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  1. The new 2017 Chevy BOLT, about $38K retail, has a range of 238 miles. It has a 60 kWh battery. They are for sale here on the west coast. Not sure about the rest of the country. A Dealer in Sacramento area has 32 for sale listed on the internet. Too bad they don't make a electric car you can tow all 4 down. In the process of towing, it charges the batteries.
  2. Smart Car to stop selling Gas Engines. All Smart Cars will only available in Electric, starting in 2018. http://www.thedrive.com/news/7634/smart-to-go-all-electric-in-north-america-by-2018-daimler-says
  3. This is all new to me. How do a go about finding what RV sites there is in CA and ones that have lots for Sals. Thanks.
  4. Thanks everybody. Think I will pull the carb and try cleaning it myself. When the weather is better. Snowing like crazy
  5. I see they sell these used on Ebay. About $1300 shipped. Search.Tesla Model S battery module, 24V, 250Ah, 5.3kWh, 444 Panasonic 18650 3400mAh
  6. Thanks everybody. And the heads up on the corroding jet. Might be more reason to convert over to propane. Something to think about. Will the engine run any quieter on propane?
  7. All my fault. Did not winterize gas. Let it stand over winter without starting. So I guess carb is all gummed up. Its a Yamaha 2800i. I am willing to do the work myself and fix. How do I fix it? Or should I take it in to dealer? Out of warrantee. Thanks..
  8. 12 Volt roof top AC/ 13.5 BTU ?

    Thanks. Wonder if it works. 45 Amps I see. So with 45 amps draw what kind of battery configuration would you need and how long would it last? Sorry dumb ???, I see NO reviews on the Amazon site. Regarding the positing the pic. I have photo bucket. Thanks.. But I also have a MacBook Air. On other web sites I can post pics, by attaching a file by using "sift, command, 4". Any help here?
  9. Anybody heard of this? Was new to me. I googled for more info, but couldn't find. I tried to upload a photo, but no luck. Can someone please help me on posting a pic. Claims to be 13.5 BTU. Hard to believe? And running on 12 volts DC ?? https://www.outsidevan.com/option/12v-aftermarket-roof-top-air-conditioning/
  10. $850 divided by 40 = 21 years to break even.
  11. Redding ca to government camp Oregon

    Yes, I agree Hwy 97. I travel it many times.
  12. Good point about Vet Discount. $600 - 60 = 540/ 2 = $270 each for 265 watts. Pretty good. Too bad I am not a vet. THANKS TO ALL YOU VETS !!! Also Home Depot has 100 watt Grape Solar on sale for $110. So with vet discount brings it down to $99. And do not forget... Free shipping if you pick up in store. And easy return if you are not happy.
  13. So.....when you add the shipping to the total cost, what is the approx. COST per watt? Thanks..
  14. $300 each. 265 watts. Free shipping. You must order 2 of them = $600. Brand is Grape Solar. 24 volt. I guess this a good deal considering you get FREE shipping.
  15. Question on Shaded Solar?

    Thanks everybody. Been gone, so late with my reply. Thanks Tom... see you over at the BF Forum too..