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  1. got it, bummer. You also try New Horizons?
  2. Signed up and we will make it next year!. From above, HeWhoKnowsLittle, you won't have a trailer by end of April? That's some serious damage. Shannon
  3. all fuel filters are new, davco is at very bottom of gauge as it is when new. I'm planning on doing rawse's EGR cleanout when I have a few days and it's not 108 heat index and 200% humidity.
  4. 8 hour drive yesterday TX, started in Amarillo external temp was 108 for last 5 hours of trip oil pressure 40psi all day water temp steady at 180 all day oil temp 225 all day magic plug unplugged still on cruise at 70mph, 10psi boost, 15-18psi on pulls, never dropped below 55, trans didn’t downshift today, it lugged it in 12th (which it wouldn’t do before) freedomline trans. Good news is AC is working like a champ! I also mounted a $5 fan behind driver’s seat above my head blowing down on neck/back. Big help. I will upgrade to variable speed and higher quality fan now that I know it helps. Figured $5 was good experiment money spent. Now will get a good fan.
  5. Where is the turbo actuator and how do I check it? Searching on YouTube.
  6. No EGT on the truck. Shouldn’t that be a stock item? Water temp and oil temp normal. What oil pressure should I have? 35-40 I believe. Will check today to verify.
  7. Since we are on the road, no time to pull and clean whole system. Since my ISX is old, I tried the “magic plug”’ trick. For testing purposes, I unplugged the EGR valve sensor. Today pulling from Farmington, NM to TX, didn’t drop below 50 on any hill. Night and day difference. Looks like 20psi max on turbo, so still low, but so much better than the 10mph on the pulls the day before. Still very little jake braking. Is this compression driven? When I have a few days sitting still, I will take the EGR system apart and clean it all out and replace the sensors. Good news is the check engine light works now came on when I was testing the EGR sensor plug.
  8. Thanks a ton. This is helpful.
  9. So headed out west and lost power along the way. In CO, pulling the grades at 15 mph. Turbo boost is barely 10 psi. Not burning oil, not blowing smoke, no check engine light. Take it into shop and they say it has an EGR code and a Turbo code. EGR is stuck open and won't shut. Replace EGR and no other codes. Today pulled all the way from SLC to Farmington, getting bursts up to 20 psi on the turbo, but still down on power. Not burning oil, not blowing any smoke, no check engine light, Taking the hills about 25-30 mph, so better than it was, but not like it used to be. Once we hit the flat, cruise all day long at 70. 761k on ISX. Another symptom, 3 stage jake used to about throw you through the windshield, now on stage 3, not really holding back at all. Compression issue? Anything to check? How to diagnose? is this a compression check, dyno? Time for turbo? or inframe? Good news, AC is working great, generator is working great, air bags all fixed. transmission is shifiting great, front steers riding nice, and new lock on the fridge keeps the door shut and stuff inside the fridge. (gotta look at the bright side). We are getting there, just slow in the mountains. Thanks,
  10. https://handybobsolar.wordpress.com/
  11. The square hole on the short handle is what is hitting the side rail on the trailer saver hitch. I have to bend it up a bit or shorten it about an inch and then it would not hit the side rail. Truck is at the shop getting a wheel seal and airbags right now. When I pick it up I’ll take a pic. That handle would totally work if it would just clear the rail another inch when loaded.
  12. I think the unistrut will work. Just have to “s” bend it up so it will clear the side rail on the trailer saver hitch when loaded, right now, the bar will go forward, but. It enough to unlock jaws. I jack the trailer up about two inches and the bar will then go forward another inch needed to unlock. The trailer saver has a downward slope on the frame of the hitch.
  13. Update, after hauling rest of way from Kansas to Utah, discovered, I can only unhitch if I lift the trailer up enough to get the handle to slide forward enough to release the jaws. I will need to bend the handle up a couple of inches to clear the side rail of the hitch with weight on the hitch. And it needs to be a few inches longer as mentioned above.
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