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  1. Tom_M

    Best Cell Booster

    Here's a good article on cell boosters: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/guides/mobile-cellular-boosters/
  2. Many newer TVs are capable of playing video content directly from a USB hard drive or thumb drive . If you have a drive with video files on it, just plug it into the USB port on the TV. Check the manual for your TV and see if yours can do this.
  3. There are a couple of tools I use to rip DVD and Blu-Ray discs. For DVDs I use DVDShrink. It is quite old now but works for most DVDs. For Blu-Ray and DVDs that DVDShrink can't handle I use MakeMKV. VideoHelp.com is an excellent site for information on video topics. Here's a link for DVD rippers: https://www.videohelp.com/software/sections/decrypters-dvd-rippers A How-To on using MakeMKV: https://www.howtogeek.com/161498/how-to-backup-your-dvd-and-blu-ray-movie-collection/ MakeMKV does not convert video formats, so the files created are huge. Handbrake is an excellent tool to compress these files.
  4. Your project sounds pretty amazing and ambitious, but much the same thing can be done with Kodi. One feature of Kodi is that it will automatically catalog all your movies and TV shows. I use a Raspberry Pi running Kodi which is connected to a 4TB hard drive with all my movies and TV shows. I also have Kodi installed on my Windows 10 laptop. Check it out here: https://kodi.tv/
  5. Tom_M

    Perfect camping coffee

    I use a drip grind and have not noticed any solids in the brewed coffee. I'm sure that how the coffee is ground would make a difference. I buy the already ground coffee, usually Trader Joe's French roast.
  6. Tom_M

    Perfect camping coffee

    Another alternative that i picked up at Target a few days ago: Java Concepts Pour Over It can be used with a Keurig or heat water in a kettle. No filters to mess with and makes coffee in about the same time as the AeroPress.
  7. I found this utility recently: Windows Update Blocker Basically, it's a simple way to disable "Windows Update" and "Windows Update Medic" services. It should be helpful especially for people running Windows 10 Home. I'm not sure whether this is a permanent fix. I ran it about a week ago and the services are still disabled. When you want to do an update you run the program and enable the services before you check for updates.
  8. Tom_M

    Perfect camping coffee

    I caved and purchased an AeroPress. I made coffee in it and in my french press. I couldn't really tell any difference. I repeated the test for a friend. He thought he could detect a slight difference but didn't think that one was better than the other. In my opinion, the only advantages of the AeroPress is quick brew time and easy cleanup. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tests from a major consumer magazine Oct 2017 Chemex Pour-Over Brewer $46 Coffee brewed in the Chemex earned high marks for complexity, acidity, and overall quality in our taste tests; the filter minimized the presence of solids in the cup. If you like an aromatic, balanced brew with sweet, juicy undertones, this one’s for you. Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French press Coffee Maker $40 Without a paper filter, this coffee holds on to its natural oils, creating a full-bodied taste. The mesh filter holds back most of the grounds, but small, powderlike coffee grounds (called “fines”) can remain in the brew, creating a somewhat viscous cup. AeroPress $30 The AeroPress produced a high-quality brew, with good body and aromatics but just a touch less complexity. The company claims that—unlike a French press—this method leaves “no grit in your cup,” but our tasters found that the coffee sometimes contained a bit of fine coffee silt. Melitta Pour-Over Brewer $10 This brewing method earned high marks. Our tasters found the pour-over coffee had full, juicy flavors that weren’t too aggressive, with a smooth feel and sweet taste. Drip Cuisinart PerfecTemp 14-Cup DCC-3200 $100 Scoring slightly lower than other methods in complexity, smoothness, and overall quality, the drip method is hard to beat on convenience. Our tasters noted a higher astringency, and the fruity, somewhat sweeter notes of the coffee were masked by a sharper acidity.
  9. Tom_M

    Comparing stream rates

    Both add extra data. File transfers typically add a checksum value at the end of each packet sent. On the receive end, a checksum is computed, and if it does not match the checksum that was sent, the packet is sent again. Since streaming typically is a continuous one way data flow, a process called Forward Error Correction (FEC) is used. It involves sending redundant data. When the receiver detects an error and the error isn't too severe, it can fill in the bad parts with some of the redundant data. This same process is used for over the air TV broadcasts.
  10. Tom_M

    Comparing stream rates

    It's true that broadcast TV is MPEG 2, but the OP is asking about streaming on the internet versus downloading a file. If you stream a show or download a file the amount of data consumed will be the same if both are the same quality. Obviously if one has commercials edited out, that will consume less data.
  11. Tom_M

    No more Verizon 3G mifi

    $150. For me, my Verizon account has disappeared. My 4620 flashed for 3G stopped working a few days ago. My 6620 flashed for 4G is still working but that account has also disappeared. My refill date is July 30. I have set up autopay with Callingmart, so I will have to wait and see if the refill works.
  12. Tom_M

    No more Verizon 3G mifi

    DrWireless flashed my 6620L MiFi for 4G last May. It took three tries before he got it right. First time I could not play Amazon Prime video. Could not download any files or do Windows updates. Second time still could not play Amazon Prime and some web pages would not load. Third time Prime plays. Verizon is shutting down many of the $5/month 3G accounts. I also have a 3G 4620L that went belly up a few days ago. Hopefully the 4G will hang in there.
  13. Tom_M

    A/C High Amp Draw

    The meter you linked to is a DC model. Perhaps you have this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XRW1ZHK/ref=psdc_15729811_t3_B013PKYILS
  14. Tom_M

    Cell signal booster

    Check this site for info and reviews for cell boosters: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/resources/mobile-cellular-boosters/
  15. Tom_M

    NEWPOWA Solar Panels

    Here's a portable 200 watt system selling on Amazon for $249.99: https://www.amazon.com/Dokio-Monocrystalline-foldable-Inverter-Controller/dp/B075SZMFP2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516394576&sr=8-1&keywords=portable+solar+charger+200+watt