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  1. I have a lot at Evergreen Coho. It was in the $13,000 range but depends on if there have been improvements made to the shed which I think is capped around $6000. You also pay a yearly maintenance fee which is close to $2000 a year. If in the rental pool you can get up to about half of that back depending on how many in the pool and the time of year your lot is in the rental pool. There can be assessments and the maintenance fees can also increase. I pay monthly electric. I believe there are 180 on the list and I believe the deposit is $1000. I was 56 on the list a few years ago and the list has more than tripled since then. It took me a little over a year to get to the top of the list but I was expecting 3-5 years.
  2. Check out volunteer.gov They can probably use extra help in the campgrounds to get them open
  3. I usually limit my assignment duties in the area of rule enforcement and housekeeping. I am waiting to hear if my paid position will happen near Glacier that is office registration. I guess it would depend on what backup you have if things get overwhelming.
  4. Just hope that those who choose not to wear a mask or whatever other guidance is requested when out in public at least respect the business right to make that request. I am hearing about violent behavior, employees refusing to come to work and the business ends up closing again because of the behavior of their customers. Requesting no shoes no shirt no service didn't get everyone so angry
  5. I have a lot that is often rented out at Evergreen Coho. I picked this area because I feel I could live here year round if I needed to since I am not a fan of hot weather. I am usually there in the winter and feel like they have enough activities to suit my taste even in the winter. The area has a wealth of music options as well and I love riding the ferry system. Did not consider Sutherlin because they have no shower facilities option in the clubhouse.
  6. I have heard they are looking for land in Colorado but zoning has been a problem. It is something that might be geared toward folks that are still working and may still have children.
  7. The post said NYC and was asking for RV parks near NYC
  8. I just read a facebook message from a family that was looking to travel to and camp in New York with an young child that requires a CPAP! I must live in a different universe than anyone that would consider this an option in any form this year.
  9. I am looking for a newer computer. Mine is over 10 years old and cracking in places. Used it for a remote job and my employer didn't want it since it was too old.
  10. There was internet services but no cell service where I was at Crater Lake. This has pretty much been the only place my tracfone did not work...or anyones cell phone unless you went up to the top of the crater in one overlook
  11. I thought it was interesting that the only location ever recorded on my phone was the food truck so that is why I thought there was connection
  12. How do these tracing APs function? I downloaded the CARE19 Ap to see how it works since I will be doing contact tracing with the Dept of Health. It seems to rarely pick up where I am (maybe because I don't have functions like bluetooth enabled on my phone?). But it concerned me when I made a purchase at a food truck with my credit card and I automatically got a receipt in my email and I did not give them my email.
  13. Any APs that don't require the people you are calling to also have the AP. I see there is something called Talkatone that you can even use from a landline? Just looking for phone. No text or video. I may check into the AT&T plan that allows you to pay only $2 a day for unlimited calling. Just need to find out how much a phone would be to purchase for this type of plan from AT&t
  14. Smartphone and APs are fairly new to me. I do have Android. From reading on the web reviews It appears that the people you are calling also have to have this AP. I will be using it for business so that will not work for me. Best buy said they do not carry anything for WIFI calling. So I guess on a computer I would need special hardware and software.
  15. I love my tracfone service. It works pretty much everywhere. However when I was in Crater Lake which has no cell service, some of the young folks were able to use their phones using WIFI calling. They checked my tracfone and it was not able to do this. Best Buy has indicated that most Samsung phones will do WIFI calling but when I asked Tracfone they said there is no list of phones that do this and said something about T mobile. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. If I could get a laptop or less than $400 notebook that would allow me to do WIFI calling that would be OK too. I want to be able to have storage on the computer and not just in the cloud which I believe is what the inexpensive Chrome books do. My tracfone is connected to my ATT Mobley connected car service so I use that for my unlimited data on my smartphone as well as my computer.
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