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  1. I stop and top off whenever I see a reasonable price. I look ahead on my route with GasBuddy so I know what to expect down the road. Topping off with 20 gallons may allow me to skip an area with higher prices and make it to the next lower price opportunity. I have a 75 gallon tank.
  2. Wellton- hope you like the smell of manure, HUGE feedlot just down the road.
  3. Our summer volunteer job is on hold for the foreseeable future. Wondering if many others have workamping positions that have been cancelled or put in limbo. What is your Plan B? We will try to find a suitable place to settle in and possibly try to find temporary jobs helping out with the supply chain in some way.
  4. Try A-Maz cleaner, it’s a paste with non-scratching abbrasive. https://www.amazon.com/MAZ-Cleaning-Package-Items/dp/B005TARFMW
  5. Graham County in western NC has instituted a curfew and is completely denying access to the county to non-residents. All lodging and campgrounds are closed. They also lack medical facilities and have limited first responders.
  6. My generator has run well since I had this issue last Spring. Unfortunately I can’t point you toward what may have caused the issue, cleaning and tightening connections somehow worked for me, my next step would have been a new voltage regulator.
  7. Kofa Co-op is closed to new renters and dry campers for the rest of the season, from their FB page. Saguaro Co-op in Benson has also closed according to Xscapers FB page. Very disappointing!
  8. Lone Star Corral has already made the decision not to allow visitors - see their webpage. I believe Jojoba Hills ha s done the same but can’t confirm. Kofa in Yuma is deciding on it today at a meeting according to their FB page
  9. There are policies in place if an owner wishes to return to their site. Empty sites should be available to others in the meantime.
  10. It’s sad to learn that Escapee Coop parks are already refusing new visiting campers or considering to do so. I hope they realize that many fulltimer Escapees will soon be looking for a place of refuge. The thought that this group is one big, happy, welcoming family is not holding up.
  11. You should put a lot of thought into loading and unloading and be realistic about your abilities. If the bike is a pain to get up and down the ramp it won’t get used much. I haul my 850 lb Electra Glide on a trailer and don’t use nearly it as much as I would like.
  12. So many choices along I-95. Cold Harbor, Petersburg, multiple battlefields surrounding Richmond, Chancelorsville and the Wilderness, Fredericksburg, Stonewall Jackson Shrine. You can go up 301 and follow John Wilkes Booth escape route (in reverse if going north) including Dr. Mudd’s house and on into Washington to Fords Theater. There are many museums in Richmond including the White House of the Confereracy and the Confederate Museum. The Jackson Shrine can be a quick stop right off 95 and is well worth it. Manassas, where Jackson became a living legend, is close to D.C. Appomatox is a bit out of the way but also worth the trip. You can follow Lee’s escape route from Petersburg. Don’t miss High Bridge near FarmVille. The living history presentations at Appomattox are very moving.
  13. We explored Miami Beach using public transportation (buses). We parked on the street in North Miami Beach and took the bus down to South Beach. We didn’t go to downtown a Miami or any of the neighborhoods on the mainland. Never felt unsafe and enjoyed both the International atmosphere and the amazing architecture, evolving from Art Deco to modern. The beach is beautiful and there is an amazing variety of restaurant opportunities to sample. I would also take the RV down the Keys. It would be easy to spend a minimum of 4-5 days exploring. You would probably need reservations during peak season though.
  14. Does the dark color of the ZeroG cause the water to heat up more than you’d like?
  15. This was our bible for “moving” to Florida. Extremely detailed and helpful guide. https://winnieviews.blogspot.com/2015/12/how-to-move-to-florida-in-1-hour.html
  16. #4 Hopefully, you will someday be WAY more than a half hour from anything even close to a Walmart and love every minute of it. Stock up before you head for the boonies!
  17. I resisted advice to change the board to later determine it was a low voltage problem (converter crapped out). Fixed that and haven’t had an issue with my heater going on 2 years.
  18. We didn’t have that much of a problem with sap, we had a bit of a clearing over our site. The pollen was another story but that washes off easily and is only an issue for a short period, should be done by now.
  19. It is about a mile back down a gravel road from the main entrance of the Forestry Center, parallel to US 60. Its in the pines, very quiet and private, laundry room is available in a nearby service building. On Google maps it is at the intersection of George Dean Hwy and John Heltzer Ln.
  20. Awesome workamping opportunity near Richmond, VA. Volunteers needed at New Kent Forestry Center, Virginia Department of Forestry. Located halfway between Richmond and Williamsburg in Providence Forge, VA this volunteer position requires 10 hrs per person per week in exchange for a full hook up site. The volunteer campground is located in a scenic and quiet section of the property with lots of birds and wildlife. Access to the Chicahominy River for canoes or kayaks is on the property. Work for the guys mostly involves mowing grass around offices with zero turn mowers and in pine orchards with farm tractor and brush hog. Women help out in office and conference center with cleaning, filing and other projects. The staff is very friendly, easygoing and great to get along with. This is a low stress volunteer position. Time commitment is anything from a month to a full season. The area has no end of things to do and see, the area is loaded with colonial, revolutionary war and Civil War history sites. Shopping, restaurants, nightlife in both Richmond and Williamsburg. About 1.5 hours to Virginia Beach. Groceries and basics also available in Providence Forge. We have been volunteering there for 3 years now and will definitely be back in the future. Feel free to contact us for more info or contact Jeff Stout or Lisa Burke at the Forestry Center at 804.966.2201.
  21. Oh yeah, I’m sure it’ll be fine until I really need it while boondocking out in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. Don’t you just love intermittent problems?
  22. All is back to normal, at least for now. I was on the verge of ordering the new voltage regulator but went out to check wires, test the excitation circuit breaker and blow some air through the rotor area to clean it a bit. I was also thinking there might be a bit of moisture in there from driving in the rain last week, which we rarely do. I also checked with a mobile RV tech while here at the SKP Park in Hondo, TX in case I needed him and he said they don’t work on generators at all. Maybe some do. I don’t know what did the trick but I started it up and got normal voltage. It threw one quick hi voltage error on 1 leg again but soon settled in at 120v. I ran it for almost an hour, ran microwave, AC and oven without an issue. Hopefully I am good to go from here. This shows the value and importance of just getting in there and wiggling wires, cleaning connections, doing some simple troubleshooting before starting to throw expensive parts at the problem. Thanks again for the help and encouragement. I learned a bunch trying to figure this out.
  23. Thanks for the help and encouragement. I’ll see what I can do and let you know the results.
  24. I read through the troubleshooting, excellent info there especially if you know what you’re doing. It seems like the excitation circuit breaker is doing its job - sensing hi voltage, dropping it back to 6volts and then resetting itself. I assume this happens after power goes through the voltage regulator (?). So the regulator is either not sensing the high voltage or malfunctioning and sending the high voltage along the line anyway. The guide mentions the red led on the regulator (pg 10), I’ll have to take a look and see what the status of that is. It was pouring rain when I got home this afternoon so couldn’t really do anything.
  25. It is a Series Q-55G, with controller circuit board 92234. I kind of understand some of what you’re saying about the field boost, excitation circuit. It seems like the excitation circuit is going too high, 160 instead of 120, and then kicking itself back down to the field boost of 6 volts. I guess the question is why it isn’t just going to 120 and holding there. I do have limited testing equipment and abilities so don’t know if I can nail down what the actual cause of this is. I will double check and clean the connections as suggested and take a look at the troubleshooting charts. I probably won’t be able to get to that until this evening. The other problem may be finding a service tech, i do know that Generac doesn’t support their old RV generators anymore and won’t offer even the simplest help over the phone. Thanks again for all the time and effort you guys are putting into this, I realize there’s only so much you can do to help get this fixed remotely.
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