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  1. I might have I didn't think about that, but I don't any more. I don't us many wifi's if I can keep from it. Okay that was info I was looking for.. Thanks
  2. Thanks for starting this topic I have been thinking about this since being hacked 2 weeks ago, but it was my first time at being hacked into my Amazon, e-mail accounts, netflix and a few other ones. Recapturing my Amazon took 2 +weeks. I change my passwords a lot. I've read that people set up in CG and be a middle man capturing your info. Im debating on doing this also.
  3. Bubblechaser just asked a simple question I think some of you where little rough. One reason ppl dont come to rv forums is the way ppl reply curtly to newbie or anyones questions your way is not always the right way and that's my opinion. Someone check my spelling and grammar please I've had some do that.
  4. Thanks Vladimir for the info I didn't even think of using the fins that be great. That PAC-900 would be sweet and I did think trolling motor, but did not think solar panel at all. I was worried about leaks I guess a higher end pontoon model would be less likely to spring a leak. These would fit in my 5th wheel basement for sure. I'LL will study on these site every one posted pick one before Dec arrives. I'll be back with questions for sure. Thanks again
  5. Thanks every one some really great info.
  6. Was wondering if any one is using one of these Inflatable Pontoon Boat? I'M doing a Ben Franklin list on kayak's which fits me. I love fishing around Port O'Connor, TX during the winter months. Being inflatable would be nice fitting in the basement even though it would take up storage room in there. I don't know how much I would use it the rest of the year and having a hard body kayak it would be in the way hanging on the 5th wheel ladder the other 7 months. Also figured getting in and out of this should be easier and I do have a air compressor. Wonder how they would handle probably not as easy a regular kayak, but I won't be entering no races. So please let me know I would really like personal info on this tanks. Don I like this one https://classicaccessories.com/classic-accessories-pontoon-boat
  7. I have a 5th wheel I'M looking for Interior step lights led. Needing to buy new ones. I can't see the MFG on the ones I have. Thanks for your help
  8. So have you gone down these hwy's? Where planing to go down Blue HWY no big deal about toll rd, but trying to avoid Houston also. Thanks
  9. Traveling from Port Lavaca TX, Galveston and the Avery island area. Hoping to stay close to the coast on Hwy 82 Hwy 27 then Hwy 14. So any suggestions would be great. I did miss hwy 87 in there..
  10. no I do plan on doing the breaker check
  11. ronbo I should have changed that yes it is a 50am. Okay thanks ronbo hopefully it will warm up soon
  12. Yes I need to look into that most rv techs I wonder about there knowledge level
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