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  1. Any idea what highway 101 from Oregon to California in a 40' class is going to be like for me? I've done it in a car and on a bike, never in something this size....
  2. Our plans were just about the same. We have an engaemnet in San Jose the last weekend of September, another in Santa Maria on October 4th, then over to LasVegas.I cannot say I'm relaxed about these trips....
  3. My dad started and ran Huck Finn Sportfishing out of Pillar Point harbour in Half Moon Bay Ca. back when I was a kid. He's since retired, and sold it, however I do remember a few things from those days: Any publicly accessable man made fixed point, things like Piers and docks, require no license to fish from, other than Jetties. Those for some unknown reason require a license. Any trip on a charter boat will more than likely cover your state fees in the price of your ticket. I've pretty much given up most of my fresh water fishing due to the cost of a license. I was fortunate enough that when Dad sold the business, I got to take quite a bit of equipment as a momento of those halcyon days of my youth: All the saltwater fish and crabs I could eat, watching whales, and cleaning up after all of those folks that had never set foot on the deck of a boat before, and would most likely, never do it again. I've gotten to the point that I actually prefer going out on a chater for the day. I have the equipment (Dads custom poles still attract a bit of attention) and there's just something about the sea... It may seem more expenseive, however, I've come away from almost every trip with three things: Fish, new friends, and great memories...two of those are priceless
  4. We're headed south in two weeks, into what a friend laughingly reffered to as Calinferno. A state of emergency was declared in california this week by Governor Brown, due to the wildfires, many of which are still raging out of control. So, I was wondering, is there anyone that may have had plans to head south and changed their destinations due to the ongoing drought and subsequent fires?
  5. Slightly off the subject, but in the same spirit. A friend in Moro Bay Ca. just lost one parent, and the other moved to assited living, leaving their view lot in an area called Moro Heights or highlands, with a house and Space for up to 42 ft of RV, complete with 30 amp hook up and sewer, free for us to use when we're in town. I did some checking before we comited to parking there as security, in exchange for space use. It turns out that It's not allowed. You can park and hook up, spend the day in it, but you cannot spend the night in your coach, on private property in Moro Bay it seems
  6. Yeah, I did the same thing with a Bobby-Pin and a wall outlet at three years old. I was always more advanced than my peers, from what I'm told...
  7. We've been in this park for a year, taking the coach out occasionally for trips around the state. It's not the best place we've stayed, however the owners are working on improvements, and are great folks all around. They are very security minded, and keep an eye out for any suspicious characters. Garbage and water are covered in your space rental. If you're in the Portland Oregon area, need an inexpensive place to stay and do some work on your rig, I can readily recommend Steeves.
  8. She was looking at trying to get more amp hours. I pointed out today that what we really should be looking at is supplemental power such as solar and wind. She's always liked the idea of wind power, so next weekend we're going to go check out a 600 watt wind turbine at Frys.....Expect more questions....
  9. Right now we have 4 6 volt house batteries, I'm not sure what the amp hours on them are, I do know they are only a year old. Moon asked me today if we could replace the four 6 volts with four 12 volts. I had to tell her that I am just not sure. I will be the first person to tell you that electricity scares the living hell out of me (I stuck a fork in an outlet when I was 3, it left a lasting impression) and tampering with anything to do with it makes me nervous....
  10. Well, we're done installing the Allure. There are a few things that still need to be addressed, I want wood flooring in the cockpit, and since we're doing that, we're going to use the same wood to cover the engine access hatch in the bedroom.There's a hump in it, at the rear, so I'll have to build up around it and use my wood skills to round it a bit so there won't be any stubbed toes. Over all, we're pleased with the flooring. The cats, are really enjoying themselves on it, the laser has them skidding all over the place...... Pogo Mau ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pogo-Mau/758400314204858?ref=hl ) loves to stretch out on the floor in front of the TV now, he never did it before, so I guess he approves!
  11. Slide locks are a set of securing mechanisms mounted at both ends of the slide. When the slide is in, they are pushed into the "Lock" position. Sometimes by hand, sometimes with the use of a tool that is made for them. this prevents the slide from going out while you are driving. They are, on my unit at least, a hinged set of flat bars, with a locking plate. If you have them they would be about midway up the end wall of the slide, on what becomes the outside wall when the slide is out.
  12. Ok, I'm lost here, is it stuck in, or out? If in, silly question, but have you released the slide lock(s)?
  13. Nice warm couple of days here in Milwaukie Oregon, so I got up on the roof to check a few things out. After a winter spent under a beach tree, the roof needs a good cleaning. I pulled the cover off of the zone one air conditioner, cleaned the dust and assorted detritus from the coil fins, and did an inspection. I had the wife turn on the air conditioning in zone 1 and sure enough, it came right on! When it did, the compressor (or what I assume to be it) kicked, hard. The rubber mounting bushings are toast . Other than that, it all looks to be working ok. Now I just need to get a new cover, and those bushings.... I'm wondering if they have to be OEM, or can I just source some the same size? Is there a specific rubber density for these do you think?
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