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  1. Insurance

  2. Skylight or not

    I did like Chad did and deleted it and added another light.
  3. Semi-Trailer RV vs. 5th Wheel

    And since you are not commercial, in Texas alone, you would need to post a $10,000 cash bond for a permit. If other states are roughly the same a move from Texas to Kansas for the HDT rally would required a $30,000 investment. Tickets all along the way would probably be cheaper.
  4. It would appear that you are both correct...to an extent, and both wrong. Following a lack of Congressional approval, parts of the Patriot Act expired on June 1, 2015. With the passage of the USA Freedom Act on June 2, 2015, the expired parts were restored and renewed through 2019.
  5. Horst Miracle Probes

    DRV has 3 or 4 models with 2 toilets. One has a bathroom at the rear (all the way to the rear) and another has a restroom at the very front. There ain't no black water tank between the floor and the hitch, nor is it located behind the axles at the rear of the trailer. Gotta get that poo to that tank somehow and listening isn't much of an option. I like my electric toilet just fine. But I bet it's gonna be expensive when it breaks.
  6. Horst Miracle Probes

  7. ET hitch handle mod

  8. ET hitch handle mod

    There was a thread a while back where many people showed their handle extensions.
  9. Horst Miracle Probes

    Try checking out the new DRV 5th wheels with 2 toilets, 1 each in the upper and lower levels. They have 1 black water tank. Exactly what can you listen to and how do you think that those toilets "drop" your stuff into a tank located level with that toilet? Kinda ruins your listening method, eh?
  10. Horst Miracle Probes

    Wherewithal means nothing when your toilet must flush up hill. That requires a built in macerator built in to the toilet. You can listen all you want but all you will hear is the electric motor sound of the macaerator when you flush. Now what are you gonna do Pete? Checking the See Level gauge may be inconvenient but less so than when the toilet refuses to flush because the tank is full.
  11. "Not for Hire" Busted article

  12. Traveling through Ontario Canada

    Todd, having to cover ones ass indicates he is trying to cover up some wrong. Presuming an HDT RV is commercial is a understandable and natural mistake. Exactly why would this person need to cover his ass for asking for papers? He asked the questions needed to verify(?) that you were not commercial and sent you on your way. Where does the ass covering come in? He performed his job. I guess you never had to ask a question before making a decision before, eh? What happened to those "kindly instincts" your signature mentions? BTW: Whats up with the "??" ? You thing anyone here will be less offended if you misspell and imply the word "ass" rather than just spelling it?
  13. Horst Miracle Probes

    Not on some newer models. On some models the toilets are no longer mounted directly above the tank. You no longer get to listen to your tank when you flush. Some larger 5th wheels are actually coming with two restrooms but only 1 holding tank. I'm not exactly sure where my black water tank is, but I know it isn't under the toilet. I vote for the See Level gauges........ and "percentage" isn't that hard to figure out. 25% is just like one little light on the meter you have now. 50% is two little lights. 33% is between one and two lights. 85-90% is when the third light is on and the fourth light flickers. See? It ain't all that hard.
  14. "Not for Hire" Busted article

    I think DT has been smoking a bit too much of Dolly's hay....
  15. "Not for Hire" Busted article

    Funny you should ask that...the class I mentioned being in earlier covered that exact subject. An out of service for No Record of Duty Status is, like you said, a 10 hour OOS. And, an OOS violation is required to be corrected prior to going back in service. A flat tire is OOS, repair the tire and you are back in service, but No RODS requires 10 hours off for a rest period, because a driver with no RODS cannot show when his last rest period was. Like the flat tire, it is supposed to also be corrected. Driving off after your 10 hrs will get you two tickets the next time. The same No RODS and another for opertating an OOS vehicle. Some states (not Texas any longer) will jail you and/or tow your vehicle if you get caught driving after being placed OOS. Moresmoke is right. There have been no recent changes of any significance to the hours of service regs. Nothing the author (who is he by the way? There is no name on that article) says is new. Everyone that the new ELD rule affects (effects?) are the same bunch I stop all the time because they are in violation anyway, the racers and the horsers. This is just another law they will attempt to get around. As enforcement against them increases, so does our visibility and that leads to a greater chance of us getting stopped.