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  1. I will get you a picture of the handle that we use with our ET hitch head and you might be able to use something like it. It allows me to use a 1/2" breaker bar if I need additional leverage.
  2. Varies based on your state. In South Carolina it is located on the rear. In Minnesota we had two plates so one on front and one on rear. I believe there is at least one state that requires it located on the front if you are commercial and on the rear of your are not. Dave
  3. I carry chains but have never even tried to put them on the HDT (I used a set once on my 1 ton dually). Right now just avoid the snow but I might consider doing the tire socks for easier installation.
  4. If you want your own custom layout in a toy hauler, check out Dune Sport Toy haulers. We are having them build us one that is expected to be completed around first of September. Dave
  5. You will need dimensions of your truck wheel base and pin location plus individual axle weights and the locations on the bed for each of the items. You will have to calculate the weight of the bed behind the centerline of the rear axle and in front of the rear axle. Anything located behind the trucks rear axle centerline will add weight to rear axle and off load front axle. Weights in front of the rear axle centerline will add weights to both front and rear axle proportionately to both depending on location. If you plan on storage boxes under the bed, you will have to include these and any items in them in your calculations. When I built our bed 7years ago, there was a spread sheet on the HDT Escappees forum forum that I used but there was some errors that I had to adjust for. Dave
  6. Henry, I am heading to Wisconsin in a couple of weeks and will need to stop by a Menards just because I hate not having one in South Carolina. Let me know if you want me to pick some up and ship them to you or bring them back to South Carolina with us. Dave
  7. Glen Our ET seems like it takes a minute or too for the hitch head to start lowering after I have raised the trailer up to unhook. I will be hooking up tomorrow and then unhooking on Saturday once we get to our campground. I will see if I can time it. Dave
  8. I have used the Freightliner dealer in Florence SC but not sure where the nearest Volvo dealer is if you need one of them. I should be back in SC on Tuesday after the Memorial Day weekend if you need any assistance. Dave
  9. Yes, need more info and I assume you mean Aeolus Tires, I have never heard of them before so did a search and found they are made in China and have mixed reviews on the trucker forums. That price sounds high for an unknown brand. We bought new Dayton drive tires last year for around $350 each at TA and their Yokohama and Firestone tires look to be around $450 with Kelly Springfield's around $375 each.
  10. Phil, I will be joining you on May 15th, retiring from full time and will work part time for a few months to train my replacement! Looking forward to getting out on the road more often. Dave
  11. We bobtail our HDT quite often. I use it as a pickup to take yard waste to the recycling center and to run to the lumber yard. We used it to go to the Tampa RV show as a mini motorhome. When we go to the ECR rally and do not have an extra car, we have used it as our run around vehicle to go shopping and even went to the theatre playhouse with it. As others have said just park farther out an get exercise. I have driven it to work on occasion (first time the security guard came running out to say I was in the wrong lot and deliveries were in another area but I showed him my pass and all was good from then on out. Had to take up a few extra spots but parking lot was not full. For braking, I will switch to low Jake setting if dry roads and turn off on wet roads. I have not had any issues with rear end getting crazy but we do have a fairly heavy bed on the HDT. When we drove it back from Austin TX to MN when we bought it, we did not have a bed on it and had no issues. Dave
  12. Looks like a GM 3.8l V6 out of an Impala or similar car. They had a recall that changed one of the Valve covers to a block one.
  13. Just bring it to the rally, should have enough people to help but you may need to bring a mag drill too!
  14. It is interesting that the Volvo's use a Dodge/Jeep key as our Freightliner does too.
  15. Star Dreamer


    Congratulations, I am planning on telling work on April 1st that my last day will be May 31st! Hopefully they believe me. Dave
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