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  1. Coyotes can be as bold as brass. I had 3 walk up on me and my dogs several years ago but then again farm dogs don't brook insolence from coyotes. Still it was scary to be sitting there and look to see them only a 100ft or so away. Don't let your dogs chase coyotes and make sure thy have a good recall or standdown if they are off leash when hunting. Might save you an expensive vet bill.
  2. A warning about carrying sprays for defense. Depending on the wind they can backfire on you so be careful.
  3. I'm disabled a have a service dog and one of the biggest fears I have is being separated from him. I most places go I have made arrangements for him to be boarded at a local kennel or cared for by friends. County shelters have all too often euthed service dogs.
  4. Thundershirt and Valerian Root will help ease you r dogs noise and other problems.
  5. After hours there isn't anyone around to watch whats going on. I've had my share of inconsiderate campers. IN mpst RV pars management and staff are on top of it but unfortunately there nothing you can do about inconsiderate or unknowing weekenders.
  6. Jin has all of his shot records in a 'Health Passport" available at pet stores. When he gets a vaccination or treatment it goes in their with the batch numbers and expiration dates and signed by the vet. I also keep paperwork from the vet in a separate notebook so I have 2 copies.
  7. Cool. My dog is agility trained but we don't compete instead that training is part of his overall training as a service dog.
  8. I have bred, raised and trained working border collies and sheepdogs for over 40 years. Cesar Milan's methods were considered outdated before I started training dogs 20 years before him. Look on YouTube for Cesar Milan, videos many of them show how he treats the dogs in an inhumane manner. A couple of them show how he got some very from upsetting the dogs he was working with (clue: He gets bit because his face is in the camera not on the dog). Look online at Karen Pryor . Her methods are considered among the best she has an extremely high success rate. I would also like to suggest some books, "The other end of the leash" by Dr. Patricia McConnell, PhD, IO use her methods, she specializes in communicating more effectively with your dog and "Control Unleashed" by Leslie McDevott [sp]. Meantime here is a video of my dog Jin to give you an idea of what you can accomplish with your dog in time.
  9. Last large company I worked for half people smoke pot, some for medical some for other reasons. People came in to apply for a technical position and could not fill out a job application. Those who were hired often showed up late for work and got into the habit of taking off Friday afternoon as soon as they got their paychecks. That led to paychecks being distributed after 1500. I applied at Staples as a part time computer tech couple of years ago and they wanted to run a background, criminal and credit check as well.
  10. Actually it's Ranger and Jin and I got your message. Welcome aboard the SKPs. We're not the only service dog team in the club I know of at least 3 others besides us. When are you going to hit the road and where from and to for your first journey? Right now we're in Palm Springs CA and will be heading to Joshua Tree middle of June.
  11. First of all other than the food what else will sicken or kill your dog? I look aty the label. If it says made in China I pass it by for more than just the fact could harm my dog. Frankly I'm tired of cheaply made expensive product that fall apart seemingly overnight. I check the label of everything I buy.
  12. The dog training and handler sites have been saying for years don't feed your dog anything made in China.
  13. You can't make a post without a picture of the pup.
  14. desertranger


    I joined a few weeks ago. Already found some friends on it who were hear at North Ranch. I say give it time to evolve. I like the concept only like everything else it will take time.
  15. Never really had a problem in an RV park. Normally the ankle biters will bark at the larger dogs until they get use to them since small breeds tend to be less socialized than larger dogs. There are dogs some that are not socialized enough to mix with. We currently have a corgi and a mini-aussie (Maggie) here that are not well socialized with other dogs. The corgi just barks a lot and runs in circles when another dog gets close but he'll come to me for a scratch. Maggie is 4 yrs and I have been working with her a bit, very sweet she has some major fear issues to overcome and is timid in public hiding from other dogs. Each pair of dogs is different. Jin barks when you walk by because he wants to meet you. Once that's done he doesn't bark when you walk by anymore. The best thing to do is ask the owner if the dogs can meet. The way is to let the dogs greet with a loose a leash as possible. Jin works on a 15ft leash so I can let him close in yet pull him back if the dogs don't like each other. Tight leashes introduce leash aggression. Another thing to remember is that some dogs will get into a tiff, an alpha argument. It doesn't always happen immediately and should last less than a few seconds and generally speaking it never happens again between to particular dogs. The best thing to do after such a tiff is to let them greet each other again. Watch for lip curls, staring and nose to nose. That's not good. A small dog that repeatedly charges and barks at a larger dog is asking for trouble so steer clear of them. There is one dog here that charges Jin every time we walk by so we avoid it. Oh yeah, and if it;s a small dog that starts the argument and your large dog responds in defense you can be sure that your dog will be blamed. That's why I leave the dog run when there are more than 4-5 small dogs.
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