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  1. Looks great! However, the tow setup does not appear to be level? Or perhaps my old eyes are wacky. Enjoy! Safe Travels!
  2. Full Time Insurance

    Such good information. Thanks. Safe Travels!
  3. Full timers who do you use for insurance?

    Just made the switch to Good Sam insurance. It seems to meet our needs. We looked at USAA insurance, but they did not understand our needs as full timers. Safe Travels!
  4. Time to Hang Up the Keys

    Good luck on your NEW LIFE journey. Safe Travels!
  5. Full timers who do you use for insurance?

    Anyone use Good Sam RV insurance? Thanks. Safe Travels!
  6. This may help those evacuating ahead of Hurricane Irma.

    Great information. Thanks for sharing. If you are in Florida, please consider relocating for the storm. Safe Travels!
  7. Sad, sad.

    We have permitted our liberal media and education system to destroy our history. We are also responsible as older RVers who packed our bags, bought our wheels and left town and our history. Many young folks have NO connection with grandparents, history and past customs in their community. Who changed America, WE changed America! Our history is a collection of our past - good and bad - lessons learned. Safe Travels!
  8. Full timers who do you use for insurance?

    Question? How about a good detailed article about full time rv insurance information. Seems like a good web site idea? Or a group project for an RV club. Safe Travels!
  9. Best RV insurance for full-time

    We were with them for years. They have NOW decided to get out of the personal lines for the RV community. We will be changing they sent us a quote for Safeway. We are looking at other carriers. They took my money for so many years. Now nothing. We like the fact that FMCA and other RV groups want our business. Look carefully at what you buy, many policies are not good for a Full Timer. Good luck. Safe Travels!
  10. Emergency Information while traveling?

    Thanks! Safe Travels!
  11. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    It is very easy to make different travel plans. Just visit the United States! If enough Americans just stayed home and visited the USA what a boom for us. We decided long ago that we will not go to anyplace that makes us feel uneasy! Canada is a NO GO for us. Safe Travels!
  12. Flying Js and other truck stops

    Thanks for your personal responses. I was just sharing mine! Every reference I mentioned was things that I had observed in my many years of travel. Am I the only one who has seen this "wonderful" RV behavior? Safe Travels!
  13. Flying Js and other truck stops

    Who helped change the overnight policy - we did by some of the STUPID things some RV community members did, trash the place, not pick up after their pets, dump their tanks and set up grills and lawn chairs. Make it a homestay sometimes for days! Just ASK some of the store managers. You will get an earful! Safe Travels!
  14. Thanks for sharing such good information. Safe Travels!
  15. mexican insurance

    Perhaps you can add a rider to your current insurance carrier. That's what we were able to do last year. Have a SAFE trip.