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  1. Bill w/bus

    Green Bay to Phoenix

    Or how about west to see the Corn Palace in Mitchell SD, the Bailey Yard (railroad yard large size) in North Platte NE, Scots Bluff, NE. Slide south through Colorado. to New Mexico. Or turn west over US 50 for the Black Canyon NP then on to Moab and down through the Canyons to the Grand Canyon. See what memories you have stirred up! Good luck and do get south before the white stuff appears. Bill
  2. Start with RV Park Reviews. Then see if you can get a match with Passport America. Then I use Elks Lodge site for parking, some have hookups, electric. Take some time to look around a area to find the right parking spot for you. Sometimes the spot you choose will not match the the criteria but that is what is available where you want to park. In our case, to make a point, Nashville for a submarine crew reunion is an expensive park at $350 for a week. But it is reasonably close to the hotel and a lot less expensive than a four day stay at $120/night. Bill
  3. Bill w/bus

    Fredericksburg tx

    Allow two days for the War in the Pacific Museum. A lot of shops (and shopping) with Germanic influence. Really the start of the Texas Hill Country. Bill
  4. Bill w/bus

    Motorhome Purchase Guidance

    Also look at used bus conversions. Manufacturers were Eagle, MCI, Prevost, Setra amd GM. Last GM was produced in 1978. Eagle was the preferred entertainer coach due to "ride quality", Torlastic suspension not air bags. There are some very nice conversions from the mid 80's through early 2000's ranging in price from $45K to $150K. Since most people did their conversions approaching retirement they become available in 10-15 years after completion. Check out the Bus Conversions, a magazine, bulletin board and also the BNO, Bus Nuts Oline, bulletin board. Just something more to think about. Bill
  5. Bill w/bus

    6 possible locations for Christmas in the Mission, Texas

    We stay in Mission West RV Resort for the winter. Grass sites $999 for 3-5 months. Concrete is $1250. We frequently have kids and families visiting for one to two weeks. Mission West is a smaller park, 300+ plus sites, with nice sized lots. about 30X50. Most of the other parks are much tighter. Pool is good and warm. Check out the website. Bill
  6. There are a couple that stay open. One near Portland, in Windham. As others have noted not much business. By the end of October most nights are below freezing and many days are barely above freezing in Central Maine. Leaves are gone and the white stuff will be here. Bill
  7. Bill w/bus

    Hwy 2 thru Nebraska

    Stop in North Platte for the Bailey Yard. Huge railroad yard with retired railroad docents in the lookout tower. There is/was a Passport America campground on the east side of town. And stay off the interstates they can be bad for your mental health. Small towns give you more to see and do. Try US 6 across Pennsylvania. Great trip, lots of neat towns. Roughly parallel to I 80. Bill
  8. Bill w/bus

    Full timing early

    Welcome to the retired club. If you are going to golf in every state then would include the course on the Top of the World Highway. I know its kinda long trip but it would count as every state. I would caution you that you need to go slow. And figure that rarely will visit an area only once. Alaska may be an exception. Enjoy, Bill
  9. Bill w/bus

    Our HDT T-boned leaving Moab, UT

    We were rear ended last August. Our insurance company said to deal with them for totaled car and medical. Worked well. Not much hassle. Bill
  10. Bill w/bus

    Getting hot going over mountains

    Radiator cleaning, cooling system flush great ideas. Next look at your driving habits. Find you maximum speed in each gear. When climbing a hill and the speed drops to the max for the next lower gear downshift manually. You don't need to run at full throttle up the hill for most of them. If at a steady speed try lifting out a little on the throttle. If speed drops stop lifting. If the speed stays steady then continue continue lifting until the speed does decrease. Now you know what amount of gas you need to flow to the engine to maintain speed up the hill. What i found most useful with a gas motorhome is a vacuum gauge for manifold pressure. Secondary ports open about 7-8"HG on carburetor engines and fuel enrichment at about the same manifold pressure for fuel injected engines. So the trick was to maintain about 8" HG manifold pressure and let the speed slowly decrease to the downshift point. Manually downshift to the next lower gear. in a 1989 Pace Arrow we were at about 20 MPH going eastbound on I 40 in North Carolina going up the big hill. Took a while but a long time while we trundled up the hill with all the trucks in the right lane. Unless the speed increases with increased throttle then all you are doing is wasting gas and adding heat. Bill
  11. Bill w/bus

    Looking for some help deciding on a destination

    Another thought, Quartzite Arizona should be on your bucket list. Plan being there by mid January. That's two and half months to get there. I was just trying to outline a trip that would get you to some of the great places. Enjoy Bill
  12. Bill w/bus

    RV Route Brunswick to Ellsworth, ME

    Need to stop and visit Camden, coming or going. Try to avoid Wiscasset, US 1 because there is always a backup in the tourist season, as much as a mile or two. Suggestion is to take I295 to US 201, first Gardiner exit, to ME126/201 and turn right over the Kennebec River. Right ast the end of the bridge, now ME 126, ME 27, About 1000 ft turn left on to ME 226, signed for Togus VA (Veterans Administration) . At the end of ME 226 turn right onto ME 17 and you are on your way to Rockland/Camden area. Turn left onto US 1 for continuing to Bar Harbor. You could extend your time in Maine by visiting Campobello Island, Quoddy Head Lighthouse, reversing falls in Pembroke etc. If stopping the north east travel at Bar Harbor then come back south on ME 9. That route will take on a pretty drive, add maybe a half hour, right back to the same bridge you crossed over the Kennebec River going north. Of course you could continue on US 201 unbtil it junctions with I 295 in Topsham. Enjoy Bill
  13. Bill w/bus

    Looking for some help deciding on a destination

    A suggestion or two. Why not explore the Gulf Coast from Florida panhandle to the Rio Grande Valley? Some fairly inexpensive campgrounds and some free. Rainsbow End is about 25 miles north of Orange Beach, AL would make a great base for exploring from Pensacola to Mobile. Don't forget the old railroad station in Foley which is filled with a model railroad. Then move on to Biloxi area. Go into Cajun country. Then Beaumont and the Bolivar Peninsula with the free ferry to Galveston. The Valley, as known to the Winter Texans, is great. Weather good, some years better than Florida and some years not. Last year I whined loudly when the morning temp was 52 degrees, 65 two hours later. And sometimes we couldn't use the pool because of air temps for three or four days. Look around at the parks on the net. We stay for 5 months at $1250 plus electric. Lots of activities and the friendship of a smaller park , max 325 sites. Two nearby airports which in the winter season have great connections to the north. Good luck, Bill
  14. Bill w/bus

    Water conservation while dry camping

    Water and waste tanks are identical at 125 gallons each. We can go 10-12 days between fills. That's not super conservation. But not bad for no paper plates and no eating out with showers as needed. Bill
  15. We had no washer/dryer until this coach. IT was a REQUIREMENT in the build. Serves several purposes: dryer provides extra storage, washer always available (even on the road traveling)[well you do have to make sure that the holding tank has room], you know exactly what has been washed, laundry can be done on your time, no long walks involved [unless you are going to take your daily recreational walk while the machines work]. And get two machines -washer and dryer. Make sure you get a gas (propane) dryer. 240VAC is 50 Amp service. 120VAC dryers have longer dry times, half the power available. The gas dryer uses very little propane, We have two 5 gal (grill size) bottles and each will last about 4-5 months between cooking and the dryer. Sometimes Lynn will run a load during the day when traveling. Just matter of dumping the tank when hooking up in a campground. Three months in a Alaska, a lot of dry camping, we never used a laundry facility. Bill