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  1. Some Kenworth trucks with 86" studio sleeper already have a sofabed with seatbelts and windows in sleeper. Some 72" sleepers have it too. You might have to add a fourth seatbelt though.
  2. Thor Industries owns Keystone RV now. I have a Keystone Fuzion 403 Toy Hauler now. We purchased it brand new in 2015. It was at dealer for first year about 7 months for some big and small problems. If I was to do it again I would buy one that is 1 to 3 years old. Let the person before you get all the bugs worked out. Things I wish it had on it when I purchased. Three A/C'S, bigger generator, thermal payne windows, shocks & slide toppers. Make sure you check dates on tires. Mine were 1 year old already. The build quality is just like most rv builders quality. Most of them are really terrible. Find the floor plan you like & go for it.
  3. I would buy one that is a couple of years old that all the bugs worked out. My new hauler had many things wrong with it when I purchased. I had it in the shop about 8 months to fix every thing. It is back in shop again. Make sure you get a gas/electric refrigerator if you plan on dry camping a often.
  4. Here is your ad on truck paper with some of your pictures. https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/20325245/2016-western-star-5700xe
  5. You could do a new horizon bumper pull instead of a 5th wheel. Then you could put many different vehicles on the bed. Heavymetal is selling his truck on the for sale section.
  6. I am very surprised nobody scooped up on your HDT yet! Especially with a warranty & all the extras you have on the truck.
  7. It looks like it has 2 pedal ultrashift tranny.
  8. It would be something to look at anyway.
  9. I know it is not the best engine choice for a RV hauler. But if it is a well taken care of HDT with autoshift & single axle at $20000. It would something to look at anyway.
  10. Here is another T600 with single axle for sale! https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/20252237/2004-kenworth-t600
  11. Truck no longer on truck paper.
  12. You can see pictures of truck here. https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/19839125/2006-kenworth-t600
  13. This would be a perfect HDT hauler that I seen on Truck Papers sight. This guy had it for sale a few months ago for $49k.This would be the perfect truck for me but, I'm not ready yet. I thought I would pass it on to someone ready to buy.
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