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  1. Garmin 55 dash cam

    Alan, check the resolutions on both. I know the Garmin has a lot more features and I'm thinking it has a better optics, both are capable of 1080p at 30fps but like any other camera, the lens makes a big difference. Go to Garmin and download the manual. You know the old saying...you get what you pay for.
  2. Dogs belong on a leash.

    Oh my god...I certainly hope they didn't pee anywhere. That might smell. Nice looking neighbors, BTW. My dogs are both girls. That haven't hiked a leg on anything, but they will squat where they squat. Your trained K-9 is not my family pet. I'm sorry if my girls never received training (which your agency probably paid for, not you) on where it is appropriate to pee. They haven't been trained to smell narcotics, guns, bombs or attack on command either. If you and/or your agency wishes to pay for this urination training I will be more than happy to check with my girls and see if they would like to attend.
  3. Dogs belong on a leash.

    If you can perfect a communications program for human to dog conversation, then I will gladly advise my dog not to pee or poo as we walk down the road. I have had that conversation with her but for some unknown reason she ignores me when I say "Oh no...don't pee there. Hold it until we get somewhere else". I have tried that phrase in both english and spanish . She doesn't seem to understand either language although in her defense my spanish isn't all that good. If you are suggesting that I yank my dog off her feet by the leash if she squats where you think she shouldn't then you need to think again. I live in south Texas. I have never walked around a campsite, my yard or anywhere else and been bothered by the odor of dog urine on a hot summer day. I can not say the same for a corral full of horses or cows, but then I do not camp around corrals. The great odors is not a litter box, it doesn't hold the smell of animal pee until someone empties the box. But, are you aware that birds pee and poo in campgrounds, yard and on cars? Deer pee in campgrounds...and yes, even in occupied camp sites. Squirrels, raccoons, possums..the list goes on. Have you ever seen a trail ride? There is all sorts of other nastiness on the ground too. Tobacco chewers spit on the ground, for that matter non tobacco users spit, on occasion. Children throw up, drinks get spilled and food gets dropped and rots. I won't tell you what homeless people do on the sidewalks and they usually just leave it. I watched a Good Sam rally in Kansas folding up last year. One camper walked over to the faucet after he unhooked his drinking hose and stuck his sewer hose up to it to rinse it out. There is even fecal matter on our public beaches. If you are so worried about "the little wet bits that get stuck in the rocks" then I would suggest you take your shoes off at the door because there is a lot more on the ground than a little bit of doggie poo. You might wanna spray some bleach on the water faucet before you connect your drinking hose too. BTW: You are aware that you can "multi" quote posts, so you can make one post and not three, right?
  4. Getting a new to me truck

    Congrats Roger
  5. Lock on fuel door

    Tom, I'm with you 100%. You can't "stop" them from stealing your fuel but you might "prevent" it. I said it in my previous post but as times changes I am more concerned about them taking the whole truck than a tank full of diesel. Our pre emissions trucks are becoming a high dollar item to someone somewhere.
  6. 1 year of ownership

    Thank you Carl. It's nice to know someone is looking out for me The Dr. Pepper has been on sale recently Nigel....the attitude can be an indicator of the price. Corey, It was fun to meet you and John that morning. I'm always up for breakfast at Dennys. I wanna see that pumkin colored truck hauling a trailer soon I can't believe it has been a year....damn, maybe I am getting old. Hang on..be right back. Gotta get a DP.
  7. Lock on fuel door

    They want it all....the whole tank full, but they are other truck drivers. In 30+ years I would hazard a guess that 99% of the diesel thefts that I see are pumped out of the top. It is rare to see a tank punctured and fuel caught as it runs out. It is faster and a lot less conspicuous to pump it tank to tank. A professional fuel thief isn't gonna waste his time on a 150 gallon tank anyway. He will park on top of an underground tank and pump it out several hundred gallons at a time. I have also been getting a LOT more alerts on stolen tractors, particularly the older, pre emissions, trucks. I would imagine that most of the trucks I see stolen around here are heading south of the border but even they don't want DEF trucks. That makes a lot of the trucks here a prime target. I will be putting a ravelco system on my truck.
  8. Trailer Fire - need some help please.

    Randy, sent you a PM Make that two...
  9. Fantastic Fan

    Straight from the manufacturer How To Clean Your Fantastic Fan
  10. MDT (M class) vs. Ram 3500 or Ford F450

    Better off on a bike? Really? And, yes I have seen several smart cars involved in accidents. They hold up better that you claim. And it is the ONLY car that will fit sideways. I'll take a metal cage and air bags over road rash any day. What size vehicles do they use when crash testing that bike you think is as safe as a smart?
  11. GM to bring back MDT’s

    If you do a search for lists of the best medium duty diesel engines, you will find many authors with many differing opinions. The other thing you will find is mostly inline engines. The V engines you find will be the Duramax, the 7.3 Powerstroke and maybe that VW V-10. The other thing you will notice is that those V engines are not in the top 5 on a 10 position list. From the article: Have you ever ridden in a dumptruck or a rollback wrecker? Yeah, you can put an RV toter bed on it and spend a ton of $$ to "upfit" it to a comfortable ride, but that's not what I wanna spend my money on. Good luck with it.
  12. RV Security

    A real "good" chain and lock, discreetly (ground level, tucked in the grass and not real visible) connecting the wheels will create enough havoc that it may cause the thieves to abandon their catch and leave. Pulling a trailer down the road with two wheels dragging instead of rolling is a bit obvious, something crooks are not real comfortable with. Any deterrent that crooks understand and are aware of beforehand can be defeated. The surprise and the "oh shit" factor will work a lot in your favor. The crooks are just as likely to abandon it rather that take the time to determine the problem and "correct" it. Insurance will fix the relatively minor damage caused by your chain a lot faster than they will pay off the claim for the entire trailer.
  13. Sneak Peek

    Looking good Steve. I sure wanted to come see that shop last time I was up there.
  14. Motorhome Double Towing

    There are several on this forum. Almost any Spacecraft 5er has the hitch to do it, probably most of the New Horizons too. My DRV is wired to the 2" hitch with a 7way plug, so it's capable of brakes...not sure I would tow much behind it, but I bet it would handle a small utility trailer. Of course since I am already 64ft there is that length issue to consider.