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  1. lockmup68

    double towing

    looks legit.
  2. lockmup68

    '05 Teton Water Pump Switch - Location

    you don't have a door outside that you plug city water into and fill fresh water tank? Looks like this: I reconfigured mine with whole house filters, now looks like this:
  3. lockmup68

    East Coast Rally Camping Sites

    good exercise to walk across the dam, if rains, you can drive.
  4. lockmup68

    HDT with 4 seat toad on bed and travel trailer

    can be done .
  5. lockmup68

    '05 Teton Water Pump Switch - Location

    the master is the one in the stool room, on the tank level panel. However, the switch in the wet bay will override.
  6. lockmup68

    radiant heat for floors

    http://www.warmfloor.com/floor-heating/ they have 12v DC and AC options . STEP RV™ 12″ (30cm) wide radiant heating element is designed to provide heating in RV/s, motorhomes, boats, etc.Output wattage: 11 W/ft (36 W/m)
  7. lockmup68

    Upgrading to international prostar to pull toy hauler

    hhrvresource.com will answer most of your questions. Jacknife couch with three belts will hold the kids.
  8. lockmup68

    East Coast Rally mentors

    happy to help, don't know anything worth anything, but I'm happy to help.
  9. lockmup68

    Totally Off Topic - Just Need Some Smart Ideas

    Here's a base and you can build a wood top. https://www.amazon.com/Ergo-Elements-Adjustable-Standing-Grey/dp/B00YE6CT5K?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_4
  10. lockmup68

    magnetic phone/tablet mounts

    I've been using the Nato mounts. Like them last six months or so. https://www.amazon.com/Nato-Smart-Mount-Magnetic-Universal/dp/B01MZ4W4KD
  11. lockmup68

    lost all lights to camper

    just seeing this, don't forget the teton has a fuse box in the front hose compartment for the trailer wires, each wire has a blade fuse. Also, I had similar issue on my international this summer. Working with Henry, we discovered the ground terminal in the commercial plug was not grounding. So I ran a ground direct to the jackalopee to get down the road with lights. Been working fine ever since. Tommy is going to figure out what happened to the ground.
  12. lockmup68

    Teton Owners Questiom

    I’m 6,200 pin weight.
  13. lockmup68

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    RoadKing will build them to your specific application and valving needs: http://roadkingshocks.com/
  14. lockmup68

    12v converter died, replace with?

    muchas gracias
  15. lockmup68

    Wire type

    and you can run buriable wire and ditch the conduit.