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  1. For a point of reference on why people buy the supplements, Dave had quad-bypass in March. Hospital bill (not doctors, etc) was well north of $300K. Our supplement covered what Medicare didn't. Still have a few bills trickling in (often a resubmitted bill that was denied because code wasn't correct), but 20% of that would have been devastating. Most years we could easily go without a supplement, and then you get hit!
  2. Your going over the Rockies and the Cascades. There will be climbs, their will be turns. Get a copy of Mountain States Directory West for information on hills, or use the AllStays Camping App, which includes information on passes, etc. It really isn't a hard drive if you are familiar with your rig, etc.
  3. If you have the time, take I-75 north to St. Ignace, and pick up US Highway 2 and go clear across. That will put you in Evertt, WA just north of Seattle. And at Spokane, if your destination is to go to the south side of Seattle, you can pick up I-90 and scoot across the state.
  4. No problem. I do not that at first people were told to go ahead and spend it. Feel sorry for those that did when the money is clawed back. My sister is use to the claw-back. When mom died on September 30th, they clawed back the September SS check that came the 1st of September.
  5. Yes it does. The problems up on the Navajo/Hopi reservation are disastrous. So many don't even have running water, no health care, etc. One of the local food banks in Mesa moved its operation to the Mesa Convention Center because they have so many seeking help. And so many children not getting meals at school increases the hunger in the area.
  6. Maybe be you misunderstood, it was OUR payment that we finally got a week after my sister got a check for mom. The donations we made are from OUR funds. Nothing to do with mom. We are okay and a lot of people are really hurting. My sister hasn’t deposited the check. She knows it will be called back. I think she’s going to call her US Representative’s office for procedure to return it.
  7. Well we FINALLY had our stimulus payment deposited on Wednesday, the 12th. This was a WEEK after my dead mother got a check in the mail at my sister's house! We are donating most of it. First donation was to the Navajo Nation, they are in dire straights with this disease and need all the help they can get. We have also donated to the Arizona Food Bank network. All the food banks all over the country are really stretched thin.
  8. First, I don’t believe Accumark was talking about an Escapees park. And second, it was more of a vent post about travelers not wearing masks, physical distancing, etc. than anything else. Mark & Annette I take it that you aren’t Escapee members? I’m not sure what you want Escapees to do for you.
  9. Agesilaus, did you think repeating several lines over and over would somehow strengthen your post? Try telling those who work in NYC hospitals that there was never a shortage of ventilators, that there was never a rush of patients, that those bodies in refrigerator trucks at the back of hospitals didn't exist, etc. We all saw it with our own eyes. And the medical community learned a few procedures that have helped to get more patients to recovery, like proning. Staying home and not working does not mean that they were able to stay apart from people who were carrying the disease. NYC is HIGH DENSITY housing, so one person in a 300 unit apartment building, using the elevator, laundry rooms, mail room, can leave virus all over the place, not to mentioning riding up and down the elevator with other people. And a lot of people who didn't leave their home, also had relatives that came an checked on them, etc. Physical distancing lessens the chance of particles coming at you, not 100% guarantees they won't. Turns out that the latest research shows it should be 9 ft. But if the person wears a mask, then the cough/sneeze, is mainly trapped in the mask and goes upward and only goes out about 2-3 feet. So the combination works best. It is all about lessening the chance of becoming infected. I realize that you don't worry if you catch it. But some of us still have things we want to do, places we want to go, and we don't want to die. Dave is now 8 weeks post quadruple bypass, do you have any idea what would happen to him if he caught it? He spent a week in ICU just trying to recover after the surgery. He doesn't go anywhere but to the physicians' offices (heart check and blood draw). But I still have to shop. So, people not wearing a mask make my risk of exposure/contracting the disease higher, which increases his risk of dying. I will ask again. What is so hard about staying 6 ft away from people (using one-way aisles in stores) and wearing a mask when out in public? If everyone does it, we can help keep the numbers of people with the disease low and get things started back to normal. 70+ people who attended the 'anti mask, anti physical distancing' rally in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago have now tested positive for the virus. Wonder how many others they have infected, and how many those people have infected ...........
  10. So you DiffyQ? I ran EH&S departments in universities, dealt with EPA, OSHA, DOT, etc. MS in ChemEng, so tell me you know more about stats that either Joel or I do? There is a lot we don’t know yet, but MOST transmission is via droplets from infected people to others. You can be infected and shedding and not know it. So it behooves everyone to act like they could be a spreader and do everything when out in public NOT to spread disease. Why is this so hard to comprehend? And no data, we’re almost to 80K dead in 8 weeks. IT IS SPREADING!
  11. You get to makes decisions as long as those don’t endanger others. Wearing a 😷 is required so we don’t infect others. We have no idea how many people have died from the virus, but few die from just stress. Can you tell me why you can’t wear a mask when in public places and stay 6 feet away from others?
  12. Our insurance makes Express Scripts the preferred one for us to use and it is cheaper than using local. But for some things, like refrigerated (Lantus) meds or short term we do use Walgreens. I do not find local drug stores fascinating but will use them as necessary. We've been using Express Scripts since 2001, so to us the is just the way we get our meds.
  13. Statistics aren't made up. If the data is good, then the math will give a good answer. More people will die in South Dakota, but since there is more information now available on how to treat patients, there should be less deaths than what would be with no experience. Such things as proning patients has shown to cut down on the number of people who need to be placed on ventilator. Also the use of different anticoagulants and BP medications appear to help. The masks are to prevent you from catching the virus, they are to limit the distribution of particles FROM you to other people. I wear a mask to protect you from any particles I made shed and you wear the mask to protect me from any particles you may shed. That, plus physical distancing, will GREATLY reduce the chance that each of us will die. It is such a simple thing to do, why are people so upset by it?
  14. How do you know that you aren't asymptomatic and a super spreader? You don't. Even with a lot of testing, the virus can get into a place that seems secure, such as the WH. Physical distancing and face coverings are important to keep the spread down. Maybe you are in great health, but not all of us are, And just what are your credentials that you think all you to ignore what people with a LOT of experience and expertise are telling you? You do realize that at least 70 ppl from the first demonstration at the Wisconsin state capitol (no distancing, no makes) not w have the disease. Assume they have each passed it on to probably 2 or more people (since they don't believe in masks) and each of those will pass it on, etc. Do what you want with your life - but don't bring disease to others.
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