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  1. Basics to get started

    Put the grease in a jar, put it in frig and use the next time you need something to fry potatoes, or burgers, or about anything that gets fried. Adds great flavor.
  2. Acronyms

    HDT = heavy duty truck (semi-tractor) MDT = medium duty truck (f550/650 range)
  3. Inverter questions

    Thanks! I will probably try that route. The maker we had was nice because it brewed right into the thermal carafe(sp?) which had a rubber seal on top to make it just about spill proof while brewing and rolling down the road, which was another problem we had with the original one I put in there
  4. Inverter questions

    Well that sucks! All modern coffee makers that way you think?
  5. Inverter questions

    Well apparently my inverter doesn't like coffee makers. Had put a new coffee maker in truck last year and during a trip west it burnt up (strong smell of electrical burn) got it unplugged before any problems other than it would not work. Thought maybe it was just a fluke. Well this summer I replaced with the same coffee maker, and this weekend while preparing for our annual trip west I plugged it in for the first time, and turned inverter on an almost immediately started to smell the same odor. Unplugged and took it into house and it worked fine. Microwave works fine as does a fan we use. Not sure where to start looking for the issue. Any thoughts? Inverter is a Xantrex 458 model 81-2010-12 MSW
  6. Eternabond vs. Flex Tape

    I just put some flex seal tape on the back of my toyhauler to cover a hole that got to close to a tree branch. (Back wall not roof.) Not real easy to work with. Extremely sticky and if it gets anywhere close to something it reaches out and grabs it! It does NOT come back off easily. Just put it on this weekend so don't know how it will last. Fairly expensive 8" X 60" roll was $20.
  7. Leveling Jacks

    What will prevent it from leaking down and going out of level?
  8. Material to use under jacks

    I like it! I know all about coming on hitched and crashing down! X 2 :<(
  9. Material to use under jacks

    Don't you raise your legs up when you do your tug test?
  10. Leaking water hoses

    Everything is known to cause cancer in California
  11. Volvo Rear Speakers Above Bunk

    I had the same issue with our Kenworth. Pulled the covers and NO SPEAKERS!!. Wires were there but not hooked to anything. My advise Pull the covers :>)
  12. Windshield

    Would a Kenworth T 2000 be in the same price range? 2000 year model
  13. Does anyone want to share an HDT?

    Where is the 5er at??
  14. Genny gas

  15. Terrible QC and shoddy workmanship!

    Lot of hand crafted Amish quality right there