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  1. We drove up from Sutherlin (Timber Valley) this morning. Left about 6:20 am, drove with almost no traffic clear up into Albany. Found a lovely little city park, joined maybe 50 others, were all set up by 8:30 am. If you ever get a chance, do it. Have been in partials before, but totality is REALLY different. BIG temperature drop, street lights came on, oohs, awes, clapping, whistling, etc. from everyone there. And all to soon sun was back out and temperature started back up. We were 4 blocks from an Elmer's, so dropped in for breakfast -got there just ahead of the crowd. While the trip north took about 2 hrs, it was SLOOOOW coming back south, 3 1/2 hrs. So, if we can still get around in 2024, we'll try for another check on the bucket list.
  2. It is easy to reset time zone, has nothing to do with service address. Press menu, go to the set-up page, select display and move over to time zone and choose what you need. No your service address doesn't have to be changed each time you move unless you want locals. I don't really care about the locals, I use OTA if I really need those, but usually don't. Can set Weather Channel for local weather, that's all we need.
  3. Since we were going fulltime, I just got new quotes from firms that do insurance for fulltimers. It is different than regular car insurance. Just gave them our address - these firms KNOW about fulltimers, which is why they offer FULLTIME insurance.
  4. Over our working years we owned 5 houses, made money on three, lost money on one, broke even on one. That is if you talk just about purchase price. No one every considers the amount of money that every homeowner spend EVERY YEAR on all sorts of things. You don't own a house, it owns you. Your time is something you never get back and if you spend part of every week 'working' on the house, you have lost precious time that you will never get back. Regret selling everything, buying an RV, and going fulltime - heavens NO. It has been a great adventure and we enjoy it.
  5. Maybe it is time to say fulltiming is not for you. Nothing wrong with that. You've tried it, didn't like it, so go back, rent an apartment until you save up to buy the place you want, and enjoy the area you love.
  6. Eddie, it doesn't matter what you say now, at some point your body will tell you that NO, you will not be going down that road forever. You may go for years, but at some point, we will all need to slow down and realize that in order to enjoy life we have to spend a little more time taking care of ourselves and learning that age will bring on some limitations and we must adapt. Some end up living in their RV in a park for their remaining years. Others buy smaller homes and do travel during summer as they are physically able to do so.
  7. Your out west - EXPLORE the desert area this winter. Don't go back to 'familiar' areas. Get out and explore. PHYSICALLY get out and see things. You can find lots of great places in Arizona to spend the winter and it will be DIFFERENT and can be inexpensive. Anywhere from Phoenix south would places to spend some time.
  8. It wouldn't bother me. I don't use the water on board a plane. And their procedures are not what RVers do. Do what you want to do.
  9. I can only tell you what we do, as I did above. Everyone has to assess their travel habits, how they use the tank, etc.
  10. All oxychlorine compounds are oxidizers. Either NaClO (bleach) or NaClO2 (Purogene) will be effective if directions are followed, which should result in water with a slight residual chlorine level. Wrong concentration of either can lead to severe effects on persons handling and/or drinking the water. Sodium DiChlor formula is: C3Cl2N3NaO3, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, a stablized compound with the cyanurate portion to absorb UV radiation so that the Cl doesn't dissipate as fast. Since your fresh water tank isn't subjected to UV radiation, this is overkill especially if you are going to drink from that tank. The word poison is thrown around, but in reality anything can be a poison if the dose is high enough. Water deaths happen each year when persons drink/are forced to drink, to much water to fast. The kidneys cannot process it, the brain swells and water intoxication and death result. O2 is necessary for life, but only in a very limited range. Premies are monitored carefully trying to make sure they have high enough O2 level in blood stream to allow cells to function while making sure the level doesn't go to high and blindness result. Thankfully monitoring advances better each year, but visual problems later in life are very, very common among former premies. Too much 'sterilization' of surfaces, etc., is bad for you. Your immune system needs to be exposed to minuet amounts of a wide variety of 'bugs' so that it can learn and swarm & eliminate larger amounts of pathogens that come your way. Every year we dump all of the water in our 100 gallon fresh water tank. I fill it with good municipal water (no carbon filter on) with an effective chlorine residual level (ie, can I smell a tad of Cl in unfiltered water). Run through all of the lines, let sit over night, dump and refill to travel level. Add to it as necessary from good municipal sources. Now, we drink bottled water and are usually hooked up to a known water supply. Often unhook utilities (except electric) the night before we leave, and will run out of tank for showers/flushing/washing any dishes. Next stop we hook up to municipal water source and refill to travel level is necessary. And yes, I do ask when we check in if they are on well water or municipal water. I will not fill the tank with well water because they are not subject to the same requirements as municipal systems. We have been doing this for 11 years.
  11. I tried to write something, but the level of scientific misunderstanding resulted in my pulling my hair out (metaphorically) and lead to unsuitable phrasing. I just gave up, people have preconceived notions and having gone down this road before, no one is going to change because their neighbor's nephews friend sells RVs and knows everything about them.
  12. Zulu, what is a 'bioflim'. Flying Finn, you have a little knowledge about chemistry and sometimes that is dangerous. Sodium chlorite = NaClO2, Sodium hypochlorite = NAClO. Both are oxidizers. Paracleius said "The Dose Makes The Poison". Even water and oxygen can be poisons.
  13. If you look at that example, the people went back to Minnesota, lived in their house and THEN sold it. Which means they 'left' the state and then 'moved back' to the state. Much better to 'move' once. Also remember that Minnesota would have an eye out for SD 'moves' because of no state income tax in an adjacent neighbor. When we moved from Oklahoma to Texas, we LEFT the state, and did not return to it to live in our house until it sold. We signed power of attorney to our realtor to complete the sale of the house. Got new DLs, registered cars, filed our partial year return showing our new address in TX and that was it.
  14. I know several people who haven't been in Texas in 10 years. They will Probably will make a trip through next year to renew DL. What scary articles on what Escapees site? Barb
  15. We also have an HP all-in-one. Software that came with the printer will see spaces between pictures and scan them in as multiples. With the small 'snapshot' photos I can scan in 6 or so at a time.