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  1. RV Driving Instructors

    Currently we have 53 instructors in 70+ locations across the U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska. Having said that, though, we are still turning away many people who want and need professional help to drive their RVs safely. I routinely turn away many people who would like help because we don't have someone in Texas, San Diego, Pennsylvania, St. Louis, and other places. If you are a full-timer, this can be an excellent opportunity! If you have a heavy vehicle background, good teaching skill, and RV experience, and would like to augment your income, let's talk. The best way to reach me is at Prospect@RVDrivingSchool.com.
  2. RV Driving School Instructor

    Help! We are in need of new instructors across the U.S.and Canada. Our hope is that everybody will find the help they need to be safe driving their RV. We need folks with heavy vehicle operation in their background, a strong safety record, good oral skills, and a good knowledge of RV systems. This is a part time and seasonal job to augment your income. Helping our fellow RVers can be very gratifying! Prospect@RVDrivingSchool.com
  3. RV Instructors

    Please give me a call at 605.254.4205. Thanks!
  4. RV Instructors

    Full-timer! We have many location that we would like to have help available for our fellow RVers. Dallas Fort Worth, Central Florida, San Diego, Chicago, St. Louis, Albuquerque, locations in Canada, etc. Augment your income, deduct your travel expenses as you travel. We would particularly like to get a permanent resident of Florida to help cover that area. Don't hesitate to let us know if you feel you are qualified. Our general requirements are that you have heavy vehicle driving experience, excellent safe driving record, good oral skills, and a good knowledge of RV systems. We put all our instructors through a certification program. There is no cost to become a certified instructor, and all our instructors, male and female, find this teaching for our school very rewarding. After 24 years of helping people, and testimonials that are awesome, we look forward to providing even better coverage.
  5. GPS and Backup Camera

    Folks, do get a GPS first. We have a Rand-McNally 7" screen that was specifically designed for RVers and Garmin has a comparable product. There maybe others. The safety value is not its ability to get you from point A to point B, but to give you warnings abt what must be done to get in the correct lane well ahead of the actual turns. Exit ramps to go right, sometimes require going left, and visa-versa. Both these products have settings to keep you off roads that have weight limits or low bridges. I like the new cameras, but honestly can't live without good, properly adjusted mirrors, and especially the convex mirrors that all the pickups now come with. If I had to choose GPS or camera, hands down the GPS wins.
  6. Escapees Boot Camp

    For so many people, getting into RVing is a little scary! The best introduction is to enroll in the Boot Camp and get a good overview of all the issues with RVing. I am a happy staff participant, and would love to see you at one of our events. Book early, these Boot Camps fill quickly. http://www.escapees.com/bootcamp/
  7. National Public WiFi plan

    I fall on the side of keeping the government out of anything that isn't national defense or our security. Let me see, they run our railroad trains that they can't keep on schedule and costs as much or more than air travel. The promised that it would be self supporting. Everything they touch that is supposed to be self supporting ends up with overruns that stagger the imagination. There isn't one enacted program that has come in on time and at the projected cost. As bad as cellular and wifi service is, wait until it is "free".