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  1. Looking for recommendations for installing a cold weather skirt around my 2012 Chaparral by Coachmen. What have you purchased and successfully installed?
  2. We are going to be in Nashville for the next six months. Having a hard time finding a decent place to park. The ones we have tried are either booked or do not accept long term. Needing to get creative!
  3. Hi All, I am wanting to install something like what is in the picture on my holding tank on my 2012 Chaparral by Coachmen. Any help on how to get access to the holding tank?
  4. Pat and Pete, that is a gnarly worst case scenario. Lord help us!
  5. Have not seen where that is available. If we were interested in that, how would we pursue it?
  6. Big5er, Good point, we tried to verify but of course Dr. and office manager are off until after the holidays. Everyone- Thanks for the input!
  7. Insurance is not the problem, it is the Doctor. Apparently he looked at our TX address and said they need to go to a local DR. Ironic, since we have had the discussion at least three times with him as to what we were doing.
  8. Apparently we are in a pickle. Just got informed that our primary care Physician has discharged us from his practice because we have a Texas residence. We have a TX residence because we went thru the Domicile with Escapees in Livingston TX. We were making it back to Clarksville TN 2 times or so per year to get checkups and prescriptions refilled. Going to attempt to talk to the office manager when she comes off of vacation on the 4th. We are on the road 100% and do not have a sticks and bricks residence. The only other place we visit with this amount of frequency is Ashland KY. Haven't had a great experience there so far. Suggestions?
  9. Sometime next week I will be headed to Baltimore for about 3 months. Does anyone have any personal experience with good RV parks in the area?
  10. Thanks Glenn West Kirk that would be ideal. She has inquired into jobs at the various parks we have been to. KOA in Reno said they wouldn't hire any residents of the parks. The one we are at now said the only people they hire is college kids! Ideally she would find something with Pilot, Flying J, or Loves where she could transfer from store to store. Before she came on with me she managed 6 convenience stores. She does great at any job she does, it's just she's not as adept at landing a job.
  11. We are on the road 100pct. I work about 60 hours per week. This makes for some long days for the DW. We know plenty of people in bricks and sticks houses that work over the internet/phone lines. Rarely are we in a spot that has either real strong WIFI or landlines.. Has anyone else been able to work through this? Fairly certain she would feel alot better if she had work to do!
  12. Has anyone installed a security latch on the inside of their door? I am thinking that it would work like the motel security latches but hopefully look better and not be so big.
  13. So the wind gusted on Saturday and blew our awning frame just a little out of wack. My idea is to extend awning and bend back into place by pushing against it while extended. Any other ideas?
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