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  1. Alaska is one of the states of the United States. Later, J
  2. All my cameras are wired and work well. That said I wonder if anyone is using wireless security cameras on their rigs. I am familiar with several of these that work very well indeed, but, they all need access to your wireless network to function. Comes to mind that with the current array of portable hotspots and jetpacks this seems more possibility then ever. I plan to install one or more cameras on our rig for security using a Mobley but so far this little bugger seems to need resetting every so often even though it is set to on all the time.
  3. I have been crossing into and out of Canada for over 50 years in route to and from Alaska. In years gone by you could transport a handgun through Canada but it was sealed in a plastic bag. That said the only time I have been hassled was at the Bellingham crossing. My fiancé and I flew south to purchase a new car. It only had dealer plates and they would expire in a few days so I asked where I could obtain another to get us through Canada and back to Alaska. The car was loaded to the gills including the roof. We were pulled to the area where they did searches and then taken upstairs for questioning, i.e. Where you going? Why? How long in Canada? I pointed out that they were holding my Alaska DL and we were returning home. Lots of questions they went on and on and some I did not think appropriate and told them so, like how long you been together with you fiancé?, etc. They questioned us both together and separately. Toward the end they said I had to have money to go through Canada. I asked how much and would only show them that amount but did show them my Alaska Airlines CC. They kept us waiting long periods between questionings and refused to answer my question on where I could get a temporary plate to get back home. In the end I became frustrated and went downstairs to a phone booth and called the RCMP and explained what was going on. The Officer said he would be right there to help so I waited at the phone booth. As it turns out the place to get a temporary was directly under the border people that had be questioning us. The RCMP Officer went in with me and I walked out with a 2 week plate in hand in less than 10 minutes. We then went upstairs and they were stunned that I had called law enforcement to help get us get out of there. When we got back to ground level our car was still sitting right where I left it and had not been searched. We thanked the RCMP Officer and were on our way north. To this day I have no idea what this was about. Later, J
  4. Just spotted this Mobley on eBay in case you are interested. http://www.ebay.com/itm/At-T-ZTE-Mobley-4G-LTE-Wi-Fi-Hotspot-with-FREE-USB-Power-Adapter-/322656926876?hash=item4b1fd9fc9c:g:~vMAAOSwRztZlTuh Later J
  5. Nice write up. Thanks for taking the time. Later, J
  6. With the Anderson the turn over ball would remain so horse trailers and others of that type are still on the agenda. The difference is that the Anderson is much lighter and easier to take in and out of your bed. I used to just carry my Companion hitch to the pick up but now I try and use a wheel barrow to get it close enough to maneuver into place in the bed and would not miss doing this at all. Later, J
  7. I am fairly convinced that I would be using the Anderson vise our B & W had I know about the hitch a few years back. Later, J
  8. I once had a kink in our fill hose. Ran a electric fish tape through it and it cleared up (for a while). Eventually had to revisit the fill hose when I was under the underbelly covering doing some work. Found the kink and used electrical tie wraps to hold the hose in an unkinked position. It's fine now but was a real pain filling the tank one drip at a time. Later, J
  9. 2X on the bales. Local hay (read poor quality) worked for us. Got us through a winter with temperatures to 16 below while the winds were blowing 65 mph.. Later, J PS Might not like the red neck look in a park though.
  10. Glendale, AZ is not far from you. I had a complete teeth cleaning there for $48 (I paid $50 per quadrant in MX) and it was the most extensive cleaning I have ever had. The job is performed by a team of 3rd year dental students at the Midwestern University supervised by one of the staff dentists. Exceptional service and at a lower cost than anywhere I have found. We used to go to Los Algodonnes, MX but not since discovering the MWU. Plus is they will process your insurance claim but I think only for Delta Dental and BCBS. The link below will take you to their clinic page (they have several) where you can follow it to the Dental Institute page for additional details. Later, J https://www.mwuclinics.com/arizona
  11. No. I have 2 AT&T accounts. One with a share plan for our phones and the other with the $20 Mobley plan. I was told that any change to my existing account would constitute a change and loss of my grandfathered provisions. Hence I opened a new account for the Mobley. Hope this helps. Later, J PS The order conformation email I received was dated July 11th.
  12. Sorry I didn't mean to imply that the Mobley data came from our shared 40 GB account. The Mobley account is a separate 22GB/unlimited account that has been spoken of here many times. It was my understanding that if I added the Mobley to my existing account then I would have to change out from my grandfathered shared account to another. I got the Mobley directly from ATT the middle of last month. Later, J
  13. I opened a separate account for our Mobley at $20/month from our 40GB/rollover shared account for our phones. So far so good. Later, J
  14. 1X Donated the high-end RV King mattress that came with our rig to Salvation Army and got a Sleep Number. Love it! Later J
  15. I got a nice laugh out of this VW commercial on the subject and hope you do too. Check out the video here https://www.youtube.com/embed/Pkeiv7hZy_Y?rel=0 Later, J