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  1. Carefree of Colorado. Priceless

    Dam I'm late to this party. Chirakawa You make some very good points. But the Packers do Suck.
  2. FULL TIME vs full time

    Sorry I bought a house in 1995 in Washington State using VA and it only cost me the VA funding fee which is added to the loan and has nothing to do with the amount the house appraises for. I sold that house in 2005. Fast forward to November 2016, I bought a house using VA in California and the only thing it cost me was the VA funding fee. I don't know who you have dealt with but I put down absolutely nothing. Sorry I know this is not what the OP asked but I had to respond. James
  3. Dogs belong on a leash.

    "not my dog it wont bite".... Keepem on a leash!!!! But like ill-mannered kids, you want to slap the crap out of the owners and tell them to wake up!!! Keep your dog on a leash it's good for you, them and me. James
  4. Cheap Propane

    I think it depends on where you live. The gougers in Northern California is still bending us over well over $3 a gallon. James
  5. Rogers Camping Trailers in Fremont is very very good. Great reviews. We have used them many times for repairs and installs. I know they do what you are asking because I have asked. Give Paul a call at (510) 657-5218 he is the service writer. Very honest local family business.
  6. 3/4 Ton or 1 Ton?

    I live in California and have a 2015 Chevrolet 3500 Duramax Longbed 4x4 SRW. It runs about $800 a year to register. Oh and since it's diesel you have to smog it every 2 years even in its new stage unlike a gas vehicle which I think gives you 5 years before you have to smog it. SRW VS DRW can be debated for days..... But one thing that is agreeable is you can never have to much truck. Good Luck! James
  7. CPAP Supplies

    I use Apria Healthcare. Apria.com 925-245-2485. They call me every few months to see what I need. They also get approval for my stuff before they process it. Painless . James
  8. Class of 2017

    We are still trucking along. Still on track for next year. No house to sell but lots of stuff to move. James
  9. Office 365

    You can also purchase the regular Office Suite for one computer and own it instead of 365 where you have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. The regular price for Home and Student is $149 off the shelf. Which includes Word, Excel, power point, and One Note. I'm sure you can get it a little cheaper somewhere. But again you will own it. James
  10. RV Parks in North West Washington

    If you take your rig to the Space Needle area for a weekend where are you going to park it? Is it a MH without a toad? Do you need to have your rig in Seattle? The narrows is the way to go for sure. Just food for thought. If you can't secure a spot check out Craigs list as well. People own large lots in that part of Washington and some rent out their property with full hook ups. Lots of small lakes with RV hook ups. James
  11. Well this 1 post, LIFETIME Member probably wont be back.
  12. Srw or drw for towing 5th wheeler

    Hey Jwebb. I have a Open Range Roamer 367bhs. 11K dry. I tow with a SRW Chevy 3500 LB. It tows fine. But I've looked at the 3X and they are monsters. Definitely a dually if that was the rig I was getting. We started out with a 2500 GMC Duramax. It did ok but it was a standard bed. These trucks can pull a house off it's foundation but can you stop safely. I feel much better with the 3500 than I did with the 2500. We use it for more than towing our rig so we opted against the dually. James To much truck should never be an issue.
  13. Honda 2k Generator Question

    I bought mine together but if I was going to buy one at a time I would buy the companion first. To bad you didn't decide to buy last month when they were $100 less. Still worth it. James
  14. True cost of solar installation?

    Great stuff here. Also Youtube has lots of info on Solar and Solar installation.