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  1. It works well until the wind changes so that the propeller points into the wind again. Which is why I kinda like the latching body/tail idea; no matter where the wind blows from, the tail always points the propeller 90-degrees from it. WDR
  2. I have a line to the tail and pull it sideways... then secure it to something. If you look at old farm windvanes they have a way to "trip" the tail so they lay flat against the body of the device. If you can't tie it off you might be able to turn it sideways and then slip a line around the propeller and tie that to the mast. Good luck. WDR
  3. You stop a wind generator by turning it so that its propeller is not facing into the wind. WDR
  4. I like the 4-step program for back-country boondocking: Drive to a nice place in the motor home, take the Jeep as far as you can; take the mountain bike you put on the Jeep as far as that will go; put on hiking boots and take your tent and a sleeping bag to where you want to go. Reverse the process for a warm shower. WDR PS: No one ever spent a million dollars on a tent. Ok...maybe NASA...
  5. Let's turn this around and expand it a little... what if a city which owns a parking garage that charges for parking and has metered parking along the streets passed an ordinance that said cars could not park at Walmart in their parking lot and used the same restrictions that the Medford Mayor described in her letter? Even if they don't explicitly SAY in their ordinance that cars should pay to park, if the only other alternative is pay to park then would that be the same thing? Would this be an unfair "taking" of Walmart's property by depriving their customers of convenient parking? Would this impact Walmart's revenue in any way? You might also want to Google some of the definitions and descriptions of unfair taking of property (there is mention of this in the 5th Amerndment to the U.S. Constitution, too). In general any government has to have at least some public value involved in a "taking" of private property; even a partial taking. I'm not at all sure that the Mayor's letter provides that. And, as far as Big5er is concerned, I assume he thinks boondocking is wrong because no one pays $30 a night to sleep there; all you boondockers should just get off the road. Escapees seem not to be against "free parking" either. Day's End has numerous listings of parking sites which are only described as not having any signage forbidding overnight parking (and yes, for whichever poster suggested that we spend $10 for Day's End... we spent $10 for Day's End). Is the abence of a "no overnight parking" sign the same as permission to park overnight? WDR
  6. When you say to yourself, "I wonder if I should pull the slides in." That's when you should pull the slides in. WDR
  7. The coach is a Foretravel U225; the 225 stands for GVW of 22,500 lbs. But the largest coach that FT made in 1993 was a U300. Even now the largest contingent of Foretravel motor homes are the bus styled U270, U290 and U320. 450hp in a 32,000 lb coach is pretty snappy. WDR
  8. My HWH leveling jacks will pick the front up off the ground no sweat. I think the rear - where the engine and tranny are - is a different story. But the problem is that if you have a flat, the jacks usually won't go down. At least mine won't if the coach is tipped to one side. Not enough clearance. I had a valve in a front tire fail and the tire went flat. I jacked it up with one HF jack and then aired it up while it was up (tubeless tires are almost impossible to air-up when they are flat... they have to be round to seal. My DP is 22,500 lbs all up. About the same as a 5er and pickup of similar size. Of course when you add slides and extra width and height and a bigger toad.... I've had every RV except a pop-up trailer and, so far, I like the DP the best. But they all beat staying home... WDR
  9. So we have to RV your way and you also get to tell us when a thread is over? I don't see your Admin credentials anywhere. You must be the secret SKP administrator. WDR
  10. I didn't know there was a database. I had a handgun stolen from our house (along with a Samsung HDTV) with serial numbers and everything and the cops had no idea about how they might find it again. Never got either of those back. Or, come to think of it, anything that has ever been stolen from me. Maybe they don't look all that hard. Or it could depend upon how long ago (and where) you bought it. I know for a fact that they have access to criminal records and even DUI. I was on a company-sponsored passenger ferry trip to Victoria and one of the company employees was refused entry based on his DUI record. WDR
  11. I have lived and worked in Mexico. Our son was born in Mexico. I speak Spanish fluently. I would probably go into Baja and down to San Carlos but I'd be a little nervous about it and careful where I stopped (no boondocking). Discounting the U.S. State Dept. warnings is not wise. Between the numerous consulates spread around the country and the Embassy itself those warnings are formed by the reports of SecState officials who have dealt with the issues on a personal basis. Many of the problems do not make the news but almost all American citizens who have a problem eventually come to the attention of a consular official or an Embassy staffer. Don't get me wrong, I love Mexico. And I wouldn't hesitate flying in to Pto. Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreto or any of the big resort areas. But driving an RV a thousand miles exposes you to more than just the bureaucracy, the taxi drivers, and the hotel clerks. And I agree that many places in the USA are more dangerous than places in Mexico. The difference is that as a native of the USA you probably have a reasonably good idea of where the dangerous places are in the USA and how to avoid them; plus you speak the language and have relatives, friends, co-workers or even a lawyer just a phone call away. Telcoman probably has all that in MX. You probably don't. I no longer do and I would be very cautious. But I'll still probably to down there... WDR
  12. Google is your friend. http://www.wholesalebatteries.net/PDF/Deka%20Marine%20Master%20Specs%20%28June%202009%29.pdf About half way down the page look for the two specs you cited and then follow over to "reserve capacity" which indicates "290". So probably 290 amps for each battery (less any resistance in connectors, cables, etc.). WDR
  13. I wasn't faced with a "hard reality" from you... I was faced with an argument "reductio ad absurdem". Look it up. It doesn't deserve a response. And aren't you the guy who says that if we don't do it exactly your way we should get off the road? Oh... yup... here it is: "I'm sorry but if you can not afford $30 to sleep at night, then you shouldn't be on the road." Your credibility with me rests somewhere in the imaginary numbers area. WDR
  14. Not many of us realize but we live in two jurisdictions when it comes to jury duty. Most of the chatter I see here refers to local courts (state or county) but Federal courts can also summon residents for jury duty. And even if you live in a SnB that can mean a long drive since Federal District Courts are not in every county. Has anyone had to deal with a jury duty summons from a Federal court and how did that work out? WDR
  15. Rain and wind are no fun but when you actually lose people to nasty weather that is tragic. I hope the drought is over for you guys (and everyone else, too). But I have a nasty suspicion that what we're seeing over the past few years is the new normal. Our sympathies, Kirk. WDR
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