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  1. Bill w/bus

    Water conservation while dry camping

    Water and waste tanks are identical at 125 gallons each. We can go 10-12 days between fills. That's not super conservation. But not bad for no paper plates and no eating out with showers as needed. Bill
  2. We had no washer/dryer until this coach. IT was a REQUIREMENT in the build. Serves several purposes: dryer provides extra storage, washer always available (even on the road traveling)[well you do have to make sure that the holding tank has room], you know exactly what has been washed, laundry can be done on your time, no long walks involved [unless you are going to take your daily recreational walk while the machines work]. And get two machines -washer and dryer. Make sure you get a gas (propane) dryer. 240VAC is 50 Amp service. 120VAC dryers have longer dry times, half the power available. The gas dryer uses very little propane, We have two 5 gal (grill size) bottles and each will last about 4-5 months between cooking and the dryer. Sometimes Lynn will run a load during the day when traveling. Just matter of dumping the tank when hooking up in a campground. Three months in a Alaska, a lot of dry camping, we never used a laundry facility. Bill
  3. Bill w/bus

    Overnight in Wyoming

    Sign up for 'Days End'. Worth the price, last I checked it was $15. Bill
  4. Bill w/bus

    New experience while towing - Resolution

    To my thinking that appears to be a defect. As Kirk wrote "contact Roadmaster". They may cover the replacement cost. Also you may be covered by your insurance. I can't imagine that Alaska roads are in worse shape than a lot of roads in the lower 48. On Blue OX towbars there is an annual cleaning, inspection and lubrication. Does Roadmaster has a similar suggestion. Good luck, Bill.
  5. Oh the joys of traveling in the Great North. I do mean the Joy of scenery and the wonderful places to stop. On customs, it all depends on the broker and their reputation with customs. Good reputation and paperwork is approved. You can be sure that shipping companies are well aware of this. Bill
  6. Bill w/bus

    A/C as exhaust fan?

    Simple answer is yes you need to have both an AC unit and a fan that can exhaust air. Two different jobs need two different approaches. One to cool and one to change out the air inside the RV. Bill
  7. Bill w/bus

    Rooftop AC Discharge Temp

    Its all about dT, delta temperature. A properly working unit is defined as a dT of 15-23 degrees F with fan on highest speed. Bill
  8. Bill w/bus

    Truck stops

    We have not been overnighting at truck stops for about 4 years. Just because the truckers have to have a spot to park. We don't need to stop and park. With the electronic logging now in use the truckers need is more critical as there is no leeway for traffic or weather problems. Rest areas, Walmart, Cabelas etc or a quick overnight for sleeping. We really try not to be in the A to B drive mode anymore. We can do that mode but it is no fun. Bill
  9. Bill w/bus


    Join! Yeah they feature less expensive camping but the work done by the lodges is great. Stop in have a drink. Meet great people. Learn about the local area. In Beaumont, Texas we learned of a museum about the oil drilling story. Fantastic museum. Animintronics (sp?) was great. Would not have found the museum without the info from the members. Even though you are on the road you have 'friends' to visit with. The lodge in Biloxi MS is directly across from the beach with a OK view from the right spot. Bill
  10. We did our change in Clay County, Green Cove Springs, using St Brendans Ilse mail service. Drivers lic was done in Arcadia, Fl. Registered one vehicle at the Clay county tax collectors office, easy and pleasant. Others were done by mail/phone. Voter reg is in person. Again pleasant and easy. Good luck, Bill
  11. Bill w/bus

    Alaska route

    Never have driven the Campbell Highway. However, TOW is a great drive if somewhat slow at times. Take the road to Eagle, RV not recommended. Steese is a good road as it is graded every two weeks in the summer. There a BLM campground about two miles before the turn to Eagle. If memory serves it was $5-6 dollars with the white hair card. Nice spot. In Dawson City we spent three nights camping on the south side of town, maybe two plus miles. Heavy equipment repair and sales with parking up on the elevated back part of the lot. Good breeze so no bugs. I did use his pressure washer to wash the coach and toad. TOW had alternating dry and wet conditions. Enjoy, Bill
  12. Bill w/bus

    Mountain Directory Driving Guide for BC?

    Milepost has the info you need. Don't go without Milepost. I know its written for the advertisers but the info is there and pretty complete. Bill
  13. Bill w/bus


    I vote for staying south until first part of May then north to New England. We winter in the Rio Grande Valley and return to Maine in late May or early June. Black fly season is sometimes over by then. Routing: 1 is the classic I84 to I90 to I495 to I95. Pros shortest, didn't say quickest and expensive. 2 is go north in NY cross over to Vermont and then take US 2 as noted. Pros pretty ride low traffic. Cons slow. Lots of places to stop and play tourist. In Maine stopping spots - coming from Mt Washington area(cog railroad ride, dry camp in parking lot), Sebago Lake area, Portland area, Boothbay, Camden/ Rockland, Ellsworth/Acadia, then along the Downeast coast reversing falls in Pembroke, Machias, Campobello Island. Then cross over into New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Returning south to follow the color change in late September. Follow the color change south all the way to Alabama. Then west to your winter roost. The traffic in the northeast is full roads with all road work done in the summer. I have coined a word to describe this rolling parking lot -Slinky. Stretches out and you get back to speed and then it retracts and your brakes get a workout. Do not cross the Hudson River south of Newburgh, New York. Unless your willing to part with an arm or a leg for tolls. If you are going come from the Washington DC area then go east through Annapolis then north on US301 to I95 in Wilmington, DE. Stay on I95 through Philadelphia. Cross the Delaware River and exit onto NJ31 to US206 to I287 to I87(north to Newburgh) and I84. Last time a friend went north on the New Jersey Turnpike the toll he spent $50, coach and tow. Just some thoughts to help with planning. Bill
  14. Bill w/bus

    Camping in Acadia National Park

    Be careful of vehicle length. Last time there it was 35 ft and all dry camp. There are many commercial campgrounds in the Bar Harbor area. However all commercial campgrounds are expensive in the tourist areas. Traffic during the heavy tourist is very heavy and slow. That written the scenery is spectacular. Enjoy your stay, Bill
  15. Winegard Traveler 3000. The wiring internal to the turret has one bad cable out of four. It is small diameter Coax, maybe 1/8" but with standard screw on fittings at each end. I can't identify the Coax by type. Any help would be appreciated. Winegard will no longer sell dealers the replacement cables. Unit must returned for factory service $$$$. Thanks, Bill