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  1. I agree with Nova Scotia, on the Cabot Trail (we geocached it), watch the river flow backwards, and go to Halifax (love that city) and Peggy's Cove!
  2. First, we were all nervous the first few times we went on different types of roads. If you were able to do Highway 199 from Grants Pass, then the 101 up Oregon will be easy for you. Just take your time. There will be some curves, some climbs and descents, but none are horrific and if you travel at all in the west, that is just part of all of the different types of geography we have for one to enjoy. NO to Highways 42, 126 or 20, which are as hard, or harder than the 199 and will get you on the I-5 with the Siskyouses in front of you - - now THAT is a climb/decent that you might not enjoy! Go north on the 101, then depending upon where you want to go, take either Oregon 38 from Reedsport over to I-5 or north of Lincoln, Oregon 18 which runs into Portland. There is US 20 from Newport over to Corvallis - not one of my favorites, but not bad.
  3. Nice thing about visiting wineries, we pick up replacement wine glasses as needed, often with logos which ensures conversations during happy hour
  4. Al, so you are saying that the rest (plan F and drug plan) cost less that $1000 a year for both of you?
  5. Al, it would be helpful to indicate what that includes. For example, does that include the Part B costs?
  6. You know most people don't count the Medicare Part B premiums in their budget because they never, ever see that expense - - they just base their 'income' on the amount that is deposited into the account and maybe at tax time enter the correct amounts.
  7. Additionally, if you do not have 10% or some other amount withheld from distributions, then you had better be doing quarterly estimated tax payments or be able to show that you never have to pay income tax on your withdrawals. You can't just wait until April 15th of the following year and pay in one lump sum - - that will earn you a tax penalty.
  8. I think you missed Scott's point - - a site that is raising money by having links is admonishing him for having links on HIS site and posting a link to his site. Sort of pot-kettle situation. But then a lot of what the moderators do on iRV2 seems petty and disingenuous to me - - such as my having posts removed because I suggested someone go Escapees to find out how to enroll in mail forwarding, etc. And I do not like the way RV Parks Reviews has been subsumed into RV Life - - first they screw up my login, then I get chastised because I let them know that their apps don't work properly on iPads/iPhones, etc. Talk about a way to put people off - - like they enjoy making it so difficult to participate and then wring their hands that no one is participating!
  9. In a lot of states the US Highways are better, but not all of them. US 190 in Louisiana (western part) is a MESS. Plus the US Highways always go THROUGH the tiny towns. You know, population 10, speed limit 15 mph! As to going north on AZ 95, just cross the river and go north on US 95 all the way. Lake Havasu is getting to be a pain to get through.
  10. Who is your IRA with? Are you filing Maine tax returns? We have 403b contracts from different states across the country. We reside in Texas, our only address for TIAA is Texas, they send 1099s to our address, and we then file federal tax return.
  11. For those of you in Texas, what number did you use for the "Registration Number"? I looked at the sticker and see several numbers, I looked at the printed receipt that comes with the sticker and see numbers, but none are labeled "Registration" number.
  12. Budget crisis reduced the number of inspections, most now are for commercial. Only time they check fridge was open 07, now we are usually waived through, once in a while ask about firewood (which we never have), sometimes it is a stop, look around, no one there, proceed slowly through and off we go!
  13. Sometimes it is not about how cheap things are, but what things are there to do in a location that you want to explore.
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