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  1. We've been full-timing for 15 months and have run into a challenge to find a dentist while on the road. We sold our s&b home and no longer return to the area where we used to live. We find that the dentists we call when on the road are not interested in seeing us on a one-time basis. We're wondering how other full-timers deal with finding dental care while on the road.
  2. We are full-timers but are planning an international trip for 15 days. We will be flying out of Orlando or Tampa. We are wondering what other full-timers do as far as finding a place to store their rig during a short-term absence.
  3. Thanks for pointing me to the Escapees website. I will try the Shepherd, TX address and see what happens.
  4. I was filling out mt Texas application for an absentee ballot today and ran into a problem. We are both under age 65 and full-time using our Escapees mail forwarding address as our legal domicile. On the absentee ballot application form, we have to state the reason for voting absentee. The only choice we qualify for is "Expected absence from the county." However, the instructions state that, if we select this reason, the ballot must be mailed to an address outside of Polk County. We will be on the East coast in November but our mailing address is still our Escapees mailbox in Livingston. Since I'm sure other Escapees have run into this, how can I get an absentee ballot sent to me?
  5. We will be traveling from the Bay Area of CA to the Oregon coast in mid-April. We will be pulling a 41' fifth wheel. We are wondering whether we will be OK to take Hwy 101 or should we stick to the interstate and take I-5. We are full-timers so time is not a constraint.
  6. Thank you for the replies. I wish I had known how inadequate the insurance would be when I incurred the cost to move my domicile to Texas last fall. Since I am only 61 and my wife is 56, we are a long way from being eligible for Medicare and will need to come up with a better solution than the Texas BCBS HMO plans. It's becoming clear that another change in domicile may be necessary. Barring any medical crisis this year, I will probably live with the current bad situation until next fall when it's clearer what the the 2017 plans will look like and what impact the Presidential election will have on the ACA.
  7. We've only made it 10 days into 2016 and the restrictions imposed by BCBS's HMO have us pulling our hair out. We are full-timers and use the Escapees mail forwarding service and thus have a Livingston address. When we signed up for health insurance through the marketplace, we only had 7 options, all BCBS HMO's. Since we are new Texas residents, we didn't have an established Primary Care Physician (PCP) so BCBS assigned us one in Livingston. However, we are now in Kerrville, 5 hours away, and DW needs to have some tests performed. BCBS told us we would have to a referral from our PCP before they would pay for us to see another doctor in the network. Our PCP's office told us they won't do a referral when they've never seen us first. BCBS allows us to switch our PCP but only effective the first of the next month (after they approve the change). We've contacted physicians in the Kerrville area to see if they are accepting new patients with BCBS HMO insurance and, although they are listed on the BCBS website, they no longer belong to the HMO. Our second issue has to do with out-of-state medical treatment. We knew when we signed up for the HMO that the HMO insurance would only pay for emergency room treatment when out of state. Now we see in the BCBS handbook that even this is only true if you are traveling outside of Texas for short periods of time (less than 90 consecutive days). We entered the full-timer lifestyle with the expectation that we would travel throughout the US. Now, the limitations caused by the HMO are causing us to fear leaving the Livingston area. I'm curious how other Texas full-timers under the age of 65 are dealing with these issues.
  8. I am wondering where other full-timers have packages delivered that are sent via UPS. We need to order some parts for our rig and can't use the campground address. We use General Delivery for mail sent via USPS but don't know if UPS has a similar service available. I'm wondering if I can have the package sent to a UPS service center or UPS Store. If so, how should it be addressed so that UPS knows it should be held for pickup?
  9. I purchased a new 2015 Ram 3500 4x4 dually in May. After parking it outside for the past two months, it's filthy and badly in need of a wash. It doesn't help that it's black. I'm wondering where people go to wash their dually. Most car washes appear too small to handle a dually.
  10. We attended Boot Camp in Sedalia, MO three years ago and attended Escapade in Gillette, WY two years ago. Since we haven't yet pulled the trigger on our RV purchase, we stayed at local hotels both times. We consider both experiences very helpful in getting prepared for our plans to full-time when we retire in the near future. There were quite a few "dreamers" in our Boot Camp and we felt very welcomed at Escapade.
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