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  1. Try contacting Exide customer support or claims center and see what they say.
  2. For $1000 per seat, I will try to find you some seats like mine, and if you want to drive my way or come to the ECR next spring, I would even install them for that price!
  3. I don't think I have any pictures. It will probably vary based on the seat and the seat base, but on ours if I remember correctly, I used a 1" steel square tube running side to side at the front to transition from the seat mounts to the seat base which also helped to tilt the seat up the front. At the rear I used 2 steel angles on each side that made into a Z shape to do the rear mounts. I do not recall which seat tracks I used but I think it was the ones that came with the seats.
  4. We got them off of Craigslist. I mounted the air ride switch to the plastic trim on the seat base and modified the mounting to work with our seat bases.
  5. We prefer 2nd row GM cloth mini van seats with arm rests! $50 is what I paid for the pair and I was able to use our air ride bases. One even came with a drink holder which I use on my driver's seat.
  6. Did this happen on the way to the cat scales or on the way back? If on the way to, then he just saved himself $12 that he would have had to pay for the weigh and maybe even got individual wheel weights which typically cost even more when you can find someone to do them. If on the way back, he already knew he was overweight or could have pulled the scale ticket to show the officer what they scaled it at if under weight.
  7. Thanks, One other nice thing about those wider doors, is they have door screens just like the smaller doors so we can open them up and have a large cross ventilation system going. Regular escape doors are typically just a large door opening without a screen.
  8. Definitely the lower height has it advantage and disadvantages, advantage is it the truck has height clearance the trailer will too! Disadvantage is the head room clearance above the bed in the gooseneck.you do alot of crawling up there unless you are real short!
  9. The one in our profile picture was a 2005 44' Vintage that we traded in on a 2017 48' Cargomate. We still have the Cargomate and it is for sale. There is a picture of it in my post on August 31st which looks very similar to the one in our profile picture. Let me know if you want some information on it.
  10. They are specially located so we have escape doors when loading the vehicle in the garage. Our custom van that goes in there is 84" wide and there is no way to get out the door and walk down the side of the van to get past the vehicle. We have a similar door on the passenger side , located differently, to allow us to use it if we load our SUV in the garage. They use these same doors, just lower to the floor for their handicap lifts that they use when doing a handicap accessible trailer.
  11. We have 400 watts of solar panels on the roof. So far it has been keeping up with the inverter while we have been traveling during the day but we have had sunny days too.
  12. Trailer has been completed, we picked it up Friday. Unfortunately we have to be back in South Carolina the first week of October and won't be able to head back to Kansas to go to the National Rally this year.
  13. We just bought 4 new batteries for our Freightliner at the Freightliner dealer in Chandler AZ for $69 each as they found one battery with a dead cell and I knew our batteries were over 3 - 4 years old and were Interstate blems to begin with.
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