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  1. There is a pdf file on this website. Eventhough it says international travel at this point it also applies to domestic travel from the discussions I have heard from the 2 MDs on the task force briefings. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/after-travel-precautions.html
  2. I prefer to go by the CDC recommendations
  3. It can apply to anyone. Some states have put in stay in place orders and some have not at various times. The traveling group is more at risk or anyone that is out being exposed to more people and crowded places. You don't know where the travelers have traveled from. Some people are more responsible in their behavior than others.
  4. Because you can be a carrier and not be sick the data will not show those people. Many people have not be included in the statistics and there is a lag from the time you are contagious to when you show symptoms if any. There really is no such thing as a place where you should not self isolate when traveling. There are some places worse than others.
  5. Just read that the parks that tried to stay open had thefts of toilet paper, sanitizer and crowding that did not allow them to continue to be in compliance with CDC. Not a place I would want to stay anyway.
  6. It is wise for everyone traveling from anywhere to self isolate on your travel route as much as possible and for 2 weeks when you reach your final destination.
  7. Just remember as a traveler you are risky. And although you may be practicing good sense, some are not. We had large families to our park using the waterslide in town. I cant believe they had not closed the waterslide. Some parks have large, older at risk communities such as the Co-op parks.
  8. The sign came down about half way through Dec when I was there
  9. When I was at Summerdale Orchard RV Park sign was taken down. They may have changed plans
  10. I live fulltime in a Class B as a solo and have done it for many years. I workamp and usually spend most of my time outside. I have decided not to have a toad since when I travel on my days off I like to spend the night somewhere and have my bed with me. I prefer the simple life and being able to park anywhere without reservations. I can fit in a tent site and also park at hospital parking lots
  11. Is the area around the water blocked off even to walk down to the beach
  12. It looks like the McGee website may not be up to date since I say the closer elsewhere when I googled. I don't always trust the website info unless I know the date it was last updated.
  13. Does anyone have an update on what is available for camping since the hurricane? I was told that Goose Island state park is not fully open and McGee Park at Port Aransas may not be open yet. Any word on National Seashore sites? It appears you can make reservations at Mustang Island State Park. Thank you
  14. Yellowstone has on their website for campground positions that they are only hiring staff that are willing to live in dormitory housing. There is a shortage of RV spots even for employees. People who used to live in the dorms must have decided to buy RVs.
  15. Can anyone recommend a dentist in Livingston. I am hoping to get a cleaning and checkup when I am there in Jan.
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