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  1. Except the annexation agreement went after the window after Texas seceded and joined the CSA. When they lost, they became like any other state, under federal jurisdiction. Yes, I know there is always some legislator who introduces a bill to break up the state or to withdraw, but it is all meaningless now. Texas (like California) could only break up if (1) a majority of the voters in the state agreed and (2) both houses of Congress agreed.
  2. Since everything is locked down, I have things for him to do at home until the Cardiologist sees him in 2 weeks. Hopefully at that point he will be able to find some way to do the rehab. I am doing things like using the drive-thru only for getting new meds at the pharmacy and a pickup for groceries, no going inside any establishment. Plus, online ordering and then wiping boxes down, then openings and taking everything out and wiping down, collapsing the boxes, then coming inside, wiping down again, then washing everything. My hands look like I've spent the week in an acid lab, they are so raw.
  3. Picked Dave up at 5:45 pm yesterday. He’s very PLEASED to be home.
  4. All physicians except for surgeon signed off this morning, his BP is mid120s/low60s. Right where everyone wants it. Now he is patiently (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) waiting for cardiac surgeon to make his rounds. At most one more night!
  5. Funny thing was he never had any pain. Our previous cardiologist died last spring (at age 49 of a massive coronary while riding his mountain bike) and so our new one decided that since it had been 14 years since his last stress test he should have one. That picked up 'concerns' and then the angioplasty showed the blocked arteries and stents weren't going to do the job. His symptom - increasing fatigue (at 75!) and that was it. His kidneys were stressed by the angio and we had to wait about 1 month to get them back in shape before the surgery - so we were prepared for them to act up again. And we know at some point he will probably have to go on dialysis - hopefully in an easier environment.
  6. I know everyone is worried, but I have a small note of happy news to share. Dave had open heart bypass (quadruple) last Monday. While that is hard enough, his kidneys shut down after surgery (a know possibility that we were aware of) and he required 3 days of temporary dialysis to give them a chance to recover. It WORKED! They started functioning again Saturday night and today he was moved out of ICU to a regular room. Unfortunately I haven't been able to see him since Wednesday when all Pheonix area hospitals were closed to all but patients. Thank goodness for FaceTime and ICU nurses that made sure I got to see him everyday. Now my biggest problem is convincing him that he needs to stay until they say he can come home. But he is up walking and the only pain he has is where they took a vein out of his leg and the leg is stiff and sore. Just had. to share some good news for once with people. I can't wait to get him home and then just sit and ride this out. Stay safe everyone as we all learn to do pick-up or grocery delivery and find things to do that involve being away from people. RVers are hardy and we will get through this.
  7. We get all of our 1099s by downloading. The only one that still sends them is Social Security, and we already know what the numbers will be, so we have the taxes all done by the time the snail mail copy arrives.
  8. You can go all the way through and then not click the submit button and it is gone when you close the broswer. Why wouldn't you just put in your address (it automatically calls it an apartment if you put the #1234 in the Apartment/Unit box, but that's ok with me. Edit: I HATE auto-correct! Computer is suppose to know what I meant not the strange combination my fingers slide across.
  9. The #6 related to trying to heat yourself. UV radiation isn't heat, it is ionizing radiation that breaks chemical bonds. BTW - Just as washing in 60C (140F) water will kill cells, so will drying in a hot dryer. Lots of people do not have 140F hot water, but water heaters set at 120F. But will soap, it will do a good job. Notice, you don't wash your hands in 140F water.
  10. That's what I just did.
  11. When we started spending longer winters in the Mesa area, I called the largest hospital group's phone number for those looking for a physician. I was told the internal medicine group close to us didn't have appointments available for a couple of months, which was beyond the time we needed for Rx renewals. But, they had a new clinic that had just opened a few more miles from us (and close to one of our favorite breakfast places) and the internist had appointments available the end of the following week! Turns out to be the best thing that could have happened for us. We really like her and she has skillfully guided us to the right specialist for the different problems that arise as the result of aging. And of course, this being a snowbird area, with all of the specialists in areas that have a lot of 'mature' πŸ˜‰ patients being on Medicare is not an impediment.
  12. Here in Mesa the stores are limiting the amount that people can purchase. I went EARLY Wednesday morning, while some brands of TP were out, there were plenty to choose from. It is fear of the unknown. And people don't understand some of the things that they should be looking for - for instance, while some of the things like wet ones are out, there was plenty of alcohol swipes that Dave uses everyday for his insulin injection. And those are good as wipes - we have an extra box in the car. Also you can find rubbing alcohol (isopropanol) in stores, which is what is in the hand sanitizers. Get some woven makeup squares, saturate with the rubbing alcohol and put in a zip lock bag and you've got wipes to take with you. And so on. I have been thinking about trying the grocery delivery service, might just do that. Our park just announced that starting next week the organized activities such as dances, etc. All pools, sports courts, etc. will be open, but it is please use as a small group and at your own risk. Of course it is the end of the 'season' and with Spring Training already cancelled, I noticed that some people are already leaving. We've been hunkered down because Dave is having surgery Monday. And yesterday, my eyes started itching, I start worrying and then took the garbage out to the curb last night and the citrus blossom fragrance was in full force - every March the same thing happens. A little antihistamine, and the itching went away. So it is just being careful, washing hands, avoid outings until we get a lot more people tested and can see where 'hot spots' are located.
  13. What type of insurance do you have - that might be the reason for rejection. Often practices don't accept people from outside of the insurance network that they are in.
  14. After you've been to a few Corps parks, you can spot the ones that they built and then turned over to state/local agencies. Generally if there is a big damn nearby, the Corps probably did the initial construction. They are some places in Western Washington where the dams were built by Puget Power (that's what it was called when I was growing up) and the campgrounds aren't the same as what the Corps built.
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