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  1. Guess you didn't see my post above yours - the threshold is 26001#. Mostly DPs and some large truck/5er combos.
  2. I also forgot to mention that the first billing from hospital at their "standard" rates will be used by them to calculate their "LOSS" - the difference between what was billed and what was actually paid. No insurance company pays the "standard" rates, they all negotiate how much they will pay for each billing code.
  3. One of the problems is everyone assumes that the Escapees forum is the same as the Escapees web site - - it isn't. One word of caution, if you have a rig (either motorhome or truck/5th wheel combo) over 26K lbs then it is going to take longer than 1 day to get everything done because you will need a Class A or Class B driver's license.
  4. And you noticed that you weren't asked to pay for it, because Medicare does a pretty good job of auditing and every hospital knows what will and won't be accepted, but they try on the off chance that it will get through!
  5. Part of the problem is you didn’t mention your concerns vis-a-vis going through TSA checks at airports or customs coming in via airplanes. Since this is an RVing forum, people were giving reply’s as to going through in an RV, which is normally the point of focus with border agents on each side, not the bodies of the people behind the wheel. In order to get a body cavity search coming in via an RV, there would have to be a really big trigger. If someone is wheelchair confined, I can’t imagine that topic even coming up unless they needed you to vacate the rig for a secondary inspection. Not saying something couldn’t trigger it, but when most people are worried about what’s in the fridge or what kind of pet food are they carrying. When we crossed several years ago with our cats, I had their rabies certificates all ready, and they never asked about pets. When talking to other pet owners we quickly realized most had dogs who were up in the windows, on the dash, curious as to what was going on. Our cats were having their daily naps on the couch and never moved, were not seen, and no one asked about them. We were asked a dozen different ways about guns, since we have Texas plates. 😎
  6. Alice, you need to realize that a lot of us are full timers, extended travelers with various tank sizes. Our black tank is 80 gallons, so one bucket full of water just takes care of wetting the valve for us. If you have a 15 gallon or so, then a bowl full is enough. Especially since you are just weekending, make sure you have water in the tank while it isn’t being used. That’s what is essential. When we had our Class C we didn’t dump after every weekend end outing, especially is we had plans in the next couple of weeks to take it out.
  7. Easy test is to take a couple of sheets of the TP, put in a jar with a tight lid, shake and see how long it takes for the TP to start disintegrating. Since we only dump when a minimum of 1/2 full black tank (ours is an 80 gallon black tank) we often go 10-12 days and can go 16 days if we are really careful. Yes, the TP will be disintegrating. Tissue going down the hose into the septic/sewer system at the park is not going to be a problem, nor will any TP that might stick to the side of the tank (last in TP for example) if one remembers to immediately put 3 gallons or so of water in and then continue to use it. And if using a backwash sprayer up into the tank, that will pretty will take care of everything. Again the key is keeping the drain valve closed until at least 1/2 full before dumping. Add more water if you need to dump to get it to that level.
  8. You are missing some wonderful things to see, not to mention superb wines. All of those have to do with people who live and work in the state, not people visiting. We’ve spent months in wine country with no problems, other than spending to much money.😉. Never understood how some will deprive themselves of fun to spit who? SMH
  9. Sorry, this is going to get political and I’m not going to go there.
  10. More rain storms in summer in center of country is due to climate change. Lack of Monsoon rains in Arizona is also due to climate change. And heavier snows and colder winters are also changes showing the climate is changing. The oceans are getting warmer which affects all weather world-wide.
  11. Yes, but that was never a reason for transferring then. When grandpa died there was no Medicare/Medicaid, and dad died in 1995. I think it is something more families should talk about, though there are many people who would feel threatened by lost of control. It’s like the almost 80 yr old snowbirdswe meet saying they need to head north because the kids can’t get the planting straight, and you know the ‘kids’ are in their late 50s! 😄
  12. If at a park, use the park showers. We don’t shower everyday, every other day unless we are really into something sweaty and dirty. Dermatologists will emphasis that when you age, too many baths/showers isn’t good for you. Use a tub in the sink for washing dishes, and then pour that down the toilet in place of fresh water. For toilet, if yellow let it mellow, if brown send it down-hopefully using dirty dishwater. Keep a small pail in shower to capture water when waiting for hot water to appear. BTW, short hair is much, much easier to take care of when. RVing.
  13. My grandfather put everything in my mom’s name when his colon cancer returned in 1959. He came to live with us for a year and then into a nursing home for the last 6 months. My father put everything in mom’s name about a year before he died while they were RVing in the California desert, and mom has done the same with my sister and I when she moved in with my sister 6 years ago. Even though there’s a will, it makes things go faster.
  14. Except in the east Phoenix valley, storage for RVs is getting terribly expensive because several subdividing HOAs have cracked down on people keeping their RVs on their property during the whole winter!
  15. My sister is going through this right now with my mom. We spent part of the summer spelling her. She has hospice help 2 days a week and a home health care worker once or twice a week. Mom now just mainly sleeps and is slowly fading away. Her goal was her 97th birthday, which she made this week, and to die in the bed daddy made for her as a wedding present in 1941. My sister, with help, is trying to make that happen. We would have stayed longer, but we have a couple health issues that need to be addressed soon, so have started back towards Arizona. I canl’t say enough about the help see is getting, it has been truly fantastic.
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