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  1. How many batteries, what size, etc. do you have. If only 2 6 volt, I can understand why the low voltage. Next question, why aren't you plugged in before putting slides out? We can put ours out (we have 4 6volt batteries), etc., without being plugged in, but it just makes sense to plug in and get to float before doing those things. When we've been boon docking, we just start the generator up after getting to the spot we want, when the batteries are at float we then dump air and level, put out slides.
  2. Barbaraok

    Water Tank Sanitization

    Ray, are you using municple water to fill tank as needed all year long?
  3. Leap, sounds like you need more batteries. Pull/back in, make sure you are in the spot you want, THEN SHUT DOWN. Plug in, the get water attached, put out sewer, if needed, by this time you should be on float, then level and extend slides (or extend slides/level is you have a Monaco IIRC). No need for the engine to be running. When we leave, we get everything stowed, pull in slides, then start engine and hit store button for jacks. By the time I get pads pulled out from under jacks we are ready to go. She’ll be warmed up by the time we exit the park.
  4. Barbaraok

    Water Tank Sanitization

    Ray I'm a chemist and wouldn't use it for our motorhome. I see no need to add additional chloride to our daily intake. And while the claim is that the triazine ring breaks down without any problem in the mouth/stomach, my biochemist husband calls that claim suspect at best because there are so many factors in each of us as to the pH of both mouth and stomach depending upon the different medications and disease processes we may have. Others may disagree. It is so easy to just get a small bottle of bleach when needed and use and then make sure to always dump and refill regularly from municipal water systems.
  5. Barbaraok

    Trojan T-105 vs T-105 Plus

    That's what I thought a few years ago. But as the body ages, one starts to appreciate things that don't require a lot of work. We put AGMs in and I only wish we had done it sooner. Not having to get down on the knees, getting out the portable flood light to see into the bay, cleaning the terminals, etc. - PRICELESS.
  6. Barbaraok

    Water Tank Sanitization

    Sodium Dichlor is dichloroisocyanuric acid. It is designed to slowly release chlorine in swimming pools where sunshine causes regular hypochlorite to break down to fast to maintain effective free chlorine. NOT designed for potable water use. And no, I would not use it in our rig. Barb
  7. Barbaraok

    Water Tank Sanitization

    No it is not the same as bleach. and yes, I am a chemist.
  8. Barbaraok

    New Mac Book Pro lap top

    I assume you have High Sierra operating system. Unless Kodak has released a new driver for printers that works with Sierra or High Sierra (I didn't find any on their site) you are probably going to need a new printer. You could post your question on the Apple Discussion Forums and see if anyone has a work around for you. New printers will have up to date drivers. Never have a problem with HP.
  9. Barbaraok

    Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    But they can be renewed by mail. All you need is to get one form notarized. Instructions for out of state on the DPS website.
  10. I am always amazed at the time ppl think it takes to do a load of wash in. An onboard w/d. 5 minutes to load, I always eat dry time for zero, when wash finished, 3 minutes to removed any item to air dry and make sure no pillow case stuck in fitted sheet corner, reset dry time. When dryer stops, take out clothes and fold,, put away, maybe 10 minutes. If nothing needs to come out before drying, reduce time from start to put away. If doing towels, delay start for 5 am and wake up to warm dry towels. What is everyone doing that takes so much time with an onboard unit?
  11. Barbaraok

    I-5 Closed from Yreka, CA to Ashland, OR

    Yes, I'm sorry, I should have been more specific. They have I-5 open again.
  12. Barbaraok

    I-5 Closed from Yreka, CA to Ashland, OR

    It road has re-opened, in case anyone is interested.
  13. Barbaraok

    Water conservation while dry camping

    None when dry camping, it goes into a bucket which is then used to flush toilet at a later time
  14. Barbaraok

    Pacific Coast Highway

    You can actually go north through SF by getting off of Highway 101 and onto I-280. Exit onto 19th Avenue (shortly after Highway 1 joins I-280) and stay in the middle lane. It will go through residential areas, then onto the Presidio (and underneath it via a tunnel) then you exit back onto Highway 101 at the Golden Gate bridge, stay in the very right lane (for buses and RVs) and head north. Added bonus, no toll when going north. While I think you could take Highway 1 easily up to Bodega Bay, I wouldn't want to go further than that - road is falling onto the ocean north of Bodega Bay and under repair, which means way to narrow at times for RVs.