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  1. Bill w/bus

    Circuit Boards

    Remember Dinosaur boards. Do not accept the OEM boards. That was a costly lesson learned back in the early 90's. Bill
  2. Bill w/bus

    Satellite TV greenhorn

    I would advocate a roof mounted Winegard Traveler. This is an automatic dish. Turn the power on and it finds the satellites is maybe 3-5 minutes. Also but a tripod and get a dish for it. Sometimes the trees will prevent signal reception. Dish or Direct? I think it is now a tossup. With Eastern Arc bird Dish eliminated the Northeast reception problem. Bill
  3. Bill w/bus

    New Guy seeking advice and a ride

    We, wife and I, were here at the Esacpees Rainbows End in Livingston, Texas had a chance to participate in the Boot Camp. Highly recommend attendance at the three day event. Knowledge that would be acquired piece through mistakes and answers to questions in the campground is given in the three days. I was here as a instructor for the RV Driving School, one of four. We were all busy. A large number of newbies going into our great community. Bill
  4. Purchased at Lowe's. Remember 'just a dab will do'.
  5. We fought problems with reception on various satellites and transponders for about 18 months. Sometimes we would receive even transponders and sometimes odd. Every so often everything worked. I thought the problem was in the Winegard antenna itself. Finally was in contact with a Winegard Tech, she was good, who was willing to talk through the whole problem. Solution was not the antenna assembly. Then she had a discussion with several "old" techs in her office and explained the problem as a cable connection issue. 14V for even transponders and 18V for odd transponders. My question is: Why hadn't any contact explained that simple clue before?. Called Mr Satellite in Nashville as we were going to be there a week for a submarine crew reunion. Setup an appointment for a Friday. Early morning phone call cancel the shop visit. The tech would come to us by noon, an emergency repair on a installed multiple TV system. Raised the antenna to be ready for the repair. Of course everything worked. Cancelled appointment. But we now had the tech phone number provided by the father. Several phone calls over the next few days fixed the problem. Replaced the cabling within the turret, replaced cabling from LNB(s) to turret head, removed and cleaned every connection and reconnected with dielectric grease. Magic happened. Everything worked as it was designed. Passing this along to prevent someone else from having the same frustration. I have found that very few techs understand anything about the equipment they are servicing. The merely replace stuff until the system is working. Bill
  6. Bill w/bus

    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forums. Routing advice is good. You won't have a problem. See you on the road, sometime. Bill
  7. Bill w/bus

    Weather where you are?

    In Nashville for the submarine Halibut crew reunion. Temperature was in the high 80's until this AM, Front came through and the thunderstorms yielded a couple of great rainbows. Mid 60's today.
  8. Bill w/bus

    Bar Harbor, ME to Savannah, GA

    Thank you as I couldn't remember. All I knew thhat it was a three digit number and at night if you could see the toll booth that was your exit. See all the great things you learn at the SKP board. Wrote that one down. We have stayed at the ocean side park by the bridge. that was are only Delaware State Park. Thanks for the info. Bill
  9. Bill w/bus

    Insurance Liability question

    What Kirk wrote X10.
  10. Three or four weeks!! That's barely enough time to do New England. Cross country in that time frame is long days in the saddle. Call the trip 6,000 miles divided by 28 days is 215 miles every day. With fuel stops, meals, and interesting places you are at least 5 hours behind the wheel. Why not try a shorter distance trip say the Great Lakes or the Great River Road, the Mississippi River from end to end. Or go to Paducha, KY visit the Quilt Museum, watch the Saturday night dirt track races, see the murals on the flood walls, visit the Railroad Museum with its simulator then follow the Ohio River byway up into PA. We did an Alaska trip in 2001 and we only had nine weeks to complete the round trip. We had to average 180 miles per day. That's not a lot of fun. So we put a lot of miles in the savings account. Left Maine Sunday AM, stopped for a second visit to new grandson in Mass. Wednesday wife and daughter had the Mall of America for all day. Thursday AM left the twin cities Friday afternoon at St Mary's, MT in a campground and ready for Glacier NP on Saturday. Played tourist after that time untill leaving Wall Drug Wednesday AM and pulling into the driveway just after midnight Friday. And yes I did sleep in Saturday. Our thought was that we could get to most of the lower 48 without much difficult but the trip to Alaska through western Canada was a once in a lifetime. For our 50th wedding anniversary we spent the summer in Alaska and Western Canada. Crossed into Canada mid May and got back into the lower 48 Mid September. Much better to see the sights. If you can relax and enjoy this proposed trip then you will want to do more. See you on the road. Bill
  11. Bill w/bus

    Bar Harbor, ME to Savannah, GA

    You have several different routings available. Delmarva peninsula is a good route. But that means working around NYC. I-81 to I77 to I26 will work, but, its all big roads. Traffic through the Northeast from Brunswick Maine to I 84 west of the I684 connection is just plain miserable. From Ba Harbor its either south on Route 1 to Brunswick then I 295 to I95 or Take !A to Bangor then ME 9 south to Gardiner then US 201 to I 295. Or US 1 to Camden/Rockport area then ME 17, ME 226 to US201 etc. Camden harbor is beautiful and worth viviting. Now comes the hard part Mass, CT and NY/nJ. If you want the Delmarva ride then I 84 to I 87 to I 287 to US 202 to NJ 31 to I 95 to DE 699( I think or 899), sign reads "TO 301" and is the last exit before the first toll booth. That gets you into Delaware and you need to get US 13 for Virginia Beach. By the time you get onto I 95 you are almost in North Carolina. Another option is to continue west on I 84 to the first exit in PA, US 209. Follow that road through Milford and then the DElaware Gap National Recreation Area. About a mile south of the gate house, never manned, there is a flat/level huge parking area on the west side it makes a fine overnight stop. Then US 209 to I 80(five exits) follow signage for PA 33, then US 22 or if heavy traffic then go to I 78 and west bound on both. US 22 joins I 78 to I 81. Options are I 66 to US 17 to I 95. or its back to the first option. If you go I 84 Exit 12 in NY is the home of the I84 Diner. Good food, big quantities, operated by Greeks. Hoping that helps with your planning. Bill
  12. Bill w/bus

    Green Bay to Phoenix

    Or how about west to see the Corn Palace in Mitchell SD, the Bailey Yard (railroad yard large size) in North Platte NE, Scots Bluff, NE. Slide south through Colorado. to New Mexico. Or turn west over US 50 for the Black Canyon NP then on to Moab and down through the Canyons to the Grand Canyon. See what memories you have stirred up! Good luck and do get south before the white stuff appears. Bill
  13. Start with RV Park Reviews. Then see if you can get a match with Passport America. Then I use Elks Lodge site for parking, some have hookups, electric. Take some time to look around a area to find the right parking spot for you. Sometimes the spot you choose will not match the the criteria but that is what is available where you want to park. In our case, to make a point, Nashville for a submarine crew reunion is an expensive park at $350 for a week. But it is reasonably close to the hotel and a lot less expensive than a four day stay at $120/night. Bill
  14. Bill w/bus

    Fredericksburg tx

    Allow two days for the War in the Pacific Museum. A lot of shops (and shopping) with Germanic influence. Really the start of the Texas Hill Country. Bill
  15. Bill w/bus

    Motorhome Purchase Guidance

    Also look at used bus conversions. Manufacturers were Eagle, MCI, Prevost, Setra amd GM. Last GM was produced in 1978. Eagle was the preferred entertainer coach due to "ride quality", Torlastic suspension not air bags. There are some very nice conversions from the mid 80's through early 2000's ranging in price from $45K to $150K. Since most people did their conversions approaching retirement they become available in 10-15 years after completion. Check out the Bus Conversions, a magazine, bulletin board and also the BNO, Bus Nuts Oline, bulletin board. Just something more to think about. Bill