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  1. Getting the new account and number fixed mine last month, no trouble since. Instead of "No Data" mine consistently shows "Data Usage: 1.00 MB used".
  2. And they will want to replace it with a refurb. I wasn't happy about that at all. I moaned and whined so they refunded half the price of my new one and I took the refurb. Which didn't fix the issue anyway. They will not tell you what that "fair usage" amount is but it appears that if you exceed it Verizon is the one flipping the switch on and off. It is not a hardware issue.
  3. Let me know how this goes. I know what hell I went through to get mine fixed when it did the same thing. Are you a heavy downloader? They tried to tell me I had exceeded the "fair usage amount", which wasn't possible. They eventually got mine fixed but it took me almost 2 weeks, a replacement jetpack and finally 1 kid with some above average intelligence.
  4. Big5er

    TRAFFIC ALERT / Interstate 10, east of Houston

    225 has it's own issues with construction at Beltway 8 so it's not really a great option. Luckily TxDOT restriped the bridge yesterday and turned the right shoulder into a traffic lane so there are two lanes flowing westbound. The entrance ramp coming out of Highlands is still closed but that shouldn't really bother the flow of the freeway. They are claiming that repairs will only take "several weeks". We'll see.
  5. Big5er

    TRAFFIC ALERT / Interstate 10, east of Houston

    Such as?? If you are traveling through Houston, there aren't many options unless tiny back roads, lots of turns and frequent stops or a lot of extra miles, to go way around, are your idea of a better way. Hwy 90 will be a bit more crowded, but is easily doable. So far it has not experienced any real back ups.
  6. In case anyone is traveling westbound into Houston, I-10 at the San Jacinto River (Exit 786, 787?) is reduced from 3 lanes to 1 lane until further notice. A barge struck the bridge and took out a column on the south side. This is not gonna be a quick or easy repair. You might wanna find a way around Houston. Highway 90 to the north is a decent option if traveling all the way across Houston, toward San Antonio. Hitting Hwy 90 in Beaumont isn't terrible. The eastbound lanes are (so far) not affected. The last time this happened ('94) they merged the 3 eastbound and the 3 westbound, into 2 lanes each way, all on the eastbound bridge. That was a nightmare at rush hour and that was 24 years ago. Traffic is a lot worse now. News article here.
  7. Big5er

    Stuck waste tank valve

    Ken, he added a manual that he can reach and just leaves the cable operated valves open. He still has a valve in place.
  8. Sleep Number makes an RV King size bed. I had a Sleep Number in the S&B, figured I would have one in the RV. I bought one direct from Sleep Number for the old RV, it is offered as an upgrade in new DRV's.
  9. Big5er

    Space between hitch and 5th wheel

    Sweet!! Nice build. That is what I am planning to do for my 7.5kw Onan QD.
  10. Big5er


    Gary, is it possible that is was JUST an increase. My insurance went up $300 last year and I've had no claims.
  11. Big5er

    smart TV!!!

    The "easiest" thing to do is get a desktop computer with an HDMI output and a smart TV with several HDMI inputs. I wireless keyboard and mouse completes the ensemble. I can sit in the recliner and play on the computer and its' 55" monitor
  12. He never said the weapon could ONLY be used defensively. That was how you chose to interpret it. What he said was that 28% of the states had some form of liberty when it came to carrying weapons for defense. As I pointed out earlier, and you chose to ignore, there is no state that authorizes people to carry weapons for an offensive purpose. You can continue your childish replies, everyone in this thread has seen them for what they are.
  13. Big5er

    Unloading front axel?

    Smoke, I wonder if he meant that his is singled "long" so that with his current length/load/configuration it isn't an issue, compared to the same length/load/configuration singled short, or mid.
  14. Yeah, I'm with Remo on this one. You are simply looking to argue, and in my opinion you choose a rather silly platform. Do you really think that states that allow citizens to carry concealed handguns are advocating their use "offensively"? ""Here's your handgun permit. Now go rape, rob and pillage." REALLY?? That is probably one of the silliest things I have ever read hear. If you were 12 I might understand how you might think that but you are obviously an adult so we can rule out a childish lack of comprehension for your crazy argument. I suppose you have some other excuse, other than just picking fights over dumb stuff? Maybe a moderator will come along and delete the silly troll comments. Then they could delete mine, Remo's and a few others where we fed the troll thus leading this conversation back to original intent??
  15. Big5er

    Totally off topic - What a great month!

    I agree completely Dave. They are honest to a fault too. No deceit in their nature. You'll never see a two faced dog.