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  1. I about to buy a Winegard ToGo. It uses an AT&T unlimited plan (no throttling, but it is network managed) that is only $360 a year.
  2. Glen, do realize this is a 2 1/2 year old thread that you are talking in? Cotreker has bought, built and is driving the truck in question. As a matter of fact it is parked at the HDT rally with me and about 35 others right now.
  3. Your own state of Florida is just as quick as Texas. I saw nothing in the OP's post that would give any indication that the laws was not followed or that a background check was not completed. Why don't you quit trying to stir the pot?
  4. Gotta love a full service campers store. I've heard good things about the 365XL. Let me know what you think about it after you get a chance to shoot it.
  5. Big5er

    Crashes on I 10

    You wasted Dr. Pepper on a grass fire?? Next time, drink the Dr. Pepper and pee on the fire.
  6. I am actually getting worse signal at the campground in Kansas than I was getting with it. I'll plug it back in when I move again.
  7. X2...Coachnet has done well by me.
  8. I didn't say don't do a good job. I asked if "you went out of your way" to do more, in response to your statement that the police are out there "trapping" people simply to generate revenue...that brings them no benefit. You can twist things however you want, it doesn't change the reality of what you said. And trust me, you have not seen a personal insult here. So quit trying to play "victim" and grow up some. Time to press the ignore button...See ya.
  9. Most citation revenue goes back to the city, county or states general fund. That money goes to pay clerks, mechanics, medical personel, librarians, pave roads, maintain parks and offices, mow grass and many other things. That officer has no motivation to "trap" anything. When you were a burger flipper (or whatever job you had) did you go out of your way to flip more burgers so your boss could make more money? To invest in another store, knowing you would never see a dime of the money you generated? Do you honestly believe that trooper said "yee haw, I wrote 3 tickets so the state can fix a pothole"? Well, I guess you do, judging from your narrow minded view of the job of a police officer. There's no raw nerve...my signature line explains it all.
  10. Texas law says the same thing. The issue with that is the officer has to be able (if asked) to testify about the certification and calibration of the scales. That is almost impossible using a public scale. The next issue is who is paying that public scale, the law doesnt specify. I could testify about my scales, so why bother dragging a vehicle to a public scale. That's why I had portables.
  11. Wow, I'm with chirakawa. In my 10 years of living in my RV I have never had an issue except that on occasion they change both the billing address AND the service address, which really isn't an issue since I am on paperless billing. Now that they have the app (which works for me..sorry chirakawa) it is super simple. I have changed my locals 4 times in the last 3 weks...all in less than 5 minutes each. If changing locals in your RV is so "painful" maybe you should consider a better OTA antenna so you do not have to experience such misery.
  12. Well, if you can figure it out, then why can't the people towing them....and if it takes getting a ticket for them to figure it out, well too bad. And again, the cop couldn't care less about the "fortune" he could make. He doesn't get a commission on weight tickets or any others for that matter. He has a job to do. If your buddy was so overloaded that you bothered to mention it to him he needed a ticket before he killed someone. Being able to pull a heavy trailer is only half the equation.....stopping it would be the half many forget.
  13. Wow...and just for your info "Buford" needs a bit more probable cause than a big letter "D". Although a little training on the weights of DRV's and the capacities of tow vehicles would qualify. As far as revenue, obviously you have no idea what you are talking about...and you have never drug out a set of portable scales. First, the trooper gets paid the same every week, whether he writes tickets or warnings. He couldn't care less what money does or doesn't result from the citation. That would be up to the judge and the judge can't make him write tickets. Second, that is 200 lbs of scales to throw on the ground. The trooper was pretty certain of what he had before he bothered to weigh the thing. In 34 yrs I never threw scales down when I wasn't already certain the vehicle was overweight. Third I would love to tell you where to shove your smart assed comments but that might get me in trouble with a moderator, so I won't.
  14. Oh, well in that case you are back in my social circle....or rather he is
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