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  1. You will spend more time polishing all that chrome than driving it.
  2. Lazy, spoiled and cute as hell....in otherwords, the same as when you saw them
  3. Dan, from the resource guide in the HDT forum......read this
  4. Big5er

    Brakes Frozen

    Oh well just make me feel bad, why don't ya? I wish I had a truck new enough to have disc brakes.
  5. Jack, the strange thing was that I needed wifi internet access to connect the ToGo to, so I could go through it to access AT&T to activate the sim card....and it won't connect through my Verizon jetpack. Luckily there was an unlocked wifi in the area so I connected my tablet (using the Winegard Connect app) to the Togo (tunred off it's own internet access and logged into the ToGo network), selected "wifi" and logged into the unknown and unlocked wifi and went through the app to "purchase data" to get to AT&T. Once I purchased the plan, I had to go back into the app and change the ToGo from wifi to 4g. I contacted the Winegard support desk and they were very helpful....or you can call me.
  6. This is what I am getting on This is what I am getting on my ToGo right now.
  7. But it is my understanding that the AT&T data plan offered with the ToGo is not offered for the Connect2. So, if you are going with AT&T then buy the ToGo and get the better plan. I"ve been real pleased with my ToGo so far.
  8. Dan, for what they are paying me I should be able to bank $55-60k in one year..after taxes. The pension is great but I'd like to build up that cash reserve a bit. This seems like the fastest and easiest way to do it. Oh, and for as long as I am employed I get a $200 a month raise on the pension.....I go back 100% on their dime for insurance
  9. No...not gonna make it. Looks like I'm flunking retirement.
  10. Rick, they have stacks of them at the store here. I coulda brought you a couple to Kansas if I had known
  11. You mean this "LINK" EDIT: oops, looks like DM was typing at the same time I was
  12. cactus, I looked up the area on the and I think 2gypsies was right. It wasn't "that" far from a lot of things...even a large subdivision. Like chiefneon said..awareness. This coulda happened anywhere.
  13. You may be over thinking this situation. Many people are murdered for simple reasons, car jacking, theft of small amounts of money, etc. The fact that their RV and truck were seen being taken across the Mexican border may be more than enough of a motive.
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