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  1. Red Crewzer

    Macerator Pump System

    This was the only way I could get my picture posted for showing. Do I need the bypass valve? I will be replacing the black connecting hose as is leaking. Just need to find where I can purchase the black hose. Any ideas?
  2. Red Crewzer

    Macerator Pump System

    I have a Macerator system on my motorhome and there is what looks like a bypass fitting between the drain shut offs and the pump. There is a hose that connects from this bypass to the smaller hose exiting the coach. Is this something that is necessary? Presently I leave this bypass open when sitting so the gray tank will drain constantly. I then close it when I am ready to pump the black tank. My question is: Is this bypass necessary? If not, will the gray tank still drain constantly if I leave the gray valve open all the time and just drain through the pump? I am having a leak problem and need to replace the hose between the drain valve fittings and the pump. I am having issues finding a replacement hose for this application. Any idea where to look? Already looked at all the supply stores (Home Depot, Lowes, etc).
  3. Red Crewzer

    Flat Towing

    Is anyone flat towing a Honda Pilot? If so, what year and what transmission? Does Honda Pilot have the same issue as the Honda CRV has and is not able to be towed four down because of the transmission change in 2015? Thanks.
  4. Has anyone used a Firearms dealer along the Canadian border to store firearms before crossing into Canada? Would like to visit Calgary, Alberta, but have firearms in the coach. Wondered if firearms dealers would store a person weapons for a short period (for a fee of course)? Any other thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Red Crewzer

    Electric Toilet Issues

    We bit the bullet and decided to rebuild the toilet with new parts. We did have a little issue getting the micro switch adjusted, but all seems to be working correctly now. No more leakage. Thanks for all the suggestions. We did try them all before we did the rebuild, but did not have complete success with any of them. Only time will tell if our efforts were worth while.
  6. I have a Dometic Sealand Electric Toilet that will not hold water in the bowl. I have done most everything I know of to stop this. I have cleaned the slide area out, I have applied Vaseline multiple times with the same problem coming back. I talked with a couple different service people and they will not do a repair of the toilet. They claim it just keeps coming back on them when the problem comes back. They recommend replacing. I do know someone with an Aqua toilet and he claims to have the same problem. This toilet is 9 years old. Just don't like having to pay over $500 for a new toilet. I know that I could install a manual version, but I do like having the electric one. Does anyone having a suggestion or possible remedy or maybe where you can buy for less than $500?
  7. Looking to help friends upgrade to double (day/night) roll up shades. Any opinions on the three major suppliers (MCD, Automotion, Irvine)? All three seem to be closely priced and offer the same options. Who have you used and why? Thanks for all opinions and ideas.
  8. Red Crewzer

    A&E Wind Pro Awning Issues

    I do have the remote and it does tell how to disable the wind sensor, but do you do that before you open the awning or after it is open?
  9. I have an 8 year old A&E Wind Pro awning that will not stay rolled out. I have tried all the different wind speed setting, removed the power to the control board and reconnected, all to no avail. I sent a message to Dometic via there message board and with NO response. Very poor customer service (past experience) and nothing has improved with them. My question is: Can I disconnect the wind sensor out on the end of the arm and just wire it back direct and then would it just work like a normal awning with no sensor? We do not leave it out during windy days or during any kind of rain storm. Just want it to stay rolled out so I can have shade. Does anyone have a good wiring diagram for the Wind Pro awning? Thanks any and all suggestions.
  10. Red Crewzer

    Found - Wanted Dish/tripod/ set-up

    I have a tripod, pole, dish and the triple eye setup. I even have the sight alignment for it. No receiver though. This is for Dish Network. I am located in MI for the summer.
  11. Red Crewzer

    Gen-Turi RV Generator Exhaust stack.

    Has this item sold yet?
  12. Red Crewzer

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    I have had my pressure pro system for 8 years now and changing it from the truck/trailer to a class A. Can not find the right location to put the antenna or booster to sense all the tires or should I say keep sensing all the tires. It will sense all the tires sitting still, but as soon I start moving I loose tires. I have 8 on the coach and 4 on the toad. I have the booster on the back end of the coach down low and facing forward, but the antenna still sits the dash as I have not found a way to get it out of the cab area. Any ideas on where I should mount the antenna or booster?
  13. Red Crewzer

    Looking to buy a MDT

    I have a medium duty 2003 Ford F650 Super Crewzer truck all set up for towing for sale along with the fifth wheel trailer listed in the For Sale section of this web forum. Truck sale is contingent on sale of trailer of course. Truck is rated at 300 hp with a Cat 3126E motor and GCWR of 43,000 lbs. Take a look and see if this might work for you. Anxious to sell, so make an offer.
  14. Red Crewzer


    Newmar's in general are very well insulated, though I don't think I would want to live in one in Minnesota. Too hard to keep the under belly warm.
  15. Red Crewzer


    Seller wants to move these units. New Price for trailer $30,000, truck does remain at $40,000. Make an offer and we will consider. Both units located in MI until November.