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  1. NeverEasy

    Professional Soldering

    Not that we noticed.
  2. NeverEasy

    Professional Soldering

    Sorry to hear that , Carl. We hope to see you in April. We are in Branson, MO now and will pack up and head to Hutch this A.M. Chet
  3. NeverEasy

    Professional Soldering

    Talk to Deb when we get to the National Rally. She is a certified micro-miniture repair tech. She does everything critical for me. She uses and older version of one of these: https://gokimco.com/pace-8007-04500-st50-esd-safe-digital-intelliheat-soldering-station-with-td-100-iron.html?gdffi=a2b2595eeb2e44a8bc2e332d298712bc&gdfms=5D6E5C9455964B2F9E35CA319330B16A&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvfrE7ZT83QIVEdNkCh1d7w0eEAQYAiABEgJRT_D_BwE
  4. NeverEasy

    Close to getting an HDT

    Congratulations! Lots of information in the Heavy Haulers Resource Guide. Would recommend getting a good diesel fuel injector cleaner to add to that first fuel. I own an 01 with the same engine/transmission as you. Love it.
  5. NeverEasy

    Removing Volvo Cab Visor

    Don't know about Gen 2. Last week I removed the visor on my '01 to repaint and fix the left clearance light. Two 1.25 x 8 mm. x 30mm hex head bolts on the cab sides. Two torx head (T40) in the middle, same size as outer. Once the bolts were removed, the visor just sat on the inner mounting brackets so there was no hassle holding it up. Wire for lights came out the right cab mounting brackets, underneath the visor perch. It was long enough to lift the visor out, pull the connector out from the cab, and disconnect. I used my backhoe bucket to work out of. Eight foot bucket gave me plenty of room. Side bolts were very rusty. The left one twisted off. The nut is a rivet nut in the fiberglass cab. I drilled it out and put in a new aluminum rivet nut. I used stainless steel hardware to put it back on.
  6. NeverEasy


    Thanks, Charlie. Yes, when at the West Coast Rally, I had an opportunity to work on a truck that was having brake problems. I noticed the difference and did some checks. The new one has electronics and did away with the long rheostat. The output was significantly smoother and more linear than the old. I ordered one and installed it. I had put hydraulic disc brakes on my trailer. The old one went from nothing to full lock (skidding tires). I had to tape a chunk of wood to the knob to keep the old one from always sliding the tires. The hydraulic disc controller only take .8 amps to lock up the tires vs 13 amps with the electric drum. The new Hayes is much more controllable. I dialed it down to .75 amps and I am getting the braking I need. More info here: Hope to see you at Hutch. Chet
  7. NeverEasy


    Is the Max Brake not working. If you replace it, I would like to acquire it even if it is not working. Chet
  8. NeverEasy

    Soliciting electrical expertise at the National HDT Rally.

    Dave, I would be happy to assist at Hutch. I always carry electrical tools but I will throw in some extra repair parts that should be enough to get the job done. Chet
  9. NeverEasy


    Thanks, Pat. Come soon. We will be leaving for the National Rally on October 5th with a stop at Branson, MO for a few days. Are you going? The project is still in a changing state. I probably will not get enough time between now and departure to make changes. I will have some time to work on it on the way. Volvo heat/AC blower motor quit. TMI had one in stock with fans for $118. Replacing it today along with the new version of the Hayes Air Brake Controller.
  10. NeverEasy


    Thanks, I still have to do some research on each sensors unique capabilities. For example, the MQ-2 is a smoke detector (mount high) and also sensitive to a lot of heavy gases. Some testing may be required.
  11. NeverEasy


    Don't know why. I intend to use at least two of the following: The MQ-2 smoke sensor is sensitive to smoke and to the following flammable gases: LPG, Butane, Propane, Methane, Alcohol, Hydrogen MQ-6 gas sensor can detect kinds of flammable gases, especially has high sensitivity to LPG. MQ-4 gas sensor has high sensitivity to methane, also has anti-interference to alcohol and other gases. MQ-7 gas sensor has good sensitivity to carbon monoxide. I still need to do some reading to get the right mix. The MQ-2 will get too hot to touch so I may go with the other three if they don't present the same issue.
  12. NeverEasy


    If anyone is interested, I posted the project here: https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/beekeeper/rv-and-home-fire-early-waning-hot-spot-detector-7d76be?f=1 I intend to add propane/carbon monoxide/methane sensors to the bedroom next. Those will only show on the LCD if an alarm condition exists.
  13. NeverEasy

    HDT/hitch for tow behind travel trailer

    Are you talking bumper pull or 5th wheel? Either way, what Big5er says goes for both. There is no give in the rear of our trucks. For bumper pull I use one of these: http://airsafehitch.com/receivers/class-vii/ They come in different classes.
  14. NeverEasy


    Got both from Amazon. DS18B20 comes in several different packages. I got the T0-92 3-pins for all the places that will be dry. I mounted them to a circuit board and then drilled a hole in the circuit board for a place to put a zip tie through. Also gave me a place to number them as they are address specific. For the places that might get wet, I bought the waterproof package of 5. They are slower to respond to temperature changes but still do the job. I recommend reading these two documents if you will use the same OpenLCD I did. arduino-info - Brick-Temperature-DS18B20 https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/avr-based-serial-enabled-lcds-hookup-guide/introduction I have installed the device in the 5th wheel. It did not like an extended "star system" when I added the two waterproof sensors for the frig and freezer. So I had to add a second one-wire bus to the program and put those two sensors on it. I also changed the program to display and store the highest temperature each sensor sees since the last Arduino reset. Therefore, if you walk into the RV and the back light is red, you can see what the temperature got to on the offending sensor. Reset it to get back to a green back light. Here is a new video with it installed.
  15. NeverEasy


    Well, this proves I am not a social media kind of person. I don't post much. I looked at it and found it was "private". Try again if you wish and let me know if it works. Thanks for letting me know. Chet https://youtu.be/-9ctMc8RdAg