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  1. I am watching videos for people new to Medicare put on by Boomer Benefits which is pretty good. AM Best is suggested for looking at rating of insurance companies. Linda I do not have experience with the other insurance companies you mention. I have been impressed in the past with Aetna.
  2. As a provider of health services I found United Healthcare extremely difficult to work with to get paid and they often would try to bill the patient for what they did not cover for out of network providers or more than usual and customary. They use a go between company that gets paid based on how much they discount services from the provider. That may have been non Medicare but it still left a bad experience for me.
  3. I will be new to Medicare late in 2020 but it appears to me that all states do not offer all Plans. For example Plan N. It also appears that some rural areas have very few insurance company options. I have the same problem with my current plan choices outside of Medicare and I thought Medicare would be better.
  4. I have been there and it was not smelly when I was there. Sounds like it is not a healthy place to be for any length of time. I knew that from my visit for the wildlife but it is extending to us humans too. Hope other natural places do not end up like this.
  5. Has anyone volunteered at the Salton Sea? I would like to know how your experience was at the visitor center. I may be looking at Feb - May for 3 months. Thank you
  6. I worked at Grand Canyon Dec-March and stayed in my RV. I was winterized. The Grand Canyon is as busy as the summer between Christmas and New Year and alot of international guests. Most days was at least in the 40s during the day. If the weather does snow I40 is a horrible road to drive. I would just watch the weather.
  7. I see workampers is now promoting the group health insurance plan through the Road Life Project. It does not seem to me that this is much different from some of the other options I have heard about. Wish they could come up with a group plan that is major medical. Don't need first dollar coverage. Anyone see something in this plan that I don't see? https://www.facebook.com/roadlifeproject/
  8. I may have been the agent you spoke with. There are only about 10 electric sites and maybe half of those are reserved for ADA sites. There are no reservations for these sites prior to arrival. Count on dry camping and if you get a hookup site it would be a bonus. If you require hookups I would suggest staying outside of the park with a reservation at some of the campgrounds recommended above. Many national parks are just not setup for large RVs and electric which can go down at any time in remote locations. No cell phone, internet or TV at Crater Lake. We even had trouble with the land lines.
  9. My understanding the current issue in FL is not just voting but allocation of money in the counties based on the number of residents. A local county to where mail services are located are saying the county is getting money for residents that spend no time in that county
  10. Sounds like any new applications are on hold. Don't know anything else.
  11. It came from St Brendans Isle mail forwarding service in Florida to their customers. The Carrs are also following this for Escapees. There has been events leading up to this. https://www.sbimailservice.com/
  12. Just saw this......Something to keep in mind if you are thinking about using Florida for your health insurance. The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department is currently reviewing their requirements for registering vehicles/vessels and the issuance of Florida Driver’s Licenses to individuals who live full time in their RV’s or Boats. During this period, they have suspended issuing new Drivers Licenses or registrations to individuals who utilize a mail forwarding service for these purposes.
  13. Since the type of insurance offered in a particular state changes every year, it is hard to make health insurance options your primary reason for picking a domicile. I think you should have some expectation to have to return to the state of domicile just in case that is required for whatever reason as state regulations or inspections and licensing could change. Since I primarily spend my time as far away from FL as you can be, it just doesn't seem the best option for me and everyone will be different.
  14. There is a separate category that discusses alot of the health options. Kyle from RVer heatlh insurance or healthsherpa.com can give you some advice as well. If you travel out of state that is the most difficult part o any insurance. Even in state providers are more and more limited as providers leave networks. It is hard to stay within one hospital system or the MD you like.
  15. I meant to say 1996 Roadtrek I bought used. I traded for $5000 and I am sure they sold it for at least $8,000. There are good deals on Roadtreks right now because the company has just gone out of business unless they find a new buyer. I bought mine new and it was a good deal at $85,000.
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