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    Time for anuel oil change.

    Did you follow the link I posted? Bill

    Time for anuel oil change.

    Well getting ready to do my annual oil change. I run Shell Rotella T-6 5-40 full synthetic. I decided look online and see if shell was still doing a rebate. They still are but they change the rules. Now you can only get 2 rebates per household so if you buy 5 gallons of oil (in gal bottles) you can only get rebates on 2 gallons of $7.00ea or $14.00 if you just buy the gallons. I found they sell it at Walmart in 2.5-gallon containers this will allow you to get a rebate on each one of $17.50 or $35 for the two. https://rotella.shell.com/en_us/coupons-rebates-and-sweepstakes/better-fuel-economy-meets-better-wallet-economy.html#iframe=L0RJWS90NXQ2Lw== This is actually a better deal than the last one as it was $5.00 per gal for only 4 gal or $20.00. Bill


    Last time we stayed at Buffalo Run RV Park & Cabins. We were doing things on that side of the park and the Caribou-Targhee National Forest area. Nice place. Bill

    Oil testing Speedco vs Blackstone

    Both JG and blackstone sell them. https://www.blackstone-labs.com/products/vacuum-pump/?session-id=thsndo55omuvpmihq4sbc3mg&timeout=20&bslauth=&urlbase=https%3a%2f%2fwww.blackstone-labs.net%2fBstone%2f(S(thsndo55omuvpmihq4sbc3mg))%2f They even have a little video on taking a sample. The only thing I do different is I cut the tube leaving about 15-20" of excess for ease of handling (I don't need 10 feet of hose flopping around) I also use tape to mark the length of the dipstick. Just a heads up.One of them sends some hose in the kit, the only problem it isn't long enough to reach down the dipstick tube for my transmision. Not a problem as you can buy the tubing at any hardware store. Same tubing as used for the icemaker of refrigerators. Bill

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    😁 Sam Walton would be upset being lumped with Markus. 😁 Bill

    Oil testing Speedco vs Blackstone

    I have never tried Speedco. I did do a comparison between JG labs https://www.jglubricantservices.com/ and Blackstone labs. www.blackstone-labs.com/ Having worked in a oil analysis lab when I was in the AF, I was querious how they compared. The were pretty close and no major differences. There are a couple of important things to getting a good sample. I always use the vacuum pump and be careful to not stick the sample tube into the bottom of the pan. You can use the dipstick to measure the sample tube so it doesn't do this. I hear of people catching their sample when they are draining the sump. This is a good way to get a bad sample. You are catching oil as it is washing the sludge from the bottom of the pan. I always recommend to not drain your oil till you get the sample back. That way if you get bad sounding report like Chuck did you can send anouther sample as a double check. Bill

    travel I 10 thru el paso

    Yep sitting on the shady side of your coach that time of day with a cold drink.😎 Bill

    We did it! Soon to be on our way...

    So where are you headed? Let me give you a couple of suggestions. First just so you know. We did a short trip this summer. Earley June to late September. We went North East. 5500 miles 26 states and 2 provinces. We have been in all of the lower 48 states with my Rv in the last 6 years. Plan your travel time at a average of 50 miles per hour. You will never average 62 in a motorhome. Example if you plan on 300 miles in a day and you drive 65 on the interstate you will still need to take breaks about every 2 hours and lunch and fuel breaks. You need to explain this to me. " but avoiding toll roads," Why? Get an EZ-Pass for when you are in the east/north east. Not using toll roads that are beneficial in getting where you are going is, well dumb. You add greatly to your travel time and aggravation. Some apps to help you plan your trip. http://www.rvparky.com/ http://www.rvparkreviews.com/ http://www.passport-america.com/ Gets you a 50% discount on camping spots. By the way what are you towing as a toad? Bill

    Ice maker in Samsung residential fridge

    You are going to need to explain that one. The only energy to run the icemaker is power to operate the water valve and turn the ice tray. The ice freezing uses the exact same energy as a tray. Why ? Do you turn your water pump off. I like having the ice bin full when I stop for a break or at night. Most likely problem (unless the water valve is leaking) is some ice is stuck in the tray. Use a mirror and flashlight to see. If you have ice stuck in the tray warm the tray with a hair dryer and cykle the icemaker by pushing the cycle button. See your owner's manual. Bill
  10. WILDEBILL308

    travel I 10 thru el paso

    I had to smile. I have driven both ways around and through El Paso and didn't see a problem. But for reference I live and drive in the Fort Worth Dallas area. Come drive I-30 west to east or back any time. This will give you a better picture of what bad is.😁 Bill
  11. WILDEBILL308

    shower handles keep falling off!!!

    The key is to clean all the old sealant and soap scum off the glass. I use acetone. Get some acetone resistant gloves. Bill
  12. WILDEBILL308

    Emergency Motorhome Drivers

    Yes you might benefit from reading the fine print. Just a small excerpt. Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation means: a) the Insured Person’s medical condition warrants immediate transportation from the facility where the Insured Person is located (due to inability to obtain necessary medical care) to the nearest adequate medical facility where medical Treatment can be obtained; or b) after being treated at a local medical facility as a result of a Medical Evacuation, the Insured Person’s medical condition warrants transportation with a qualified medical attendant to his/her Permanent Primary Residence, to obtain further medical Treatment or to recover; or c) both a) and b) above. All transportation arrangements must be by the most direct and economical route. https://www.sevencorners.com/docs/default-source/fmca_docs/fmca_brochure_id.pdf Bill
  13. WILDEBILL308

    Emergency Motorhome Drivers

    Dave, It might be a good time to join FMCA. https://site.fmca.com/fmca-about The travel assist is a free part of your membership. Bill
  14. WILDEBILL308

    RV Financing

    Ok where did you go and what rate did you get? Bill
  15. WILDEBILL308

    Getting hot going over mountains

    Ok back to what will help the OP. Yes doing maintenance on the cooling system will help. After you do the last flush with distilled water to get an accurate 50/50 mix I recommend using full strength antifreeze. What you do is find out what the total capacity is and put 50% full strength then fill it the rest of the way with distilled water. This will allow for the water you can't drain out of the system. I would look at a high flow thermostat and a heavy duty fan clutch. There are also hi flow water pumps available for the 460. jlc1988, do you have a fans on your oil cooler? You might upgrade to a bigger transmission cooler. One outher thing check your timing. Bill