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  1. NeverEasy

    Smart car running ruff after buying gas

    We have owned our 2011 Smart for 5 years and have always ran regular. Did not notice until about a year ago that there is a tag near the fill port that says something like 93 octane or better.
  2. NeverEasy


    While at the WCR, I had an opportunity to work on a Hayes brake controller and found it completely different from my simple rheostat/slider one. This one was full of electronics. After the problem was fixed (PFM) I checked the output voltage and current. Both ramped up and down relative to air pressure much better and smoother than mine. I contacted Hayes and was given the new part number: HA100400C. I ordered one today.
  3. NeverEasy

    2018 West Coast Rally

    We just walked into the house in Virginia. Visited my brother in northern Illinois on the way back. Chad, thanks for doing all the work to put the WCR together. It was superb! And, thanks to all the other attendees. Great interaction. Made some new friends. Learned new things. Could not have been better. Chet and Deb
  4. NeverEasy

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Chad, There has been a couple of cancellations. I need to call Carol and see if I can get in a bit earlier. Chet
  5. NeverEasy

    Water tank

    The RV water pump works well for me, too. On mine, there is a female hose fitting on the "in" side and a male hose fitting on the "out" side. I made a 55 gal barrel length "U" shaped pipe out of PVC that will go into the white plastic barrel and hang over the side. The barrel end has a water filter. The outside end has a male hose fitting that attaches to the pump. The output of the pump is fed to a FW hose and attached to the City Water Connection on the trailer. I don't need to transfer to the FWT but I can. For gray water and black (if I have to), I carry two blue plastic 55 gallon drums. Like Lance A Lot, a macerator pump is used to dump the trailer contents into the tank. When I get home, I just fill a 3/4 inch hose with water, put one end in the barrel and the drop the other end into the septic tank fill port. Mr gravity does the work.
  6. NeverEasy

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Chad, Carol called and let us know she had an opening on Fri-Tues so we will be a day late pulling in but will drive the Smart in from Gowen Army Reserve base where will will be staying in the wait. Is there a schedule published? Chet
  7. NeverEasy

    My DIY 3rd air bag TrailerSaver hitch

    My new Trailersaver came with a third air bag. My trailer pin weight is fairly light. I will have to recall the weight sheet. So I would disconnect the third bag and let the air run in/out and thereby making it act like a rebound shock absorber. Interesting idea. Do I need to put some kind of filter on it to keep the dirt out?
  8. NeverEasy

    Mini spits vs thousands in ac

    The mini-split heat pump is all installed. It works great! The OAT was 85. I set the AC to 69 and it got there in a hurry. It is very quiet. The current draw was a bit disappointing. It started out at 5.8 amps but when it got going it pulled a bit over 8 amps. I ran it on the truck 1Kw inverter and it ran fine but the DC draw (on the inverter front panel) only showed 45 amps. Should have been around 78 amps if my clamp-on was any where near correct. I put a high amperage alternator on the truck a year ago so it would probably run it of the inverter ok but I have the 3kw Honda. The Honda ran on ECO and there was hardly a noticeable load. I have a couple more clamp-on AC meters. I better do some more checks.
  9. NeverEasy

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Chad, We are going to be in McCall, ID for another rally and wanted to go to the WCR but both of us had doctor's appointment. Those have now been changed and we can make the WCR but we are time late. There is no room at the inn! The nice lady is working to see what she can do.
  10. NeverEasy

    Mini spits vs thousands in ac

    Data plate says 6 amps max. When I get it running, I will put a clamp-on AC current meter on it. The old one would run off my 1kw inverter. This one should too.
  11. NeverEasy

    Mini spits vs thousands in ac

    I gave the RV AC a lot of thought. We have had this truck 4 years and I don't know how long the previous owner had put the 12K mini-split on the truck but it worked great until this spring, therefore, we will give this a try. We like the smaller footprint of the 9K and hope it will not cycle on/off as much. Pictures follow, I hope. This is the indoor part of the 9K heat pump. Tray under it was because the old one leaked water on the bed below. When removed, I found that the installer had just pushed an extension onto the drain and did not tape them together. The female end of the extension cracked open and the two came apart. I will leave the gutter on until we are certain not water will drip from the new one. Click For Full-Size Image. This is the outdoor rack. Unit weighs 69 lbs. The supports under the rack can be seen better on the next picture. Click For Full-Size Image. This is the mounted outdoor unit. Only thing left to do is connect the outdoor line set, evac the system and let the freon in the outdoor unit fill the system. Click For Full-Size Image.
  12. NeverEasy

    Mini spits vs thousands in ac

    We have run our mini-split while moving on a few occasions and it worked fine until this spring. I checked the freon charge and it was empty. It may have well been shock and vibs that broke one of the line sets but I did not waste time looking as we wanted to replace it anyway. I should have pictures of the new install ready and posted NLT Wednesday.
  13. NeverEasy

    Mini spits vs thousands in ac

    We ran a 12K system on ours but it went bad last year. The 12K was too big as it cycled on/off too much. We bought a 9k and I am in the process of installing it now. I was worried I could not get the truck ac to work but that has now been resolved. I still want the mini-split heat pump working. DW gets mean if she does not have ac. A happy wife is..... Are you interested in install pictures? I am building a new rack mount for the back of the cab. The old one had enough rust that would have been more work than building a new/better one. I just got it welded and painted today. Will probably mount it Tuesday if I get all the PM on the back of the cab done.
  14. NeverEasy


    Ever since we have owned the '01 Volvo (6 years), in the spring, I have had to add freon. Well, this year the leaks would not let me keep up. So I dumped in a can of freon with dye and found the leaks. One was at the high pressure input to the condenser and both expansion valves (one for the cab and one for the bunk area) were leaking. I took it to a local ac shop and they evacuated the system for $223. Ouch. I bought an "AC O-ring kit" from Volvo and thought I would be good to do the replacements. Well, they might fit a Gen 2 but the kit was of little use to my Gen 1. The generic AC o-ring kit at Napa did me the most good. Combined with it and the Volvo kit I had all but one o-ring, the big one that is one of a pair that goes on the top of the condenser (high pressure input). I finally found one that would fit from Tidewater Fleet Supply that was listed as one for a Chrysler expansion valve. The biggest help was going to the Resource Guide (thanks Mark even if you think I am a nitpicker) and downloading the one for the AC system (PV776-TSP144796). It told me how to get it all apart where I needed help and listed the amount of freon it would take to charge it back up (3 lb, 12 oz). It also told me how to build a dip-stick to check the oil level in the pump. The manual recommended changing the receiver/dryer and I did but my sight glass was still blue ( pink or red if desiccant is no longer able to absorb moisture). Before I vacuumed and charged the system, I did what some places on facebook said I could do, I charged the system with the driest air I had (that I use for the plasma cutter) to 120 p.s.i. and went looking with bubble solution. I was not comfortable with this but I did not want to charge the system with freon and then find leaks and have to pay to have it evacuated again. No leaks found, I put the vacuum pump on it for 8 hours and shut it down for 4 hours. The vacuum held so I charged it with the full load of freon and it worked great! The cab and the bunk area air filters had to be replaced, too. On eidt, I forgot Nylog. It must be a relatively new AC system sealant. It is made from some find of synthetic freon and is compatible with all types of freon. It is used on o-rings and compression fittings.
  15. NeverEasy

    BInkley hitch head failing

    Just getting caught up with things. My theory on the hole drilled in the clevis pin is that it is an 1 1/4 pin with a 1/8 inch hole drilled to the depth of the center of the swivel mount (read that, not all the way through to the inner mount on the head). The swivel mount is sandwiched between the two sides of the fifth wheel head brackets with less than 1/8 inch between the faces of them. Therefore, the inner most part of the clevis pin where it goes through the inner most part of the head mount is not drilled at all. If it were just two side-by-side pieces of steel then I would worry about that clevis pin cracking. But the way it is built, it puts the stress on three points of the pin evenly. I also found that when I greased the clevis pin, the grease hydraulically pushed out both sides of the head mounting holes, thus no other holes were needed to lube the two other pivot joints.