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  1. Barbaraok

    Water tanks full or empty

    Where is my LIKE, LIKE, LIKE button. Very well said.
  2. Arizona has two seasons, Comfortable (October-March) and HOT (April - Sept)!
  3. We spent two years trying different areas of Arizona 1-2 week’s at a time. We also tried Florida (I hate bugs), RGV (chewed dirt all winter), Southern California ( don’t have enough money), which lead us to Mesa for the winter.
  4. Barbaraok

    Rock chip in front window

    $15/month, that's $180/year. It was 10 years before we had any claims, so $1800. Plus ours is a reducing deductible - for every year we go without a claim the deductible is reduced by 25%, so after 4 years, zero deductible.
  5. Derek, It isn't the volcanos that you need to worry about in the PNW - it is the Cascadia Fault which runs off shore from Vancouver Island down almost to California. It is about 50 yrs past due to rupture and will unleash huge quack and tsunami when it goes. Once that happens (all coastal towns have tsunami evacuation signs) then you can worry about Mt. Rainier blowing it's top followed by wildfires all up and down the whole west coast.
  6. Barbaraok

    Cummings 450 performance

    Just a little thing, but it is CUMMINS. No 'g'. We have a 350, and climb in 4th gear at 45 or so on 6% grades over several miles. Our mechanic is always 'downshift when you start climbing -keep the RPMS between 1800 and 2000, steady is how you want to go'.
  7. Todd, that would be EXCEPT in the winter a lot of these parks are ‘full’ and have trails members blocked out, esp Jan - Mar.
  8. Barbaraok

    Dead Battery on Toad

    How old is the battery? We find we have to change out the batteries a little more often because of towing.
  9. Barbaraok

    Propane use while traveling

    If it is hot, we will have the genny going, for the A/C and will run the fridge on it. Even in 90° weather, our fridge will only go up 3-4 degrees during a 4 hour drive. We have it on about 1/2 the time, off the other half - because we've filled up in the morning and I have shut it off before fueling and forget to turn it back on. Since we only travel about 4 hours and usually don't open the fridge door, not a problem for us.
  10. Barbaraok

    Rock chip in front window

    You assume that ALL coverage includes glass coverage. While ours does - only to the extent that it is above the deductible. And we have a fairly large deductible, so not worth it. I'm not sure that all of the mobile glass outfits will work on motorhomes. What I like about RV Glass Solutions (who did our windshield and have literally thousands of them in stock) is that they have special equipment that attaches to their mobile trucks that puts them up at windshield height with a large platform. We have a chip that we will be getting fixed in the next month. We let one go and when we took the windshield cover off in the spring, the crack was clear across the windshield. It does go from hot to cold during the day in the winter in Mesa.
  11. Look at Usary, a Maricopa County park in Mesa and Dutchman State park east of Apache Junction
  12. We spent a few winters doing 1 week here, one or 2 weeks there, until we finally settled on a park we liked and tried for a longer time. We also had lots of friends, so we visited other parks when visiting friends. Plus word of mouth from people around us about why they did or didn't like another park. And it is VERY SUBJECTIVE. What I like might not be what you like. First big problem is deciding upon the area in the greater Phoenix metroplex that you want to be. For us it is Mesa. We've stayed on the west side, too much wind/dust. We've been out in Gold Canyon - to far away from things we like to do and much to far from a Starbucks for me! And parks in Apache Junction we're quite what I wanted. So that meant Mesa, and we tried several over the years. We were at Mesa Spirit for 4 winters and then they changed management and really drove away people - us included. We liked Val Vista and so the next winter that was our place, and we eventually bought a park model in Val Vista for the winter. So what is it that you like to do?
  13. Barbaraok

    Rock chip in front window

    RV Glass, just off of I10 on 67th Ave north of West Buckeye Rd. 888-777-7668 They replace one of pur front windshields a couple of years ago. They also have mobile crews for chips.
  14. Barbaraok

    Water tanks full or empty

    Leave it 1/2 full - there may be times when you need to run off of the tank (water main break in the park - been there, done that!) If the park is served by municipal water, just run it through, you don't need to bleach it. In fact, since you have six months, this is a good time to run municipal through several times. Also make sure to back flush the black tank 2 or 3 times during your stay. And boil a few pots of water for pasta and dump down the grey tank.
  15. Barbaraok

    Registering a vehicle in Texas

    You call the agent you have , tell him you are buying a new vehicle and he will write insurance for it at your current address. If you are getting all new vehicles, then 1) get your address first, 2)cover existing vehicles (which means getting an insurance agent who understands RVing), 3)then buy new vehicle, 4)notify agent, get insurance binder, 5)then register new veichle and 6)cancel insurance on veichles you have traded/sold. This then gives you time to get to Texas, get rig inspected and get new DL.