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  1. Star Dreamer

    Tampa RV show with HDT

    Thank you everyone, guess we will try to be there Wednesday morning and park in the NE area too. Probably just stay 2 days or so. If we need a shower, guess we could just go to a truck stop or run to the beach!
  2. Star Dreamer

    Tampa RV show with HDT

    We are thinking of going to the Tampa RV show in January with just the HDT. Can anyone give us some tips like where we can park/camp, when is good time to get there, any other tidbits we should know? Thanks Dave
  3. Star Dreamer

    Hurricane Florence

    We headed out first to near Spartanburg SC on Wednesday and then left there to go to just south of Macon Georgia on Friday and have missed any bad weather. Planning to head home in the morning.
  4. Star Dreamer


    We use to have a lot of tire problems on our old trailer which only had 15" rims, over 21 tires replaced and 9 blowouts. At that time the Marathon had a bad reputation as did many that were simply called China Bombs. We had the best luck with Hercules brand but still after about 35-40k they would blow out too. With the new trailer, first thing I did was replace the 16" tires and wheels with 17.5" and Sailuns commercial tires. We probably have about 8-10k on them already with no issues and they do not bend over like the ST tires did in tight turns. Dave
  5. Star Dreamer

    Just statistics.........

    If I read your question correctly, a yes answer would mean that we have never owned or drove a semi truck before we got our HDT. If so, then YES for us.
  6. Star Dreamer

    Length Limits in Campgrounds

    We have, but each park is different so some can handle them and others not, same as regular campgrounds. They may also only have a limited number of larger sites.
  7. We just ordered a set of 7 with Aluminum wheels from Trailer and Wheel .com on Tuesday. They shipped out on Wednesday from Ohio. Mounted on the wheels with caps and lugnuts, the price including freight was less when we called and talked to them than they were for their online price with free shipping. They are suppose to arrive at the freight place on Monday, latest tracking shows they are in Charlotte so might even be here in South Carolina tomorrow. Dave
  8. Star Dreamer

    Vanleigh Fifth wheels

    We saw a few at a dealer in North Carolina a few weeks ago, we were doing more just general looking so did not look at them real close and liked what we saw. We did like a few of the floor plans especially the front bath models. They appear to have only been making the 5th wheels for a few years and we would like to hear from some one that has owned one also. Dave
  9. Star Dreamer

    Car Hauler W/Living Quarters Question

    Thanks. We traded the old trailer in. It was a 2005 and we had over 100,000 miles on it doing car shows all over the country. It only had triple 5200# axles and we were limited in what size tire we could run so we went thru alot of tires. It might show up on Trailers of the East Coast website in the near future. The only time we noticed any fumes was when we had a gas leak on our generator which was in a compartment in the garage right by the door. Dave
  10. Star Dreamer

    Car Hauler W/Living Quarters Question

    Thanks. We only wished this one had a Slideout, about 3' longer in the living area and a pass thru door from the living quarters to the garage. Our old trailer had the pass thru door and we used it a lot.
  11. Star Dreamer

    Car Hauler W/Living Quarters Question

    And a couple of the garage area
  12. Star Dreamer

    Car Hauler W/Living Quarters Question

    Here are some pictures of the new trailer we just picked up.
  13. Star Dreamer

    Garmin RV770LMTS vs. Garmin dezl770LMTHD

    I think the RV model needs you to connect you phone to it to get live traffic updates. We just bought a dezl at a TA which had a rebate.
  14. Star Dreamer

    Car Hauler W/Living Quarters Question

    Dean, As others have mentioned, we haul a full size van in our living quarters trailer. We just got rid of our 44' and bought a 48' as a temporary trailer till we can get one built. In our case it is hard to find a trailer that has nice living quarters with a slide out that will handle a 5700# vehicle the size of our van. You should have an easier search for one that fits your vehicle. ATC and Sundowner make some nice nice aluminum trailers. Vintage and Millennium basically build similar trailers with steel frames, but their interiors are not very nice. Cargomate/Continental Cargo are not building anymore slideout trailers. Spacecraft builds a nice trailer but very costly and in our case they could only handle our weight in a Semi Chassis. Transport Custom Design is a custom trailer builder that looks like they build a nice trailer. I did not have much luck getting any pricing from Featherlite and a few others. There are a couple of RV toy hauler that can handle your size vehicle, I will see if I can find my list of those. I could not find any that would work for us. Alot will depend on what your budget is and what your tow vehicle can handle. Dave
  15. Star Dreamer

    2018 East Coast Rally.

    Have a safe trip, we will see you Sunday. We will arrive sometime Saturday. Prepare yourselves for information overload! Be sure to ask questions in case it is not covered in one of the seminars and feel free to help out if someone has their hood open! Dave & Debbie