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  1. Hayes air brake controller install

    I hooked it up to the jackalopee, easy peasy.
  2. Faded Decal remeadies

    you can get all new decals for less than a grand. Can also look into vinyl wrap.
  3. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    Yes, I agree. I still own a powerstroke, but I don't tow the 5ver with it, ever. It's my daily driver when we are in town. If it would fit on the deck with the 5ver, I would ditch the Escape.
  4. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    if you are buying new, you should really look at an HDT. I was in same boat and saved a bunch of money going HDT and getting 10x the safety factor, amenities, etc.
  5. Drinking Water System Questions

    Camco filters are decent, but too expensive and don't last. You really need a multi-stage approach. Go here: www.rvwaterfilterstore.com and there are plenty of articles on filtration. Every ounce of water going into the rig goes through 3 filters: sediment, metal, and charcoal. The coach also had a charcoal filter just for the refrigerator (in addition to the filters in the refrigerator). With this setup, (we also have Big Berkey), the water taste is comparable to Berkey. So much so, we put the Berkey away, but keep it for use if needed. When there is no hard water, I take out the metal filter and just run two charcoal filters (in addition to sediment filter). Also, don't forget pressure regulator. I love the adjustable regulator. Here is my setup before I added the third canister (mounted left front now). All water goes in through the pressure regulator to the filters and then to the coach (city and fresh).
  6. My Build

    Wanted to let you know my buddies' new park is opening in April, the Ridges at Royal Blue, https://rideroyalblue.com/ridges.cfm. 40 x 80 sites, full hookups, much quieter than Royal Blue down the road. North Cumberland Wildlife Managment Area, Stinking Creek, TN (just south of Jellico on the TN/KY border on I-75
  7. didn't get a pic, but I think it was a freightshaker pulling a 5ver, headed west on I-840 towards the I-40 interchange at Dickson, TN. Sunday eve about 5:15 CT. I was in car, headed opposite direction. Anyone on the forum?

    TSLB2H with the 3rd airbag. Thanks,

    which spray products? I like ballistol.
  10. Looking for generic rocker switches

    yeah, don't know what happened to his site. Used to be really nice.

    If you are coming to the ECR, I'll take a cover. Let me know the price. I can paypal the money.
  12. Volvos for sale

    It says they "HAD" warranty through 500k/60 months, so end of warranty if I am reading this correctly.

    Mine will not lock if I have too much weight on the hitch head. It likes a light weight and locks fine, then I lower the jacks all the way.
  14. Looking for generic rocker switches

    If you need custom panels and switches, this guy is awesome, will do whatever you want with whatever type of switch you want. https://www.12voltguy.com/home
  15. Restoration work begins ...

    My range is in slide and when I pulled out the RV range, it was only a 1/2 of space I routed out of the existing cabinet. Granted, the Teton is all residential grade cabinets, so it wasn't that big of a deal. I also removed the drawer that was underneath. It is an apartment size range, but fits a cookie sheet.