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  1. Bill w/bus

    Info on cleaning toilet ball valve

    We did invest in a water softener fon the investmenur years ago. If it extends the life of the hot water heater by a few year then the investment would be worthy. Bill
  2. Bill w/bus

    Info on cleaning toilet ball valve

    llThanks to all. I was thinking of the hardness causing harm to the plastic valve. Using Lime Away. Appears to be slowly 'clearing' the problem. Cost was $4.33 w/tax at the Dollar General. Again thanks to all. Bill
  3. Sealand toilet water seal slowly drops through closed valve. Cause appears to hard water deposits at leading edge of valve at each side. V shaped about 1/2 inch along the edge of the valve. Visible when valve is about half way open.I am hesitant to scrap with metal fearing ball damage and subsequent loss of seal. Thoughts and suggestions welcome. Thanks Bill
  4. Bill w/bus

    Class C Advice

    Two things, 1 A truck camper could be the solution. We had one back in the 70's. Two kids, two dogs and us in a 10.5 foot camper. If you can find a side door entry take a good look at it. And 2 Amen to the driving school. Bill
  5. Bill w/bus

    Class C Advice

    A couple of wishes are questionable. "Under 96 inches" Pretty much the minimum size for a Class C. Next is 102 inches. " 24 feet " Nowadays that is pretty much the minimum length. For this size check the GVW and the actual weight to find your carrying capacity. I would be willing to bet, a penny or two, that the number is less than a 1000 lbs. Get a tow (TOAD) vehicle. You won't like it, as Kirk said"'very inconvenient". You intend to work camp. This means that you will be parked for longer periods of time. The last thing your RV needs is short trips. The drivetrain needs to be completely warmed. That takes some miles. Not a short jaunt of a few miles. Good luck on your search, Bill
  6. Bill w/bus

    Your worst RV travel predicament?

    Turned off the Cassair Hwy for Stewart/ Hyder, AK. About 8 miles on the uphill and curing to the right when the transmission failed. On the uphill, around a blind curve on a two lane road. Got the toad disconnected and coasted downhill to a flat straight section. No cell phone connection. nearest phone, a radio phone connection at the local corner store, Mezadin Junction. With help from the EMS supervisor and the maintenance division chief we got towed off the road. Next morning the tow truck found us at the salt shed. Loaded onto the trailer for a 300 mile trip to Houston, BC. A few days over four weeks later we rolled out of Houston under our own power. We were very fortunate that the tow driver knew where we had to be fixed. The owner met us that Saturday afternoon and introduced us to "our mechanic' of the 28 on staff. He was correct. Kim was an old school mechanic. And that was our 50th wedding anniversary story. Bill
  7. Bill w/bus

    Alaska 2019

    I will caution you that the major tourist attractions don't open until around the first of June. Don't miss Chicken and Eagle along the Top of the World Highway. Yes your rig will probably be dirty after the trip, that's why they built wash bays. Smaller vehicles only to Eagle. Road is tight. Nice BLM campground about 2 miles west of turn off to Eagle. Homer and Seward offer city campgrounds right on the beach/water, dry camp mostly. Take the road to Valdez the view in town is spectacular Just a couple of thoughts, Bill
  8. Bill w/bus

    Texas in Feruary....Where To Go??

    Dittos on: Big Bend, Ft Davis, Hill Country, WW II museum, San Antonio and you are out of time. Next on your list is Rio Grande Valley, Padre Island South, Kingsville/King Ranch, Corpus Christi, Rockport/Port Aransas, Galveston Island, Bolivar Peninsula and Beaumont. Secondly I would start my touristing from South to North in February. Good luck and enjoy, Bill
  9. I believe the chain law in CO applies to all vehicles over 26,000 lbs. From October 1 until April chains must be carried. You spin out or can't make the hill expect a ticket along with the tow bill. Check carefully. If you go make sure to wash the underside when you get to warmer climes. Bill
  10. Bill w/bus

    Circuit Boards

    Remember Dinosaur boards. Do not accept the OEM boards. That was a costly lesson learned back in the early 90's. Bill
  11. Bill w/bus

    Satellite TV greenhorn

    I would advocate a roof mounted Winegard Traveler. This is an automatic dish. Turn the power on and it finds the satellites is maybe 3-5 minutes. Also but a tripod and get a dish for it. Sometimes the trees will prevent signal reception. Dish or Direct? I think it is now a tossup. With Eastern Arc bird Dish eliminated the Northeast reception problem. Bill
  12. Bill w/bus

    New Guy seeking advice and a ride

    We, wife and I, were here at the Esacpees Rainbows End in Livingston, Texas had a chance to participate in the Boot Camp. Highly recommend attendance at the three day event. Knowledge that would be acquired piece through mistakes and answers to questions in the campground is given in the three days. I was here as a instructor for the RV Driving School, one of four. We were all busy. A large number of newbies going into our great community. Bill
  13. Purchased at Lowe's. Remember 'just a dab will do'.
  14. We fought problems with reception on various satellites and transponders for about 18 months. Sometimes we would receive even transponders and sometimes odd. Every so often everything worked. I thought the problem was in the Winegard antenna itself. Finally was in contact with a Winegard Tech, she was good, who was willing to talk through the whole problem. Solution was not the antenna assembly. Then she had a discussion with several "old" techs in her office and explained the problem as a cable connection issue. 14V for even transponders and 18V for odd transponders. My question is: Why hadn't any contact explained that simple clue before?. Called Mr Satellite in Nashville as we were going to be there a week for a submarine crew reunion. Setup an appointment for a Friday. Early morning phone call cancel the shop visit. The tech would come to us by noon, an emergency repair on a installed multiple TV system. Raised the antenna to be ready for the repair. Of course everything worked. Cancelled appointment. But we now had the tech phone number provided by the father. Several phone calls over the next few days fixed the problem. Replaced the cabling within the turret, replaced cabling from LNB(s) to turret head, removed and cleaned every connection and reconnected with dielectric grease. Magic happened. Everything worked as it was designed. Passing this along to prevent someone else from having the same frustration. I have found that very few techs understand anything about the equipment they are servicing. The merely replace stuff until the system is working. Bill
  15. Bill w/bus

    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forums. Routing advice is good. You won't have a problem. See you on the road, sometime. Bill