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  1. Big5er

    Mt Rushmore area

    Glad you enjoyed it. Can't be beat for the price.
  2. Cory, if they make you feel better, I am happy for you. Personally, I think you wasted $110. You are legal, yes? Correct registration? Properly licensed? Have you ever seen a Prevost Motorhome going down the road with signs that say "Private RV. Not for Hire."? Why not? Because they don't mean a thing....but like I said, if YOU like em, and it's your truck, I'm happy for ya. I still look forward to our next meet-up. The drinks are on me.
  3. Big5er

    Big 5er

    Thanks for the invitation Pat. I'll keep your number handy if I get up that way
  4. Big5er

    Big 5er

    Kevin, thansk...hope you have fun. I know I enjoyed it, for that short time. Looking forward to doing it again LOL Well hell, thats a mighty tempting invitation, Jack. We'll see. I'll just have to look at my schedule closer I guess.
  5. Big5er

    Big 5er

    Glad you are well. My DP bottle is still prominently displayed in its position of honor. Thank You. dblr, thanks this really was "too good" to pass up. So, I guess I am flunking retirement. I'll let you know before I head east...looking at a DRV rally in Dandridge, TN...in Oct.
  6. Big5er

    Big 5er

    Yeah, Glenn they never cease to amaze me. I'm not used to spending other peoples money....but I'm liking it. Thanks Dave. Hope y'all are well too. I really didn't want to go back to work, but this is letting me build a decent "oh shit" account...quickly. Hey, not my job anymore LOL And I have figured out there are people that want to pay for my opinion. And when I say "it's like this" they never argue Thanks for the shout out. It's kinda nice to be missed and thought about. I'm not sure I am gonna make Hutch this year...I may be going east. What about you??
  7. Big5er

    Big 5er

    Did I hear someone say "Dr. Pepper"? Hi yall, I'm still around....just not here a lot. After I retired I had a trucking company call and ask me to come do their driver training and DOT compliance work. They made me a sweet deal, too sweet to pass up, so I went back to work....for a while. I'm traveling a little for work, some in my rig, some in those pet friendly hotels. Its nice working for someone that takes care of their employees for a change...and I'm dealing with a lot fewer idiots.
  8. A) I agree that the virus is a bad and real thing. B) I agree that people are dying Now, having said that I agree with Dave, the media and the politicains are lying to us AND the politicians ARE using this bad situation to panic the people and they are using the panic, as they did after 9-11 to erode more of our rights. Johns Hopkins (updated daily) shows the reported number of deaths. Covid isn't even close (worldwide or U.S.) to annual Flu deaths. Whether it is true or not, I can't say but read todays USA Today. They are reporting that the Governor of NY is signing an executive order to have the NY National Guard SEIZE unused medical supplies so he can redistribute them where HE thinks they need to be. Uh, isn't that un-Constitutional? The Constitution does not allow for that, even in a pandemic. What rights are we giving up (that we will never get back) in the name of a virus? Free travel has never been restricted in this country, but it is now. States, counties and cities are using the National Guard and their police to stop and order out of state travelers to submit to a quarantine agreement. Where is this legal? China, Russia, North Korea? Since when is having the states license plate on your car "probable cause" for a traffic stop? Since when are border checkpoints to see where you reside legal? This panic is crazy...This MUST stop before this country implodes, and our economy dies.
  9. Don't stop at the scales. Your temp tag will probably say "truck", and absolutely nothing about commercial or otherwise. Ditch those silly "Private Coach-Not for Hire" signs. They mean absolutely nothing and it is "signage". Pepsi-Co is the largest private motor carrier in the U.S. They have (last I looked) over 11,000 tractors. They are "not for hire", but they are still a commercial motro carrier. With a temp tag, not hitch, and no airlines why put any signage on it? The signs are a placebo. It makes the driver feel better, as a retired DOT officer I can tell you it means nothing. My truck has no signs and never will. Drive it home. If you have your story straight you will be ok....the big question is, what type of license will your home state require, and do you have it?
  10. When my cable went out I received the exact message Linda is geting and my dish would not lock onto any of the satelites. The instructiosn I gave Linda are the specific instructions given to me by Winegard.
  11. Dumb question: Why don't you just mount your charger and hardwire it to the battery posts, just like the starter should be, positive on one battery and negative at the other end? That is a much better connection than those clamps to a battery post. As far as a charger/maintainer I use a Noco Genius G26000
  12. Find a way to get on the roof and swap the connections on the turret marked A with the one marked B. If that doesn't work, swap the original A with C. And then call winegard and order a replacement turret cable. https://winegard.com/products/satellite-tv/roof-mounted-antennas/travler/dish-bell-hd-travler-replacement-lnb-to-turret-cable Thats a lot cheaper than paying someone else to do it.
  13. Works for me :) I have been on satelite for so long I have no 1st hand knowledge. I just remember all the yelling and screaming when the change was made. I guess I would have drank the kool-aid if I was still watching OTA.
  14. Is it possible that his 12 year old antenna (probably a 12 year old coach, who knows how old the antenna really is) predates digital TV signal and is still an analog antenna??
  15. And if you look up the name of the LLC listed on their web site you get this: SELENICA GROUP, LLC was registered on Dec 26, 2019 as a type company located at 155 SHAW FARM RD, OAKVILLE, CT 06779 USA . The agent name of this company is: AARON SELENCIA , and company's status is listed as Active now. Selenica Group, Llc has been operating for 31 days. Company Name SELENICA GROUP, LLC Date of Incorporation Dec 26, 2019 Record Status Active Citizenship/State Inc: Domestic / CT Latest Report No Reports Found Business Address 155 SHAW FARM RD, OAKVILLE, CT 06779 USA Mailing Address 155 SHAW FARM RD, OAKVILLE, CT 06779 USA Agent Name AARON SELENCIA Agent Business Address 155 SHAW FARM RD, OAKVILLE, CT 06779 USA Agent Residence Address 155 SHAW FARM RD, OAKVILLE, CT 06779 USA
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