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  1. trostberg

    Anyone planning a trip to Alaska next year

    I came up on the ferry with my RV mid April and will be driving thru Canada mid Sept and have been workamping in Seward. Reservations on the ferry start to fill up as early as Dec or Jan. April weather was beautiful but many areas are not fully open. (I was not impressed with the crowded 4th of July here in Seward.) Many places I have not gone that you can't drive to include Kodiak, Katmai and I would prefer to take tours into the northern areas since I preferred staying in the water and forests over the tundra of the north. I will have to come back to do it all. I would take the ferry over a cruse ship any day through the 'really' inside passage. A small cruse ship might be nice and Viking will be starting cruises to Alaska next year. I would stop if taking my RV on the ferry in the SE communities along the way. The drive through Canada seems like a separate vacation. My route may change not due to snow or ice perhaps but to fires and mud slides.
  2. trostberg

    FMCA PPO plan

    I thought I had read that they are going to allow trade associations to offer coverage. Also a that plans will no longer have to have the minimum essential benefits for ACA compliance. That would allow a major medical plan that was affordable like I had before the ACA and it was an individual $10,000 deductible with Humana that covered me everywhere.
  3. trostberg

    What is the RV term for....

    I have recently seen the term Nomad for a full timer that travels most of the time. There was a list of RV terms recently printed maybe on a facebook site and this one was a new one that describes me.
  4. trostberg

    Volunteering as a Single

    Workamper.com just did a feature on positions for singles in their magazine
  5. trostberg

    Seward Aquarium free waterfront RV site

    Some of the cruise jobs in hotel and transportation will give you money to fly here to work
  6. trostberg

    Florida to Alaska

    I just left Florida a week ago Sunday for Alaska via California. There was a winter weather warning in Redding CA so made sure I delayed one day before heading up there but high winds across TX all the way to AZ was the only weather issue I encountered and I managed to stay ahead of the worst of that. I am now stopping a couple weeks in Washington at my RV lot to take a break and change my FL clothes for AK clothes since I travel in a small Class B. I had decided that by the time I drive from FL I am going to be tired of driving (no other driver but me). So I am putting my 20.5 ft RV on the ferry in Bellingham to Haines next week and then will still have almost 1000 miles of driving to Seward where I will be workamping for the summer. I will drive the return trip. When I googled the mileage and travel time from FL to WA it was about the same number of hours driving but half the distance as driving from Port Townsend to Seward which confirms the slow travel in AK and Canada. And with it still being winter driving conditions I am sure it will be much slower than google. The RVing to Alaska 2018 facebook page may be something you want to subscribe to and see what others are doing to prepare for your future trip.
  7. The Alaska Sealife Center in Seward is still looking for an RV volunteer. You have a free waterfront RV spot in exchange for 20 hours a week. Contact Anna Pullins Direct: (907) 224-6327. You work in the aquarium taking tickets, café or giving tours
  8. trostberg

    Connecting Samsung smart TV to park wifi

    I believe my neighbor had their computer held for ransom when they streamed.
  9. trostberg

    Connecting Samsung smart TV to park wifi

    It always surprises me that so many people use the Park WI FI. Security is pretty much non existent at these and often the neighbors in the area are also accessing anything without a password or have found a way to get the password
  10. trostberg

    Yellowstone travel tips

    The RV parks fill up early in the year so you may need to take what you can get especially if you want electric. I would certainly not go without reservations unless you can do the first come first serve sites and get their early in the morning. Some are less than 25 ft only.
  11. trostberg

    Van or Truck Camper?

    I have seen a truck camper where you could enter from the cab. They had these in New Zealand where I rented one. I don't think the camper was removable from the truck. I selected a van because of the entry into the quarters without having to get out of the vehicle. I would need help removing the camper from a truck unless there is a special lift that could do this. It takes me less than five minutes if I am plugged in to move since I usually run off of tanks for water and sewer and fill/dump once a week or every two weeks.
  12. trostberg

    Tra-Park - Pecos

    I am currently seeing issues at a Rainbow Park with long term folks. Trying to be handled but would be nice to keep some situations from entering in the first place.. just hard to know ahead of time.
  13. trostberg

    Tra-Park - Pecos

    The experience in any Escapee Park can be negative if some of the residents are making this a permanent home and bring the bad influences of their visitors, of bad language, violent actions that bring police and unfriendly interactions and unkempt housing. I would hope Escapees can put in place policies that keep this to a minimum. I drive through RV parks before I stay and leave when I see these situations since they are becoming more frequent unfortunately.
  14. trostberg

    Health insurance reading

    I don't know if it is possible to have what was offered before the ACA but I had a nice affordable $10,000 major medical plan that allowed me to be covered in every state I traveled to. It was affordable because there was no required minimum benefits and I could pick what works for me and the money I have on my HSA. These plans are now only available to those in their 20s. We will see what options come out but even with subsidies that ACA does not work for me.
  15. trostberg

    Safeco for Fulltimers

    I have spoken with AIS and sounds like Foremost is my only option since I do not have a home or other vehicle. I do have a lot that is in the rental pool in a Co-op Escapee Park. I am fulltime in a Class B. Any other comments/suggestions?