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  1. Yes, you could just hitch it up and drive away.
  2. I'm a little surprised that no one has bought this yet. I'm going to lower the price to $17,000. If it doesn't sell at that I'll know it because it's a manual.
  3. I'm lowering the price for the truck just in time for Christmas. New price $18,000
  4. Please send pictures to theesps@cox.net Thanks Kris
  5. Hey thanks, I did't think to link from another site.
  6. How much you got? Anything interesting to trade?
  7. I would upload those pictures except I've reached my limit of 102kb for uploads. My wife has driven the truck so have my daughters, after the initial nervousness about the size they had no problems. Go ahead and buy it for her she'll love it.
  8. I mean just that. It looks just like you would expect a 12 year old truck to look. It hasn't been shortened, or singled, no air ride on the front, the interior is actually in pretty good shape considering it age. I looked for almost 2 years before I found this truck. I was looking for one that didn't look/smell like it was lived in/smoked in and wouldn't require a lot of time or money to get it up and running.
  9. Lower price, for a great truck
  10. Sure, I'm out of town right now I'll get them to you when I get home on Sunday
  11. Price lowered to $18,000. For sale is a 2005 670 with ISX400 and Eaton 10spd. Truck has 970,000 miles, but oil analysis looks good, doesn't leak and runs very well, just not using it for the long trips like we used to. It has a flatbed that will fit 3 motorcycles or a side by side. Steer tires are about 80% drives are 90%. New brakes, drums and shoes, front and rear, rear has new air canisters as well, 4 new batteries last year, new alternator, and new radiator. New turbo control unit. New exhaust stack. Fresh antifreeze, oil in transmission, and differentials was replaced 2 years ago. The intervals on those are 500k and 300k I think, both synthetic. The interior is in very good condition, everything works. It's located in Las Vegas. It's not the prettiest truck out there, but it's been well cared for.
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