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  1. lockmup68

    Tunnel Heights

    also, on older roads/bridges especially, if it is really close, hope they have not overlayed pavement since they measured. You might have seen the big CAT dump truck on trailer that took out bridge in Nashville a few weeks ago. They supposedly had 6 inches of clearance, but since they repaved 8 times since the last measurement, they were 6 inches over. Or it was the driver's fault. There was no clear determination last I saw. There is a bridge by Montgomery Bell State Park that says 14' on it. But I am willing to bet, there is no more than 12' clearance under there. I stopped and turned around. A travel trailer in front of me looked like it barely cleared and I am at least 3-4 feet taller than that.
  2. talk to Chad or someone at WCR. They will help you out.
  3. lockmup68

    RV shower head

    Eco camel over the oxygentics. Eco camel is staying.
  4. lockmup68

    Counting my blessings: Hook, line, and big HP.

    Thank you sir. Now that the wires are fixed, we have to trace from starter to alt and alt to fuse box. I’m suggesting just pulling new wires for each and see if we eliminate the prob. If not, then pull every fuse and replace one by one. They are closed on weekend and I would do it myself, but not sure how to check wires getting hot underneath while doing fuses one by one in the cab?
  5. Beautiful drive through Glenwood Canyon, CO, and extended viewing time on the side of the road, at least the view was nice. Hooked up to the KW, we were ~120' long and about 95,000 lbs. The KW has a little bit more HP than my old Binder. He hit 85 going uphill and I said, 'hey, that's my house back there, can you back it down please, we ain't in any hurry in this canyon, and I really don't want my house down in the river." The two fusible links from the starter to 1) alternator and 2) the fuse panel blew out (as designed) and I lost ALL power coming down the canyon, but going up a slight incline. This road is lots of two-sided guardrails, so I was lucky to get to the on-ramp side and over at least one lane from the big traffic. Samed in the International dealer parking lot hoping they get it done today as they are not open on weekends and I really don't want to camp here for three more days. We unloaded the car and the girls all took off for UT and are crashing with family til I get there. I always look for the good and blessings in all situations, so here are the blessings to remind myself it can always be worse: 1. It was a nice, cool day to camp out in the rig for six hours all afternoon. 2. we had food and water and bathroom facilities 3. the inverter and batteries lasted most of the day and keep the refrigerator cold since we just put $600 worth of food in it the day before. 4. We had cell service to call for help. 5. We were able to get off the main two lanes of the interstate and over onto the shoulder of the on-ramp, so as to be relatively safe. 6. Once at the repair shop at 10 pm, I was able to plug into a 110 source and I had enough extension cords to charge the batteries, keep the refrigerator cold, and run fans and lights in the trailer. It was a nice 51 degrees overnight. 7. I had filled the fresh water tank before we left Denver. Now it is 89 and getting warm in the trailer, I'm thinking real hard of blessings of 89 degrees and no AC. :0
  6. lockmup68

    Oman 8k quietsiesel error code 38

    Yes, generator is mounted on the truck (HDT). I run the AC/microwave/fridge in the sleeper when we are running down the road. And it will run the trailer when we parking lot overnight. It can run a 50 amp trailer and a 30 amp trailer at the same time. This is a 2011 unit that only has ~700 hours on it.
  7. lockmup68

    Learned a Lesson

    J&K hooked me up as well with the trans voltage doubler install and oil change. We headed out west as well.
  8. lockmup68

    Oman 8k quietsiesel error code 38

    it is a diesel. I checked all wiring between genset and transfer switch. Even with all breakers off, the generator shuts off immediately. If I turn the generator circuit breaker off, motor runs fine. According to the manual, if the breaker trips, the motor should continue to run. The breaker is not tripping, but shuts off the motor if it is on. Since there is no load at all on the generator (all breakers on truck are off, line from generator to transfer switch is less than 3 feet long and I inspected from start to finish. Transfer switch is working on shore power. So I'm going to try replacing the circuit breaker first. If that is not it, I'll start replacing wire. If wire does not fix it, then I guess it could be transfer switch, so that will be third option.
  9. 30 amp to just run chargers for the battery then, right?
  10. Genset will start and then immediately stop. Error code 38. Turn off all breakers on truck and still shuts down right after start (even before transfer switch kicks in). If flip breaker on the genset, starts and purrs good. Flip breaker in genset (all breakers off in truck panel) immediately shuts down. Wiring between genset and transfer switch? Transfer switch? (Transfer switch works fine on shore power as do all breakers). And help appreciated.
  11. lockmup68

    You run into the most interesting people.

    Not many people there, poorly run/planned, no traffic in vendor area due to scheduled seminars during vendor area open hours, etc.
  12. I'm considering this as well. What about plumbing the minisplits into the existing duct work? I'm thinking in the front closet and in my Scottsdale, the rear bedroom upper cabinet.
  13. lockmup68

    You run into the most interesting people.

    Pulled into the 370 Lakeside Park in St. Peter’s, MO (great park for us BTW), and a gentleman came over after we got parked and asked to look at my hitch (TSLBH), turns out it is Mr. Jerry, the original designer of the hitch who sold it to Hensley. He said my hitch was after his day as it has the Chinese head on it vs. the USA made head he put on them. So he also designed the comfort ride hitch and lives close to Rick. He and another gentleman now have Badger hitches, witch look like mini comfort rides with air cells. Going for the pickup truck market. They were headed back to Wisconsin from ththe escapees Rally in Sedalia, MO. He also said it was the saddest escapees Rally he has ever attended.
  14. lockmup68

    reefer on light for 5ver

    I can see the turn signal light mid-ship, so green light there would be fine. I'm thinking a plug in the middle of the refridgerator cord to the plug (t-fitting if you will) with a power to a green led out the side of the trailer. But it is 110 to LED that I need help with, and the "T" plug. Almost like the lighted end of an extension cord, just need to wire that out to the side of the trailer.
  15. What would one need to do to have a green "reefer on" light on the 5ver, like the semi reefer trailers do on the front of the trailer? It would be comforting not to have to always worry about generator potentially going off or inverter tripping the GFI, and just look in the rearview and see the green light. Thanks, Shannon