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  1. Scrap

    New Air Bags

    Neway suspension?
  2. Scrap

    Fuel spill insurance

    Had a few screwups around the country but its always been for work so never had to do the insurance part. So far has never crossed $10K in cleanup or involved the news either, knock on wood.... Be sure your tanks are low before shucking a driveline! Kinda sorta related, but third time you are caught forgetting to put a fuel cap back on you are fired actually. Work is pretty serious about fuel on the ground. We try to keep one of those New Pig Truck Bags in the trucks as much as practical to give us something to at least try to keep it contained. Don't plug the hole with every Calvin Klein you can find in the sleeper because the truckstop replacements suck!
  3. In 2002 the "mag switch" was usually a plastic bodied Cole Hersee, (now Littelfuse) switch. Gonna look like:
  4. Scrap

    Best Cell phone holder / tablet Holder I have ever Used

    Oh, forgot to say that I've been using the Magic Mount Charge in the trucks and car since they just came out. Pretty cool, but pretty finicky when on placement whether it wants to charge or not. Spend a lot of time adjusting it at red lights. So not 100% recommended but worth a try.
  5. Scrap

    Best Cell phone holder / tablet Holder I have ever Used

    Ya you're so missing out Rick.....I even mow my lawn with a tablet and Field Navigator app (and X-grip). Lays out a perfect A-B line across both sides of the house! I spent a whole bunch of time in the D5 last fall because my cousin wouldn't touch it cuz she never drove a non-GPS tractor before.😡 I started making fun of her cuz she doesn't use the steering wheel in her MT anyways and she got all kinds of pissed off at me. Didn't realize it was a thing, but I guess if it has been there your whole life it becomes one. At that minute I became old...... Then again, 45 years and I still refuse to learn to start the grader with a pony motor....guess it is all relative....
  6. Scrap

    Manual operated clutch fan. .???

    Ya AC head needs to go into it. Charge air temp needs to go into it too. EGR valve command position or mass flow if EGR equipped. Truck air pressure too. They all go into the fan brain, but just the first two on a pre 03. I suppose a guy could double check this with the original air line. But I think a double check may be too slow and smoke the lining. Probably needs to be a double check and a syncro valve? But I'm telling ya, just wire it in like God intended. Dunno Volvo but on mine the wires should already be in the dash. Fan switch is still standard position, but with 12 rib kevlar serpentine belts and 2spd fans in the last few years it isn't as important as it once was. Probably more than half option to delete the switch. I use it when doing a parked regen, when pumping/sucking with the water truck, when going up a draw when I'm slower than my tailwind, when scratching to the top of a field road, on my way in before coming in to load on the go (shut it off one min early so it is guaranteed off when crossing the azz end of a combine), when tailgating with the dump (if I remember...it saves me the little hiccup lump in the middle), and at the low RPM point between the first shift at the base of a long grade. Bottom of the grade one I really only do that with v-belt trucks, the rest I just let them do their thing unless they start to cycle.
  7. Scrap

    Ant carrying a french fry

    Yea Big5er the one guy I got caught up with was raising hell at the parts counter claiming they gave him a mis-made bunk restraint. Went out to look at his truck and turns out it is our upper bunk restraint that is used but made to different dimensions. He wasn't a real happy feller in general, and me and the Pumas and headsets guys don't click too well either, so poked around his truck for a bit and that was about it. Losing your passenger seat has got to be the part that sucks the most. A few years ago when making the crew cab vs 40" sleeper decision the market research guys brought a bunch of the crewcab guys in. No trucks but they had to bring a binder/powerpoint explaining their operation and pics of their (legit) conversion. It seemed like there were a whole bunch of them out there but it was a targeted go-find-em deal and they probably had every legit one in the country in one small room....😏 Anyways, $1.00 per mile operating cost is still the main target, just like it has always been. Getting harder and harder every year...
  8. Scrap

    Manual operated clutch fan. .???

    You'll risk cracking an AC condenser and possible charge air cooler on the times that you do forget or are late in remembering. Best to electrically wire a fan override switch to the ECU and set parameters to enable it. Let it do the remembering and you do the want-to's. It also has to act fast enough or it'll smoke the clutch. Fan clutch warranty used to be dependent on the solenoid used, but I'm not sure if that is still an issue or not.
  9. Scrap

    Ant carrying a french fry

    If it has a Woodhouse kit to meet CFR393.76 you'd never notice it from the outside. It is all done inside the truck so what you see going down the road might still be legit. Hopefully that is the mattress/restraint kit this guy bought to put in?
  10. Scrap

    Remote Battery Terminal wire size?

    Mounted under hood and 2/0 to the starter if you want them to be jumpstarts too. Or 4/0 to the batteries from back of sleeper to be jumpstarts as well. 2/0 to batteries will be remote batt terminals and after some time it'll start. Don't mount the studs anywhere near the end of one of your fuel tanks, unless there is some other big bracket or frame part between the end of the tank and the studs. T600 stacked batteries in the fairing were fun.....I forgot about them.😊
  11. Scrap

    Ant carrying a french fry

    Mico makes the relay valve, but pretty sure you have to make your own air/tractor protection kit. The problem is that most hydraulic ABS ECU's aren't set up with PLC so the truck can't light a dash light when the trailer has a ABS fault, which is required. So you have to do it on a truck older than 2001 or Big5er gets ya. https://www.mico.com/sites/default/files/document-pdfs/80460051Hydraulic Over Air Relay Valves_0.pdf That' video is a new trailer getting delivered isn't it?
  12. Scrap

    Maybe light on front axle.

    How to set ride height is on page 52. Cheating high wanders and cheating low bump steers. https://www.hendrickson-intl.com/CMSPages/GetFile.aspx?guid=8f8d8325-3dfb-4527-a7e5-b0cefeb4e02a
  13. Scrap

    Hitch Leveling Valve for TSLB

    That's a Haldex type CR, or Controlled Response, valve if you need to look up info on it. Used the hell out of em in the 90's I think they were branded Neway back then.
  14. Scrap

    "Walking the Sticks"

    Man I was sheltered....Mama Scrap wouldn't let me ride in an air braked truck till we got the '86! Pretty sure I was banned from the 453 and gas 95 combines for life, but no loss there.... I don't know how you guys made it alive this far! 😏☺️
  15. Scrap

    Checking Brake Fluid With A VOM Meter

    For Hydromax and Hydromax II (medium duty trucks have em, probably RV's, etc) you go by TMC TP 1409. It is not in the owners manual because it is industry standard thing. I don't do automotive, but they did an industry standard in the mid-2000's. It goes by amount of copper. There's test strips for it. I know it is for DOT3 sealed (bellows) cap, not sure if it is vented DOT4 european. I'm sure it is all Google-able.