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  1. I use this one: GL.iNet GL-AR150 Mini Travel Router $26.50 on Amazon. It connects to my R2 via WiFi. It allows multiple connections.
  2. The cheapest option is to pick up one of these: Ematic converter box Available at Walmart for $27.99. With the addition of a USB hard drive or thumb drive it becomes a DVR. I have one of these and there are some issues but once you get the hang of things it works quite well. Only one tuner. No skip function which means you have to fast forward through commercials. You can not start watching a show until it has finished recording. Very limited program guide. Sometimes channels will disappear which means you have to rescan channels.
  3. I switched from Straight Talk to Visible last June and it has been working great. Visible recently started a service called "Party Pay" which can reduce the $40 per month down to $25. Here's a link for more info: https://www.visible.com/party-pay Here's a link to a site where people post available spots: https://www.reddit.com/r/VisiblePartyPay/ I used the reddit site to join a party. Your Visible account remains completely private. Once you are accepted into a party your monthly rate will be reduced by $5 for each additional party until a total of 4 accounts are reached. When you log into your Visible account you can check what your monthly bill will be.
  4. Check out TOGO: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/att-360-yr-rv-unlimited-data-plan-now-available-with-togo-roadlink-c2/ https://rvmiles.com/review-togo-roadlink-lte-router-wifi-booster-unlimited-rv-internet-for-30-month/ $400 to purchase the device then $360 per year for unlimited data.
  5. On second thought, I decided to jump on board. My next bill will be for $25. You never know when this Party Pay offer will end. Thanks again Dutch.
  6. Thanks Dutch. I have not joined a Party. I think I'll try to round up some people I know first.
  7. I have had Visible since June. I am using the Visible R2 phone and a router connected to the hotspot. I am still getting full speed data even though Visible states that the hotspot speed is limited to 5Mb/s. Impossible to say if this will continue, but is nice while it lasts.
  8. I signed up for Visible early June and it has been working great. I have their ZTE R2 android phone which they are currently selling for $19. Service is $40/month for unlimited talk, text, and data. I am three weeks into my current billing cycle and have used 360GB of data. I'm getting a fairly consistent 17 Mb/s download speeds connected to the hotspot. I have seen it as fast as 30 Mb/s.
  9. If the panel and controller are separate, mount the controller near your batteries.
  10. I have a Visible ZTE R2 Android smart phone that I purchased last June. So far it has been working great. I spent most of August in Wyoming and Montana. Cell coverage was non existent in some areas, but that was expected out in the boonies. I had good service while on major highways and when near larger towns. Visible is presently selling the R2 for $19 (yes, that's nineteen dollars). I watched the Mobile Internet video and my experience is a bit different. My hotspot speed is usually over 5Mb/s. Here at home in Minneapolis my typical speed is around 17Mb/s. One spot in Montana out in the middle of nowhere, I hit 30Mb/s while connected to the hotspot. The claim that the SIM will only work in a phone is not accurate. I have a 6620L MiFi Jetpack and the Visible SIM works in it after it has been activated in a phone. Also you have to change the APN to VSBLINTERNET. It's an amazing deal. $19 for the R2 phone and $40 (that includes all taxes and fees) per month for unlimited everything.
  11. I scored a Renogy 170 ah lithium battery last spring from Walmart for $900. The price only lasted about a week. I hadn't planned on buying but the price was too good. I also upgraded my solar controller to one better suited for lithium. So far I've been very pleased with the performance.
  12. An important note about lube. As per instructions, use only silicone based lube. Anything else can degrade the rubber seals and plastic parts.
  13. I have had the Visible R2 phone since the beginning of June and so far it has worked great. I'm on the road now traveling in the Rockies. I've been in a couple of spots with no service but that was expected. Right now I'm camped outside of Yellowstone Park a few miles west of the town of West Yellowstone and am getting a good signal.
  14. It's difficult even with the correct tool to get a good crimp on the typical MC4 pin. I would suggest crimping the pin to the wire as best you can, then solder it.
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