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  1. We are looking at the Montana with the front kitchen. We owned a Montana when we first went fulltime 4+ years ago it we no longer want/need the toy hauler we have. It scares me since Thor bought them...anyxnreassurance out there?

  2. blrsmith

    What made you take the leap?

    As I read the other statements, ours is different. We never camped or even went into an RV. I didn't even know that an RV was! On our way back from Atlanta for Thanksgiving where one of our son's lived my husband mentioned retiring. I said I wasn't spending 1 more winter in OH when he retired...I hate being cold. He was thinking of a 5th wheel...what's a 5th wheel? That January, there was an RV show in our hometown and as I walked into a Montana I saw new cabinets, real dresser and a real table. This my Dad told me to live light and I married a "collector", I saw this as a chance to live light. PLUS, our kids moved and took our then 6, now 9 grandchildren with them AND my husband had a scare of cancer...it became a no brainer. I decided I didn't want storage, or to pull anything, so a 5th wheel and a truck were purchased, we sold the house and everything in it 3 + years ago and neither of us regret 1 mile. It takes me 20 minutes to clean the RV and then I'm free to play. I don't need to ever have a house again!! There's nothing I can't do in my RV that I did in the SB, just with a lighter heart.
  3. blrsmith


    And Escapees helped us immeasurably changing our domicile from OH to TX in 2012. We couldn't had it so smooth without them! Same for Florida and SD since they now have mailing advantages for all 3 states.
  4. blrsmith

    Montana Graphics

    Is it only the Keystone or Montana RV's that have the decals curl up?
  5. My parents lived here for 30 years and always had a place in Show Low or Pinetop. There's BLM land up there too. We plan on finding a place there when we can't drive anymore. We'll settle in PHX but summer in Show Lo...we have friends there now!
  6. Just a quick question...if you're fulltime RVing, why are you in AZ in the summer? That's when most people travel to the "other" places you can't make it to in the winter! Just saying
  7. blrsmith

    Lippert Frames

    I agree the RV's being built now are cheaper as most are recreational RVers and that's the industry they are making them for. Jayco bought Open Range because they had the patent for the nose that would fit in a short bed truck...the kind the recreational RVers are driving. I'm on a FB page of "fulltimers" or wannabe's and it's amazing to me the questions that are asked, like what's a good deal on a fulltime RV. Or, I've got an F150 truck and want a 5th wheel that has bunk beds and a toilet that isn't in the bathroom. So the mfg. built those crazy "light" RV's so they can be pulled by less truck! I'm all for protesting but I fear we are in the majority. If you have a plan...I'm IN!
  8. blrsmith

    Lippert Frames

    When I say my "final" means when our 42' toy hauler is not needed any longer...it's too much RV for fulltime travel. It's restrictive on grade 6 mountains and not wanted in CA etc. We find other ways but I do believe 36-38 is plenty for us. Plus I want some things from our Montana and some from our Open Range. But I do want quality which is why I wouldn't be anxious to buy one now!
  9. blrsmith

    Lippert Frames

    Glenn-we did not buy cheaply nor did we just look at the "pretties" as I call them. I researched for fulltime for a year and was lead to believer Open Range, New Horizon and WaMu at the time were the best (2010-2011). WaMu didn't make over 38 ft and we knew we wanted 42'. New Horizon was double what our Open Range was and we wanted to pay cash. It's NOT one the light ones and I liked the aerodynamics of an Open Range after having the big nose of the Montana. I absolutely agree that as long as we accept the cheaply made products they will continue to produce them as fast as they can off the assembly line. Open Range's founder worked for Keytstone and Heartland so understood full time needs. They have since been bought out by Jayco (I would NEVER own a Jayco) and Keystone has been bought out by Thor. I would hate to have to buy a 5th wheel right now as I wouldn't know where to go.
  10. We've been reading about the troubles the Heartland owners have had with their Lippert Frames falling apart. So we decided to check out our 2011 Open Range...it has one too!! First, our slide started to fall, no support for the middle of the slide supporting our couch! My DH put 3 rollers in the middle and reinforced the inside with metal. Now we find the nose is separating and we are not sure how to proceed. What have other fulltimers done? We fortunately (or not) have a 2nd RV that we could stay in while this one is fixed, or should we trade this and our other one, a 2007 Keystone Montana for our final 5th wheel? Help!!
  11. When my husband suggested a 5th wheel I didn't even know what an RV was! Italians don't camp! I had zero experience camping so I didn't know the various types of RV's let alone what one was. But as the kids moved and took our grandchildren with them, I started research. Fell in love with the Keystone Montana & found it a way to scale back from all the "stuff" we had! Sold the S/B in April 2012, went fulltime and haven't looked back. Of course we went to Escapees Boot camp as we didn't know what we didn't know! Love it now more than when we first started nearly 3 years ago. 20 minutes to clean the RV then I go play...why would I every give up this lifestyle!!
  12. blrsmith

    RV length and boondocking

    We started with a 34 ft. 5th Wheel and now have a 42 ft. 5th wheel just for more sleeping for the grandchildren, and an office for my husband so he doesn't keep his computer on my dining room table. We've never had a problem with length but I agree with Vladamir...we've been kept out of places due to the height, ( 12.8'). 25 FT. is ok if your are camping recreationally and have a house to still hold some of your "stuff". If fulltime, 34-38 is usually plenty for 2 people. Find what your comfortable in but keep the height handy for bridges and overpasses.
  13. hauler for the storage in the back. A 26-30 ft toy hauler you may find for $20k. Best of luck!!

  14. Most newer Fifth Wheels have the Artic Insulation Package. Our is a 2007 Montana, with a fireplace that serves as a wonderful source of heat. With small space heaters in the kitchen and bedroom, our furnace barely goes on. So it will depend on if you are hooked to electricity for the heaters, or boondocking using the propane furnace. Most 34ft are in the $25k area. You may want to consider a toy h