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  1. Big5er


    If I am correct, to get a gun back at a pawn shop it's a transfer,. just like a sale...and you have to be a resident of that state.
  2. Big5er

    Broken Waste Valves

    Wow Jim, you really know your sh....uh, valves
  3. Big5er


    Good info to have. I'm gonna hang on to that link.....Thanks John
  4. Big5er

    Red Flyer's Elevator

    MsChrissi once I hit the road fulltime, I am heading to where ever y'all are. I've watched this build since day one and I just have to see it in person.
  5. Big5er

    Getting hot going over mountains

    And they say I am an ass on the forum. ding ding ding...You win!! As much as I really hate agreeing with FL-JOE, who cares and how is this helping the OP?
  6. Thank you for giving me your permission. I only posted what DirecTV posted on their own web page. I can believe them...or you. Personally I don't care either way. I rarely watch CW and have way better things to do than watch PBS. As long as you are happy, it's all good. Have a great night with your PBS, doc.
  7. Big5er

    Older HDT and 5r for Sale

    They are hiring down here Jeff. Nowhere near you but........
  8. From DirecTV's web site, and I don't see anything about PBS or CW. What is Distant Network Service (DNS)? EmailPrint “Distant Network Service (DNS) enables you to receive ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC channels from New York or Los Angeles. It’s a great solution for travelers who want to enjoy these channels on the road in their mobile vehicle. If your main residence is qualified to receive Los Angeles/New York stations, you can also receive them in your RV, car or boat. If your main residence doesn’t qualify for DNS, you may submit qualifying paperwork to obtain DNS channels.
  9. Oh come on now. Where is the fun in that?
  10. Big5er

    Texas Inspection Question on Renewal

    Kirk, you get your drivers license from DPS, not the DMV. It is rare that anyone in Texas would actually visit a DMV office. There are only 15-20 regional DMV offices statewide. License plates/vehicle registration, as you mentioned, are handled through the County Tax Assessors offices with the county collecting their taxes, along with the States share. EDIT: Oops, I stopped reading at the end of page 1. I didn't see Chirakawa's post. He beat me to it by a few hours
  11. If that is the case then I guess I've run off 10 or 12 of them this year alone.
  12. Not necessarily Glenn. There are plenty of officers writing those citations. You even know one of them. Registration is cheaper than the ticket plus registration. Might wanna check that out of state DL too.
  13. Big5er

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    I've been using checks that have the address of the house I sold 10 years ago in the divorce. Who cares what address is on the checks? The invoice has the right address on it, the bank knows the correct address so what difference does it make?
  14. Did you get your instrument panel from repair? How did that go? Which facility do you use?

  15. Big5er


    Dave I surprised at you...well no, not really. You totally missed the section of law that says you are presumed to know the vehicle stopping you is a police car as long as it bears the departments insignia...and there are no requirements there on how visible that marking must be, only that the officer is in uniform too. My vehicle is still a "marked" vehicle (any moron can see that), it is just exempted from the requirements that those marking be in a contrasting color. Might wanna study up a bit more on Texas law before trying to stir sh...er...stuff next time. Some days I wonder if I made a post saying the grass was green and the sky was blue if you would post a reply correcting the colors and talking about how and why the sky only appeared to be blue. I see your signature is still in violation of the rules. See? I can quote stuff too.