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  1. I'm not sure I agree with that. I live at a place of business, in my trailer. The owner already owns the land, so it costs him nothing to let me stay on a small piece. He also pays my electricity. He once told me that my RV was a drop in the bucket compared to the costs of heating and cooling his building, lighting that building during the day and the parking lot at night. So what I am getting has more value to me than it does to him. Now does the time (work) he is receiving from me compensate him in the reverse? Of course since he is getting services for something that basically costs him nothing. It's not about "location" as much as he is receiving (basically) free services and in return giving me a free place to live. I think in the situation Twotoes speaks of it is basically the same...the "employer" already has sites....giving one away costs nothing and he receives a service in return for giving away the site. That basically gets the "employer" free labor.
  2. Well since you are working in the house, what is she doing? Send her out to do the brakes. Even Mother in laws need to earn their keep 🤣
  3. If you have the time and energy to cage them, then I would try Darryl's solution of the flexible cutting boards or those flexible silicon baking sheets. The baking sheets can handle temps from the negative numbers to 500 degrees. They are cheap and I bet you could cut a workable shape easily. They aren't real thick and would be faster and easier to remove than uncaging them. Of course that all depends on how tight your brakes are to start with. I've seen shoes adjusted so tight I couldn't get a piece of paper between them and the drum. I guess that is where I get lucky, having my truck stored at home. I try to get it out for a drive at least once a month, keeps the diesel stirred up and the rust off the brakes.
  4. Kirk, TX DPS (not DMV) lists the address YOU give them on your license. They do not look it up to see if it is a forwarding service or not. If your licenses have PMB on them it is because you told them it was a PMB. I have "lived" in a teeny tiny PMB for years. My license says exactly what I told DPS. I "live" at 123-B Farm to Market Rd 5678 #234. Now, you must sign an affidavit saying that is where you "live" and they will ask if you have a different mailing address but they are not checking what you tell them.
  5. Big5er

    Discount Ramps

    Jack, that is not very fair. You can say that about a lot of stuff. I used to be able to run the length of a football field, but not anymore. I used to be thinner, but not anymore. I used to have more hair, but not anymore. Get the trend?
  6. Big5er


    I would be up for it. My rims need it. Makes my new steer tires look ugly.
  7. Big5er

    780 Generator Install

    Damn the DPF stuff. I went as far back as I could and then ran into the fuel tank. I've got the new Onan generator so now that is just open space...maybe i need one of those tiny motorcycles? And retirement is great, thanks. I have no idea what day it is anymore....everyday is Saturday
  8. It's not semantics, it is the legal definition. Go look it up yourself. You asked a question and then want to debate the answer. I just love people like you. See my signature line.
  9. Big5er

    Polishing Tanks?

    Or get a Volvo and put them behind the fairings
  10. Jay touched on most of the reasons but you need to get your terminology straight. You have never seen a commercial "truck" pulling a 53' trailer (except a car hauler). You have seen commercial TRACTORS pulling 53' trailers. There is no length for a TRACTOR itself in most cases. If you add a load bearing bed (like we do to haul a smart or a motorcycle), even if registered commercially, a tractor becomes a truck...a tractor can only tow, not haul, its load. Once we register our HDT's for personal use, we are either MH's or trucks. And (using Texas law as an example) a "truck" or MH pulling a trailer (or two) can only be 65' bumper to bumper. Brochure with pictures HERE I have no idea what all those metric measurements are, but the RVDA does not write the laws and 75 ft is overlength and illegal in Texas and many other states. If you are going to quote law, you might want to check the actual law in each state. Length laws vary widely from state to state.
  11. That is YOUR opinion. My truck runs until the trailer is level, the A/C is on and the slides are out. That is because the dogs are in the truck with the A/C running. One of my girls just freaks out when the walls move. Therefore they both stay in the truck until the trailer is set up. If my truck idling for 10 minutes bothers anyone so much I will be more than happy to let them walk my dogs and babysit them, inside their trailer, until I am done.
  12. Because typically RV's are NOT HDT's. The typical long RV is a truck and a trailer or a motorhome and a trailer. Can you imagine what some of these idiots would hook behind an F-250 if they could? A 40ft fifth wheel and a 20ft Ski Boat?
  13. I paid cash for mine but during the divorce I tried to get a loan through my credit union where I had been a member for 20 years and use my HDT, registered as a motor home, for collateral. They shot me down immediately.."we don't loan on commercial vehicles". I said "it's a motorhome". They said "We don't care what the title says, the VIN says it's a CMV".
  14. Carl, the Federal regs allow CMV's to be placed "out of service" for a very select, few, safety items, ie: 20% of the brakes inoperative or out of adjustment, air leaks, air loss rate (compressor can't keep up), BOTH brake lights inop, either REAR turn signal inop, some tire violations, etc. Other than those it's "Here is your ticket. Drive safely". Now, in Texas state law (the laws that apply to us/rv's,not CMV's), there is no allowance to be placed "out of service". Now we have all told the violator with no brake lights to "fix that before you drive away" but the most you can really do is write him another ticket if he doesnt. There are several reasons I can tow a vehicle against the owners wishes, but being over length is not one of them. I would question any officer that mandates that I disconnect and hire someone to tow my trailer. Now having said that, every state is different....... Remember the G*******'s who were given an overlength ticket by my coworker? "Sign here and drive safely". And if you remember he never even checked the width of their sideways loaded smart car.
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