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  1. I have a cousin like that. You had to even sit on the couch because you will disturb something and she's jumping up to straighten out cushions when you go use the bathroom. My husband and I believe in entropy and try not to fight it. Entropy always wins. Barb
  2. We have carpeting on the floor our cabinets, I just stacked the Corelle and never put anything between them. The coach rides fairly level and the doors stay closed. I do put vertical bars up in the cabinets before we start so that things that might have shifted don't come flying out at me when I first open the cabinet after travel - one of those lessoned learned. Most of the time what will move are the light plastic bowls that we use - more of a shocked coming at me than anything else.
  3. Yes, when Monday is a holiday we stay put, in order again to have the quiet afternoon and have businesses open when we are traveling.
  4. If you are having smells in your rig, your toilet bowl seal isn't holding well. Pour some vinegar in and let it set. A good seal hold water in the bowl and no smell. All you need is to use plenty of water in your system. We've been out since 2006, just water (plus some vinegar in the bowl and baking soda to clean the toilet) is all we use.
  5. Are you already getting SS benefits? If you are, they automatically enroll you in Medicare. If not, just go to the Medicare website and follow their instructions. After you've signed up for Medicare, then you can go about figuring out which supplemental plans fits you.
  6. Bill & Annelli You drove out of the Freightliner place in Phoenix at 4:00 pm? 😱. Congratulations on making it! We always stay overnight in Tonopah when coming into Mesa from Palm Springs because we won't drive I-10 after 2:00 pm - especially now with all of the construction. Yes, you will find that most of the places that will work on a big RV will have space for you to spend the night. As you have found, that budget goes out the window the first six months. It just takes time and it does get better. Bootcamp is great and while you don't need all of the gadgets, you will figure out which ones will be helpful to you. You've already learned on big lesson - travel on Monday or Tuesday. Not only are facilities open should you need them, but you can also enjoy the park you are in after the weekends leave on Sunday, I love Sunday afternoons. We get the coach all set up to leave the next morning at a leisurely pace so that in the morning it is an unplug power/water, start engines, put jack pads away, and off we go.
  7. You're running air conditioning off of batteries?
  8. Well, you are right there! Hadn't thought of the idiots who kill themselves and others with their cellphone use while driving! πŸ‘πŸΌ
  9. Really? Please publish the link to the death certificates and the notification to CDC, etc., that this is occurring. If cellphones were a real problem then we would be seeing an epidemic of deaths now since we are 20+ years into their use.
  10. Carlos, I give up. If you can't see the difference between necessary, medically tested/monitored treatment and vaping and cigar smoking then have it.
  11. I'm surprised that you would try to equate medically necessary (and well researched) breathing treatments with unregulated, unknown chemical composition that people are pulling into their lung and the fact that people are dying. I've sent you a PM.
  12. Wrong. Yes there are WATER SOLUBLE compounds that are used for breathing treatments to increase diameter of airways. And it is a trade off of increased air movement versus small damage to the existing lung tissue. Biggest benefit is from the increased pressure and increase moisture of the air moving into the lungs. But go ahead, vape, and years from now join the class action suits because you ignored warnings and Damaged your lung tissues, not to mention whatever damage done to brain and circulatory system.
  13. Any foreign substance introduced into the lungs is bad for you. What part of that don’t You understand? Will you die right away, maybe, maybe not. Maybe your fortunate and your cell repair system operates at 110%. But you will damage your lungs and you are bypassing part of the body’s detoxification system in the liver and sending the xenobiotic material straight to the brain., which is the point of smoking or vaping.
  14. NO I don't agree. The lungs are fragile, they need moist air, period. Will everyone who inhales pollutants develop cancer, no. Some people have better repair systems for internal damage, which is why it is so important to choose your grandparents with care. You don't need long term studies, it is already readily apparent to anyone whose neurons fire, that introducing pollutants into the lungs can cause death. And yes, there are some medications that are given via the lungs - those are water soluble medications and are monitored closely because there can be problems. Ultra low sodium diets are fads - nothing that anyone with a working knowledge of the sodium-potassium pump functioning of cells (ie, people with basic biology) would think is responsible. And yes, a lot of physicians have very little idea of how the body actually functions. You need O2 to live, but in a very narrow range. In fact too much O2 is quite harmful - - it is a delicate balance to make sure premies get enough O2 into their system without the PO2 becoming to high and damaging the eyes. All most everything is a balancing act. Not enough water, you die. Drink too much water, to fast, death by water intoxication and brain swelling.
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