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  1. 2018 East Coast Rally.

    Deb and I had a great time. Thanks Carl, Donna, and all the presenters. Kim, if you see this, your team makes this rally all that more enjoyable. We had to leave early for another event but enjoyed our time there. Weather put a damper on a lot of maintenance but there was a hood or two open. I always learn something new at the rallies. We left too early to fill out a comment sheet. I went to the website but could not locate a place for 2018 input/comments so I will put mine here. The info for the newbies is great and should continue. For those of us who have heard them more than once, we need something for the established truck owners. I will PM Carl and Steve D with my suggestion.

    Click For Full-Size Image. Click For Full-Size Image.
  3. ECR Pre-Rally

    We are on our way. We are traveling with Pat (JPL) and Shirley. We are staying at Asheville East KOA and will be in tomorrow, Thursday. Click For Full-Size Image.
  4. Davco 380 Fuel Filter Change

    Yes, I went over to Pat's place and helped. Miserable day but his shop was a warm place to recoup in. His shop is beautiful. If I could keep my shop like that I would put in a poker table to go with all the other great stuff he has and never work in it. Invite all the guys over and let them admire my shop. The bubbles did not appear to be consistent with an air leak to me. With those, there is a stream of bubbles. These were small and coming from all over the place. I found a couple of pieces of literature from DAVCO on air bubbles. They say that air bubbles are not good and to fix before driving. I may have made things worse because in one place it says in big words, "HAND TIGHTEN THE COLLAR AND VENT CAP. OVERTIGHTENING CAN CREATE A TWISTED SEAL RESULTING IN AN AIR LEAK.". My master plan was tighten it more if it leaks. I called Pat last night and told him to try backing the collar off and hand tighten. Have not heard from him today. Maybe that is good news. Carl, thanks for the manual. I don't have a DAVCO on my rig but I want one for my shop transfer pump. The fuel level rise must be due to an increased vacuum by the fuel pump with restriction. Pretty clever.
  5. '18 ECR Flea Market

    Al (alan0043). I would like those aluminum wheels. I will have to leave the ECR early Wednesday morning so would not want to wait until the official flea time. Chet
  6. Last East Coast Rally Update

    Weather channel long range forecast is showing mid-60s day and high-40s at night.
  7. TSLB2H hitch maintenance

  8. TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    Thanks all. I am considering dismantling my nearly new TSLB2H that the insurance company bought me and make the same mods before they wear. I might also put grease zerks in the jaw clevis pins but there was so little wear I doubt it would be worth it. Opinions, please.
  9. TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    Randy's hitch is all together. The side clevis pins (the ones that will not come out normally) were the most worn. The clevis pins down through the top of the hitch that the jaws swivel on showed no wear. Here is a picture of the modified hitch side clevis pins. The pins are new and oversized to fit. I left a shoulder on the end to keep them from going in more than they should. They were center bored to the depth of the center pivot point. The end of that center bore was taped to 1/4-28 and a grease zerk installed. Then a outboard retainer was made to keep the pin from coming out but still let the pin be removed later for inspection. Randy will have to let us know how the pin holds up. Click For Full-Size Image.
  10. Older batteries in a 2013 truck

    On your first post, you stated that you used the inverter. I reckon you know that an inverter makes 120VAC. A converter charges batteries. Yours may be a converter/inverter, don't know. You should put a DC meter on your batteries and then turn on a converter. If the voltage does not show that the voltage is rising, get a battery charger and put it on the batteries.
  11. Older batteries in a 2013 truck

    There is a site called Battery University that is very informative about all types of batteries. This section of lead-acid talks about what happens to lead-acid batteries and why starter batteries will not take as many cycles as deep-cycle batteries. http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/lead_based_batteries
  12. 2007 VOLVO 780 IN FLORIDA

    Browsing Craigslist while down in FL and came across this. Over 1 million miles. https://lakeland.craigslist.org/hvo/d/tractortrailer-2007-v0lv0/6528694189.html
  13. TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    Got it Randy. I have 4" angle iron, too (I think). I am certain I have 3" so I will look for the 4". We are on our way to FL I will let you know later. I assume it would be two pieces 34" long.
  14. Trailer Fire - need some help please.

    RandyA, Don't know if you are following the TRAILERSAVER Maintenance thread. I posted some info there that seemed more appropriate to that thread.
  15. TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    For Randy A: I cannot send you PMs so I will post the status of the hitch here. I sent the admin a copy of the rejection message. It is posted below if anyone can help fix it. Click For Full-Size Image. I turned new pins out of 1045 steel. The clevis pins were the most worn but the holes were worn too. To make them fit fairly snugly, I cut aluminum pins out first and kept reducing their size until they fit. One side was cut to 1.270 and the other to 1.273. The stock ones were supposed to be 1.25 but they were about 1.23 in places there should not have been wear. I left a shoulder on the outboard end to keep the pin from going in any further than it should. I then center drilled the pins part way through to where the Attaching Plate (#18 on drawing) goes and drilled a small hole perpendicular through the pin at the center of where the Attachment Plate rotates on it. I then tapped the end to 1/4-28 and put a grease zerk in it. I works good and even pushes grease into the top plate housing. I welded the slots cut in the housing that allowed me to get the clevis pins/groove pin out. I glass bead blasted the whole thing and it is primed. Further work to complete the painting and put it back together will take place when we get back from FL on March 25. I will make plates to go over the holes where the clevis pins go in with a hole in the middle of it to allow access to the grease zerks. This will keep the clevis pins from coming out while in operation but allow removal for inspection later on. I will need the dimensions of the 1/2 inch plate when you get to them. No rush, just need them at least by 09 April. We depart for Crossville on the 11th. Chet