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  1. Your physician doesn’t get a supply of flu vaccines for the year? Are you sure your insurance doesn’t pay for it? BTW, if you are getting a cold (also a virus) you are around people and could get the flu.
  2. Yes it did! Sabin vaccine came later.
  3. Some of us are so old we got a POLIO SHOT, not the sugar cube. All lined up in the school cafeteria; dreading that “huge” needle💉 we knew was coming, but no one was going to cry in front of the whole school!
  4. They are diagnosed more. Doesn’t mean more prevalent. And often people died of respiratory problems, which would now be diagnosed as allergic reaction to antigens. Diets were very limited, so exposure to different allergens didn’t occur.
  5. The amount of myths that people have is astonishing. You do not get the flu from the flu shot! depending upon the types of flu circulating in a given year (flu viruses are always mutating), they may be 60-90% effective. It is a crap shoot each year to identify which strains to include in the mix. if you have already been exposed when you get the vaccination, you might still come down with the flu , but it may be milder. the less you are around children, the less you are likely to get flu or colds. Kids are waking Petri dishes of all sorts of crud. FLU CAN KILL
  6. Ours is on for hours at a time. Shut down when we go out and every night.
  7. F Plan is a grandfathered in Supplement plan for Medicare
  8. Actually there is, it is labeled "Update Mailing Instructions" and that takes you to the page to update where you want the mail sent, how often ('one time only' is the default) and when you want it sent. Again, just send an email to mailservices@escapees.com with the information and they will do the rest.
  9. The answer is, and always will be, water, water, water. Use plenty of water and the problems will be few and far between. If you feel good paying for a tiny bit of some additive plus water in a bottle, go ahead, but I'm cheap, and we just use water and plenty of it. And don't dump until 2/3 full or more.
  10. The majority of boomers are now on Medicare, so the ACA doesn't apply to them. Is there some reason you feel it is necessary to make a generational taunt? If someone who is full timing needs to see a health care provider every time they stop, then they really need to re-think what they are doing. 3 times in the 9 years we were on the road full-time did we see someone beside our primary care physician. We now travel 6 months of the year and during that time we occasionally have lab work done and faxed back to our primary care physician to adjust meds if necessary.
  11. Yes, it was viral and cleared on its own. The older I get the longer it takes to get over colds.
  12. We tow a 2018 Ford CMas Hybrid. Ford now has a section in their owners manuals on how to tow behind a motorhome if the car will do it - - easy to check as you are looking at possibilities.
  13. This is the biggest thing - as we age the body starts to fall apart. Doesn't matter who you are, our bodies will not go on forever.
  14. Yes, if you want to go to a hack. Don't you care about yourself? Any physician who wouldn't even do a simple blood test, etc., would be suspect. I had a cough I couldn't get rid of. Went to a community clinic, physician assistant took history, listens to my breathing, ordered a CBC and a swab for strep before determining whether or not an Rx was in order. Also saw the physician who directed the clinic who explained that the results were negative for a bacterial infection, asked whether I wanted a cough expectorant with codeine so I could sleep, I declined, so he told me which expectorant/cough suppressant would probably work best, gave me a copy of my results so if it didn't clear within about 10 days, I could seek additional care.
  15. Blues, a lot of us get our supplemental as part of our retirement packages. We use physicians in AZ where we spend time in the winter, but all is billed using our Livingston address and never a problem, if Medicare approves, supplemental pays their portion.
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