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  1. Also where did I miss the dollar sign moving to after the numbers? I write $1800. But I see 1800$ from a lot of people. Did I miss something with the movement of the dollar sign? James
  2. I use Kitsap Credit Union in Washington State. I moved to California 11 years ago and still use them for my main banking needs. I have been in a bank/credit union 2 times in 11 years to get something notarized. All of my transactions are direct deposit, mobile deposit, ATM deposits, and most of my payments I use their bill-pay. ATM fees are also refunded at the end of the month. 3% interest on the first 15K in mine and my wife's checking accounts brings in $75 month for the last year. Why not that is a safe investment? I also signed up for Alliant CU 7 years ago when I financed my first 5th wheel. Best rate I could get. Kept the account and use a CC from them. I have Alliant and my main Credit union linked. Perfect! for me. I can use USAA but I will only be as loyal as they are. Just because I've been with the same bank for 40 years doesn't mean I would keep them. USAA has always quoted me higher insurance rates than Geico and Progressive. USAA used to be good for $750 off of a new GM vehicle but I think that is gone now. Use whoever treats you right and does not charge any fees. I don't want to have to work the system to avoid fees. I want it to be seamless and transparent. Another reason why credit unions are a good choice.
  3. We towed a 24' 4700lb ALJO trailer with our 2004 tahoe. We had a good weight distribution hitch and a sway break. It was a great set up. We used that trailer for 5 years before selling it. Not a single issue with either.
  4. We have Labs 4 and 2. We started out with leaving them in a crate while we left for a few hours at a time. We love our dogs but we are not those people who have to have our dogs with us 24/7. If we are going to be gone a long time then we use a local Kennel. We do all of the Kennel research in advance. They are great travelers in the the truck and camping. We do not have a way to monitor the inside while we are out and about but those monitoring devices look good. Depending on where you are going in California (I live in NORCAL) the weather isn't to bad one way or the other unless you are in the mountains or dessert. We were in 115 degrees for a week once and never left the dogs alone. I was doing some research on both of these items. The Motorola seems to be $25 a month or $180 per year and doesn't have as many 1 star reviews as the other one. The Marcell is $5 a month but has a bunch of one star reviews from September 2019 for the service being inoperable. Maybe that is fixed now. You can't put a price on pet safety but $25 a month is a little steep. Good luck. James
  5. I live in Antioch, CA (Norcal in the Eastbay) We bought a house with a lot size of 13,000 SF 3 years ago. Our 2 neighbors have even bigger lots. But that's it everyone else is 5K-7K SF lots. We have Owls that live in the trees on our lots. It's pretty amazing to see and hear them. We also have Hawks and Coyotes aplenty around us. A beautiful Hawk was perched on our patio roof recently and we had a "Birdseye" view from our bedroom window. As someone said there is so much building now on what used to be acres and acres of open land these critters have no where to go. We've seen skunks, moles and rabbits as well. I hope to see more when we hit the road.
  6. Oh sh#%^..... thanks I just went and read all of the Yelp Reviews. Lots of great reviews. Very little negativity on plane noise but some. Most negativity was on dog breed restrictions. Go figure. Thanks again for the heads up. James
  7. We will be staying at the Oasis RV Park in Las Vegas at the end of February. Can't wait.
  8. Agreed. I have 2 Honda 2000s and have never used them. I bought them on an Affirm no interest loan. 12 equal payments. but I have them if I need them.
  9. In 1991 we bought a 1978 Field and Stream Class C. That thing was awesome. It was great for the 5 of us. It even had a generator. The next one was a 27' 1984 Allegro Class A. Another GEM.
  10. I can send and receive with Paypal and no fee either way. If not enough funds in my Paypal account it will pull from my checking account which is free. Using credit cards attached to your account is different.
  11. Maybe your being funny but then again maybe not. Yes, most of these Aps have a bar code you bring up. Your friend can scan your barcode and BOOM! he has his money. Some people have no need for these Aps but it is very convenient when buying and selling as appose to cash. I use Venmo, Zelle, and Paypal for my rustic wood business. I simply tell people I'm giving them the cash price so if they use paypal then the fee gets added to the price. We can also take CC. Same scenario. If someone squacks at the fee then for $20 i will eat it.
  12. This is so true. $208 is couch change compared to what a bigger tow vehicle is going to cost.
  13. I hear ya. I'm 45 miles from an Airforce base. It might be time for me to get some of my prescriptions there. But then again $7 to $10 for a 90 day prescription that shows up in my mail box isn't a bad deal. My daughter who is 34, due to her disability she is covered, has a prescription approved for $53 every 3 months which is $1000 month if not covered. So no complaints there.
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