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  1. Can you guys put the KW stowable armrests that fold back on your Peterbilt seats? I've never tried it but a National seat is a National seat... They give quite a bit more width.
  2. Scrap

    Wheel Size

    Can a guy buy the thermal stickers that are on all of our truck Alcoas and put them on a trailer wheel? Turns black = it's gotta go. Anything 5/16 threaded on a RV hubcap? Maybe put a TempBolt in there? They don't pop out till 250 though, maybe too late?
  3. Yea, the main pin is usually in double shear as much as it can be, amongst the other problems above. Think you'll just have to quad track it......
  4. I sure don't miss the old ferry! 70ft of truck on a 80ft boat was no fun. Felt like a fat boy getting on a surfboard! Definitely a grind getting out of there.
  5. 17th is main box in overdrive and aux box in underdrive, which is the most inefficient combination in the upstairs - something like 90-92%. So it should be worse numbers. Worth a try though as it won't hurt anything in a 9-series to run it and it'll see if your numbers can see the resolution.
  6. Scrap

    Polishing Tanks?

    Bah, that's like putting Calvin Kleins on Ron Jeremy!
  7. Yea that's pretty much all of them. The Lubed for life driveshafts are only good to 600K. After that they need it every time with everything else. Same goes for the extended service brakes. If they have plugs instead of zerks in those spots then a guy needs to put in zerks at 600K and grease with everything else. There is a zerk on the front of each seat suspension but you may not want to do those unless it is a problem. Makes a mess on the inside of the truck. Careful when greasing the steering gear: https://www.trwaftermarket.com/globalassets/na/trucksteering---literature/steeringgears-lit/steeringgears-sp/tas103.pdf
  8. Scrap

    Polishing Tanks?

    With the KW is you can rotate the tanks cuz it is underslung. Run it down to 1/4 tank before starting into it, then take all the straps off. Rotate to where you need to be and put one strap back on enough to hold it in place. Do a different strap at the next rotate and you won't have tan lines when you are done. Get some #8 and #10 45 flare caps and plugs and you can get your fuel lines out of the way and keep them from dripping too. Replace the tank and strap rubbers first so you don't scratch it when rotated.. So, yea, 10". Or.......... While its all apart, take em off and have em painted? 😏
  9. I like the Techtran Magnums for end of frame gladhand. They don't wad up like the separates and seem to hold up pretty well. They have the big handle on them too so you don't split the air hose trying to take them on and off. I use a couple of their 360 deg clamps on springs to hold the center of the thing up. I've never done an RV, but use the 12 footer with the 14" leads for the flatbeds. RVs might take a different lead. https://tectran.com/3-in-one-airpower-line-tec-360-clamp/ https://tectran.com/magnumflex-hd-dual-line-aircoils/ I'm not sure you can use the straight rubber air hoses on the back of the truck? Does it work? That's a lot of stretch back there.
  10. Scrap

    Did everyone see this??

    Preset hubs (standard on most trucks for 10 some years now) need their first take-apart service done at 500K. Not sure that is getting done out in the world, but word needs to get out! https://www.conmet.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/HD_MD_Hub_Service_Manual_July14.pdf The oil list too: https://conmet.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/10009945J1.pdf
  11. With the DM's I kept forgetting to throttle them up when coasting to a start going downhill. They'd work themselves up to 5th gear then clutch in at 1200 and slide me sideways. It was usually kinda messed up in the throttle at that point so you couldn't power out of it but sometime in the middle of all the screwing around the stability control would trailer jerk me straight again. Got stuck up on Eisenhower once where even in manual hold it wouldn't let me lug down to 800 rpm and kept shifting out of it. It never gave me a chance to shift the difflocks out and add them plus all those revs I slipped my way sideways down the banked corner and screwed myself. Sometime after that I decided to just steer the thing and let it traction control itself to do its own thing. Fast forward to another year and I scratch my way up Lookout and get down into Montana and I'm driving along wondering why every truck around me has stinky brakes. Finally figure out it is me! WTF? Shortly after realize that I put a bunch of heat into the tractor brakes on the way up. So ATC'ing is kind of a balance. Never really had a problem with the Plus' or the Endurants. They never want to go into the gear I want them in when I want it so it dings and I cuss for a good hour or so, but we get the snowy stuff done eventually. If I fly out and get a bobtail I'll pack a set of the studded SuperSox in the suitcase cuz they pack up so tight. They seem to do fine for the freeways and seem to fit the Flow Belows and stuff the aero trucks have. Never tried them on a loaded truck yet but might give them a shot on a trailer next year. Also with snow comes the de-icer.......Stuff will make a mess out of your nice steel truck bed in a hurry!
  12. Never done an ATR-3 myself. I always assumed they were different internals but never actually looked it up. They weren't too common in my world though, still used the separate solenoid and/or hill hold assist valves back then. The ATR-6, yea, we've all done a bunch of them during the recall. Pretty easy, but they were all pretty new so they didn't have much chance to score up the valve bore itself. Don't drop any dirt inside and use lots of the pink grease! Don't those valve packages suck? You'd think you could screw the modulators back on and the mounting bolts would end up right back where they started, but they never ever line back up with the bracket hole. Frustrating! The old Wabco ones with the flange, bolt, and gaskets were pretty slick, but these ones not so much.
  13. They added electric and hydrogen to the IFTA tables 4th quarter last year. Well, at least that's when our IFTA auditor pointed it out to me. Most states don't do much with it but some have a real small amount for straight electric. I haven't had to send in my Blink receipts, etc so far though. Just send in mileage only on those for now, but they are getting that all figured out. That truck doesn't have the M plates on it that the car has, so they registered it commercial IRP. It must have been the one that hauled the batteries around or an outside testing service is running it or something. They won't make it far without door decals! Yea, M plates need trip & fuel permits for every out of state trip. Heh, oops, yea you kind of have to get your lighting, signals, and markings right before you put your door cert label on and hit the road. They need to fix that before it catches up to them!
  14. Well a year and a half later the Tesla truck finally gets a load ZECT got delivered a couple of months ago so you'll probably see it in LA. The first of the Toyota trucks has been delivered too. ('scuse the marketing video). There's 10 of them so I'm sure you'll run across one of them in LA sometime soon.
  15. I've become addicted to my metric tape....anything else and I screw it up. I owe my tech $100 for every hole he has to drill that could've been done factory. 😟 I got him down to $50 if I get it on the wrong side! 🤣
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