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  1. Insane right now. Insane in the aftermarket too. Try to get some custom made truck accessories or fenders. Takes forever to get them now when it didn't used to.
  2. I like going up to New Meadows while going that way and taking 12 back across home instead of Oregon too. W900 is still around just the same. Still need the B to make bridge. Welcome to trucking, you can't spend $600M to tool up a new truck and only sell 1500 a year. So you build on what you got.
  3. It is just a bunch of bullets in there. You guys will have it working in like 10 minutes. Get some heat shrink .180 bullets and some 2 to 1 bullet connectors ahead of time and you should be good. TruckLite 88342 or similar. https://www.finditparts.com/products/2884310/truck-lite-88342 The LED turns on the 379's are a whole new light that is potted and sealed and screws on. All the chrome shops have them. Probably Amazon too. The better ones are DOT approved and have bullets already molded on.
  4. Nope straight up W990 anybody can buy (minus the painted tanks). Horsepower and hoods in there.....you are going to hit Jackpot and turn around and do it again!
  5. No LED turn signals while you got it all apart?
  6. Scrap

    Direct LInk - Emergency Stop

    Boy I dunno.....my biggest problem is that I blinked and I missed Driggs! Awesome place in the winter!
  7. I've been in there a few times in the last couple of weeks. It was 70 something on Sunday night so its like summer. Great route home. Yea that offramp under I15 is a lot of crazy but everybody will move and you'll figure it out. The Rooster tears that road up!
  8. Scrap

    Took Parents for a ride this weekend in the 780

    So didja make it through all the cones and short signs getting around and into that truckstop? I mighta flattened one good on Monday.... That place is a bit of work to get into right now!
  9. That's awesome! Don't try it with an Ultrashift!
  10. Scrap

    Volvo D12D high idle

    This doesn't really answer the D12 question, but this describes programming and usage of fast idle control vs PTO. It used to not really matter as long as you got the engine up, but now it can torque control the PTO, needs to desorb during fast idle, and needs to regen or not ever regen (depending on where you use it) while PTOing, won't smoke your fan clutch, etc, etc. Setting up a PTO ain't for the weak! Anyways, section 6.3 for FIC and section 12 for PTO. https://www.peterbilt.com/resources/brochures/2017_PACCAR_MX_PRO_GRAMMING_GUIDE.pdf
  11. Scrap


    2015 was a pretty significant emissions year. Getting rid of the ammonia sensor solved a lot of problems. Going to DEF concentration sensing is a bit finicky, but at least a guy can fix that himself. SCR conversion is much better and gets rid of the potential for a whole lot more codes. May all be a moot point though as Cummins recalled everything to get it up to 2015 so no matter what you'll end up here eventually. Law also changed and you aren't required to have such a big DEF tank anymore, giving you more room for fuel and car loaders, etc. 2017 was another significant emissions year when they went to small single can. Got rid of a bunch more sensors, no more doser injector, and a bunch of stuff trying to get rid of codes that don't really need to set. Fuel pump oiling was isolated so it can't f you over. X15 was a big deal to Cummins. They claim 20% better mileage than a 2010 engine? Speaking of, but not really emissions change related, 2013 was pretty significant for ISX as it finally rid itself of the ceramic fuel pump plungers. Probably a moot point as well as you'd put a new (DLC) plunger & barrel and cam follower set into the pump the day you buy the truck anways. But remember that the ceramic bits won't show up in your oil analysis so if a truck has some swimmers you wouldn't know it. Then again it only goes like 300 miles after it comes apart before the whole engine lunches itself so a guy wouldn't have a chance to trade a bad one in anyways. 2012 is significant as it got the current pump you can cheaply rebuild. Prior to that you have to update the whole pump for multiple thousands of $.
  12. Scrap

    DPF Cleaning Results

    Yea Desert, I think Detroit Diesel uses a DI water machine. Or it is a water cycle after an air blow. I don't know much about it though as I've never been in one of theirs. Their DPF's are made for it though so it is all good for them.
  13. Scrap

    Air Line Fitting Plug

    Y'all don't carry a set behind your ears?? 😲😉
  14. Scrap

    Frame rails?

    KC Truck Parts....errrr LKQ.... in Spokane? Guess there is always Spaldings too.
  15. Scrap

    DPF Cleaning Results

    The thing above it is what makes the heat. The doser sprays a fine mist (more of a smoke) and that thing (the DOC) is what reacts with it and gets hot. It is what gets poisened with sulfur, coolant, etc, etc and won't get hot enough. They usually recommend replacing the doser instead of cleaning if there is a problem. It is only like a 250K mile part and it has been updated many times for the better over the years. If the coolant port is rusty it can erode away and drip coolant into the exhaust and cause a world of hurt. If the nozzle section is eroded it can drip fuel when off and wreck your mileage or it can put out a bad spray and take forever (and extra fuel) for the DOC to get up to temp. Stupid little part causes all kinds of trouble. Now all that said, if it was working fine a cleaning of it while you are already in there for something else never hurt anyone. Well, except for getting the dayum thing off.