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  1. All the writing about commercial status is moot when the vehicle is involved in an accident. Registration details are now exposed for the lawyers to see. Expect the insurance company to walk away. Bill
  2. Are you retired? If yes then use US2 one way and the I roads the other. If not then learn to enjoy the I roads to 'make time'. To your list of places to see add: Medora ND. Glacier NP, Wall Drug, Yellowstone NP. Cody WY for the museum, Bailey Yard in North Platte NE, Scott's Bluff on the Oregon Trail, that's a few to get you started looking for the great places. Bill
  3. Update on TSD Logistics with EFS card: list price cash was $2.439/gal paid $1.678 plus 10% so about $1.75 final cost per gallon. You have to check the app for fuel price. The best deal appears to be Love's truck stops. On saving fuel speed counts sort of. Depends on the gearing and the engine efficiency curves. With gas engines the fuel injection system will go to an enrichment curve at high load. Load is easily measured by intake manifold vacuum. Each engine computer is different but assume that less than 8" Hg of manifold pressure will result in a substantial increase in fuel flow. In the old days this would have been when the secondaries opened in four barrel carburetor. That was an obvious fuel flow increase based on the noise increase. So for a gas engine invest in a vacuum gauge. That will help you control your fuel usage. Diesels are different. Power curves and a curve called Brake Specific Horsepower are useful in finding the best speed. On the Horsepower curve you find the least fuel is used somewhere between1450 to 1750 RPM. For instance most big trucks are set to run at 65 to 68 MPH. A friend consistently averaged over 8 MPG month after month. He read the curves and the manual to produce that result. Food for thought. Bill
  4. I would visit one of those radio installation garages. They have the knowledge and could at least point you in the right direction. Then there is the Internet search. Good luck, Bill
  5. Used versus new. Used! Several reasons: all known problems and safety recalls are usually apparent and fixed within the first couple of years, manufacturers (before the China virus) were delivering RV ,'s to the dealers with 'you fix whatever is not correct under the warranty'. As a side note I know of two fairly expensive, above $350K, which had more time at the dealer's lot than available for travel, due to manufacturer's failure to exercise quality control, over a two year period. Extended warranty? Be careful on the fine print. Research, research and the do some more before paying the money. Have money available for the unexpected repairs. Yes to an inspection of candidate unit. Demand the inspector's bonafides. What training? Certification by what organization? I knew of three inspector's. All very good at surveying an RV and noting all the problem areas and all the areas or systems which were satisfactory. Oil samples were analyzed for engine, transmission and differential. A good inspector will be about four hours on the RV and provide a written report with pictures. Cost $300 - 500. Private versus dealer: usually a private sale is less expensive than the dealer. However, inspection required. Gas versus diesel: We had three gas front engine gas motorhomes. Then we converted an over the road bus. Air ride, diesel engine in the rear, huge cargo bays. Went that route because the function of a bus is to carry passengers in comfort for long distances. So my vote is diesel . Verify GVW and as presented weight. During your test drive run it through a scale. Moving companies, trash dumps, truck stops, and scrap yards. This confirms your carry capacity with real numbers. Good luck in your purchase. Bill
  6. So true.. An LLC is a business. Therefore your vehicles are registered to a business. If over 26,000# then you must comply with ALL the regulations that apply to commercial vehicles. No longer have logbooks but electronic trip log, CDL, annual physical etc. I have heard the arguments that none of the above applies. Be involved in an accident and you will find out. Remember if you did not declare to the insurance company your vehicle status they will not provide coverage when you need it most. Be careful about saving some dollars. Bill
  7. During a normal winter you experience temps in the minus 20's to 30's. Snow doesn't melt it just evaporates in the low humidity. I wouldn't recommend any wintering that has snow a part of winter. We spent two winters in Idaho Falls. Minus 30's intown. Saw minus 48 out on the desert. Summer was warm. Evenings cool. Good luck. Bill
  8. If you drove a lot every day, at 400 plus miles, you could see something of Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia. Our first trip in 2001 was. nine week trip. Our youngest was entering Junior year of high school so we were limited to ten weeks. Took three weeks to get to Tok. Three weeks in Alaska. Then three weeks to get home to Central Maine. We in our first bus conversion. Bus would cruise all day and night at the speed limit plus. Left on Father's day from our sons home in Mass. Second visit with second grandson. Arrived St Mary's, MT (Glacier NP) on Friday afternoon. Wife and daughter spent Wednesday at the Mall of America. Started playing tourist from then until leaving Wall Drug on Wednesday morning. Arrived home just after midnight Friday. Second trip was late April from the Rio Grande Valley and returned early November. That was about ten weeks in Alaska. Still not enough time to enjoy everything. Looking at the current situation with "pandemic" conditions I would consider next year. Unless you have driven 4-500 miles per day, every day, I don't think you understand just how exhausted you will be. Good luck, Bill
  9. We HAD a plan. Some mechanical work on the coach in Florida, then a grandson's high school graduation in New Hampshire. We were working the routing and timing for an exploration of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Hopefully a 60th high school reunion in August is not cancelled. We are in a spin. Still don't have a clue except the reunion. At least we know that any plans are on hold until our mechanical work is complete. I spent today running around for parts. Found some but need to order the rest. One parts wanted $465 per brake shoe, two per wheel. Talked with USCoach and found the parts at about half that price plus shipping. Thanks for friends who are great mechanics and listened when I said something not right with the right front during the last 150 miles. So now it's both front brakes complete rebuild. And no we are not going to spend the summer in the Southern heat. Later Bill
  10. Looking for a 120VAC to 24VDC charger/converter. Guidance always accepted and appreciated. Reason for purchase - with an installed Trace 4024 I have a great charger but what is going to provide DC power if/when the Trace fails? Hence the search for a great converter/charger. Bill
  11. Well, our proposed trip to Newfoundland has-been deferred until later. Maybe next year.☹️ Thanks for all the information and ideas from all of you. Bill
  12. You obviously have not tasted the Texas Sweets. Come to the Rio Grande Valley to get some. Putting any sweet substance on a Texas Sweet would be sacreligious. Bill
  13. The common cause is the cable from the turret and up the arm to the LNB, Low Noise Block amplifier, which is the stuff at the end of the arm. If you can read the voltage at the end of the arm. Should be 13V DC or 18VDC depending on polarity selected by the receiver for the channel selected. I have replaced that cable twice in ten years. Can be purchased from Winegard. Replacement requires being on the roof. Good luck, Bill
  14. Received the long form in 1990. I got annoyed at the detailed questions. Basically mind your business. The form had every box checked where multiple answers were available. In 2000 got the long form again. Checked every box again. A couple weeks later a neighbor, working for census, came in the driveway. He said "Bill about the census form, it wasn't properly filled out." I replied that the number of people living in the house was properly enumerated. After some discussion he admitted that were no legal consequences and left. Number of people at that address is all that is required. My $.02 Bill,
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