wheel to replace the 3 step factory steps that were a pain.....I have an artificial knee and a replacement hip and these make getting in an out of the camper 100% easier....our fur babies even like the ease of get in and out of the camper. It is the best mod I have ever done to my camper .....
  10. I think you are wrong about Fl. having worked at the dmv you need 2 bills like elect, cable etc to prove your residence....
  11. Bob Vaughn

    Atwood Air Command Heat Pump/AC

    I have the Atwood 1511.........When it is say 50 degrees outside the heat pump will come on and run for 2-3 minutes then shut off and the fan will run for a few seconds then shut off for a few seconds then the heat pump will come on for 2-3 minutes then shut off and this cycling on and off continues all night. It will never run long enough to extract any heat from the out side air. The temp coming off the evaporator is never over 70 degrees......Atwood says this is normal......others have said their other brand heat pump puts out air at 100 degrees or so.....Mine never gets the temp to the set temp at the thermostat.....
  12. Am I the only person in the whole world that has purchased this A/C heat pump? When I get emails back from them about questions I have asked about it not working it is tho I am talking to some middle school drop out. They give the most off the wall answers to basic simple questions......I know they have sold more than one and I cannot be the only one communicating with them.....
  13. Bob Vaughn

    Auxiliary Fuel Tank

    I had the tank installed in early 2014 right before heading out to Alaska. They did a great job on the install as it is a gravity fed tank there is a petcock that I turn to drain into the main tank when it gets low. I do not remember how much I paid and I could not find the receipt I will go to the camper tomorrow and see if I put the receipt in there and get back to you. We go from Tampa to Pensacola which is over 500 miles and I do not have to fill up till we start home then it only takes 60 gallons for both tanks. I love not having to look for a fuel stop that I can get into and out of with the 5th wheel ......It was a very professional job.......
  14. Bob Vaughn

    Auxiliary Fuel Tank

    I bought the RDS 37 gallon unit from Camping World and they installed it.....
  15. Bob Vaughn

    Dog urine stain

    I have that one but on a different site a lot of users said it takes the smell out just not the stain. I am going to try it any way. I cannot ruin the carpet the dog already did that.....