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  1. Fairly new tires rarely have rapid air loss. Known to us non professionals as a blowout without insertion of a sharp piece of something. I had the left steer tire blowout as I entered one the Texas Creek bridges in the oil patch west of San Antonio. Vehicles had dragged a lot of gravel onto to the road . Not a fun ride but stayed in the right lane, two lane bridge. I did remember to add fuel. I know the speed didn't increase but I always had control. Yes you drove over something. And yes you get an attaboy for not jumping on the stop pedal. Congrats on surviving a potential disaster. Bill
  2. Yes, fix the wiring. Then change the nozzle, Webasto specfic, and clean out the fire box. You need to pull the burner tube, sheet metal, to expose the heat exchanger find. That should be all it needs to perform well.
  3. Bah! Humbug! No toll roads for us. In the Northeast it is almost impossible without using the tolled roads. That's why we only go there to support our son and family in New Hampshire. Most of the country you can find alternatives to the money roads. We really like the US and state roads. Try US 36 across Kansas and Missouri. Nice road and nice towns to drive through. Use US 64 to go east and west. Or US 50. Around the big cities we either avoid completely or use the big roads. Bill me
  4. Concur on the January arrival. Not South Dakota. Texas or Florida for driver's license etc. You can buy your truck and trailer anyplace. But. It would be easier in state. Do not but any vehicle from the snow belt states due to rust issues. Maybe, just maybe with a thorough inspection if it was a great deal. Good luck in your travels, Bill
  5. Congratulations on a great first year. We are also from Maine. Our first real full time year was 2016 when we went to Alaska from our winter home in the Rio Grande Valley and returned. Back in Maine for short summer. Came back to Maine to clean up some details for a month . On your west coast trip don't miss Quartzite. Visit both Escapees park in CA. Death Valley, Joshua Tree NP, and start at the Grand Canyon work the Canyons north up to the Arches NP. That should get you started on the right path. Enjoy Bill
  6. Buy the Milepost now for winter reading. Get new one for your trip. The Churches camping book is great. We did solo twice in 2001 and 2016. No problems with finding a place to stay. Don't miss Dawson City and of course Chiken and Eagle. It is a long trip. We we're 13K miles in2001 from Maine. About 12K miles from South Texas in 2016. Bill
  7. We have used as far as Nebraska from the south. And last summer around Minot. And no we didn't think about the highway number until I checked the road atlas. By Then it was obvious, same road as passes by the winter site. Bill
  8. StarCraft tent trailer in 1970. Traded that an 70 Ford station wagon for 10.5 ft slide camper and IH pickup. Both campers were used but vehicles were new. USNavy transfer from Idaho to Virginia caused the change to the slide in camper. The unit had a side door entry that was only about a foot to the ground. Excellent for two young children and two dogs. Built an insulted boot for access to cab from the camper. We we're flexible, then. Bill
  9. When you head south use US 83. When you get to the place where campgrounds are every where, you in the Rio Grande Valley. There Winters are mostly warm and windy, some wind to wow. But the prices are reasonable and company is fun. Bill
  10. Put Medora, North Dakota on your list of places for a summer visit. The NP is the Teddy Roosevelt . Great story of his time in the badlands as a cowboy. The park scenery is spectacular. We viewed the bison herds and the wild horses. Impressive to see horses running just to run. The Medora Musical is an evening show. In an outdoor amphitheatre. A great show for the family. Professional performance with a movable set. Yes, it is a tourist town but not overly so. Bill
  11. Near Sheffield, PA is the Kinzau State Park and Skywalk, free entrance. Going to Maine two routings. Well more than two but to get through the heavily trafficked roads only two. One is I84, to I90, I495, I95 to Maine Turnpike exit in Yarmouth to I 295 then either US 1 or continue to US 201 to ME 226 to ME 17 to UsS1 in Rockland/Camden. Or I81 to I90 then continue as above. If using the I80 then continue to Stroudsburg and take US 209 North to I 84 in the Milford area. A lot of hills in and out of Scranton on 81/84. 209 runs through Deiaware Water Gap RA. Avoid the rush hours 6-9 and 3-7 in CT and MA/NH . Enjoy Bill
  12. Agree with stay out of the heavy traffic areas. I have begun to really hate the interstates. I know that the two lanes are slower(that's the red roads on the paper map) but somewhat safer. Agree with stay out of the packs. When I first started driving, 1958,my father beat that into my head, among many other things, "Maintain a bubble around that gives you options." Bill
  13. I don't think I would think about a trip until the inspector had delivered a final inspection report with pictures/video to support. I have worked with an RV inspector and his attention to detail was impressive. Cost is not inexpensive but you will have an accurate representation of the unit's condition. Bill
  14. Use Purogene as alternative to bleach. Bleach takes at least two rinsed to clear the odor from the system. When, not if, you sanitize your water system make sure that you adhere to at least a thirty minute soak after the solution is flowing from all the water outlets. A proper sanitizer solution is a mild acid solution with the antibacterial addition. I use Purogene with citric acid powder mixed together and added to the water system via the pump. Maybe a once a year project. For less frequent usage then sanitize once and drain the system when going into storage. Add the Purogene at rate of one ounce per thirty gallons. Should fix your problem. Good luck with your system. Bill
  15. Bill w/bus

    Purchasing Fuel

    We have found that the fuel prices with big three on the interstate exits were as much as $0.60/gal higher than local stations maybe a mile away. In the Portsmouth, NH area the TA was $3.15/gal versus the Shell station on the RT 1 bypass at $2.85/gal. Thank you Gas Buddy. That was our highest price for fuel since leaving South Texas in late April. We used to fuel almost exclusively at Flying J. Haven't used them in the last three years as their prices are ridiculous. I do provide prices to the Gas Buddy but am not a member. Bill
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