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  1. Winegard Traveler 3000. The wiring internal to the turret has one bad cable out of four. It is small diameter Coax, maybe 1/8" but with standard screw on fittings at each end. I can't identify the Coax by type. Any help would be appreciated. Winegard will no longer sell dealers the replacement cables. Unit must returned for factory service $$$$. Thanks, Bill
  2. Bill w/bus

    Bus Conversion Motorhome Questions

    Bus Conversions Magazine - check website for ad choices National Bus Trader Specific for buses. You will need to specify what you have done and what parts you have available for completion. Good luck Bill
  3. Bill w/bus

    Dryer... Gas or Electric?

    We voted for a gas dryer. Uses very little propane/butane. Requires 102VAC. Eliminates the need to wire for 240VAC for the appliance only. We have done washing and drying on the road knowing that we would be in a campground that night. Good luck Bill
  4. Well, you get to ride the ferry at Galveston. A toll bridge to get onto Galveston Island. Bolivar Penninsula is a OK ride. Lots to see and do along the way. Seawolf Park in Galveston - home to a submarine WWII type and a Destroyer Escort for tours. We have been that way a couple of times to avoid the I 10 ride. Just a couple of thoughts. Bill
  5. Bill w/bus

    Atlanta area park recommendations.

    Ditto on Jones RV Park. Full hooksups and that's all. Bill
  6. Bill w/bus

    MB Sprinter

    I will be working with a couple with an motorhome on a Sprinter chassis. They are first timers to RV'ing. Any hints or suggestions specific to the Sprinter chassis that would help this couple. I can handle the usual RV stuff, holding tanks, water tank, furnace, hot water heater. It just there are always gotchas'. I have never been inside one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  7. Bill w/bus

    2011 Grand Cherokee as Toad wiring lights?

    Thanks for input. I have decided to use separate lights (led) for the towed vehicle lighting. Bill
  8. Just purchased a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee for use as a Toad, towed vehicle. Before I take my standard route for wiring I am hoping for some input. My standard is to tap into the tailight wiring and insert a diode in the vehicle wiring, to prevent backfeed, into the vehicle system. Then splicing in the MH wire. Jeep appears to use a combined brake and turn. Any gotcha I should know about. Thanks, Bill
  9. Bill w/bus

    Nova Scotia

    Don't forget the Gaspe Peninsula! Drive the Gaspe in the CCW direction as this keeps the ocean on the right side of the RV. That is a five day trip. See also the reversing falls in Truro and St Johns. Bill
  10. At least two Ohio State Parks are accepting Passport America. So check first before making reservations. Bill
  11. Full size front loader and gas (propane) dryer installed 10+ years ago. Still working well. Bill
  12. Winegard Traveler 3005 satellite dish. Had problems with loss of some transponders of some satellites. Problem was not consistent. Sometimes no problems. Worked with factory tech assist without any resolution. Finally contacted a dealer/tech and arranged an appointment. Results were less than desired with a "You've got a problem with the cabling. But I don't have the parts to fix it. Even with substitutions." Further troubleshooting revealed that the cables from output block to turret, where the cable from the arm connects. are failing. Winegard will not sell the cables. They insist on return unit to factory for troubleshooting and correction. That's going to be pricey with shipping back and forth. What I'm looking for is a recommendation in the Nashville/ Chatanooga area for a dealer or mobile tech. Thanks Bill
  13. Bill w/bus

    Green Bay to Kitty Hawk NC

    South from Green Bay to about mid state Illinois. Then east using the bid roads like I 64 or smaller roads like US 60. Sliding south through Nashville to Knoxville then cross the Blue Ridge and continue east. As Al says -details, got to know the details of your wants. Bill
  14. Bill w/bus

    North to Canada - Insight appreciated.

    Tour the Gaspe Pennisula CCW to keep the ocean on your right side. About 4-5 days. Then slide south through New Brunswick. Possibly tour Nova Scotia. Enter Maine through Calais then Campobello Island from Lubec. South along the coast stopping at Pembroke for the reversing falls. Bar Harbor and Acadia NP. Next on to Camden with its beautiful harbor. Look for the Maine Fair schedule to catch a true country fair. Freyburg fair is the first week of October, ending Columbus Day. This should be about maximum color or maybe just after the peak. You could then move west across New Hampshire, Vermont and into upstate New York into the St Lawrence Seaway area. Then along the lake towards Buffalo and into Ohio, via the bit pf PA. Bill
  15. Bill w/bus

    Ferry to Alaska

    We too read the article at the end of our summer in Alaska. Author went from power pole to power pole. Highest campground price was in Tok. It was a hookup spot and a dump at $32/night. Lowest was zero $ at Fred Meyers in Soldotna, three day max. Next was Ma Ma Yeh's in Prince George, BC for about $12US/night. Homer and Seward are $15/night in the city campgrounds So therefore the premise that the ferry is less expensive versus driving is, at best, unproven. If you go by ferry, then use that opportunity to explore the islands as you go north. You really want to be in Alaska around or just after Memorial Day. According to historical records late week of May and first part of June emcompass the best chance of seeing the mountain, Denali,in all its glory. Met a tour bus driver out of Whitehorse, he had seen the mountain 6 times in 17 years. Skagway is a must see. It is touristy but that's the point, you are a tourist. In Fairbanks you can stay at the Walmart, 15 amp plugs (lots) are live in the summer. So driving north I would suggest starting at Mile 0 in Dawson Creek. Enjoy the drive. Maybe five days to Whitehorse. From there we went to Skagway and ferry to Haines and on to Tok. Fairbanks has Pioneer Park, free. Check out the gold dome building for the Eskimo Olympics videos, Miners Museum and the Pipeline exhibits. Nenana is a barge terminal for the Aluetian Islands and the Yukon River villages with a couple of small but neat museums. We spent a month plus on the Kenai Penninsula. Two weeks in Homer, a week in Seward, a week in Kenai and then Soldotna and Hope. Side trips to Bannf and Jasper NP's, Chetwynd for the wood scuptures. Do take the Top of the World Highway to Chicken and Dawson City. There is a BLM campground a a couple of miles west of the road to Eagle. Trip to Eagle best done in a toad or truck, it is worth the trip to the Yukon River and Eagle cliff. Our average nightly fee was less than $20 night. Not as good as Al Florida data but pretty good. Bill