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    Actually it costs more to keep us alive longer. Cancer is now often a chronic disease - I know several people with reoccurring cancers who are 'in remission' for 2-4 years, then another year of chemo, more 'remission', then more chemo, etc. 50 years ago cancer was a death sentence. HIV infection is now a chronic problem. Replacement parts for just about everything are now routinely used. Transplants, while not routine, are getting better all of the time.
  2. Looking for campsite membership

    Why not try a TT zone membership for a yr to see if you like it.
  3. Water Valve Help

    If it were us, I'd find a mobile tech in the area and hire him for an hour or two to go through the whole rig with you again, this time video taping how to turn on/off each switch and what it is for. Yes, it is money that you shouldn't have to spend, but I think it would be well worth it in the long run. It would help if you put the make/model/year of your rig in signature line so that people can identify whether or not they have had experience with that manufacturer. I'd also recommend you look on iRV2.com to see if their is an "owners" forum for your manufacturer. That can be invaluable. Barb
  4. Campgrounds near Seattle

    I could not, in good conscience recommend Lake Sawyer to anyone. The town is trying to force the RV Park out, they are not allowed to upgrade or make a lot of repairs, their septic system backs up, their wiring is substandard, etc.
  5. We always dump the night before, so the hoses are stored and often we also unhook water and run off of the tank for the night. Same holds true for when it is an overnight stop. For overnights we don't bother putting out the front slide, just the bedroom slide. Taking down the tripod/satellite dish is probably the longest chore outside. Inside, it is just a matter of making sure all drawers/doors are closed, bringing in the bedroom slide, securing things then starting up after last coffee is secured. Like most everyone has said, we are in no hurry so departure is usually between 9 and 10 am and we stop about 4 hours later.
  6. Monthly Electric Rates

    APS is more expensive than SRP. Not surprised then by your Oct amt give your in RV versus our Park Model and on APS Service.

    About 20% of the units in our winter park are occupied year round. While I wouldn't want to stay in an RV here in the summer, a Park Model with a good A/C and a covered carport would be entirely doable and as long as you don't go out after noon until dusk, it is entirely doable. The park has everything you could want in terms of activities, even in the summer so I can see that it may be at least part of our future as we transition off the road before moving into a more assisted living arrangement near our kids.
  8. Campgrounds near Seattle

    Depending upon the time of day it could be LONGER than an hour - - you have to get through Monroe which, during rush hour, can be horrific. Of course you will also learn what cut offs to take to get through the town quicker. Monroe isn't a bad place to stay - we spend a couple of weeks there each summer as it is about 25 min drive to my sister and mother. And there are some back roads that will take you down to Bellevue. If you are going to be in Kent, then you really need to look south of Auburn. There are a few around but not one we would stay at. Puyallup Fairgrounds is great for a week or so, but not long term.
  9. Monthly Electric Rates

    Is the park on APS or SRP? Our October bill for our park model was $85, we arrived 10-2. October was very warm so I would expect a higher than normal usage, but unfortunately, October is now included as a SUMMER month.
  10. Al, I do agree with you on the problems that RMD's can cause. Each year I do "what ifs" in TurboTax which lets me plays with various levels of withdrawals to see how much tax will result and plan on amount above the RMD to take that will do the least damage.
  11. Actually the Treasury Department is happy for you to roll over into a Roth so they can get their tax money now and hopefully at a higher percentage than if you slowly take it out via RMD over a number of years.
  12. Isn't it just a roll-over from your current IRA into a Roth IRA by paying taxes on it?
  13. Campgrounds near Seattle

    We like Tall Chief, but the sites are 30 amp/water with weekly pump outs for monthly stays.
  14. Campgrounds near Seattle

    Parks are few and FAR between. Good luck in your hunt. Where in Seattle will you be working? That's important to know. On the north side There is Lake Pleasant in Bothell, which has a waiting list, and Lakeside RV Resort in Everett, which is a little difficult to get rigs in, but once in is easy to get around the area. On the east side there are some parks near Issaquah, very expensive, and I don't know if they have annual rates. You might check with Tall Chief in Fall City - they may have some annual sites available. Again, it will be expensive. EVERYTHING in the Seattle area is expensive. I can't recommend anything on the south side of Seattle. Barb