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  1. Hi ya Mark. I wasn't gonna throw your name out there but since you did, there is one of my stories. The carny I issued a ticket to is 2 and if the other folks speak up that will be three, although I havent seen them online much lately. Since you weren't issued a citation I guess maybe yours doesn't count. Oh well, I'm with everyone else. The odds are slim but you can't say it never happens and if it does, it does. You knew it when you took off over length so pay it and keep on going.
  2. Come over to the HDT forum. There are several. The one that stands out the most to me was the HDT and NewHorizon cited for something like 3ft over length. I have personally spoken with both the driver and the deputy, who is a co-worker of mine. I also spoke to one HDT owner who was forced to separate the toad before being allowed to proceed, in Kansas. Of course, I've written a "carny" for being 76ft long. That's kind of a grey area between commercial and non. His truck, his trailer and I couldnt shake his story that he's not using it commercially. Does that count as first hand knowledge?
  3. Big5er

    Passed written

    I see a rally class in your future...Slaloming with Cory
  4. My 750lb fire "proof" gun safe is bolted to the floor in my sister's house. The really important things are in there and I carry copies in the trailer. Like it's been said, replacing a birth certificate is a simple phone call, get a form and send it back (for most people). DL is gonna make me drive home, credit card (singular) is a phone call to the credit union. The prescription list is on my phone and online at Baylor's MyChart website. None of them are so crucial that I can't wait one day for Cigna to ship me some more. Car titles are easily replaced too, just in case my sister's house burns down, floods or gets blown away with Dorothy and Toto. What else is there? I have been on call 24/7 for the last God knows how many years. I've carried my cell phone and a gun all that time. There is a jumpsuit, boots, and a shoulder holster along with some necessary tools in the car. I refuse to spend my retirement doing it with silly papers. I'm not carrying a case with me to the bathroom so I can rescue replaceable documents in case Godzilla attacks the campground. My dogs are at home too. Maybe I can train them to grab my birth certificate before the trailer gets stepped on by a fictional monster being pursued by the Japanese army who cant manage to speak words that match the movement of their mouths (or maybe it's just my television) ? To me, the idea of a bag/case full of papers that I take to bed, to the car and everywhere else is ludicrous. What if I want to go for a walk or grill outside, do I bring it along? If the trailer catches fire while I am at home, there are more important things to get out than papers. If it happens while I am gone, the loss of my precious friends will haunt me long after every document mentioned in this thread has been replaced.
  5. Big5er

    Passed written

    You get an insurance break for taking the class or for having a cdl to drive a non cdl vehicle? Are you just taking the class or are you actually getting a cdl?
  6. I claim my side and my two girls share the other. Does that count? Their sleep number is exactly the same as mine (funny how that worked out) 😋
  7. Big5er

    Passed written

    Cory, I am not criticizing the training but why are you getting a CDL?
  8. Thanks Brad!! I appreciate your time
  9. My response was to your "claim" that you are the ONLY one that can get a signal in your current location, and in that aspect I am not "completely wrong". I repeat...its just Verizon. Signal is signal. If you can get a signal, so can anyone else with the right, fairly simple and inexpensive, equipment. You do not have some magical machine that pulls waves out of the air that are unobtainable by everyone else, no matter what someone selling snake oil tells you. Obviously you have no clue what you are talking about in reference to the unlimited plan that many of us here have and neither does your Ebay seller. Last months data usage was a little over 31gigs....and speed never fluctuated. I too can stream anything I want....and for less money. I'm obviously not impressed that you are paying twice the cost I am, to stream the exact same things. The fact that your speeds are so awesome doesnt change the fact the the extra speed is wasted if my lower speed/half priced device and plan is capable of streaming the same quality video. I'm happy that you feel the extra money that you spend is a good value. For me it is simply an over priced gadget that allows you to do the same thing I do for less money. My totally unlimited hotspot streams just as many movies as your device. Your streamed movie plays no better or faster than mine. My email gets received just as fast as yours and my bills get paid just as securely and on time. I am however impressed that you have downloaded 186g of data, although you might want to consider getting outside a little more. There is life beyond your monitor screen.
  10. 1. I'm not sure how easy it's going to be to access them at all. I may need to ramp up the rear of the truck even to get to them. 2. The plate and the rear ID lamps will have to be relocated to somewhere visible. I'm guessing the rear panel of the box, ie the door. 3. The trailer connection and the camera plug will both need to be relocated. Still unsure exactly how or where. 4. A "box". Never been a mention of a platform or cradle, always a "box". I agree, I wouldn't want a generator just sitting out there in the open.
  11. Like it's been said many times, nothing will keep a determined thief from getting anything they want. Locking fuel caps will prevent the casual thief and the guy that wants to dump stuff in the tank. A determined thief could use a winch, and a wrench and steal the whole tank and the fuel. But it's kinda like having a fire extinguisher, it might put out your fire, and it might not. But I'd rather have one and make the attempt than just say "a big enough fire is gonna burn it to the ground anyway".
  12. It's just Verizon. I have the $65 plan that Bill posted...no throttle, and totally unlimited. I've got an external antenna on my jet pack. If you can pull in a Verizon signal so can I....and it sounds like I can do it cheaper.
  13. Rich, I'm betting you have the newer model where the bladders zip together, unlike the old style that just had a piece of foam between them. I have had both and the newer style is a bit better, imho, although I never had any issues with the other. Either way, I love my sleep number.
  14. Jim, when I got the dish account I was already in the RV, but I never intentionally asked for it. When the app came out I looked and that's what I have. I used to use chat to change my locals and never had issues, just the wait and the time it took to explain what I wanted to do. The app is just so dang simple, I think I could teach my dogs to do it.
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