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  1. StarDreamers.us


  2. StarDreamers.us

    Volunteers Needed USACE Near Augusta Ga

    Thanks for sharing! Safe Travels!
  3. StarDreamers.us

    Volunteer Nature Park Host

    Thanks for sharing! Good luck and Safe Travels!
  4. StarDreamers.us

    Progressive bait and switch.

    You may want to talk to Safeco Insurance. They appear to have good coverage and rates. They are a Liberty Insurance company, Safe Travels!
  5. God's Speed in your new adventure! Von and Christina Starkey
  6. StarDreamers.us

    Insurance Info

    We tried Good Sam Insurance for RV and Jeep. What a mess! Paperwork wrong and coverage errors. After two months we switched everything over to Safeco. Got the coverage we wanted at a better price. Service from RV Explorers in Ohio. Safe Travels!
  7. StarDreamers.us

    Activity Director

    Have wonderful season! Safe Travels!
  8. StarDreamers.us

    Cake Mix Waffles

    How did it come out? New ideas? Safe Travels!
  9. StarDreamers.us

    Grey Water Dumping

    You could wash your dishes in a pan and dump that water into your black tank. I believe that would work for most folks. Saves some trips to the dump station. Safe Travels!
  10. StarDreamers.us

    Rough Lives PBS artcle

    Please let's not get nasty with each other. An opinion is just that, how one sees the world or the situation, often filtered by the experiences or work, travels or contacts one has made. Safe Travels!
  11. Looks great! However, the tow setup does not appear to be level? Or perhaps my old eyes are wacky. Enjoy! Safe Travels!
  12. StarDreamers.us

    Full Time Insurance

    Such good information. Thanks. Safe Travels!
  13. StarDreamers.us

    Full timers who do you use for insurance?

    Just made the switch to Good Sam insurance. It seems to meet our needs. We looked at USAA insurance, but they did not understand our needs as full timers. Safe Travels!
  14. StarDreamers.us

    Time to Hang Up the Keys

    Good luck on your NEW LIFE journey. Safe Travels!
  15. StarDreamers.us

    Full timers who do you use for insurance?

    Anyone use Good Sam RV insurance? Thanks. Safe Travels!