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  1. We had a problem that was the internal cabling within the turret. This cabling is a failure point. LNB 's could be failing or possibly the cabling within the arm to the exterior turret connection points. The voltage is ,14 and 18 volts therefore good and secure connections are critical for proper operation. Good luck with your troubleshooting. Bill
  2. Welcome to the forums. I would recommend reservations as campgrounds are fairly small and expensive in the heavy tourist areas. We have traveled in the Northeast without reservations but be prepared with alternatives. Fraternal organizations frequently have spaces with power available. I am speaking of Elks, Moose, Eagles,AmericanLegion, VFW etc. Good luck Bill
  3. Bill w/bus


    Is there a requirement for Florida? You might want to look at Texas along the Gulf coast on down to the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). Prices in the RGV run about $1000_ 1500 for winter season. Just some thoughts. Bill
  4. We have been using the FLOPUR unit for about 5 years. Good service. Depending on water hardness lasts up to three weeks between regenerations. Manufacturer recommends agitation during the regen process. We are in the RGV and regen about every 10-14 days that includes 4-6 washer loads plus the normal water usage. Bill
  5. Speed is not the only criteria for fuel mileage. Speed is a major component. That written engine efficiency, engine RPM are important factors. Each engine has a specific efficiency curve that indicates RPM and fuel usage. Modern diesel engines typically operate with least fuel usage in the 1300-1500 RPM range. Most of the big trucks are geared to run 65-68MPH. If run less than that speed fuel mileage goes down. Fuel mileage will need some investigation specific to your vehicle. Good luck. Bill
  6. We are traveling in our second bus conversion. Great ride down the road, Stability is good in the wind. The best part is we built it for us. Yes we do feel safe when traveling. Then again its a crap shoot with the odds in our favor. We try to stay out of heavy traffic and that again helps the odds. Bill
  7. Color starts changing in New Brunswick and northern Maine about mid September. One could combine a couple of routes for a spectacular touring route. North into Quebec for the Gaspe Penninsula. Tour CCW. Then south, via 11 and 134 to Moncton area. Then Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island are available for viewing. Then down through Saint John, another reversing falls, to Calais Maine. Then slither along the Main e Coast to Bar Harbor, Acadia NP. Turn west on to US 2 and run over to Vermont and then south following the color down to the Smokie Mountains NP. Alternative is Gaspe then south to Van Buren Maine and south along the St John river on US 1, Or turn right towards Ft Kent then south on 11 and on to Bangor and route 2. Understand campgrounds in New England pretty much all close on October 15, Columbus Day weekend is the usually the last days. Fryeburg Fair ends that weekend also. Worth visiting. Bill
  8. The way the article read that the law was already enacted and the Gov wanted to toll all vehicles not just large, read trucks, vehicles. Ah so they is hope yet. The roads in the northeast are major pain to drive on due to traffic load. Adding tolls to that miserable drive would just the topping. Thanks for the news. Bill
  9. Read a news article that CT is going add barrier toll gantries to all the interstates. And the state intends to toll all vehicles. Now the question is how to avoid those roads getting to Maine and New Hampshire for family visits. Bill
  10. Stay in Cody for a couple of days. Most especially for the Museum of the West.
  11. We did invest in a water softener fon the investmenur years ago. If it extends the life of the hot water heater by a few year then the investment would be worthy. Bill
  12. llThanks to all. I was thinking of the hardness causing harm to the plastic valve. Using Lime Away. Appears to be slowly 'clearing' the problem. Cost was $4.33 w/tax at the Dollar General. Again thanks to all. Bill
  13. Sealand toilet water seal slowly drops through closed valve. Cause appears to hard water deposits at leading edge of valve at each side. V shaped about 1/2 inch along the edge of the valve. Visible when valve is about half way open.I am hesitant to scrap with metal fearing ball damage and subsequent loss of seal. Thoughts and suggestions welcome. Thanks Bill
  14. Two things, 1 A truck camper could be the solution. We had one back in the 70's. Two kids, two dogs and us in a 10.5 foot camper. If you can find a side door entry take a good look at it. And 2 Amen to the driving school. Bill
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