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  1. Scrap

    m2 106 air leaks

    Single head air dryers saturate at over 30% duty cycle. Don't go over that. Single cylinder air compressors aren't rated for much more than that. Heat it up and coke it and it becomes an expensive problem. Fan hubs drag and eat their lining when trying to switch on and off between 60-90psi, but newer medium duty is probably a magnetic one. VG turbos in the mid 2000's actuate on air. Wrong pressures and they'll be wigged out and derate, plus their air filter cartridge and expensive actuation valve gets screwed up by saturated dryers. Newer MD is probably an electric one, but you need to check your truck to be sure. Detroit One Box aftertreatments used air for regen for a few years there. Don't know what low air causes there but it can't be good. Shift actuators get stuck in the wrong spots. Manual you can probably get yourself out of. Automated with a range (not 6spd) you'll be stuck right where you are sitting. Allison won't matter. Cab goes flat for a long time and you'll screw up hood corners and cab cowl corners. They'll saw right into each other and sometimes come home not looking too pretty.
  2. Scrap

    m2 106 air leaks

    Parker push connects and Legris 3000's get a max cut angle of 15 deg. SMC KV2's get a max angle of 22 deg. Everything else, well, probably shouldn't be used on a truck. Gotta have that tube support sticking in at the very bottom there or it isn't DOT.
  3. I think you get to teach us Glenn! It's mobile and it is over 60V DC, would it need to fall under automotive high voltage rules? Orange cables (or convelute), servicing disconnect connector, HVIL high voltage interrupt loop (does that apply to an only two item 'loop'?), tagged cut loops, etc, etc. Do ya wear your linesman's gloves or do ya put trashbags over the panels? Buy these parts out of the Leaf too? Be very careful putting that part together! Google the hell out of it! Some automotive stuff to think about: https://ncdoi.com/OSFM/RPD/PT/Documents/Coursework/EV_SafetyTraining/EV EFG Classroom Edition.pdf
  4. Boring. And they get your hands like all dirty and stuff. Put em on with a robot arm! 😉
  5. Polaris connectors? (still needs to be in a box) https://polarisconnectors.com/pdfs/NSi/IT_series.pdf https://polarisconnectors.com/pdfs/NSi/IPLD_series.pdf https://polarisconnectors.com/pdfs/NSi/IPL_series.pdf Snap together some Ilsco PDC blocks in a box? https://commerce.ilsco.com/e2wShoppingCatalog.aspx?parentId=3100012830&parentLink=2100001183:3100012318:3100012371:3100012830 I'm far from an NEC expert, but those are a couple things to noodle over. But if a UL panel is already made, it's kinda worth it fer big power stuff.
  6. Scrap

    Jon Short's Project

    Yea that's why the input shafts were traditionally different sizes. There was only a couple tandem sets that had the same 39 spline front and rear. There was only one application amongst them that had a 39 spline SPL 250 and the slinger had to be reworked to fit the seal of a normal 404 highway axle. So the fwd rear yoke probably wouldn't have worked anyway, don't let it keep ya up at night. 😉 But, newer trucks that are direct drive and downsped are using 42 spline both front and rear now, so yokes would interchange. I don't think we've talked about that here before. Maybe yours is one? So what # did you end up doing for a yoke? What driveline do you have? Looks SPL in the pic? Glyn, Reyco makes a whole kit to change a 79KB into a 79AR without changing frame brackets and lower seats and things. It is made to be quick and easy so dealers can change over a truck for sale. I had the kit # all ready, then realized International makes their own spring susp and doesn't use Reyco. Bummer. But I bet a Navistar MD air would go in the same way. No frame bracket changes, but you'd still have to weld on the track rod tower. Those are no fun.
  7. 440 inches of large car.......... 😱
  8. Thanks for posting this. I been volunteering with Paccar Foundation a bit while we're all layed off and been trying to think of ways this could help non-school bus? Maybe get a box of them and put them on some currently unused test/show trucks and park them behind the fence of each water tower in town? I'm a bit afraid of causing a crowd of un-insureds infected by a super-spreader hanging around my truck though. There are so many of the temp free XFinity wifis (all the business units?) around town that maybe a guy could park just right where you could sling it into a low income housing complex or something? I dunno, never used one, don't know much about them, and am just the guy that makes a bracket, hangs it on a truck, and plugs it in. Anybody have any ideas where this could help in town non-school bus? I'll propose it...
  9. Scrap

    ET air valve

    Haha I think it is Canadian! 🤩
  10. Scrap

    Driveline slop?

    Add rear engine mounts and bellhousing bolt torque to the checking list. Also check rear susp rebound bumper and spring eye parts if it is the Peterbilt. 4-bag trucks on a hill I'll either limo stop it or let off the brakes for a sec so it isn't all bound up when trying to go again.
  11. Scrap

    ET air valve

    They still do, it's just an option. $3K gets you a whole truck made out of FC350 hose. You'll become best friends with your 9/16 and 13/16 wrenches... Can't remember exactly, but I think nylon truck tube (J844) was invented in 1982? Got its TMC color designations in 1984?
  12. Scrap

    Staying Grounded

    We smoked a lot of single wire AC clutches back in the 90's. It took them forever to get them changed to 2-wire. The switched ground, but single wire case grounded oil pressure and water temp warning switches used to throw me for a loop as well. Spent many long nights trying to get that beeper to go away. 30 years later that beeper is still in my head. In my teens and 20's Dad got me a 2nd harvest job where they started right as we were done. 100 bushel dryland, no more russian thistles, no more deep furrows, goodbye farmer pipes, we got wheel tractors, McDonalds, and close to girls in town. Fat city and I ought to have the best wheat truck made out there in the "real Palouse". Get there on the first day and my two trucks a pink colored '48 something -or-other International and a '59 B-180. Uggggh....Seriously cramping my style! The '48 and I got along with pretty good long as the vice grips stayed on the 2-speed lever thingy. But that B180 I freakin hated that truck and it hated me. I've disliked a few trucks, got along with a few others cuz I had to, but that one I just had genuine hatred. It never would die though, fact I don't remember it ever breaking down. Had to deal with it for 10 some years. I lost track of it nowadays but it is probably still out there doing something.
  13. Scrap


    Nyogel 760G! Honestly it has been around us forever and it is one of those things nobody has messed with so I've never really been around much else for 20 years. So it's all I know.... White lithium lubes hood pricks and any trucker with Vaseline, well, I don't ask...... 😨😱😏
  14. Scrap


    Factory grease is Nyogel 760G with UV trace added, Rick. Was 759G prior to 05 or 06, somewhere in there.
  15. Never done a Volvo, but make sure it finishes its purge cycle, pinch off the coolant lines, unplug connector, remove hose, remove three bolts, and it comes off. Its pretty straight forward, but if it is one of the old ones with the plastic nipple be real careful with it. Breathe on it wrong and the nipple will break off inside the DEF hose, ruining your afternoon. Might be a good time to do the DEF filter too?
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