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  1. Barbaraok

    New buyer looking for advice please

    Please do listen to everyone who is telling you that snow is not where you want to be with an RV.
  2. Barbaraok

    Extended Warranty for RV

    We didn’t purchase an extended warranty when we got our motorhome, but did set up a repair/maintenance fund equal to 10% of the purchase price. And we set money aside each and every month so that when ( and it is when) we need to fix something the money is there. For maintenance, we include 1/12 of all the costs yearly maintenance and things like tires, batteries, etc. I always figure on setting aside the cost of one tire each year, so that when replace time comes (6-8 years) we have the money already set aside. Same thing for batteries, tires for the car, battery for the car, anything that needs periodic replacement.
  3. Barbaraok

    Escapees Roadside Assistance

    Well that sure doesn't sound great. Like everyone else, I was thinking about giving Escapees a try, but since we KNOW that Coachnet delivers as promised, I think we will stay with them next fall. Yes, more expensive, but reliability is crucial when talking about road side assistance.
  4. Barbaraok


    Again, I have to ask Lily, if you think "Country Coach" (which has not been made in years) is one that attracts you, what have you got against Foretravel? Not to mention Newmar and Tiffin. And when you are looking, are you planning on putting 15% or so of the purchase price aside for your repair fund? Because it isn't a question of IF it will require repair (in addition to routine maintenance) it is a question of WHEN. You can't move a big rig down the road without shake/rattle/roll that will loosen things up and can result in time spent getting things checked, tightened, repaired/replaced as it goes down the road. For example, any 2007 coach, if the original tires on still on, will require all new tires around. Figure $500/tire for budgeting purposes. Then you will need all new fluids, filters, a check of all belts and seals, etc.
  5. Again, just getting vehicles registered with the new address is all that really needs to be done. The people in Livingston know how this goes, they have been working with Escapees members for decades. People are making this much more difficult than it needs to be.
  6. Barbaraok


    If it were us, we would amble up the West Coast during April then turn east and take US Highway 2 clear across to Saint Ignace, Michigan. At that point you can decide whether to go up into Canada at the Salt Sainte Marie, then travel across and re-enter US near Champlain, New York and follow US Highway 2 until it ends near Houlton, Maine. Or you can go down into Michigan, through Ohio , into New York and decide from there which way to go into Maine. I WOULD NOT head directly east from Arizona into the Midwest in April - - unless you really want to dodge storms and tornados. Barb
  7. Verizon bill. Phone is a utility. Usually you just need your new registration to show that you have your vehicles registered. Then go get your Driver's license. When we moved to Texas the order was: Inspection, Registration, Drivers License.
  8. Barbaraok

    Cheap places to live...

    Which is why I said "areas that I would not want to live".
  9. Barbaraok

    Cheap places to live...

    I'm sure it is age, but none of those would be somewhere I would want to be at this stage of our lives because of the lack of a wide array of medical specialists. Plus, no cultural arts centers, lack of museums, and those that were small college towns, which would have arts programs, were in areas that I would not want to live. Of course I'm a West Coast gal.
  10. Barbaraok

    Coast To Coast?

    If one is on the west coast, it is really hard to beat having membership parks to help with keeping the costs down. For other parts of the country the return probably isn't as great. Our out of pocket costs for June through August will be $210, 2 weeks under AOR ($15/night for 50 amps) all the rest will be Thousand Trails and ROD at $0 per night out of pocket. When you figure in the yearly dues, it comes out to about $3/night. So when mixed in with Passport America, a few Good Sam, and Escapee Parks, our costs average out at about $11/night. Again, it works for us.
  11. Barbaraok

    Solar Panels

    Kirk, If I remember correctly, one of those people who had a problem with a Foretravel it was the ENGINE. That would be a Cummins problem, and could happen on any coach. Very seldom that Cummins engines have severe problems and that has nothing to do with the coach. And no one is saying that there can not be problems with any coaches. But if someone is talking coaches at the very high end, not to include Foretravel seems to be quite unusual. I wouldn't include Tiffin on my list of high end coaches to look at (even the Zephyr) because of the problems they had with the wet bays and front caps for a number of years.
  12. Barbaraok

    Coast To Coast?

    You are correct, you have to have a home park for C2C. Was there a home park as park of the package? We have several memberships and affiliate memberships and use them extensively. Saves us thousands every year. I did a blog page on Membership Parks that you might find helpful. Also, C2C knows of a couple of home parks that are very inexpensive to join, places that most people will never visit, and that might be what was included in the offer.
  13. Barbaraok

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    Temperature rise will depend upon the length of travel. Since we do ~200 miles per day (4 hours) we very seldom have a problem. And if the temperature is anywhere near 100, we run the generator and have the roof air conditioning going, so the frig is on electric and not a problem.
  14. Barbaraok

    Solar Panels

    Again, why is no one suggesting looking at Foretravels, that Motorhomes of Texas has on their lot? Am I the only one who knows what great coaches they are?
  15. Barbaraok

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    First, quit driving such long hours. Slow down and don’t try to do everything in one trip. 200 miles is more than enough for the day.