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  1. For those people who want to plug into an outlet can someone post where you get the adapters. My neighbor is interested in one. My Class B has used it for 2 years plugged into my dash and I love it
  2. I am not Medicare age yet but trying to educate myself on supplements. It looks to me like some supplements are only offered in certain states like the new MSA medicare savings account plans. It looks like WA my domicile state does not offer these yet anyway. Also do Medicare Advantage supplement plans and some $0 plans restrict where you get services?
  3. It is my understanding that each insurance company would have their own regulations for off exchange plans. healthcare.gov only covers the exchange plans and regulations. In my experience an HMO has a much more restricted service area resident requirement. Also an EPO may have the same issue. I think you would have to speak in person to the insurance company
  4. trostberg

    Permanent RVing in Washington State

    I live in WA when I am not traveling in Chimacum near Port Townsend. It is a 55+ RV park for leaseholders but I do think you can rent monthly but it is time limited. I live in my RV in the winter in WA no problem with cold or moisture. It is a Class B Roadtrek van. It is nice to park the RV and walk on the ferry in Bainbridge island to commute to Seattle. I have parked at the casino and taken their shuttle or the bus to the ferry terminal.
  5. I had a home in WI and legal domicile and workamped in WY for a short period of time and was told by my insurance company and ACA that I should establish insurance in WY for the 3 months I was going to be there. My insurance in WI said I was out of their service area. I was told by some that I should have hidden this info from the insurance company. I used a general delivery address in WY. I would think you need to establish healthcare where you intend to use the healthcare. If like me you only need preventive services once a year that is where I have my insurance and it is not my legal domicile but I do have land in that state and an address of a relative.
  6. North Dakota also has PPO plans under ACA. I spoke at length with ACA about my travels since I often workamp in national parks. They told me I should have my ACA insurance where I am living and working. In fact my domicile state when ACA first came out would not allow me to keep my insurance if I was working out of state even for a short period of time since I was out of their service area.
  7. Zulu

    I am not Medicare age yet but researching the new MSAs that offer a nationwide PPO under Medicare advantage supplement for $0 that is not available in all states.   Do you know if Medicare allows the same domicile vs residency options like the ACA.   My domicile is WA but ND has better insurance options and I can document residency there.  This Medicare Advantage PPO is available in ND but not WA and my doctors if I were to get sick would likely be in ND. 

    May need to change my domicile state ......   and I thought Medicare would be easier than ACA.

  8. The Care Center in Livingston does have some developmental adults from the community as well as RVers in their adult day care if you happen to be in Livingston to check that out. It is not really residential care but does give you a daily break.
  9. I have heard discussed that the permits and other laws that have increased since the original parks were built would make it almost impossible to establish new parks similar to the affordable parks that currently exist. I do think the park in Livingston has more land if they see a need to expand.
  10. trostberg

    FMCA PPO plan

    I agree. As a fulltimer under 65 who still works, I have a physical address at the RV site (asked permission to use physical address and do not send mail here) , where I am working and/or a mailing address of family or a PO Box that I use. I have never used a mail forwarding service. General Delivery is also accepted. Homeless persons who reside on the street are able to get ACA insurance. Almost everything I do is paperless and I received 4 pieces of paper mail this summer when in Alaska for 5 months, most of which was also done online but for some reason they wanted to send paper. The ACA does recognize that RVers could have a summer and a winter location where they spend most of their time and you can pick either one as your residence for ACA purposes. You do need some documentation.
  11. trostberg

    FMCA PPO plan

    I have also wondered why RV organizations look at those 3 states all the time. The under 65 group that this is targeted to may less likely pick the no income tax states especially if they are working and have to pay taxes where they earn their income no matter what state they claim. Mail forwarding services may be less important than obtaining the best useable insurance coverage at least until Medicare age. I appreciate the citation you shared a couple of years ago about residency. North Dakota has been a great state for me for PPO health coverage. My domicile is WA but I also spend time that I can document in North Dakota and the Blues plan there will cover me out of state. I was only in WA 2 weeks last year and insurance there would not have covered me out of state.
  12. There are also the ERPU lots in some of the parks. The Evergreen Coho list in Washington is around 150 at the current time.
  13. trostberg

    Anyone planning a trip to Alaska next year

    I came up on the ferry with my RV mid April and will be driving thru Canada mid Sept and have been workamping in Seward. Reservations on the ferry start to fill up as early as Dec or Jan. April weather was beautiful but many areas are not fully open. (I was not impressed with the crowded 4th of July here in Seward.) Many places I have not gone that you can't drive to include Kodiak, Katmai and I would prefer to take tours into the northern areas since I preferred staying in the water and forests over the tundra of the north. I will have to come back to do it all. I would take the ferry over a cruse ship any day through the 'really' inside passage. A small cruse ship might be nice and Viking will be starting cruises to Alaska next year. I would stop if taking my RV on the ferry in the SE communities along the way. The drive through Canada seems like a separate vacation. My route may change not due to snow or ice perhaps but to fires and mud slides.
  14. trostberg

    FMCA PPO plan

    I thought I had read that they are going to allow trade associations to offer coverage. Also a that plans will no longer have to have the minimum essential benefits for ACA compliance. That would allow a major medical plan that was affordable like I had before the ACA and it was an individual $10,000 deductible with Humana that covered me everywhere.
  15. trostberg

    What is the RV term for....

    I have recently seen the term Nomad for a full timer that travels most of the time. There was a list of RV terms recently printed maybe on a facebook site and this one was a new one that describes me.