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  1. Hoppers are not listed on the Dish's website as mobile receivers. Is there a way to start a pay as you go account for the RV using one? Later, J
  2. Enlightening. Local channels are "network" channels. Not familiar with what's available on those so I will look into them before I jump. Will post another topic with Dish questions since it seems pretty well liked. Thanks Linda. Later, J
  3. Thanks doc. I will research the best way to get one and activate it in the garage. Later, J
  4. Yes the sister-in-law's account. We winter there. Have no idea what local channels are so don't think I would miss them. Which model HD DVR's are not Genie's? Hope to record from more than one channel (if need be) at the same time. Later, J
  5. I want to get a HD DVR for the 5th wheel for times when there is no internet. Question is which one and how to do it? Lease or buy? Unlike many there will be times when the home setup will also be in use. Current equipment is a HR54-500 and a C51-100. Is it possible to add a DVR receiver for purpose stated? Later, J
  6. Vladimir thanks for posting. I enjoyed the read and knowledge it presented. Later, J
  7. Air Blowout, Winterize Kit, or Both?

    Lots of remote locations don't have pink stuff available so folks blow out everything quite successfully. There are many thousands of boats cleared of water this way all the time in Alaska. A plunger works fine for pumping clear a p-trap BTW. I have had good luck with air clearing water from the ice maker and tubing. How's the best way to get the pink stuff to do this? Make some pink slush? Later, J
  8. Wireless camera

    Yes I was referring to IP cameras. I use several of the wireless 3 MP variety as security cameras for the sticks and bricks because of issues running cable for Poe cameras and have been amazed at the range these newer cameras provide without use of a repeater. I especially like how they interface with iphone/android cells, ipads/tablets, and/or PC/Mac for viewing or recording from almost anywhere. The cameras I am currently using are Amcrest (re-branded Dahua cameras). They have a built in SD card that will loop record months video (depending on settings) that can be viewed, played back, or downloaded. I plan to add a couple more wireless domes to the rig and was wondering if anyone was using this type of IP camera. The drawback of course is you must have a WiFi network for them to work but I though that was the idea now days for lot of rigs. If my existing cameras had these capabilities watching some of my early tight blind side back ins would prove quite entertaining to watch. Later, J PS Yes you can reverse and/or mirror the image.
  9. Ceramic window tint?

    The topic caught my eye as a possible improvement to our rig. After 5 minutes of research on the topic I found this site that provides quite a bit of technical information on window tints. You might find it interesting. I did. Later, J http://www.engineeredgroup.com/how-to-shop-for-window-film/
  10. Digitizing documents and photographs

    I have had good luck simply laying out photos and photographing them with a high pixel camera. They can be tweaked later if need be. Can't think of the last time I used a fax as I usually just photograph the document and email it. Have run into the requirement to have legal documents in pdf format so jpg's need to be convert to pdf. Thanks Barb didn't know my HP all in one would separate photos. I will have to try this. Later, J
  11. I too have lived in bear country all my like and most of the time they run off like most every other critter in the woods but once in a while they don't. I can clearly recall wrapping the victim of a bear fatality in the tarp I carry and watching him hoisted into a helicopter. Later, J
  12. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    Alaska is one of the states of the United States. Later, J
  13. Wireless camera

    All my cameras are wired and work well. That said I wonder if anyone is using wireless security cameras on their rigs. I am familiar with several of these that work very well indeed, but, they all need access to your wireless network to function. Comes to mind that with the current array of portable hotspots and jetpacks this seems more possibility then ever. I plan to install one or more cameras on our rig for security using a Mobley but so far this little bugger seems to need resetting every so often even though it is set to on all the time.
  14. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    I have been crossing into and out of Canada for over 50 years in route to and from Alaska. In years gone by you could transport a handgun through Canada but it was sealed in a plastic bag. That said the only time I have been hassled was at the Bellingham crossing. My fiancé and I flew south to purchase a new car. It only had dealer plates and they would expire in a few days so I asked where I could obtain another to get us through Canada and back to Alaska. The car was loaded to the gills including the roof. We were pulled to the area where they did searches and then taken upstairs for questioning, i.e. Where you going? Why? How long in Canada? I pointed out that they were holding my Alaska DL and we were returning home. Lots of questions they went on and on and some I did not think appropriate and told them so, like how long you been together with you fiancé?, etc. They questioned us both together and separately. Toward the end they said I had to have money to go through Canada. I asked how much and would only show them that amount but did show them my Alaska Airlines CC. They kept us waiting long periods between questionings and refused to answer my question on where I could get a temporary plate to get back home. In the end I became frustrated and went downstairs to a phone booth and called the RCMP and explained what was going on. The Officer said he would be right there to help so I waited at the phone booth. As it turns out the place to get a temporary was directly under the border people that had be questioning us. The RCMP Officer went in with me and I walked out with a 2 week plate in hand in less than 10 minutes. We then went upstairs and they were stunned that I had called law enforcement to help get us get out of there. When we got back to ground level our car was still sitting right where I left it and had not been searched. We thanked the RCMP Officer and were on our way north. To this day I have no idea what this was about. Later, J