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  1. It is very easy to make different travel plans. Just visit the United States! If enough Americans just stayed home and visited the USA what a boom for us. We decided long ago that we will not go to anyplace that makes us feel uneasy! Canada is a NO GO for us. Safe Travels!
  2. Thanks for your personal responses. I was just sharing mine! Every reference I mentioned was things that I had observed in my many years of travel. Am I the only one who has seen this "wonderful" RV behavior? Safe Travels!
  3. Who helped change the overnight policy - we did by some of the STUPID things some RV community members did, trash the place, not pick up after their pets, dump their tanks and set up grills and lawn chairs. Make it a homestay sometimes for days! Just ASK some of the store managers. You will get an earful! Safe Travels!
  4. Thanks for sharing such good information. Safe Travels!
  5. Perhaps you can add a rider to your current insurance carrier. That's what we were able to do last year. Have a SAFE trip.
  6. Very good addition to the service. Safe Travels!
  7. Just tried a new one for me. Stone ground corn meal, buttermilk, eggs and some whole wheat flour, baking powder & cooking oil. Mix it all up and let it sit about 10 minutes. Prepare your waffle iron. I like real butter and heated maple syrup or pepper jelly to finish the treat. Good cooking and Safe Travels!
  8. Go late at night if possible. There is a nice SC rest stop after you leave GA on I-85. Everyone that told you to avoid Atlanta traffic WAS SO RIGHT, during normal hours! Safe Travels!
  9. Question? How soon will the Escapees "management team" have an offer for the members? Safe Travels!
  10. Is there anyone that may have a good connection to a RV Insurance Company that could help design a plan that could/would protect our RV interests. Safe Travels!
  11. Thanks for your response. I did not imply misinformation about the proper insurance. If you get a chance talk to your local Police and/or Law Enforcement about the folks that do not have the right coverage or even NO coverage. It is a different world out there now, we just need to be covered. Safe Travels!
  12. As a former Insurance Agency owner - quick channel of information. After you need insurance you can not buy it! Always buy the kind and type required and then ask how much can I lose of what I own to a court case. Then make your plans to protect what you want or may need. But, please have insurance. The person(s) insurance may not be worth a dime. Deal with known Agents. Your future may depend on the decisions you make. Safe Travels!
  13. Good luck in your plans, however there are many others ahead of you that have been helping the RV community for years with great free RVing advice. Safe Travels!
  14. There was a recall on some models of Norcold that may solve your problem. Safe Travels!
  15. It is going to be a MESS for months. I-285 E & W could be a good option. You may also want to consider doing that after midnight until 4 am or so. Good luck. Safe Travels!