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  1. Big5er

    Volvo Refrigerator Fixed for $184

    Great reference material Bob. Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting, you just made this easy for the rest of us. Sounds like this should go in the Resource Guide??
  2. Big5er

    I-Shift trans goes sour

    Being a cheap date isn't too bad but if she starts calling you easy, then we'll start to wonder
  3. Big5er

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    Steve, swap your "inter" and "intra". The States allow exceptions for "intra"state operations.
  4. Big5er

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    That's why I have always said that I anticipate being stopped every time I take a trip. The chances are it WILL happen to us sooner or later. It's best to be prepared and ready. Glad you think my advice helped Rick. Having the papers he wants and the answers he is looking for before he gets to it will never hurt.
  5. Big5er

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    Charlie, this has been hashed out before but technically we do fit the legal definition of a "Commercial Motor Vehicle". There is an exemption from the regulations for Commercial Motor Vehicles being used to providing personal conveyance of passengers for recreational purposes. So basically we are CMV's that are exempt for the CMV regulations.
  6. Joel, I am confused. Mostly by the large difference in results on the first test you listed and why the big difference in the speed test sites....also is there any way to determine which of your theories may be more or less correct? Is there anything else that could cause that big of a difference? 3 sites are relatively close to the same and Fast.com is way lower?
  7. Big5er

    Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    Using the definition found in Websters: Definition of similar 1: having characteristics in common : strictly comparable The way that it was always taught to me is "does their license allow them to drive the class of vehicle they are operating?" That is "similar", ie "comparable".
  8. Big5er

    Contaminated Fuel - Pilot

    See below. 'Nuff said? Sounds like the initial post may have been one big "jumping to conclusions" that seem likely to be incorrect?Especially since it appears that the "friends" own insurance policy is covering the issue rather than Flying J/Pilot. I thought cops, even self proclaimed retired ones, usually dealt with facts rather than speculation. Too bad that Flying J/Pilot is not on here to defend themselves against these unsubstantiated rumors.
  9. Big5er

    Forklift truck

    Strange little things...I think I'll stick with my "Level Up" system. I like that one button operation.
  10. Big5er

    Contaminated Fuel - Pilot

    Just to play the Devils' Advocate: I'm sure they will test your fuel to void the warranty and limit their costs to repair it but will they test a sample you brought in from an unknown source, in a fuel can? Would their "test" hold up in court against Flying J/Pilot? Sure a mechanic can run a machine that sits in the corner of the shop, but will he be able to testify to the machines calibration? Was there a test sample run prior to the test? Is there a procedure to protect against cross contamination? Is the machine secured against tampering? Exactly which employee handled the sample before it was tested? Exactly what was in that sample? Any other contaminants? Those are the sort of questions that will come up if lawyers get involved. How involved in a lawsuit will a dealer will go? I wonder if a dealership tested sample would even see a courtroom. If the goal is to force Flying J/Pilot to admit an issue that they deny exists, I'd bet you are gonna need a lab tested sample. And even then proving its' authenticity would be hard.
  11. Big5er

    Contaminated Fuel - Pilot

    As a supposed ex-cop you should know that filming yourself pumping diesel will prove nothing (other than the fact that you pumped diesel). Unless you monitor that container every second, from pump to test, anyone could have tampered with it. And where do you take diesel to have it tested? Who is "certified" to test diesel? It's not your mechanic. What lab will you take it to? The odds of Def being mixed into the diesel tank at the truck stop is extremely rare. Def is not transported by the same tanker that transports the fuel and the fittings at the tanks are totally different and are not compatible with each other. Fuel tankers use brass and aluminum fittings while DEF uses stainless steel. If they have bad fuel, there will be more than one person complaining. You know the old saying: There is strength in numbers. In the situation Kirk mentioned it sounds like there were enough people with issues, that the problem was obvious. And as Kirk mentioned Flying J/Pilot stepped up and did the right thing. Flying J/Pilot would obviously step up and take responsibility for this issue too, if there really was one. Gotta wonder what makes your friends situation different?
  12. Big5er

    Quartzsite speed trap

    The speed limit is posted, yes? There are additional signs to remind you of your speed, to compare with the speed limit, yes? Exactly which part of that is a "trap"?
  13. Big5er

    Question for the newbies.

    Here is a video explaining the reason to apply the gas rather than letting off. Youtube has several videos with the same script for both RV's and tractors. They are older than dirt but I assume the laws of physics(?) haven't changed with age.
  14. Big5er

    Centramatic Balancers

    Rick, double check your info. I calculate more like $600-700. Roughly $200 an axle. Amazon has 22.5 steer axle set for $184 and drive axle set for $201. I didn't verify those are the exact sets but both are 22.5 inch sets. Price should be pretty close.