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  1. Jimalberta

    Getting hot going over mountains

    I agree with Bill w/bus. Get to know your drivetrain intimitely and how it behaves in all conditions. I like what he says about letting your speed drop Slowly and the fact that if you dont get more speed by adding throttle all you are doing is adding heat and wasting gas.
  2. Jimalberta

    Any Advice on best 4x4 RV for off-road Boondocking?

    Persoanlly I would build my own. Start with a half decent school bus and convert it to 4x4 and build the insides the way I want it. the way we do it now is boon dock as far off road as you can with a dp with hiway tires ( not very far) and then explore with either my pickup 4x4 or my side by side 4x4.
  3. So here we are in The Ogilby road area and I see a sign for the escapees boondockers. Welcome to the neighborhood!
  4. Jimalberta

    Random questions from the crack of dawn

    We use laundromats as well. Most good laundromats have wifi so we catch up on that end of life at the same time.
  5. Jimalberta

    Fifth wheel hitch

    Get something with an airbag. Far too many fifth wheels have cracked frames so the easier you can treat the stress on the hitch the better.
  6. Jimalberta

    Opinions on warranties & protection plans??

    Ray.we do as well. It would be painfull but doable. I have never believed in any kind of extended warranties and I feel it has saved me money in the long run. I also do the majority of my own work.
  7. Jimalberta

    2011 Grand Cherokee as Toad wiring lights?

    I made a light bar that fits onto the 2" hitch reciever on the jeep. I used one of the towing light kits that you can buy at harbor freight, ran the wires along the frame to the front.
  8. Jimalberta

    Furnace fuse

    I've experienced this too. Strange but the only thing I can think is that the fuse will carry alow test voltage but somehow is open to a slightly higher voltage.
  9. Jimalberta

    mexican insurance

    A friend of mine who travels every year to Mexico told me to never buy insurance at the border...too expensive. He buys his from a firm in Los Angeles.
  10. Jimalberta

    Solo RVers - somewhat somber post - be aware

    Regarding CPR ...keep in mind that the first 3 or 4 compressions usually break your sternum and ribcage so consider that. If you are in your 80s you probably wont survive CPR and if you do you have a lot of healing to do.
  11. Jimalberta

    Boondocking on BLM, etc.....general road conditions?

    We travel with a side by side on the back of our pickup. I have used the sxs to scout but generally I will simply unhitch the pickup and use it to scout a place for the MH. It takes longer to unload the sxs off the pickup.
  12. Jimalberta

    How long is too long?

    I carry a RZR 800 in the bed of my pickup that I tow behind my motorhome. If I were to add a motorcycle to the mix I would put a lift onto the hitch of the motorhome and carry it there. Its definitely doable. I have , at times, considered converting my pickup to a flat bed to give me more carrying capacity for a wider side by side. the advantage I like with towing 4 down is that I can very easily detach the pickup and scout ahead for camping sites both RV parks and boondocking.
  13. Jimalberta

    Wheeew, what a trip

    Lol....I've been on that road with my pickup. No way I would take my 40' DP on there. My hat is off to you. They should make a sticker for that experience.
  14. I have lived in grizzly country all my life without carrying a firearm. I only carry a firearm if I'm hunting.
  15. Jimalberta

    Blind Spot Questions

    Tex I have to disagree with your statement about the reason for auto trannys in trucks. My brother is a truck driver and has driven semis for Purolator for his whole working career. He now has a bad left hip which is very common in this industry. He is having that hip replaced in October. He told me just today that if he hadnt switched to an automatic truck he would have had to retire or quit trucking years ago. I'm sure that switch did not make him simply a steering wheel holder.