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  1. Big5er

    780 Generator Install

    That is where I have you beat. I live at an Onan service center. They will hopefully keep it running well for me. I'm heading to Herrin next week to get the stinger(?) built to house mine. With any luck, by this time next month I will be running a 7.5kw Onan QD when I need it. I just wish I could have mounted mine the way you did...or under the right side fairing...oh well, Plan A, B and C shot to hell, on with Plan D.
  2. LOL, you know I've been through 5 hurricanes, 4 in a sticks and bricks and 1 in my RV with a dish mounted on a pole. I've lost the roof off the garage and had more 60 feet plus tall trees fall on my property than I can remember but I've never once needed my dish re-aligned.
  3. Big5er

    780 Generator Install

    I wish you would quit posting this picture. I get so jealous everytime I see it!!
  4. Big5er

    780 Generator Install

    Clean looking install. That's nice.
  5. Big5er

    780 Generator Install

    I don't think a 10 or 12k would fit behind the fairing and if it did you would have to do a lot of alteration to the truck, not just modify but alter the entire system that holds on the fairings. I wasnt willing to do that much alteration to try and fit my 7.5k in there.
  6. Big5er

    780 Generator Install

    I carried a small 30amp portable in the space you listed for years. I'm on the process of installing an diesel Onan on my truck that is too big for that space. I'll convert that to storage I guess if I can find a water tight case/container to put there. Pictures here. I'm just curious why you didn't go with a diesel generator? I know I did mine because that portable generator was a gimme, and I knew it wasn't permanent. Your post mentions adding a 6 gallon gas tank but you could run a diesel genset for days if you attached it to your trucks fuel tanks. There are several small enough to fit in the space you are looking at that could easily supply 30 amps to your trailer too. That is probably the route I would have eventually gone if I hadn't run into the deal of a lifetime on the commercial 7.5 Onan QD. I will say this, mounting a portable in that space you can expect it to get REAL nasty and dirty. I also vibrated the wheels right off mine...literally.
  7. Big5er

    Purchasing Fuel

    I'll be truck number 5 Roger..Can I have one??? Please?? LOL
  8. Big5er

    Purchasing Fuel

    Yeah, but not all of us can get a Fleet fuel card, Roger 😜
  9. Big5er

    Big thank you to big5er

    When you are already a Texas resident, why would you want to register your truck in another state? Many states frown (heavily) on their residents registering their vehicles in another state. Other than using an LLC the only reason I can see to register your vehicle out of your state of residence, if you house it in the state where you reside, is to skirt the laws of your state and/or screw your state out of their road taxes for the roads you drive on.
  10. Big5er

    Big thank you to big5er

    John, I'm glad I could help. All I really did was make a phone call but I'm glad it worked. It looks like Texas is getting away from the easy registration days of old and starting to make owners jump through hoops to get registered. I kinda wonder why the change. I was in and out in 30 minutes when I did mine. Are RV HDT's becoming more common, so the rules have been changed or are they seeing this so infrequently they don't know what they are doing? I'm afraid it may be the former since even Austin (and Houston) were so hesitant and resistant. Either way, you got yours done so all is good. If I ever get out your way, I will take you up on your offer of payment for services rendered. Attached you will find an open ended bill...for ONE ice cold Dr. Pepper. I used to accept warm DP and supply my own ice. But until I see how retirement treats me I am not sure I can afford to freeze the water necessary to make enough ice to chill a warm one. Safe travels John, Phil
  11. Oh yes they do......hehe
  12. 3 more days this week and 4 more next week....although I am feeling a bit ill. I have 2 more sick days and I feel a case of anal glaucoma coming on for next Thursday and Friday, you know....... I just can't see my ass going to work those last two days. I'll empty all of my stuff out of the Tahoe and drop it off Wednesday, turn in the old ID for the new "retired" one and that's it.
  13. So that explains why I was gettingthe "speed trap" warnings the other day.
  14. I never get the speeds that Dutch does but this is about my norm on an 8800L jetpack.
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