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  1. Time to purchase new trailer tires for my horse trailer. I currently have Goodyear g614 14ply and have been good but my local Kal tire does not deal with Goodyear. Looking for opinions on the Carlise Radial Trail HD. My concern is the Goodyear is 110 psi and the Carlise is 95psi. Also the Goodyear are more than twice the price. Had Crossfire on before and did not like the damage the blowout did after 2 years of use.
  2. The other thing besides handling the ramps carefully now is that I look to see that the lower end of the ramp is filly sported and does not impart a twist in them when under load. Also try to use the center of the ramp and not one side more than the other, hard to do when the front is narrower than the rear for tire spread. Sure is nerve wracking when using the ramps now. I do not blame Discount Ramps for the incident and they where good to send me a replacement set at there cost. Hopefully this will not happen again and other might learn for it and be aware to handle the ramps with care.
  3. Here are a couple of picture of the failed hing.. Broke the hinge casting.
  4. The ramps where from Discount Ramps Aluminum Folding Smart Car Trailer Ramps - 2,000 lb per axle Capacity with the plate. I loosely bolt them to the deck. I chose these ramps instead of the Big Boy II ramps because of the higher weight rating. I have used them for four years. When backing off the deck one of the hinges failed, sounded like an explosion. The right rear started to drop so I floored the accelerator and got the car off before it rolled over. The front of the care move left so the left tire missed the ramp on the way down and damaged the front air dam, center panel,left fender, ac rad, main rad and the plastic panel underneath. .I called discount ramps and they offered to sell me 1 or 2 ramps at a discount because there was only 1 year warranty on those ramps.( the lighter weight ramps had 5 year warranty ). I sent them a followup email with photos of the ramps and asked for them to ship me 2 new ramps at there cost and I would cover the damage to the car. Called back a few days later to find out what they would do and they agreed to ship me 2 new ramps at there cost. Don't know why they failed, maybe I was rough unloading them off the truck, ( throw them on the ground from the deck ) Still don't know the $$$ damage to the car but the insurance is $500 deductible. Lucky no damage to the truck or any injuries. With some duct tape and glue and the car was usable with no AC
  5. I haul my 2006 smart on the deck but was wondering about the next versions of the smart being 106.1". How do people get by hauling them crosswise when 102" is maximum legal width. Do they just hope no one notices? Are you still insured if you have an accident and are over legal width with no permits or signage? Just wondering as I might have to upgrade if my 2006 get written off after my fall from the truck when a ramp broke.
  6. Camping at Wickenburg with 2 horses. We where in the BLM but moved closer to town at the Rodeo camp grounds as the weather was supposed to get bad with a storm and lots of rain. Did not want to get trapped and stuck out there.
  7. My horse trailer is just under 40' and I am 65' with the 2005 Western star singled mid. Did not cut the frame and have a 12' deck. If I remember it has a 244 wheel base. Yea it takes a lot, 6 full lanes for a U turn for just the tractor.The trailer follows well, horse trailers have the axles at almost the rear of the trailer.
  8. My 05 Western star is quieter than my 1998 dodge 3/4 ton but then it has a 4" strait pipe no cat or muffler . With the MBE 4000 I do not pay attention to the no engine brake signs as there is no increase in exhaust volume with it on or off. I think the exhaust brake keeps the Jake brake sound low. Even with the exhaust stacks right behind the door my biggest noise issue is the wind around the cab, intake cans, stacks and mirrors.
  9. Chains required here in BC from Oct 1 to March 31. For pickups and cars winter tires required.There are roadside checks with the police just out of town and have been through 2 already. Carry a set of new singles, used triples and cables for the trailer. Hope to NEVER use them but I travel from BC to Arizona usually in January with horses on board. First choice would be to park for a day and wait but not always possible. So far I have not .........won't curse myself and say.
  10. stolpsaddles

    Brake issue

    You can also listen the hear the magnets hum when activated.
  11. I regularly spray lithium lubricant into the clutch actuator motor. Slide the boot of the shift pin and pray it into the area behind the boot as far a you can. Might help it from coming back. You can adjust the clutch motor or remove the clutch motor but you should then have it hooked up to a star machine to teach it the new engagement point.
  12. I will have to get a set of 4 drive tires before I head south for next winter from BC Canada. What do you like for 11-22.5 tires that will handle snow as well as some mud as I do get off pavement to camp as well as my driveway in the spring is an uphill mess mess. The tires on there now are 7 year old BF Goodrich DR444 dated 3909n and getting low on tread.
  13. stolpsaddles


    I get a 8.6 mp US g to the gallon going from Vancouver Canada to Phenix Arizona
  14. I have usually found good fuel prices in Apache Junction. Never had an issue filling at non commercial stations other than it take a while to fill. I try to get 2 pumps working at the same time to speed things up.
  15. Here is a link to the truck in Kamloops BC http://kamloops.craigslist.ca/hvo/5271445938.html Already singled and has a deck.
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