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  1. Big5er

    Custer State Parks?

    Looks like THIS will answer some of your questions. EDIT: Also found THIS, which says:
  2. Big5er

    Tunnel Heights

    Carl, they "should" indicate the height so that a vehicle traveling through the tunnel, IN it's own lane and lower than the height posted will fit.
  3. Big5er

    Trailer TPMS not reaching cab

    I have a Pressure Pro system. I use their external antenna and mounted it near the hitch. Being outside the truck it picks up the truck and trailer. I had issues without it when I had the old (shorter) trailer. Never tried it any other way with the new (longer) trailer.
  4. Wait!! It's done? Finished? What the heck? Now what thread am I supposed to read?? I'm sure I missed something. Start over and do it again, Dave. PS: it looks good. Can't wait to see.
  5. Big5er

    Brake controller

    Carl, in the under-storage, non entry door side.....open the sliding door hiding the water distribution do-hickey. Just past that manifold is the water filter(?) and just past that, mounted on a piece of plywood is a silver box looking thing that says "Hydramaster" or something similar...it also has a black cap on top. That is the "master-cylinder" for your brakes. Never hurts to check the fluid every once in a while. If you do not have the owners manual for yours, verify the name and I will send you copies on my owners manual. The one in my '18 looks about like the one in my '07. I'm betting they are...maybe I should just start digging out that manual. The water pump and the (damn, I never get this right) inverter/converter (which ever way the thing does its verting) is mounted right there on that same plywood. They are conveniently located so if the water pump goes out (a cheap and easy replacement) it can easily spray the "verter" with water causing it to fail. The "verter" is also a simple replacement but it certainly isn't cheap. The resulting spray of water, if unnoticed for any length of time will present itself as a waterfall sort of thing.......once the insulation gets saturated. If your luck is like mine, it will also happen on Christmas day. At least I do have access to a store full of new ones on Christmas, but it is NOT how I wanted to spend my holiday.
  6. Big5er

    TX Registration & Inspection Waiver?

    Gee, I am so glad I have your permission. The question and clarification was asked. Al posted a web site he stated was "fact" of an answer. Well, no it isn't. He went further to state Kirks answer was just one person's opinion. Well, if it is "facts" you want, then let's be specific. I'm sorry the real facts don't sit well with the two of you. I just believe if you are going to post "facts" for other people about the law you should know what you are talking about. And so far, on this topic, your "facts" are lacking. I only asked for legal reference to the facts being posted here. Rather than supplying one, your stance is to rely on a statement posted on a website. I seriously doubt anyone will ever be issued a citation for it but if it ever happened I wouldn't want to stand up in court and say "But some people on Escapees told me the web site said I could do it". Safe travels.
  7. Big5er

    TX Registration & Inspection Waiver?

    Barbara, you are almost right. DPS has the authority to write a rule granting the 3 day exception. But putting their policy on their website has NO effect on any other agency. Police officers enforce the LAW, not an something written on a web site. If they (DPS) had written the rule as required/authorized in 548.103 then we wouldn't be having this discussion. You are absolutely right that many (not "almost all") laws are written to allow the primary agency to write rules. But we require those rules to be written into LAW, and the repository for those rules is the Texas Administrative Code. IF DPS had done so that would make the 3 day exemption a LAW. Until it is actually written into LAW it is not an exemption that is mandated by anything other than their website. And cops do not enforce "things written on websites". Texas LAW (Section 502.407) specifies a 5 day grace period for vehicle registration. Texas LAW, not a posting on DPS's website, needs to specify a 3 day grace period for inspections if you expect every agency to honor one.
  8. Big5er

    Brake controller

    Carl, your brakes ARE Electric/Hydraulic. All you need in the truck is an electric brake controller: Hayes, DirecLink, Prodigy, etc. Your HDT isn't any different than a LDT as far as the signal it sends to the trailer. The difference is your HDT has airbrakes and can use a controller that operates using the airbrake system, or as Randy says, an inertia type controller like an LDT.
  9. Big5er

    TX Registration & Inspection Waiver?

    chirakawa is right. You got your acronyms mixed up, but I left nothing "out" when I referenced your statement. The "fact" that it is posted on anyones "official website" does not make it the LAW. The only thing that does is make it their POLICY. And DPS's policy is not binding on any other agency. I simply asked you to supply a legal reference for what you located on their website, which you haven't done. Just because DPS says (on their official website) that they will give you three plus days doesn't mean there is a LAW that actually establishes a grace period that would require every other agency to extend the same grace period. Testy much?
  10. What sort of debit card do they use? MY credit union uses a debit card on the Allpoint system. There are (supposedly) 55,000 surcharge free atm's worldwide. EDIT: Becky beat me to it. Becky, most CVS and Walgreens drug stores are on the Allpoint system too, if that is what your CU uses. They are easier to find than a CU sometimes...plus Allpoint has a phone app that will show all the ones near you.
  11. What bank are you using? The only other thing I can think of is visiting a bank branch and withdrawing cash.
  12. Big5er

    TX Registration & Inspection Waiver?

    Al, That plainly say that the Department of Public Safety (Texas Highway Patrol) extends you that time but can you please show me that language in Texas State Law where it would obligate every other law enforcement agency to do the same? What you posted is no different than what Kirk posted. Your quoted section is not "fact" either. Most agencies do allow the "3 days" but that is the first I have ever heard of "after" you arrive at your destination. I think you will find that someone, somewhere along the line dropped the ball because while the State law does allow for DPS to write a rule allowing such an extension (Section 548.103 of the Texas Transportation Code), no one ever got around to actually doing so....at least not that I can find.
  13. Big5er

    Best Place to Purchase an Awning??

    That is surprising Coach. If that's the case then I guess it's just a matter of who's the least expensive. I live in the property of an RV repair facility. I've watched them do a ton of awnings. They make it look easy but I'm not sure I would want to do one that long. Good luck.
  14. Big5er

    Best Place to Purchase an Awning??

    Where are you? I imagine it's a lot easier (cheaper) to buy local rather than paying shipping.
  15. Big5er

    Off Topic: Cooling fan in the smart car

    Trust me Darryl, something was definitely broken. It wasn't a leaf or anything else stuck in there. Jim, that is probably the way to go if you are out of warranty. I will have to keep that in mind if it ever happens again. I had almost 90k miles on the '09 with no real issues. I am kind of surprised about this one since I have so few miles on it but what can you say? Pooh happens. I am just real grateful I was still under the extended warranty.