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  1. We would do a wine tasting/tour while at the rally. We did at least one before with the group and enjoyed it.
  2. We have seen it done quite frequently on the car show circuit and yes it is for low clearance vehicles and bikes. Like others, we have not needed to do that with ours as our trailers always had a beaver tail and long ramp door. Our new trailer sits much higher than our old car hauler type trailers so I use a set of race ramps under the end of the ramp door and it prevents us from high centering or scraping the front end. We never use our rear Jack's and are always hooked up but we are loading a much heavier vehicle than most.
  3. Some people have used jack knife sofas, conversion van seat, made their own, and in our case, I simply made a fold up seat back that I can use the bed as a seat or still as a bed. We added four sets of seat belts to the back wall with extra long belts to use for the seating. On the Freightliner's watch out for the AC/heater unit under the passenger side of the bed, that may cause issues with trying to fit a generic seat in the back.
  4. Our manufacturer said to never have our rear Jack's down during loading and unloading but that may be more because we have a 5700# vehicle.
  5. The signs at the Maverick fuel stop in Holbrook, AZ showed "Light Class" and "Heavy Class". They had separate truck pumps for the heavy class too. Just don't exit straight out from the truck pumps as the angle looks bad and we were afraid of trailer damage! We backed up and headed back out the way we came in but it was not busy either.
  6. Star Dreamer

    Which hitch

    Jack, do you have a picture of the extended arm and how much is the extension or total arm length? With the new Pin box we got from RVH, I could probably use an extension as it has a larger base plate than our original pin box and is hard for me to attach our releasing arm. Dave
  7. Star Dreamer

    Which hitch

    Our ET has a 32000# weight limit and an 8500# pin weight limit. Our pin weight varies based on what we have in the garage of the Toyhauler and with a Comfort Ride you have to add or remove air cells to adjust for pin weight. The ET does it automatically. Also the ET SR. comes with it's own mounting plate. The JR can be installed on your existing plate if you have one. I also have a picture of a failed Comfort Ride hitch head so they do kinda scare me on their ratings.
  8. Thanks for sharing, for a moment I thought they were using an unusual air bag which looked like a tire on a wire wheel, then I realized you were using it as a work bench!
  9. Star Dreamer


    Here is the email response from Sailun: Dave, thank you for your inquiry to Sailun tires. I checked with our engineering group and the 6.75” wheel width is allowable for the 215/75R17.5 Sailun S637. Best regards, Al Eagleson, Segment Manager, Commercial Tires Sent from my iPhone
  10. Star Dreamer


    When I went with our 215/75R17.5 Sailuns, we ran into the same issue on the rim size and we checked with someone either Sailun or the dealer selling the tires and there was no issue with the larger rim width. Dave
  11. Try contacting Exide customer support or claims center and see what they say.
  12. For $1000 per seat, I will try to find you some seats like mine, and if you want to drive my way or come to the ECR next spring, I would even install them for that price!
  13. I don't think I have any pictures. It will probably vary based on the seat and the seat base, but on ours if I remember correctly, I used a 1" steel square tube running side to side at the front to transition from the seat mounts to the seat base which also helped to tilt the seat up the front. At the rear I used 2 steel angles on each side that made into a Z shape to do the rear mounts. I do not recall which seat tracks I used but I think it was the ones that came with the seats.
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