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  1. I don't know anything about his beer but I did see a couple of 24 packs of Dr. Pepper on the shelf in the garage.
  2. Big5er

    legal travel problems/solution 48 foot Coach???

    Once had a guy that told me I was just trying to make my quota. I told him "Yup, two more today and I get a microwave oven". The captain was laughing his ass off the whole time the sergeant was chewing on mine, but WTF, it was worth it.
  3. Big5er

    legal travel problems/solution 48 foot Coach???

    Uh, hey Judge. Show me that in the law. Show me anything that says window tint is reciprocal amongst states. Are you an attorney? What qualifications do you need to be a "traffic Judge"? Where did you study law? You might want to double check your facts. Chad is right. I'd would (and have) written out of state vehicles (from Louisiana and other states) tickets for tint that is too dark by Texas law. There is no reciprocity for equipment.
  4. Hi ya Dave. I sure was wanting to see Newt's new ride Maybe next year. Carl, they are way too cute to eat!! The entire rally group went out for dinner tonight. The cool thing is that we could almost fit in one smart car. We didn't have to stuff anyone in the back of a smart though since we had access to a van. Rocky drove the entire bunch of us (all 3, including Rocky) to Chili's. We were the rowdiest group in the place!!
  5. I'm hanging out with Rocky and Sheri for a bit while while he recovers...and he isn't in Houston. He is in Wylie (near Dallas). They even have a petting zoo at this resort.....sort of.
  6. Big5er

    Deer/Moose Guards

    I wonder if you can powder coat one black? I wanna black out all the chrome on mine except the wheels.
  7. It started off kinda small with only the two rigs on location but, as Rocky pointed out, we have completely filled the resort. We didn't have any snow this morning just lots of rain so we moved "Happy Hour" inside. Sheri and Rocky seemed to enjoy themselves
  8. Dang Darryl. You did it again
  9. Big5er

    Smart Instrument Cluster

    $1100 bucks. Had it done in June. Thankfully the extended warranty covered it. The DIY guys say it's not that hard...ha!
  10. Big5er

    Direct LInk - Emergency Stop

    On an interstate? So are you suggesting that its ok to use the cruise on the way up that hill but should turn it off for the trip back down? An HDT with the cruise is not like a car or an LGT which will allow a vehicle to gain speed when going downhill. I just ran from Houston to Weatherford. OK and the cruise was only turned off when I stepped on the brake. After traffic picked up speed the cruise was back on, and stayed on up and down hill.
  11. Well don't use the app then. I haven't read all the previous posts but I used the app today and it was real simple. The GPS in my phone gave them the location. It asked which on my 2 receivers I was closest to, I selected the one I was looking at and pushed "next" and it said "You can receiver the Oklahoma City locals", then it asked for the receiver ID and told me where to find that on the screen. In a few minutes I had Oklahoma City locals. I am not a pay as you go customer but I am an RV account. The app sure makes it easy, I'll give Dish that one. I kinda like it.
  12. Big5er

    Can I come, too?

    Now Kirk, I never said "unfriendly". God knows we can't accuse you of that. That first long trip out can be a little intimidating. Nothing wrong with traveling with friends if you have a common destination.
  13. Big5er

    Can I come, too?

    Kirk, really? I figured you of all people would be sympathetic to her question. Inexperience is the first thought that comes to mind. Traveling with others is an easy way to learn. Having someone that you can ask questions of, learn the ropes so to speak is more comforting that just running headfirst into the unknown. I have RV'ed my entire life. I have stayed at every pricey resort I could find. That was great for vacationing. Hitting the road, fulltime, those pricey resorts aren't looking so inviting. I've already told some friends that when I hit the road, I am following them for a while so they can teach me the "economical" way to do it. Give the rookie a break and let her step off the ledge and into something of a comfort zone before you just shove her off into the abyss. She will grow into it and learn that freedom is great but even then there are those freedom loving people that return, year after year, to that one special rally to see friends, chat and share experiences.
  14. Ok, I'm kinda with chirakawa on this one. How can you claim they seem irritated when you ask, if you have NEVER asked?
  15. Big5er

    Hi everyone brand new here!!

    Welcome Troy. I think my builder made my deck just under the 102" max that is allowed. If I remember correct mine is 100". Damn, Darryl, I missed the anniversary of your signature....Better late than never so, Happy Anniversary.