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  1. The outher big thing (to me) get a towbar like Blue Ox that stayes on the RV not on the toad. One outher thing. I recommend getting a 10,000 lb rate towbar so if you change to a different toad that might be heavier you don't need to buy a new towbar. I also like the added safety cushion to. Bill
  2. I only run Diesel Kleen in the white or gray bottle depending on temps. Diesel Kleen is now endorsed and recommended by Cummins. If you have any concerns about oil lubricity just run Shell Rotella T-6. Bill
  3. I am glad the climate is warming up. Why was nobody complaining about it when the ice sheets were over a mile thick in New Jersey? Hypocritical, what I think is hypocritical is Al Gore who started this tale and made his fortune on selling Global Warming. Why is he flying around in his private jet if he believed in it? Well there is to much more. Bill
  4. Brad Before I did I would ask to drive his rig and see how it works. I am willing to bet he hasn't done this. I would NEVER do it. I am trying to figure how someone thinks engine oil and transmission oil can be swapped. Bill
  5. Well it is to bad you feel that way. Perhaps others can learn from your mistakes. Maybe if you worked on your attitude they would come back.🤣 😘 Bill
  6. Joe, I think you are right. We didn't get to try to explain that he will need to do a bunch of suspension upgrades to make that NEW gas coach comfortable to drive. Not to mention all the warranty work that will be needed. I found several coaches he was looking at. All were in the $180,000 to $175,000 range before all the add ons, like super wax job and treatments for the carpet type things. Go look at the last coach I posted a link to. $136.500. That would leave at least $43,500 for any upgrades/repairs. I want you to tell me which you would be better for full time use. Which one would be the better buy. I also don't want to hear about "the OP wants a gas coach and that is what he should get." The OP came here to get help in making a decision from people who allegedly know and have actual experience. Telling the OP to spend that much on a gas coach is like telling him "go ahead and buy that rowboat shure it leaks bad but the exercise bailling is good for you". Bill
  7. Near Mendon, MO? I haven't stayed there but have stayed in Sedalia, KC and St Louis. Looks like a nice area. What tow bar/brake system are you looking going to use? Bill
  8. You are going to be happy towing 4 down. I see you have been some of the places I have. Where are you now? Bill
  9. Well yes it is. Want to bet he comes back and tells us he bought the gas coach over the weekend , if he hasn't already had the paperwork in the system. Well I don't know what you did but if you did the same thing, then yes I think you could have made better choices. I know you won't admit to making a bad choice. No one likes to admit the could have done it better. If that is true, why are they on this forum asking for advice from people with experience? I can understand how easy it would be to make not as good decisions years ago. You didn't have the tools like this forum to gather information and benefit from others experience. Bill
  10. Thanks for your service. Unfortunately trying to give advice to the OP seems to be a waste of time. He ask, but his mind is made up and facts about fulltiming by people who have experience doesn't matter. He is dead set to spend a lot of money on a entry level gas coach. For example for the same money as the gas coach you can have this quality/luxury diesel coach. https://www.motorhomesoftexas.com/Pre-owned-Inventory-2007-Foretravel-Motorhome-Nimbus-340-6649627?ref=list Here is something else to look at. https://www.motorhomesoftexas.com/Pre-owned-Inventory-2008-Newmar-Motorhome-Mountain-Aire-45-6649415?ref=list Many reley like the comfort Comfort Drive Steering with Adjustable Control. Here is one that is amazing and only $136.500. That would leave at least $43,500 for any upgrades/ repairs. https://www.motorhomesoftexas.com/Pre-owned-Inventory-2005-Foretravel-Motorhome-U295-6800828?ref=list Unfortunately I think the OP has the misconception that he needs to buy new because he thinks it is like buying a new car, say a Honda. Pick it up and never have a problem. Bill
  11. Is this because you are concerned about "power"? What are you towing now on the tow dolly? The more important question is can I tow it using a dolly or 4 down. Be aware that some all wheel drive cars can't be towed on a dolly but can be towed 4 down, I have a 2014 CR-V that is that way. Bill
  12. Not enough information. What RV are you going to be taking? Where are you going "New England states" is a big area and has a diverse supply of places. I have been in The New England states the last 2 summers. I will be heading back that way in May. I have been from Niagara Falls to East Port Main. You definitely need a towed to get around in. Give me some answers and I can give you better answers. Bill
  13. So how many class A rvs have you owned and driven/ lived in? So far I see 0. Yet you know more about the subject than people who have been rving for years. I would take some more time looking. I know you are hot to buy that Winnebago but it might not be the best choice for full timing. Have you looked at Newmar? I am just curious why you don't want a diesel? You do know buying a RV is not the same as a car. Do you know you could be in a slightly used Quality diesel for about 1/2 of the price of the winnebago? That would give you at least an extra $80,000 to do maintenance or custom upgrades. Just something to think about. $80,000 extra in your pocket or for trip expenses and life experiences. Tell me what you think. Bill
  14. The important thing is to install the EGT probe before the turbo. This will give you more accurate readings. Bill
  15. KayoCan, I didn't see where you responded to questions about your usage plans? Are you going full time or just travel some while you are still working? I would think 5-7 days would be plenty of time to see how you like being in your "B" and traveling. In my opinion the suggestions about the freshwater and holding tanks is only valid to a point. You should be able to understand you don't have very much capacity without filling your gray tank to overflowing. If you realey feel the need just turn off the campground utilities for a couple days. For your trial I would recommend staying at full hookup campground. Learning to dry camp takes some experience and I think would detract from the experience of learning how you like the "B" type camper. Bill
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