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  1. What future for our national parks?

    I alwas take the cog railroad to the top of Pikes Peak. The last time it cost the same as driving up and you get to see much more+ you have a guide who does what guides do. I got my Senior Pass for $10.00 before it went up, but $80.00 for ever is a good deal. The problem with the parks that I have heard from people working at parks is the fees all go to Washington then some is sent back to the parks. There is a movement to keep the fees in the park that genarated them. Bill
  2. Furnace problem

    You are doing great. The furnaces are 12 V so I doubt the converter is a problem. Bill
  3. Furnace problem

    Welcome to the forum. What are you calling a spark unit? Bill
  4. A Theory on Las Vegas

    Just do a little reserch Santuarey Citys have higher rates of violence than non Santuarey citys. Places like Chicago are more dangerus than war zones. So far this year 535 deaths have been ruled homicides in the city. This has more to do with not inforcing the law than acess to guns. Did making drugs illegal stop them from importing drugs? Bill
  5. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    I get extra inspection every time I cross in the RV. I think it is mostly because I have Texas plates. The last time at the little crossing in Main on 201. The first question was what guns did I have. I told the officer that I understood their gun laws and did not bring any guns to Canada. Repeated the question and asked if I owned any guns. I said yes I do I repeated that knowing Canada's gun laws I did not have any guns with me. This went on for a while and he sent me for extra inspection. He was apparently sending everyone for extra inspection because the two officers did a good inspection of the inside of the coach (I had to open the slides and unlock all the storage bays.) they only looked inside the coach and never looked in any bay or the toad. Bill
  6. This may help those evacuating ahead of Hurricane Irma. "Those interested in RV or tent camping at Atlanta Motor Speedway should enter the facility at Entrance "E" off GA Highway 19/41. The Unreserved Campgrounds will be on the left. From I-75 and GA Highway 20, campers should see signs to AMS and follow Lower Woolsey road to Entrance “H” and the Speedway Credential Building. Make a right into Speedway property and then another immediate right onto Richard Petty Boulevard. Follow Richard Petty Boulevard and turn left into Entrance “G”. The campgrounds will be on the right." Wednesday afternoon, Talladega Speedway announced it is also opening part of its campgrounds to evacuees. Those campgrounds include hot shower and restroom facilities, as well as water hookups on gravel and grassy areas. Referance, http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/atlanta-motor-speedway-opens-campgrounds-to-hurricane-irma-evacuees/604159342 Bill
  7. What have you done to your MH today?

    Need to replace the front tires as they are 7 years old and not looking good. I will probbabley use the FMCA Continental tire discount program. Bill
  8. Saved by our surge suppressor!

    I would, it just ads a extra level of protection. More for under voltage than from over voltage. Bill
  9. GPS When is it time to replace?

    I have had the regular CoPilot and it has worked great. I have it on several tablets and on the phone. Chuck, I would get the basic CoPilot and having it on a big 10 in tablet will make it much easier to read. The voice messages will be helpful giving you warning up to 2 miles before a turn. The great thing about CoPilot (beside the price) is you can download the maps on WIFI so you don't use data. Bill
  10. Saved by our surge suppressor!

    I think if someone wants to steal one all the locks and permanent mounting wouldn't matter. I have never heard of one being stolen. Yes I have the little locking cover but sometimes forget to install it. Bill
  11. Saved by our surge suppressor!

    I think he is talking about the ones that are hard wired in and not removable. Bill
  12. Saved by our surge suppressor!

    I agree that it sounds like a big ticket added to all the rest when doing "check out delivery". I did the same thing. However on one of my first trips. I was plugged in at a park in Amarillo. I was reading while doing a load of wash. I noticed the lights dim for a brief time and the washer quit. Well it cost more than what a surge guard would have cost to fix the washer. Needed a new circuit board. Look around you can find them cheaper than what a dealer is selling fore. I have one of the little security devices they show one here. https://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=surge+guard&tag=googhydr-20&index=aps&hvadid=153664733922&hvpos=1t1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=4654901273545955085&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9027284&hvtargid=kwd-1468273890&ref=pd_sl_7rn417fgvw_e Personally I haven't heard of one "walking" but it may make you feel better. I like the portable Surge Guard because I can go check the power at a spot before pulling in and have used it to find "good power" when the spot I was in was bad. Basically I didn't need to move the coach to find / test the pedestal. In one state park that took 4 different spots. Bill
  13. selling your RV

    If I had one I would do the same thing. http://www.rvconsignment.com/consignment.htm They even have a service to clean and shine your trailer Bill
  14. Lots of great replies in this thread. The one thing I do know is those who continue to just drive up and expect to have a place to stay will continue to have problems. Those who plan and use the tools available will have a much easier time finding places to stay. Bill
  15. This is why I advocate for staying at a campground outside a park. We visited 14 National parks last year with no problems. I have pictures of a couple of the signage at park entrances with a list of campgrounds and all are marked FULL. Yet I didn't have a problem finding a place to stay outside the park. Bill