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  1. Loads of people stay in stressful jobs for all sorts of reasons. And I would venture we all know people who talked of working just one more year to make just a little more for retirement and then dropped dead never getting to enjoy what they had worked for. I guess I’m confused by why people criticize those who take early retirement for whatever reason.
  2. For? Are you talking house or chassis? For motorhome chassis I call Brazil in Centralia.
  3. Did I say anything about being inactive? We may have slowed. Down a little after 12 yrs, but inactive is not something I associate with any RVer. After decades in high Ed administration, the stress reduction was palatable. Just being able to sleep all night with no interruptions was WONDERFUL!
  4. We also took retirement at 62 and did it all wrong. Guess many believe it would have been. Better for Dave to keep working so he would have been dead by 70. Fortunately we listened to our inner. Voices and, having each survived a life threatening illness, made sure we had time to enjoy our retirement. Turns out, retiring early helps your body to last longer. 😃
  5. Barbaraok

    Buying Advice

    Have you compared the tire size of utility trailers with Class Cs or Class As? And what gas station do you frequent that makes it difficult for cars to enter? You need to think about having your Home at a park and drive up to the climbing areas for the day. We geocache and have thoroughly enjoyed being out in the desert with a little car taking us close to the caches, then a hike the rest of the way. After a day of ‘finds’ we have a cozy home to return to with conveniences we enjoy.
  6. Barbaraok

    What brand?

  7. Barbaraok

    FMCA PPO plan

    10s of thousands of fulltimers have been doing this for decades. Problems that people have had have generally revolved around states with income tax wanting to still claim someone after they have 'moved', laws governing common law marriages, wills/probate issues, and voting. Most of these have been worked out either by the person(couple) choosing a different state for their domicile, or a group working to get things changed (as in voting for Escapee members). So, if you think there might be a particular problem, ask the question - you might be surprised that it has already been researched and solved by others.
  8. Barbaraok

    What brand?

    I'd definitely be looking at Foretravel or maybe a Newmar Mountain Aire DP. While I love our Alpine, there weren't that many made, so they are really getting scarce. There were also some really nice Country Coach rigs. When you get that far out, it is all about maintenance of the rigs.
  9. We have had iPads, not the WiFi/Cellular one, and none of the apps I use (like Yelp) have any problem showing our location and what is close to us and a route if that is what we need. We run ours through our MiFi or Mobley, and it pin points our location anytime I use the map function. What is it that you want to do that you think you can't do with it? I really don't use the iPad for traffic directions, but use the iPhone instead. If you don't want it - consider donating to a school near you.
  10. Barbaraok

    FMCA PPO plan

    OregonJim, If you are worried about domicile in connection with wills or probate, there are legal ways to make sure that isn't a problem. Not sure what "jurisdiction of authority" you are worried about - could you please explain that one. A lot of people seem to be chasing the "I need an exact definition that is good in all jurisdictions" and never explain why. More often than not it appears to be tilting at a windmill.
  11. Barbaraok

    FMCA PPO plan

    Joe, One of the reasons that mail forwarding services can be so helpful is that they are often located in smaller communities where local officials come to understand that a segment of their population will never actually be in town, but will instead keep people in that town working. That is important for things like voting and jury duty, buying a new vehicle out-of-state and getting it registered, etc.
  12. Barbaraok

    FMCA PPO plan

    Joe, Our SIL was finishing his PhD when we started fulltiming so we knew that they would move frequently over the next few years. You seem to make a lot of assumptions about Fulltimers that aren’t applicable to most of us.
  13. Barbaraok

    Fulltimer moving into new rig?

    Joe, Not only have I heard of it, watched it happen at the factory for a rig next to us. Granted, the couple was only about 65, but really we aren't talking about the world coming to and end. Both rigs had dumped air (DPs) so that they weren't that high up, and using 2x12s it was easy to push totes across to the other person.
  14. Barbaraok

    CA hwy 46 from 101 to the 5

    We used that road this fall. Good road, well traveled, lots of truck traffic.
  15. Barbaraok

    FMCA PPO plan

    Our daughter lives north of Fort Worth, but we use Livingston as our official address. Don’t want to burden her with our mail, don’t want vehicles registered in metro area.