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  1. Like a post?

    No. And yes, there are times I wish there was a 'like' button to push. But you just have to put in a quick replay.
  2. Slides

    Our big slide rides over the carpet coming in and the seals on the sides are tight. Techs at factory reiterated what the dealer had said to me that I should open a window for the big slide when bringing it in. Going out isn't much of a problem and almost always the door is open (screen closed) for that one as it is all part of the 'set-up' we go through.
  3. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    You do realize that motorhomes can't do that - we have the motorhome with us, so we fill either before getting in the park or when leaving in the morning (if that is the day we have to fill). I use Gas Buddy to get a rough idea of prices ahead of us for the coming days and Google Satellite view to take a look at any place we are not familiar with - - the in an out ease is very important to us. Even unhooking the car doesn't mean we can get in with the motorhome at a lot of 'cheaper' stations and we don't even try. Do like that more and more Costcos on the west coast now have diesel.
  4. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    Would you please explain this post?
  5. Slides

    Our slide didn't 'balk' at coming in without a window open, but rather the 'ride' in was smoother without the sound of the air trying to escape. Don't know if it makes a difference if the slide is hydraulic (which our big slide is) or not. Never worry about the smaller bedroom slide (electric) as there is a lot of 'room' around it as it is moved.
  6. From RV to Park Model

    Sent you a PM
  7. Slides

    I know that the slide comes in easier when that large volume of air has some place to flow to. I know it is a small amount, but why not make things easier for the equipment?
  8. Slides

    I always open a window when bringing the front big slide in.
  9. From RV to Park Model

    We bought a park model in Val Vista in 2014. We spend the winter here and the summer in the RV seeing the country. What is it you want to know?
  10. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    RV, I was actually referring to being able to fill your fuel tanks after you have dropped the 5er at an RV park, thereby greatly reducing your length and increasing maneuverability.
  11. Want to buy Thousand Trails

    Using membership parks we often go 6-8 weeks at $0. Yes, we do have to move every couple of weeks, but often less than 25 miles in some areas. Of course outside of west coast the # of membership parks goes down.
  12. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    You’ll see a lot more Pilot stations on US highways than Flying J, but discount is the same. Big one at US 395 and CA 58 East of Tehachapi Pass. Often see them at points where US highway crosses interstate (US 97 and I-84).
  13. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    I notice that most of the naysayers are talking about 5ers, so they can go fill their truck anytime during your stay. With a motor home towing a car we don’t have that luxury. We use Gas Buddy but ease in and out is extremely important for us.
  14. Polk County Tax Office changes

    Online registration you agree to the $2.00 fee to process the renewal charge. DL is for those who pay be check. When moving from out-of-state you use your current ID, which would be your current DL in former state to pay initial fees for registration. Then go get your DL for your new address.
  15. Polk County Tax Office changes

    Not to mention $800K purchase price😲