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  1. Cost to license MDT/HDT in SD

    Go to yourbestaddress.com or call 800-419-1690 and ask them. They do this all the time. Registration is based on weight.
  2. Underbody Boxes

    http://www.protech.net/ PROTECH is a good source.
  3. National Interstate Insurance

    x2 on National General.
  4. HDT Rally Site update

    Where are they posted? I went to the National HDT site and found no posting. I went to your website and found no posting. Maybe I should try a different browser. ??? OOPS! Found it. Under Previous Rallies, 2017, Attendees. Unk 6: Chet & Deb Myrick
  5. Some great pictures and ideas posted. Thanks. Getting here a bit late. You will probably get a better search result by searching on Google and directing the search engine to this site. Enter the search word or words before "site:http://rvnetwork.com". Example: wheel chocks site:http://rvnetwork.com If you want to get a specific lookup on a group of words and not individual words , put them in quotes. Example: "wheel chocks" site:http://rvnetwork.com
  6. Disney Wilderness big enough for us?

    Could not find much in the HHRV Campgrounds. Here is what the Big Rigs site has for that area. If you see "FF" it means the site will handle a 45 ft rig w/ tow. No personal experience with any of them. DISNEY'S FORT WILDERNESS RESORT & CAMPGROUND Although specific sites cannot be reserved ahead of time, mention BIG RIGS Best Bets at the gate and, if available, you will get preferential treatment. There are many sites that can be made to work for you, but our recommendations are loops 600, 900, 1100, 1200 and 1300. Specifically sites #903, 920, 921, 922, 1101, 1103, 1122 and 1124 that are 60 feet. Sites #602, 615, 620, 625, 627, 629, 637 & 919 which are at least 65 feet and FF. KISSIMMEE/ORLANDO KOA Paved streets and sites. Site #108 is 65 feet, #128 - 70 feet, #100 - 75 feet (back out when departing), #110, 111, 112 - 80 feet and #101, 118, 119, 120 & 121 are 90 footers. Note : If you are assigned double up sites in the 200 and 300 rows, you may have a close neighbor if the park is busy. Wi-Fi. LAKE MAGIC RV RESORT (CLERMONT) Probably the best sites are 70 footers #622 thru 646 (except #637). Other options in the 65-foot range - #216, 217, 218 & 220 thru 248. A tad over 60 feet - #729 thru 747. Just shy of 60 feet are pull-in spaces #832 thru 841. For a back-in try 70-footer #860. FF: #622 thru 646 (except 637). Wi-Fi. Paved streets, mostly paved sites. Secured entry. ORANGE BLOSSOM KOA (APOPKA) Paved streets and grass sites in the 75-foot range - #48, 49, 50 51 & 75. For a 60 foot back-in select #39, 40, 42 & 43 while #69 & 70 are just a tad shorter. Wi-Fi. ORLANDO SOUTHWEST FT. SUMMIT KOA (DAVENPORT) Paved streets and mostly grass sites in the 55-60 foot range - #1 thru 6, 10 thru 18, 20, 22, 30, 32, 33, 35, 36 & 47. Don’t overlook #289 - a 60 foot back-in. Wi-Fi. TROPICAL PALMS SUN RESORT (KISSIMMEE) All streets are paved as are the “super” sites. Try #330, 331, 337, 355, 357 & 358 or #508, 509, 513 or 514. Numerous grass sites available, some are 30 amp. FF: #330, 331, 337, 355 & 358. Wi-Fi.
  7. Traveling through Ontario Canada

    I know that someone on this forum got chased down by their LEO and was told all vehicles over 26K had to stop. I am planning a trip to Alaska and the point really set in. I am most happy not to stop.
  8. Traveling through Ontario Canada

    I think the rules are different in Canada for stopping at weigh stations. I was told (no experience yet) that all vehicles over 26K must stop. Perhaps someone can verify.
  9. On Board Diagnostics

    I use VMSPC on a small tablet computer. You select your engine. It is a great electronic dashboard, too. http://www.silverleafelectronics.com/node/6
  10. AIR LEAKS-I give up!

    Don't know what your truck is. If it is an auto-shift, try the Whisper on the top/rear of the transmission. I had to get the Whisper right up above the tyranny to find it, and it was a big leak.
  11. Place to stop half way to Austin?

    Super, thanks!
  12. Place to stop half way to Austin?

    That looks to be a nice park. How about making a submission to the HHRV Campgrounds Directory at http://hhrvcampgrounds.com/campsubmission.php
  13. Place to stop half way to Austin?

    I can't help you with the 30/35 route or way around Dallas. No experience traveling that route or using any overnight campgrounds. I went to the Heavy Hauler Resource Guide and found two RV parks for big rigs. Still Meadow RV Park Mt Vernon, TX Shady Pines RV Texarkana, TX Then I went to the Big Rigs site and found some more. MT. PLEASANT KOA www.koa.com MT. PLEASANT, Texas Paved sites #37 and 38 are 80 footers while #46 is at 75 feet and #39 is in the 65 foot range. Thirty amp sites #35 and 36 are also paved and at 70 feet while #34 is a gravel 70 footer. FF: #37, 38 & 46. Wi-Fi. Directions On I-30, exit Business 271—eastbound Exit #162, westbound #162A. Proceed north on Business 271 to the first light and take a right on Greenhill Road. You will see the park on the right just a few hundred yards ahead. Address 2322 Greenhill Road, 75455 Phone 903-572-5005 - 800-562-5409 Email mptxkoa@gmail.com DALLAS NORTHEAST KOA www.dnekoa.com CADDO MILLS, Texas Overnight stop only. Sites #1 & 58 are 75 footers while #59, 60, 61 & 66 are 85 feet. Spaces #58 & 59 are a straight shot in. FF: All sites listed. Wi-Fi. Directions On I-30, Exit #85 and go north on FM 36 for ¼ mile to the park on your left. Address 4268 FM 36, 75135 Phone 903-527-3615 Email dnekoa@1starnet.com
  14. Notice East Coast Rally

    Nice job on the pay by PayPal registration. Magic!
  15. Interesting trip

    Carl, That is why I carry one of these with a 1/2" to 1" adapter. I used to carry a air impact but this does the job. Just a couple of turns with the torque-multiplier and an impact will do the rest. https://www.amazon.com/Milwaukee-2764-22/dp/B00GFTS19C/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1509662712&sr=8-15&keywords=milwaukee+m12+impact+wrench Added together, the wrenches are a bit pricey but waiting 8 hours for service and a $500 bill makes the price reasonable. Could have easily run in on one tire of the duals.