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  1. You are not Tesla, but similar setup with your leafs, if I understand correctly. Interesting info nonetheless.
  2. Glenn, watching some EVTV videos, and they use this inverter, with 120/240 output. 4k output https://inverterservicecenter.com/Schneider-Electric-RNW8654024 7k output https://inverterservicecenter.com/Schneider-Electric-RNW865684801
  3. Better Blanding than Moab. We just left Moab on Wednesday. Where you headed?
  4. EZtops is quality stuff. Taping/dicor work well. There is no load on the skylight and have you ever tried to get eternabond off?
  5. Glenn, been following your posts on the facebook forums too. I think it is simply a communication thing. You have a monitor with apps and web interface. Saying "don't want to mess with a monitor" I think came across as not having any monitor in place, which is not true. There always needs to be a monitor and you would have a monitor. Just my two cents.
  6. Great meeting everyone. Glad we were able to make it up for a couple of days. Made the first cut on the bed, committed now!
  7. It wasn't actually a ground wire problem at all. It was the controller board failure, which is soldered to the inverter head. Call Bob at Parkers Crossroads RV Repair in Parkers Crossroads, TN. He is an Onan whisperer. I found him way after, but he said he fixes them all the time without replacing the entire head. 731.968.9939
  8. When I called Hensley, they said they could not get me a replacement head for a while, so that was also a deciding factor in going to Youngs/ET head. Here is the thread from last sumer: http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/136562-tslbh-head-pin-key/
  9. my binkley head failed and I replaced with ET head. beef with the ET head is evident. I happened to be about three hours from Youngs and had them do it. Shannon
  10. If I remember correctly, David H made all his connections plug in/removable on both sides (truck/trailer). Takes the hoses/cables off and puts them in a compartment on the truck. I think I have a pic somewhere. Found it.
  11. Looking at all the install pics on the internet, guess a carpet covered basement wall in an RV meets that requirement?
  12. One note, when pulling the air tank drains and you are underneath the rig, please make sure you are wearing eye protection.
  13. I was thinking just a piece of plywood since the fans inside the inverter force the air out the grill.
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