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  1. We changed our domain to Americas Mailbox in Box Elder, SD (Rapid City) last year. Unbelievably easy! And, we are full timers on social security. As a result we also had to change our medicare and medication plans. With Americas Mailbox you get a PMB (personal mailbox) not a POB (post office box). So our address looks like this: John Doe 514 Americas Way #0000 Box Elder, SD 57719 You can also put "Apt. #0000" and it will get to you. We have Humana Walmart drug plan. As soon as the various walmarts across the nation that we've been to see our Box Elder, sd address, they always ask specifically "you have Humana don't you?". So they already know. I can tell you that we've not had any problems with this address with social security nor any of the three financial institutions that I've dealt with since we changed. I do not volunteer any information that I'm not asked (that we are full timers).
  2. Not exactly on point with your question but kind of related. When we changed our address to Box Elder, SD they gave us a map to the Motor Vehicle Dept. on the other side of Rapid City and told us it would only take about 30 min. to get our license. Being from California, we just looked at each other (you better bring a lunch in Calif. even if you have an appt.). We were out of there with our new driver's license (the actual license, not some temporary piece of paper) in 20 min! We were very surprised at how easy and how fast it was.
  3. Don't wait to long if their Lippert axles. They have a history of the grease seals leaking. At the time that I had Performance Trailer Braking change my drum brakes to disc brakes a few weeks ago, I had two wheels on one side that the seals leaked all over the brake shoes and one seal on the other side (triple axle) and this is a 2017 model year. I also had one brake shoe that much of the brake shoe lining was completly gone. Not worn away......just gone. As though it had broken off and fell out....
  4. I have the Grand Design Momentum 376TH that has the forward living room with opposing slides, upstairs. Our bedroom is in the rear, over the garage (this model has a small garage under the bed that holds my Ultra Classic Harley) yet still has complete walk around bed with about 6'9" head clearance. It has three A/C units and so I keep the living room and bedroom a little cooler. The kitchen and dining area are on the lower level. We were at the RV show looking at class A diesel pushers when we came upon this model of toy hauler. Because of the smaller garage under the bed (residential queen......as a matter of fact, we brought our Temperpedic from our home when we went full time), we still have use of living space full length. The ottoman in the center of the floor is something I picked up at walmart. We now have two of them, side by side, for additional storage (winter riding gear) and we cover them with a large quilt.....that's the only furniture that our little dogs can get up on. Works great for us and for them.
  5. I'm not sure there would be one. However, being from California (my research reflects that California may be the most aggressive state in trying to argue a resident's change of domain) and the fact that my wife still has an internet business that paid lots of state tax to Calif. each year, we just didn't want to take that risk. We're moving everything to SD. Tx. would have worked as well but I've read that they have an annual vehicle inspection (revenue generator) and we didn't want to have to mess with that.
  6. That works for regular packages, etc. However, Amazon wants one address for the store owners to return items so for those that have an internet based business such as Amazon they need one address. I believe she's found a forwarding service in Florida that other Amazon business owners are using that's going to work for my wife. Thank you for those that have offered suggestions and tried to help here.....it's appreciated. JC & Babe
  7. Arctic Fox with dual pane windows is also a very nice product in that price point.....I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the one that we had except that it was to small for full timing.
  8. Might want to look at the Grand Design RV lines. I have a Momentum 376TH (a very small garage under the rear bedroom, front living room) and with five slide outs, we're very happy with it. If you go to their owners forum, you'll find out that many full timers already have this model but they have several other lines that are not toy haulers. There are many, many nice features but a couple are the outside kitchen, outside entertainment and in the forward living room, besides the fire place below the televator (large flat screen that raises up out of the cabinet) is the theater seating that has heat, massage and blue lighted cup holders. to Edit: I bought a new Arctic Fox off the lot a few years ago but wanted the dual pane windows and that was negotiated in the price. So I was able to experience the same 5er with and without dual pane windows in both very high temps (90s-100s) as well as very cold (down around freezing temps) and I would highly recommend dual pane windows. However, if you buy used (this rig was six months old and I got very lucky in finding a private party to buy from) like I did this rig, then I would suggest the ceramic window film. I tried the ceramic window film (clear since all windows are already dark tint) and it made a huge difference in the truck where the dogs spend a lot of time when we're in the truck stop or restaurant for lunch, etc. That I went ahead and invested in it for this 5er. With five slide outs, there's A lot of windows and it was pricey but well worth it in my opinion.
  9. I'm in Norman, Okla. (arrived yesterday). After much research.....Performance Trailer Braking goes to many rallys and installs the disc brakes at the rallys however, I've come to their home base. While I've already upgraded the tires, I now have an appt. for tomorrow to get the Titan hydraulic disc brakes installed on my triple axle 5er. Does anybody else have first hand experience with Performance Trailer Braking? https://www.performancetrailerbraking.com/disc-brakes/?utm_source=TPA On Google Search&utm_campaign=TPA® - Brand&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=Brand Campaign&utm_content=Google Search Text Ad&creative=198745983576&keyword=%2Bperformance %2Btrailer %2Bbraking&matchtype=b&adposition=1t1&device=c&loc_physical_ms=9024254&gclid=CjwKCAjwmK3OBRBKEiwAOL6t1Gvoi0f_Hv0RTnEj8x9YsCNrFeCy84LN8wbx-Jf7mkgfNzu5oZv4HhoCJuEQAvD_BwE
  10. Well, it happened.....two weeks ago yesterday! We left California and headed to Colorado (to my borhter's) for a few days, went to the Rapid City/Black Hills area to change our domain and visit the area. We're now in Norman, Okla. We arrived yesterday and have an appt. tomorrow to get disc brake conversion on our triple axle 5th wheel from Performance Trailer Braking. From here, we're headed to Heber Springs, Ark. to the Workampers Rendezvous. From there......who knows but we're excited about all of it. Many thanks to members of this forum that I've learned much from over the past few years (this was a long time coming) and especially to Kirk Wood! I've learned a lot from Kirk just by reading many of his posts but also from personal messages and even from email more than a few times, over the past seven or eight years. I thank you sir!
  11. We are already traveling. Sorry for the late reply eddie. There are several Amazon business models. Depending on which model the store "owner" uses, any returns may be sent back directly to the store owner and the store owner has to then return the product to the supplier to get the credit (much the same as a real brick and mortar store). While the returns are minimal in the grand scheme of things, it's still cost effective to get those credits and yes, those credits do more than pay for the shipping charges.
  12. As a member of escapees, when we got ready to change our domain from California I called escapees and told them that I wanted to change it to SD. I was told that our mail would still go to Tx. while our domain would be in SD. I explained to them that I was not OK with that and that I also wanted my mail to go to SD. They advised that is not an option so I then went with a mail service in Box Elder, SD. Just didn't want to take a risk or create any undue issues down the road. While at an RV Park just outside of Rapid City (there are many in the area) we met two other couples that were doing the same thing for the same reason.
  13. JCZ


    I pay with my cc and tip in cash when/where I think it's appropriate (to the mechanic at the Harley shop, to the tech at the RV shop that actually did the work on my bike or RV and actual waitresses that have served us). I don't tip where I'm providing my own service.
  14. Might want to read the warranty again. The warranty covers all Grand Design products even if they are living in it full time. Not many 5th wheels that have a warranty that even covers full timers but Grand Design is one of them. The factory posts on their owners forum and their facebook page and there are many full timers in Grand Design and the factory is proud of that and the fact that their warranty still stands.
  15. With a model like the Grand Design Momentum 376TH there isn't any loss of living space due to the garage. The garage is below the bedroom. It also has the washer/dryer, solar panel, three A/Cs, 2 smart fans, theater seating (heat, massage and lights), Televator in the forward living room (TV that raises up out of the cabinet), fireplace and many, many other home style comforts. On this model is has the extra tall door, which means a longer ramp and so it's easy to load and unload an Ultra Classic....even by yourself. But more often than not, I leave it outside (unless it's raining) and just set the alarm and cover it at night.
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