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  1. Can I trigger the relay off of the reverse light signal in the trailer plug? That was the plan. Reverse lights on, want the rock lights on.
  2. Rvroof.com is the way I’m going on my Teton.
  3. Thanks. I think it was a faulty solenoid and the batteries were over six years old, so I might be overthinking this. Alternator is also new. It is a new isolator, so that should be good new alternator which is within spec. We’ll check the intellipower converter
  4. Two banks of four batteries, one chassis set, one house set. I have a Blue sea ML-ACR isolator which supports dual engine/alternator input. So the alternator will charge both banks when truck running. What I’m trying to figure out is how to wire When the generator is running AND the truck is running. The generator does NOT have an alternator to charge a battery. It charges via an intellipower 9200 with Charge Wizard (AC to 12v DC converter). Here is the instruction diagram for dual motor wiring: For the generator side, is it as simple as wiring into the run side of the ON switch for the generator? We have to attach the run side of the key for the truck as the primary. I hate wiring stuff. As many know, the wiring on this truck had a lot of interesting things going on. It appears that the manual solenoids that we’re used powered OPEN every time the key was on, allowing both banks to be charged at all times from the alternator AND also to be charged from the Intellipower at the same time when the generator was running. No wonder the batteries were fried. Appreciate your help.
  5. so is this right? reverse switch --> relay on --> lights toggle switch ON --> same relay on --> lights?
  6. I would like the rock lights/boogey lights to come on when I put the truck in reverse as well as have a separate switch to turn them on when truck is not connected. My trailer lights all go through a separate fuse panel in the front of the rig that is easy to tap into. Say I had the rock lights all wired up where I can turn them on via a toggle switch and powered independently by the trailer batts, what would i need to add to have them be activated by the reverse light signal from the truck when towing? I'm going to use the https://luxlightingsystems.com/ , same ones I have on my trail rig. Thanks for your help.
  7. We ended up going with Irvine shade with solar day and night. I made the valences out of old pallet wood to match the new decor, and used the spring clips for mounting. Pretty happy with them. http://www.irvineshadeanddoor.com/products/roller-shades/
  8. I'm trying to make it to the Roundup. Keeping fingers crossed I'll be in UT in July, Let me know when and where, I'll grab the in-laws JK and come down to see ya.
  9. You are screwed, give it up!
  10. Big thanks to Rick and his wife for taking the time to stop amd meet with us. Good people right there. Sure do appreciate it. And good news, the panel I wired in on our home base property passed the test! thanks again.
  11. I’m trying to figure out if the mini split cassette can go in the ceiling and use the existing ducting.
  12. Yes, we are just outside of Nashville. I'll PM you my number. Appreciate it.
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