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  1. A pretty nice average can be obtained with your head in the oven and you feet in the freezer. Later, J
  2. KodiakJack


    http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/11/daniel-zimmerman/fact-check-shipping-firearms/ This shipping firearms article is from 2012. Nonetheless the links are current and support Yarome's summary. Handguns rules differ from long guns. Later, J PS We keep some firearms both in the states and in Alaska and travel with a pump action shotgun through Canada which has never been questioned. PSS Many years ago handguns were not a problem
  3. KodiakJack

    Awning Rollup Sun Shades

    We have a zip on/off Vista shade on the our 5th wheel's Dometic awning and love it. After looking at the Wind Pro awning diagram on PPL yes my guess is it would work just fine. The short piece that allows the shade to zip on/off stays on and rolls up when the awning retracts. Originally I thought the model you mentioned was like those often found on motor homes where the fabric coils up next to the rigs wall. I was wrong and the wind pro coils up the same as ours. Later, J
  4. When I was unable to search for and find the map posted here a couple years back showing the average temperature for cities around the US I turned to the web and I came on a cool map that shows this information is a "pleasant" manner. Though you might be interested. Enter a zip code or just click on the area of interest. http://kellegous.com/j/2014/02/03/pleasant-places/ Later, J PS “pleasant” here means the mean temperature was between (55° F and 75° F), the minimum temperature was above 45° F, the maximum temperature was below 85° F and there was no significant precipitation or snow depth.
  5. KodiakJack

    Hotspot/Router connections

    2X on the yellow model. Works great! Later, J
  6. KodiakJack

    Water conservation while dry camping

    I installed a ball valve at the shower head so you don't need to adjust water temperature when you turn off. Get wet. Turn off. Wash up. Turn on rinse. Turn off. Also use to throttle shower to lessen water use. Later, J
  7. KodiakJack

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    2X. Add eBay to that list. It had the best price I found for a Pathway X2 and Wally with free shipping and no tax as a bonus. Later, J
  8. Just finished a chat with Dish. I asked if I could get their On Dish Magazine mailed out to an address other then the billing or service address (only two options provided on line). The answer was no. So is there another source for this magazine or a Dish TV Guide in written format. Easy to find on line but just as difficult to use as scrolling through the on screen guide. Later, J
  9. KodiakJack

    Navigation App.

    Using Garmin Link on your Bluetooth cell phone you can search for locations and then send them to your Garmin GPS. Sort of the best of both worlds. The interface and voice directions our Dezl 760 is much easier to follow then either of our cell phones. Did not know that Copilot would work away from cell towers. Interesting. Will investigate further. Thanks for the info. Later, J
  10. KodiakJack

    Protecting external cable connections

    The USCG MK's on our diesel crew used permetex for the many remote start units they maintained. Some of these sites they were transported to by helicopter. Later, J
  11. KodiakJack

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    Honda parts and service are available at many locations. Honda generators are quiet and reliable with likely the best history of anything similar on the market. Later, J
  12. KodiakJack

    Personal Property Insurance

    When the driver's side window on our pickup was smashed and the brand new Garmin GPS taken its full replacement cost was covered by the personal property provision of our Progressive full time policy, and not the pickup's. The pickup's policy covered it's damage. Later, J
  13. KodiakJack

    Black Tank Chemicals - Liquid or Dry?

    Have no idea if it did any good or not but I read somewhere that adding some ice to your black tank would help rub off stuff that was starting to cling to the inside of the tank. Made sense to me. Hence twice I have dumped a bag of ice down the stool just before heading out. The second part of this theory is by the time you get where you are going you dump the tank (melted ice and all) while stuff is still in suspension. Later, J
  14. KodiakJack

    Ideal Alaskan RV?

    We camped on the shore of the Yukon River (a bit north of Fairbanks) one June for about a week. It was hot! Do not know how hot but the Fairbanks radio station we tuned into was reporting 90-91 degrees. So its not just cold in Alaska expect a little bit of every type of weather. Later, J PS Make sure you get something with a screens, both windows and door(s).
  15. KodiakJack

    Do I need tire chains

    I use the One Stop Shop website for information on road conditions, chain requirements, accidents. etc. My favorite feature is being able to look at roads on your travel route via the traffic cameras. Enjoy. Later, J http://oss.weathershare.org/?Center=42.18529516716987,-122.097248046875&Zoom=8&Layers=CCTV,traffic #.WsOVoIjwZRa