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  1. Induction cookware

    I use Ikea pots and pans induction symbol on the bottom . We bought this set It's very reasonable. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30286416/
  2. How does your state rate for taxes?

    Those charts are worthless as there are so many other costs to factor in and it is very difficult to figure out. I'm still working on a spread sheet with 3 or 4 states that are possible landing sites for us. Overall Texas keeps coming out on top but there is no cool summer mountain top for us so wintering is as good as it gets.
  3. HAM "shack" setup for your RV

    I'm a general studying for extra and love 40 meters. I have used a wire dipole but we just bought a lot in northern New Mexico and can't use a wire. I'm also looking at the Hustler 6BTV so i will be following this. KG5LTL
  4. GPS When is it time to replace?

    We have the Garmin 760RV LMT and have had it for a few years. It really depends where you are. Recently it has made some poor decisions. It had us drive 20+ miles out of the way and brought us on a much tighter road. We actually had to stop when a vehicle came the other way. I've started to use Good Sam's trip planner to confirm and it seems to be better at keeping us off tight roads but it still has to be watched.
  5. Pilot & Flying J

    I have found T/A Petro to be be #2 diesel no bio we are currently in New Mexico. I don't know for how long it will stay that way. I can tell what the bio % is by my milage. I'd be surprised to find that bio diesel run in the engine will meet the emissions standard due to the decrease in mpg. The lobby's 2% is B*lls**t. not real world numbers.
  6. Hurricane

    Hope all SKPs are safe!
  7. Alternative to Street Atlas?

    I like the good sams trip planner.
  8. B-20

    I hate Bio diesel it causes a loss of fuel milage documented in my coach. I'd much rather have plain #2 no bio. I also hate Ethanol. The corn lobby is way too strong. This summer I can't find any #2 diesel only bio 10% - 20%.
  9. RV Tire Issues

    So you are doing nothing about the real problem of being over GVWR!
  10. RV Tire Issues

    People who advocate and drive overweight vehicles make me angry. I have a class A diesel pusher and drive conservatively. Last year we were on I-40 in New Mexico and an overload vehicle passes me and about 100 feet past me he lost a rear tire. he came across my lane about 25 feet in front of me sideways. Because I leave space around me and try to keep the space along side me clear I was able to safely switch lanes and barely miss him as he went off the side of the road. Because he decided to or had no clue he was overweight he endangered everyone that was on the road near him. Please get a properly sized vehicle so innocent people around you are not endangered.
  11. I got this rack and It works well for us we have 2 bikes. https://www.walmart.com/ip/3-Bike-Towing-Clamp-Style-Bicycle-Rack-for-2-Class-III-IV-Ball-Mount-Receiver-Tubes/29389485
  12. Can We afford to full time RV?

    If you stay for a month RV park rates are quite reasonable. There are some that are expensive. You can live well on $3500 a month if you watch expenses. We have more available but we have saved extra. We think you will enjoy the life it is different than stick and bricks. It should bring you closer to each other as you are in a confined space so you will talk more. We were forced into the life as a wild fire took 1700 homes and our was one. Don't feel sorry for us as we have a wonderful new life that we would not have otherwise different than imagined but great any way. Flow with the punches and adapt. It is living! I wouldn't trade what happen to us for anything. Live is an ADVENTURE ENJOY THE RIDE!
  13. TX drivers license

    If Escapees were in Austin they would not have the influence they have in Polk county and members would have show up for jury duty or jump through hoops to get out of it. We look for small towns when we travel. In fact we go to Chama, NM pop 1200 for the summer. We enjoy the laid back relaxing atmosphere, low crime rates, friendly people. We absolutely hate cities, expensive, noisy, rushed hard to find parking, crime etc. We bought our motorhome to be away from the crowds. I think Livingston epitomizes the RV lifestyle for the majority of people who own them. just my 2 cents
  14. Scared I made the wrong choice 6 months in

    Couple of suggestions. To help with the anxiety I would plan your drives/trips. Keep your driving distance short. We try to drive about 300 miles a day. I started to get nervous one day where we drove just less than 600 miles so it happens even to seasoned RVer's. Get rv park reservations for your next stop at least the day before (planning). Research the parks using a site like RV Park reviews prior to making reservations and look at them on google earth. You may want get a toad that can be flat towed so you aren't dragging and trying to park a trailer. Be flexible in case something comes up. And Enjoy each day. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Scared I made the wrong choice 6 months in

    You should read this blog by a single woman traveling with her dog. It is a small rv but reading her blog may help and I'm sure she will answer any questions you have. http://rvsueandcrew.net